fountain of meat

          The Batter! ( John Laurens )

   This is their savior, a single man granted the power to kill the Specters along with the help of his puppeteer. John Laurens, best known as The Batter, is on a sacred mission. What is this mission? He is to travel to all zones and purify each of evil specters by solving puzzles and battling fearsome enemies. However, is there more to The Batter than meets the eye? Is there a deeper meaning for why he is doing all of these things?

   The Batter (Laurens) wears the traditions baseball player outfit with black under armor and cap. He also has two eyes, the second pair only open when The Batter if feeling some sort of negative emotion other than sadness. The second pair of eyes is also slightly redder than his first pair.

   The Batter doesn’t like the sounds of the meat fountains and tends to stay away from the area as much as he can. He also really doesn’t like to ride Pedalo at first, but then comes to love Pedalo come Zone 2.

        Also, Remember that this is all part of an AU and isn’t an accurate representation of the ACTUAL Batter.

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                       ‘ Ahaha…Oh, my dear friend, you are an ANOMALY in my world.’  

     Brilliant, BLAZING red, a color not perceived in the Zones.  Even the fountains of meat did not hold such a hue, and nothing the merchant has ever seen could match the pristine shade this boy wore so casually. A land of monochrome, blessed by only himself, the GUARDIAN omniscient. Could this be just another puppet, a player unseen? Or, did he operate with no strings, sentient in his own right.  

    At the angel’smerchant’s side rests his blade, fingers loose at the grip. So seldom did he see need to fight himself, a senseless murderer romping freely about, omnipotent. Yet, he saw no futility in defending what was LEFT of barren Zones from further viral invasion, protect those lost souls who now wander among the demented whispers. 

                                       ‘ I would much rather you state your business, mon ami,
                                         than fight you. After all, it would end so poorly for you– 

 a game is nothing without The Merchant.
The dear protagonist simply cannot advance.‘ 

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what is Off and why is my dash covered in it all of a sudden

Well, the answer to your second question is basically that I remembered how much I love OFF again and I’ve been going through the tags every couple of days to reblog and queue stuff. I really need to play it again…

The answer to your first question is that OFF is a nice game for cute children.

A slightly more in depth answer to your first question: OFF (game) is a 2007 RPG Maker Game made by French developer Mortis Ghost (that became weirdly popular on Tumblr around 2012-2013). It’s a nifty little surreal RPG that places you in control of a being called The Batter. It’s your job to guide him on his incredibly important mission to purify the world. He can’t do it without you. In the process of helping the Batter on his holy mission you solve puzzles, beat up ghosts to the tune of swing jazz, meet a cast of very odd characters, refuse to pet a cat, and watch video game tropes get deconstructed as you travel through a variety of colorful places that have fountains of meat and oceans of plastic. 

Also the sound track is wonderful.

Basically, if you played/enjoyed Undertale, you should play OFF because there’s very little doubt in my mind that Undertale didn’t take an inspiration or two from it

Or even if you didn’t like Undertale you should play OFF anyways because it’s awesome (and after you play OFF you should play the fangame HOME because hot damn. and then go drown in all of the other fangames. this fandom isn’t as dead as it looks) (…I still need to replay HOME too gdi)