anonymous asked:

Hey do you remember that mountain dew drink that was for promoting halo 3 and it was it metal bottles? I loved the flavor of it and I thought you might know if there was one that had a similar flavor?

The flavor you’re referring to is the original Game Fuel. It was bright red and citrus-cherry flavored, and it first came out in 2007 to promote Halo 3. It was available in standard cans/bottles as well as collectors aluminum bottles. This exact flavor has returned for every video game promotion Mountain Dew has done so far. We aren’t certain at this time if it will return for this year’s promotion, but it is currently available in fountains at Arby’s restaurants for a limited time!

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Can you recommend me a list of rad wolfstar AU's? I have a special place in my heart for AU's. ☺️

Can I rec you some AUs? Haha. *cracks knuckles* Let me hook you up.



Stars next to some of my favorites, but they’re all worth checking out. Enjoy!