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The Wonder Years: Self-reference And Continuity
  • Hey Thanks (The Upsides): “Hey, thanks for everything.”
  • Woke Up Older (Suburbia) “I left a note up on your bed that said hey, thanks again for everything you did.”


  • All My Friends Are In Bar Bands (Upsides): “Spiro lied about his major, but it’s working out for him”
  • Summers In PA (suburbia) “Spiro lied about him major and said ‘fuck the whole thing’”


  • All My Friends Are In Bar Bands (Upsides): Max dropped out of college, but he likes to say he finished
  • My Life As rob Gordon (suburbia): Well Max says, when I mentioned him in ‘Bar Bands’, kids started asking questions


  • Me Vs The Highway (Suburbia Deluxe): “Me versus the highway”
  • Passing Through A Screed Door (greatest generation): “Well the highway won” 


  • Came Out Swinging (Suburbia): “I came out swinging from a south Philly basement” 
  • The Bastards, The Vultures, The Wolves (TGG): ”Yeah, I came out swinging but I’m still walking out with two black eyes and a split lip”


  • Coffee Eyes (Suburbia): “I watched friendships dissolve in the booth on the back wall”
  • Chaser (TGG): ”No more broken phones or swollen knuckles from putting holes in the booth by the back wall”  


  • This Party Sucks (Upsides) “Say you’ll stay”
  • Passing through a screen door (TGG): “I was kinda hoping you’d stay..”


  • Came Out Swinging (Suburbia): “I spent the winter writing songs about getting better and if I’m being honest I’m getting there”
  • Direct nod to The Upsides


  • Logan Circle (Upsides): “They turned on the fountain today at Logan Circle”
  • Local Man Ruins Everything (Suburbia): “The Fountain was off”


  • New Years With Carl Weathers (Upsides): “But I’m waiting for the irony to fall asleep without me”
  • Local Man Ruins Everything (Suburbia): “I’m trying to hold it together but irony’s found cracks in the foundation.”


  • My Life As A Pigeon (Suburbia): “If you ask me to leave then I’ll leave”
  • We Could Die Like This (TGG): “I left because you asked me to”


  • You Made Me Want to Be A Saint (Suburbia): “It was how I know you would want this to be a fast one and not some cliche ballad”

  • Direct nod to We Won’t Bury You (Upsides)


  • Washington Square Park (Upsides): “I left a lot of blood In California”
  • Hoodie Weather (Suburbia):  "California on their lips But I left some blood there that I’m never getting back"  

   And don’t get me started of their constant references to Ginsberg in Suburbia or how that whole album is about going to your home town and looking at it with new eyes and how A+ they were at that. 

     There is a damn good reason they’re my favorite band. 

I know there are more, but these are all i know of off the top of my head, feel free to add more!