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I woke up far before I normally do this morning and proceeded to write for fourteen pages. I used a converter and a half of ink, and my fingers are slightly numb still, but it was worth it. Day 29 of the August journaling challenge by @journaling-junkie

  • Pen: Sailor Pro Gear Slim, EF
  • Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku chiku-rin 
  • Writing Music Sounds: just the rain

New video!! 

I travel with a  backpack filled with art supplies for on-the-go journaling so here’s a look at what I carry with me. 

If anyone has anything they’d like to see in a video, hit me up! 


I stumbled across this and had to post it. it’s even in my favorite color!

Video description: a fountain pen writing the word “Serenity!” in royal blue ink, from captainnib on instagram (who posts tons of similar videos, lots of calligraphy of different words and phrases in different colors, very stimmy). Audio is just the pen scratching quietly on paper.

  • Brain: Okay, boss, let's do this this homework thing.
  • Executive Function: That's a good plan!
  • Me: Finally! We're all on the same page!
  • Executive Function: Or... Nah.
  • Brain: What?
  • Executive Function: Well... We could watch fountain pen videos...
  • Me: ... Traitor.

if you want background talking noises that doesnt grab your attention but is still someone talking I totally recommend fountain pen review videos because you will never heard anything political mentioned, all they talk about is pens, and unless you’re really a hardcore pen fan it’s all just gonna be p uninteresting to you. Def recommend it.


Listen to my pencil and fountain pen scratch away


Fountain Pen

By Alexander Weller, graphic designer and type lover