fountain ridge

Mountain Ridge
Pen & Ink Sketch
Fountain Pen + Flex Nib

Jinhao x750 fountain pen modified to use
Zebra G-Pen Nib
Noodler’s Ink Heart of Darkness black ink
Canson Sketchbook

Last night while sleeping I started having thoughts about my crater spacescape sketches. Then I began to have dreams, or visions, of how to produce mountains and valleys drawings/sketches. This work is my first attempt at following those dreams and/or visions.

It is not quite what I desired. Those are two mountains. I do not know how clear that is to the audience, but a valley is supposed to be flowing through the two mountains. Even though I believe I failed here at making the sketch I desired. I do believe I produced okay mountain sketches with my modified fountain pen. Maybe I should have added a river and trees? We shall see where this series of studies goes…