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I just received a bright colored fountain pen as a gift from a lovely friend (it’s scary how she knows what I want without having to speak about it) and I have been writing with it for quite a while now. The smoothness of the nib when it slides on paper is simply addicting. Fountain pen is my new obsession now. My wallet will not be pleased.

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please expand on that night when Plumette and co. got drunk because of Chapeau's brandy + wine idea...

You know I love this idea (discussed here) and you; of course we can expand on that night, though no words can truly capture the extent of the revelry. Too much happened, and too much was forgotten, to really get it all down.

but here are some things that happened that weren’t forgotten:

  • this was way before the curse, of course. plumette was in her twenties and lumiere was just a footman, and their attraction to each other was sort of unofficial. cadenza and garderobe haven’t visited yet—though trust me when i say that at the moment this is taking place, they are definitely enjoying some heated wine halfway across the globe in front of a roaring fireplace
  • but anyway back to the palace and it’s somewhat tipsy inhabitants. as you mention, a quiet night of drinking adam’s expensive wine quickly dissolved following chapeau’s quiet addition of brandy to his own cup
  • once the brandy + wine combination was approved of as being thoroughly disgusting, everyone got to work scrounging out their hidden supplies of alcohol to share. Plumette has champagne left over from Christmas; Cogsworth has his stockpile of sherries, vermouth, and port; Mrs. Potts has an unusual collection of whiskeys; Lumiere procures a bottle of cognac from one of his sleeves.
  • chapeau brings out his fiddle to play a little, you know, something gentle. The rest of the kitchen staff bring out their instruments of choice (a certain somebody pulls out his Parisian accordion)—and the results sound like this.
  • there’s drunken dancing, of course. drunken reels and gavottes; a lot of high heel shoes snap that night—you’d think it was the Twelve Dancing Princesses, from the number of broken shoes littering the floor
  • there are drinking games, of course. there is a strong suspicion that cogsworth makes up half of them on the fly because they all have strong beginnings but then seem to dissolve when it’s time to decide who ‘wins’
  • adam is sleeping through all of this. incredibly. a good thing too, because after that last bottle of gin the servants are wandering all over the palace being idiots
  • mrs. potts is obviously the queen of drinking and is cruising through every challenge one can set before her
  • cogsworth thinks he is the king of drinking but definitely isn’t. doesn’t stop him from trying to fight everybody though. mrs. potts goes through his pockets and tries to find all the weapons but they just KEEP FALLING OUT
  • lumiere, drunk, just gets more sappy and ridiculous than he was before. he gets 10x more amorous towards plumette and cries on mrs. potts’ shoulder several times over stupid things. he believes he can still juggle and doesn’t understand why his dexterity is somewhat dimmed.also he doesn’t realize he picked up some hamsters instead of his usual juggling balls so maybe that’s why they keep moving
  • Chapeau mulls some ale. when drunk, chapeau doesn’t weave or sob or do stupid things; he just sits in one corner with a listener too far gone to wander away, and expounds at length on his personal theory of quantum physics. yeah, he’s one of those drinkers. (i’m one of those drinkers, too. get me drunk and prepare yourself to talk philosophy for 25 years.)
  • plumette is really giggly and flirty when drunk. she isn’t as far gone as lumiere, so she can intelligently realize it’s not a good idea to fall asleep in the fountain, but she is still good at coming up with the Cute Small Drunk™ Ideas, like making flower crowns for everybody
  • mrs. potts is a mom to everybody and makes sure nobody gets really hurt. surprsingly, so is cogsworth. apparently peppermint schnapps really brings out his nurturing side
  • by the time everybody has reached blackout stage, lumiere is very carefully doing plumette’s nails; mrs. potts is singing a rousing rendition of some Yorkshire sailor’s song she definitely shouldn’t know; Cogsworth is already asleep on the table; and Chapeau has moved on from quantum physics and now is deep in a one-sided discussion as to why milton’s Paradise Lost really stands in severe counterpoint to John Donne’s poetry vis a vis its use of semi-amorous imagery
  • lumiere and plumette end up in bed together. obviously. when they’re drunk they forget to act cool and just go for each other
  • mrs. potts wakes up in the fountain. whose bright idea was this, she thinks
  • cogsworth wakes up in his own bed. of course. how he got there no one knows; the reigning theory is that he’s such a creature of habit that even in his cups he is as methodical as a clock
  • Chapeau falls asleep standing up. his coat is stuck on a hatrack so he just rolls with it and falls asleep that way
  • the next day adam can’t get any of his servants to be any use to him of all, so he goes on a wine-buying expedition. weirdly, none of them touch the stuff when he brings it back. also weirdly, adam never finds out what happened to those casks of expensive wine he was supposed to have for dinner

(hey kids if you got through this whole post and think drinking sounds fun, guess what: it isn’t. if you’re not over 21 don’t do this, this is a fictionalized account of drinking, actual drunken parties can be fun but they can also be gross and weird and sad and dangerous. if anybody drank as much as i’ve detailed here they would be dead. be safe and don’t drink if it is illegal.  lumiereswig just wants to make sure you’re safe and loved, k thanks byee)

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Look I'm just saying Finn/force ghost orgy

uh, this is not quite what u asked for but this is what u ended up with so there. set in the same universe as ‘where the twin suns set’ – all u need to know about this universe is that anakin is fucking finn 

i call this fic: how uncivilised 

“He tops?”

“Well,” says Finn. “Yeah.” He’s dreaming. He’s dreaming and so there is no way he can actually get drunk, but this doesn’t mean that he’s not going to try because he’s in a bar with an obscenely attractive Jedi, discussing his sex life. 

Does it count as a sex life if it’s conducted entirely in dreams?


“He never topped with me. Used to whine and bitch if I asked him too. He was such a fucking pillow princess. He’d want me to fuck him for hours, eat him out for longer, and refuse to put his pretty little mouth anywhere near my dick.”

“Wow. Uh. No offense, but he really had you whipped.”

“Tell me about it. Does he not do that with you?”

“He sulked for two weeks because I wouldn’t put out on the Falcon. It felt weird fucking him in Han’s ship. I’m like eighty per cent sure that Han’s ghost is still around.”

“Wise move. He once refused to fuck me for two months because I insulted his hair –”

“Oh, he still fucked me. He just bitched while he did it.”

“Huh. So, uh, he couldn’t stay away?”

Finn smirks. He’s proud of his smirk. He copied it off Poe, and he’s been practicing in the mirror. “Yup.”

Obi-Wan downs his drink. Then he puts his hand over Finn’s. 

“Want to join me in my quarters?” he says, his voice a low, hungry purr.

Finn knocks the drink back. Thinks of the look on Anakin’s face. 

“Force, yes.”

“That was not terribly nice,” says Anakin. 

“All’s fair when you’re dead and trying to get laid,” says Obi-Wan, blithely. 

“He’s mine.”

“Oh, that possessive Dark Lord shit got old in the days of the Republic.”

“You have a lovely smile.”

“Thank you,” says Finn. He’s in a room that fairly drips with wealth. Gold walls and silk hangings that ripple with every shade of blue imaginable. A balcony that opens up onto emerald-bright gardens, fountains singing water to the sky, nameless brilliant birds flickering to and fro. “Uh…what’s your name?”

The woman steps forward. She is unbelievably lovely, with soft eyes and a kind smile and uh –

She really isn’t wearing much. A bit of blue silk – translucent, wisping tissue-thin over her stomach and thighs – and it doesn’t really hide anything

“Padme,” says the woman, “but you can call me Your Highness.”

“Hello there little one,” says a man. “Would you like to hear a story?”

“Yes,” says Finn. He’s sitting on silken sand, beneath two suns, and he’s certain he’s been here before. 

The man tells him of the old days, the ancient days, when Jedi duelled Sith, and the galaxy rang with the song of prophecy. Good stories, stories with good endings, where Light won out over Dark.

And, when the stories are done, the man presses his lips against Finn’s. Finn responds greedily, sliding his tongue in and –

The man pulls away with a low chuckle. “Patience, youngling. There is plenty of time for that yet.”

“What’s your name?”


“Well, Qui-Gon, I’ve got a great story to tell you.”

“Oh yes?”

“Once there was a man,” says Finn, “and he gave another man a blowjob.”

Qui-Gon bursts out laughing. “I was thinking that I would fuck you – but I’m amenable to negotiation.”

“Dreaming, you are.”

“Na,” says Finn. “Just…no. Sorry. No.”

Anakin and Obi-Wan are wearing identical, vicious grins. 

“We’ve decided to help you achieve balance in the Force,” says Obi-Wan. 

“That means we’re going to double-team you until you cry,” Anakin clarifies happily. Obi-Wan glowers. 

Finn insinuates himself between them, kissing Obi-Wan – soft, lovely teasing flicks of tongue – before being yanked against Anakin, teeth and fury and the sloppiest kiss in the history of Force ghost fucking.

“Is this civilised, Master?”

“Not at all. That’s why it’s so fun.” 

Here’s a detail view of the incredible PS1 style album inserts by Rin Aiello! And here’s the tracklist:

ERASERS or Weird Waves and the Fountain of Youth

  1. Too Bright To Be Seen
  2. Terra Australis
  3. Buena Vista
  4. Faraway Mountain
  5. Like You
  6. Icee Paradise
  7. Island
  8. Sunrise, Seabreeze
  9. Lightning Bug
  10. Florida Snow Day
  11. Skater Into Starman
  12. Solid Gold Spirit
  13. Live! From Planet Earth
  14. Wavelengths
  15. Goodbye Sagittarius
  16. We Never Got Older

It’s comin’ soon I promise!! Plus, you can scope a tiny little preview of the album here:!!


(Part One)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Author’s Note: Hope you all enjoy this new series I’m starting! It’s based on the Disney movie “Enchanted”, I’m excited for this! :D 

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Living in the world of fantasy such as Andalasia, seemed like it would be the dream of a lifetime. Owning a huge kingdom, being crowned queen seemed quite wonderful at first, but of course things had to get in the way.

You, Y/N Y/L/N were just an ordinary princess. You’ve always dreamed of becoming a queen someday but it seemed unbearably naive for that to ever happen for you. It seemed impossible. 

You had regular friends who were like you, sure you may have had a few animals that you considered friends but they couldn’t talk or do any other “magical” things. But you still had that hope in you that they could do all these miraculous things on their own. 

Living at the age of 20, it seemed lonely without having a close friend by your side or in this case, someone to love.

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L’s Bravo Viewtiful Part Two- pgs. 138-139

The 3rd 30 Days

Tied, tucked, untied, and eventually cut.
Then I cried.
Deep inside my heart the tears bursted like a fountain. The bright colors of the string escaped and flowed into a foolish place. I can’t grab it nor throw it away. I could only absent mindly stare at it… Nobody is giving me a hand. The flickering relationship starts all over and looks away as if it never existed. For a while I was silent by myself but later threw a fit.

In a completely zero state, the front that I always see and the back that doesn’t show up will take my white, slender finger (string) and will wrap me around.
Ah, looking at it closely… this is, my back that can’t see me being crazy is having a connection with my surroundings…

The moment we think that the bright string is not bright, the tears and the flaming rain will soak the string up. The pain will be matched as a new relationship is created, bringing once again nervous feeling.
The infinite relationships, the bright knot should be strongly knotted again.

Translated by Jean @lsbravoviewtifultrans

Imagine: Newt Scamander x Reader {Pt. 3}

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Had a request for Newt Scamander x Reader Part 3, and I am SO sorry, but I somehow cannot find the request (curse my inexperience with all of the buttons on Tumblr. Oh well, I’ll learn quickly). Weeellll, here ya go!

Click here for Part One

Click here for Part Two

{Y/N} rocked to the beat of the ship, bouncing and swaying over the rhythmic tempo of waves beneath. Standing on the deck with hair buffering her vision, she clutched in her hand a folded piece of parchment, smiling goofily like a schoolgirl with a crush–which wasn’t that off, actually. She didn’t need to reread the paper to feel even more fantastic–she had memorized the entire message by heart already, like a poem she loved dearly.

Tapping her finger against the smooth paper, she recalled:

Dear {Y/N},

It has been too long… How would you feel about visiting Britain?

I know that you would enjoy the country and its beautiful land and scenery, and I was hoping that I could be the one to show you these amazing sights… Would you do me the honor?

Well, if you do agree to come visit, please send me a letter containing information on the ship you will be taking, where you will be docking, and so on and so forth.

I cannot wait to see you again.


                  Newt A. F. Scamander

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