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Hey guys :D so me, in collaboration with @ddeathflower made a new default replacement skinblend! It’s called “shiny pixelsand it is a mixture of the ramen noodles skin, the sugar skin and the xigua face overlay.

It makes the face and lips smoother + it gives a nice highlight to the bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow for a dewy effect.


✓ Default replacement - replaces the original skin texture of the game & will conflict with any other default replacement skin you might have.

✓ Available for both male and female sims from child to elder.

✓ Shows off wrinkles in your elder sims (no fountain of youth effect xD).

✓ Body texture is 100% ramen noodles.

✓ Face - ramen noodles + xigua.

✓ Lips & eye area - ramen noodles + xigua + sugar.

Download  ⇐

Credits to:

@nessasims the original creator of the sugar skin, one of my fav’s of all time.

@heihu (previously moxi-cc) for the xigua face overlay.

@noodlesims​ for the ramen noodles skin which we used as a base.

@ddeathflower for making this idea come to life and not flop (aka they did all the hard work).

Thank you guys  ❤⭐∞

In light of the last episode of Brotherhood: FFXV, I can’t help but find the continued existence of fans wearing “Versus was better/less safe because it was bloodier” rose-tinted (or, I suppose, crimson-tinted) glasses kind of bizarre.

For one thing, the only thing shown for Versus that was even vaguely comparable to the violence in that Brotherhood episode was that short clip in 2010 with ridiculous fountain-of-blood effects when Noct was fighting a Behemoth… and that always sort of came across as Nomura attempting to “keep up with the Joneses” with respect to Tabata to me given that the clip appeared at the same event that revealed Type-0 as an uncharacteristically violent PSP game and vXIII’s blood effects were significantly reduced and recolored in the 2011 trailer.  As many waves as the 2006 fight scene made, one shot of Noct impaling a soldier is kind of small beans next to an on-screen beheading.

For another, blood or no, FFXV has consistently highlighted its protagonist’s vulnerability in a way that’s really quite unusual for a game that isn’t meant to be either a horror game or a cinematic platformer.  On a narrative level, we’ve seen Noct lying on the ground, bloody and unresponsive, as a child; we’ve seen him confined to a wheelchair when recovering from those injuries and needing to be carried off by his father after another attack; we’ve seen him traumatized by his own near-death, anxiety-ridden at the thought of his father’s, and weeping as he accepts that Regis is truly gone; we’ve seen him set on fire; and we’ve seen him chained up and tortured.

And even in terms of pure game mechanics, Noct feels much more vulnerable now than he did back in the vXIII days.  His friends are specifically programmed to act protectively towards him, he’s got a limited amount of stamina for sprinting, his magic is a double-edged sword, he takes damage from falling, he’s subject to heavy hitstun along with some downright vicious enemy attack animations (the Numb Blade’s impaling attack, yeesh), the pinch HP system that prevents instant game overs also practically ensures that he’ll be stumbling around in agony at times, and even healing items like Potions and Phoenix Down are portrayed as somewhat painful to use.  Going out at night means risking the wrath of dangerously overleveled monsters.  Massive beasts and summons exist whose size makes Noct look inconsequential.  And some of the gameplay trailers have specifically spotlighted failure states, like the Malboro reveal and Noct falling off the Citadel in the E3 trailer.

In other words, Noct went from what seemed like the ultimate FF power fantasy at his introduction to something more like Shadow of the Colossus’ Wander with magic.  (I don’t think the special thanks credit to Fumito Ueda was a coincidence.  =P )  And while designing a player character to feel vulnerable and small in spite of his access to powers others in his world can only dream of is definitely an interesting choice, I’m not sure I’d call it a safe one.

(For the record, the way Noct has been treated sort of changes the dynamic with regards to Luna’s treatment by the trailers in ways that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen addressed.  Yes, she’s been portrayed as vulnerable multiple times by now, but that’s mostly in line with the way Noct’s been treated so it’s hard to say much without knowing the context.)

 i rewatched baz luhrmann’s romeo+juliet and i discovered this really interesting recurring image of water as suspension from the action of the play, which. yeah. i wanna write an essay about it.

but basically, the skinny is that juliet starts off the movie suspended in a bathtub, not yet caught up in the trajectory of the play, which is later mirrored by romeo dunking his head in a sink to come down from his trip. he does that in a bathroom, distanced from the main action of the party. right after that, he sees juliet for the first time through the aquarium, emphasizing how their love makes them feel detached from the immediate familial conflict of the ‘real world’, and later that night, they kiss in the pool, again desperately trying to escape their families’ rivalries and the impossibility of their love.
 when tybalt dies, he falls backwards into a fountain, effectively leaving the main action of the play.
juliet pushes romeo from the balcony just before he goes into exile, and he lands in a pool, once again signalling his departure from the goings-on of the play – although interestingly, he spends that exile in a desert trailer park, so i wonder whether the complete lack of water in arid mantua already tells us that any attempt to remove him from the conflict and its inevitable tragic turn-out is futile.

perhaps most heart-wrenchingly though: just before his final fight, mercutio stands in the ocean, up to his knees in water, shooting at the waves and the sky. not only does he foolishly try to combat the forces of nature, but he’s also half-submerged in water. he almost made it out.


Sandmansion prop. (Geico Commercial)

This sand sculpture was sculpted out of 4lb urethane foam and detailed with CNC cut mdf(wood) architectural details. Sand was brought in from the filming location and spray glued onto the mansion along with some toy figures and cars.

Sand flowed out of the mini sand fountain by simply blowing sand through a long flexible tube.


Hello from Tokyo! It is 1:30 AM here and I am wired. I think I’ve slept 8 hrs in the past 48.

We probably won’t post much travel stuff here because, because hey, we are a cosplay blog, but this one is relevant! Today we explored Ikebukuro and we went to Animate/Aicosu to see their cosplay shop. It was four floors – two were costumes and accessories, and the other two were themed photoshoot areas. We saw a bunch of Love Live cosplayers shooting in a faux-cafe and it seemed really fun, though there’d never be much of a market for that here. I sort of wondered if a lot of cosplay pictures here in Japan end up with the Katsucon gazebo or the Otakon fountain effect — would it take you out of the picture to see nine thousand photo shoots using the same backdrops? Who knows.

Japanese cosplay culture and Western cosplay culture are very, very different. As such, I didn’t really expect to walk in and find anything that tugged at my wallet very much; Japanese cosplay is very heavily focused on buying, rather than crafting, and I am a crafter at heart, haha. But it was interesting getting to look at cosplay in a store, and fairly nice cosplay at that. The stuff is pretty decent quality, higher than most things on Taobao and Aliexpress certainly, and many costumes had nicely-made cast accessories and good stitching. Most were still unlined, though, and as always, sizing is limited — not much sense in a decent $200-300 USD costume if it won’t fit you. (These would probably fit one of my boobs.) Props were generally very low quality but priced pretty fairly. Lots of basic schoolgirl skirts and whatnot, generic school sweaters and tops, which I liked very much.

Some notes on photos:

1. Costumes! Love Live is big, as is Haikyuu; there’s a few other series that we see almost nonstop, too, but I don’t know their names haha — Emmy says they are EnStars but I might be mixing them up. The military-style costumes in the back there are some of them. Those costumes had nice cast metal accessories, very cool.

2. A wall of shapewear! Lots of padding, bodices, tights, etc. These were the coolest things there, to be honest, they were really nice. I’m tempted to go back for some tights if I think there’s a chance they’ll fit my Godzilla figure. ;)

3. Whatever this is, looked like Saber.

4. I found the school uniforms like these and Persona 4 ones to be the strongest costumes in the place, actually; simple fit, clean collars, nice embroidery. The scarves always seemed overly shiny and floppy, though.

5. More costumes.

6. Ordering system; you take the ticket for the item you want up to cash. If there are no tickets, it is out of stock!

7. Themed character nail sets! Very cute. There was lots of this sort of stuff; character-themed accessories and whatnot that wouldn’t actually go with the costume but was kind of relevant. Acrylic bracelets, pins, etc. I found a lot of stuff there was either super specific (a pin set for some Dingdang Rumpers character) or incredibly vague — a whole wall of gloves that only covers half the palm in every colour under the sun.

8-9. Wig colours. Very limited stock of generic wigs, despite the wall here; a couple styles in a lot of colours. On their other hand, there were a great number of character-specific wigs that came prestyled, again pointing to the focus on ready-to-wear. I actually was tempted to find some new base wigs, but I think I’ll stick with my initial plan to go to Cyperous (be still my heart) because the quality wasn’t anything I couldn’t get for a third of the price (including shipping) from wholesale, to be honest.

10. Three huge binders of official character wigs!

And now I’m off to bed. (Good luck, me. I’ll probably just play more Fire Emblem… One more route left!)

- Jenn


Superfluids, a special type of fluid located below the lambda point near absolute zero, exhibit some mind-bending properties like zero viscosity and zero entropy. They are, in essence, a macroscopic manifestation of quantum mechanics. Here their thermomechanical, or fountain, effect is explained. This bizarre state of matter isn’t only found in laboratories, though. Scientists now think that superfluids may exist at the heart of neutron stars.