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Fontana di Trevi, Rome.

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Imagine you and Chris returning home.

A/N: Part 1 of Chapter 7: ‘Baby Steps’ I’m on a bit of a writer’s roll today 😋 I am so pumped for you guys to read Chapter 7, got a whole lot planned for this chapter. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, ‘Miss Graduate’, ‘Something Blue’, ‘Something New’ - Masterlist)

You and Chris spent four weeks in Italy for your honeymoon, the word ‘amazing’ couldn’t even begin to describe the time you had there with your husband. You started your trip with six days in Milan where you stayed at Hotel Principe Di Savoia, a very luxurious and classical Italian hotel. your plane landed around 1:25PM local time, but seeing as it was 4:26AM U.S. time- the jet lag kicked your ass. You had a pretty terrible time on the flight; you didn’t sleep well and you threw up twice, so as soon as you could check in- you did and caught up on some much needed rest.

The two of you did end up going out after you woke up; you had dinner at a lovely little place near the Navigli District then took a moonlit stroll, capturing memories you’d treasure for the rest of your lives by the Naviglio Grande canal. The days after that you traveled to all the tourist hotspots: Milan Cathedral, Sforza Castle, Brera, Teatro Alla Scala, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Planetario di Milano, Piazza Mercanti. Both you and Chris took a lot of photos which you bombarded your friends and families with in the group chats you had with them.

After Milan was Verona, which you’d only wanted to go because it was where William Shakespeare placed Romeo and Juliet. It was also where one of your favorite Rom-Coms was filmed; ‘Letters to Juliet’, a film you’ve made Chris watch with you on numerous occasions. You even wrote a letter to Juliet like every girl who’d stopped by her wall. You didn’t ask for help because you had everything you needed with Chris, you just wrote to her your beliefs; true love did exist and it was something worth dying for. While you were writing your letter, Chris took a photo of you and tweeted it out with the caption: “my hopeless romantic.” It quickly went viral, much like the few photos the two of you, and some of your friends and families shared from your wedding; all approved by the bride and groom. Chris wasn’t one to share his personal life, but he couldn’t help himself at that moment. You looked so beautiful and so at peace with yourself, doing what you loved best; he had to share that with the world.

Venice was your next stop: you experienced the gondolas, you toured the Venetian masters of art, you listened to well-played Vivaldi, you ate traditional Venetian foods, you even had the best gelato in the city at Boutique Del Gelato- according to Timeout. The two of you moved onto Florence after and indulged yourselves in Renaissance Art. It was pretty breath taking to be up close and personal with art pieces you’d only ever read about or seen in pictures. You saw Michelangelo’s David which wasn’t originally on your bucket list, but was checked off anyway. You wondered if this meant you were now one of the women in T.S Elliot’s ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’, talking of Michelangelo. Chris laughed at you when you asked him that, calling you an “English nerd.”

You stopped at Pisa next, checking out the Leaning Tower as well as having pizza in Pisa. You thought that was funny, and Chris laughed but only because he thought you were adorable. You also visited The Knights’ Square where Geoffrey Chaucer’s 'A Knight’s Tale’ came to mind, you kept that to yourself so you wouldn’t get another English nerd comment though Chris knew you were thinking it. You were also a bit of a History nerd which was why you’d planned for the two of you to visit Naples and Pompeii. You saw Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that killed more than 16,000 people in 79 AD. You did a History report on it when you were in high school and it had always been a place you wanted to go after. You heart ached when you visited the ruins in Pompeii, the grief could be felt even 1,931 years later.

The last place you and Chris went to was Rome as it was the place you wanted your honeymoon to end. You stayed at Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resort; the most expensive lodging location of the entire trip. You kept things quite simple when it came to hotels while planning, even if it was a nice hotel- you opted for the reasonably priced rooms as you just needed somewhere to sleep. But with Rome- because you were spending the longest time there and had plans to relax in the hotel itself, Chris made you get a suite even though you thought it was unnecessary. It was a fantastic experience that you were incredibly grateful for. With the planetarium suite, you had your own private roof garden with a jacuzzi overlooking St. Peter’s Basilica. You couldn’t use the jacuzzi or drink Moscato because you were pregnant, but you had a nice time soaking your feet while having iced tea.

While in Rome, you visited the Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, and of course- The Spanish Steps. It came as no surprise when Ava and Sebastian received a disgustingly sweet kiss picture from there. They sent a mock one back from Denver, where they were because Sebastian had a friend he needed to visit. They ended up staying an extra week so they could have a little getaway themselves and would return to Los Angeles around the same time as you and Chris did from Rome. They were coming to spend some time catching up with the two of you, as well as help with the wedding gifts and 'thank you’ cards before the holidays rolled around  and they were needed in New York and London to see their families. You were pretty excited to catch up with them, especially after they texted that they had something important to tell the both of you.

“Hello hello,” you heard Ava and Sebastian’s voices come through the front door and you and Dodger ran out from the kitchen to meet them. “Oh my God.” Ava laughed when you threw your arms around her, and Sebastian laughed when Dodger pounced on him. “Jesus Christ, woman.” She chuckled, hugging you back. “Slow your roll, poor Jack’s in there probably throwing up.”

“Oh, he’ll manage.” You rubbed your belly, which was still fairly unnoticeable at seventeen weeks which your mom said was normal because she was the same. “He made me throw up a lot during our trip in Italy,” you told her as you shared a hug with Sebastian. “Believe me, you’ll want to be one of the lucky ladies who don’t suffer from nausea when they’re pregnant. Chris is out back,” you told them as you started making your way towards the deck doors; Dodger had already sprinted outside upon hearing Chris’ name. “We’re having a barbecue 'cause I’m craving steak. We’ve also got some gifts for the two of you from Italy, so I hope you brought something from Denver.”

Sebastian took Ava’s hand as they followed you with bit back smiles. They had amazing news that they couldn’t wait to share with the two of you and it had a lot to do with them bringing something back from Denver, except this something was it wasn’t going to be here for another seven months.

“Hey,” Chris held his beer up, teasingly toasting them, “the future Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Stan.” They chuckled and walked over to exchange hugs while you sat at the table. “Can I grab the two of you something to drink? Seb, a beer?” Chris asked and Sebastian nodded, he then turned to Ava. “Do you want a beer, or do you want some of Y/N’s Moscato? I think we’ve got a bottle chilling in the fridge that we’d appreciate if you finish it off tonight.”

“It would be very much appreciated, yes,” you chuckled, “it’s sitting in there being very temptable.”

“No, I actually can’t drink,” Ava told the two of you with a smile that neither of you registered. She told Sebastian she needed to spell it out for the two of you, but he disagreed. She looked over at him with a smug smile that told him he was very wrong.

“Why? Are you the designated driver tonight?” You asked and Sebastian snickered. “What?” You turned to him and he burst out laughing, which confused you even more. “What’s so fu-” Your jaw dropped when you realized what Ava meant. “No!” You jumped to your feet with a gasp. It was at this point that Chris figured it out too, turning to Sebastian with a joyous grin. “You guys are pregnant?!” Ava and Sebastian nodded, chuckling. “OH MY GOD!” You ran over to give her another tight hug.

“Daddy Sea Bass,” Chris hugged Sebastian. “Mackie said that when you told him, right?”

“You guys are the first people we’ve told, not even our parents know yet.” Sebastian told Chris and Chris smiled, feeling incredibly touched by the honor. “We actually um- we just found out ourselves in Denver. A couple weeks before the wedding, we had a feeling she was but we didn’t want to take the attention away from the two of you.”

“You guys are the best,” you chuckled, squeezing Ava’s elbow when you pulled away. “How far along are the two of you? And- was this planned?” You asked and Ava nodded. “Really? I thought you didn’t want a child until you were like twenty-six, we always said that was the golden age.”

“We also always said we wanted our kids to grow up together,” she reminded you and you felt your eyes water. “We figured why wait when we’re getting married and our best friends are carrying their first child?”

“Stop it, you,” you playfully slapped her arm and she laughed.

“And to answer your earlier question, we’re seven weeks,” she told you. “So Jack will be a little older than our peanut.” Sebastian smiled when she said that 'cause he’d come up with that as he did love his peanut butter. “But,” she placed her hand over her belly and you felt yourself smoothing your hand over your belly, “I think they’re going to get along just fine.”

“Yeah,” you nodded in agreement, looking over at Chris and Sebastian with a wide grin. You couldn’t believe your best friends were going to become parents too. This was the kind of life goal one rarely accomplished, to be able to raise children with your best friends. You were ecstatic; Jack was going to have a best friend. “I think so too.”

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Part 2

Top 5 Things to Do in Rome (plus some tips!)
  1. Gianicolo!

    Gianicolo is this big hill with a park that has the best views of Rome. I happened to stumble upon this place, and I’m so glad I did. It was the ultimate highlight of my time in Rome. The views from this hill are absolutely surreal. If you don’t feel like climbing a big hill, I found a short cut! When you’re at St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican city and you’re facing the Basilica, go left outside of the columns and there’s a pedestrian tunnel under the road that leads to Terminal Gianicolo. Go in there and make your way to the parking deck. Then take the elevator up couple floors of the parking deck and follow the signs on the wall to Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesu. It’ll lead you outside of the parking deck and almost all the way up the hill saving you the climb. When you exit the parking deck go right and up the hill and when you get to the top, there will be a park and an incredible view. You’re welcome. 

  2. Go to Ostia Antica!

    I liked it better than Pompeii. Tickets are cheap and you can get there via public transportation so there’s no excuse. You only need one metro ticket to get there (even though there’s a train change) From Termini take the Metro Linea B to Piramide. Get off the train and navigate your way to the Roma-Lido train platform. Get off at the stop “Ostia Antica”. Cross the pedestrian bridge and walk straight til you see the entrance. Ostia Antica is so fun. The ruins of the old port city are seemlingly endless. Ostia Antica is less uptight about you touching stuff (unlike Pompeii where everthing is off limits). You can climb on the ruins and have a good ol time. Just go, it’s awesome.

  3. Go ahead, be a tourist.

    There’s so much to see in Rome. There’s the Colosseum, Forum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Campo di Fiori, Piazza Venezia, St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Piazza del Popolo, Trastevere…and I’m not even listing half of the stuff there is to see in Rome. Go see it all. But be warned, Rome is a maze. I’m really good at navigating cities, but Rome is on a whole other level. I got lost so many times. Also, I recommend getting the Roma Pass. It gives you free entrance to the first two attractions you go to, then discounted entry fees after that and 3 days of unlimited public transportation. Use the first two admissions on The Colosseum/Forum, and the Borghese Gallery. This will give you your money’s worth and guaranteed entrance without waiting in line to both of those attractions. 

  4. Eat good food

    You’re in Italy! Splurge on a good meal, you won’t regret it. Stay away from restaurants that have their menus in every language known to man. Try to find a place where the locals eat and enjoy every minute of it.

  5. Go see the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica

    Even if you’re not religious, it’s a must. It just takes your breath away. There’s so much great pieces of art to see at the Vatican Museum and Basilica. I recommend going later in the day. The Vatican Museum ticket office closes at 4, but the museum closes at 6. So go at 3 pm. That gives you three hours of time there and chances are you won’t have to wait in that notorious line for a second! Then after that make your way over to a very short line at the Basilica. 


Day one of our round trip Italy.

3 weeks of freedom, fun, sun, good food an Quality-time.

We flew from Eindhoven AirPort to Rome this morning. From 19 degrees and rain to 40 degrees and bloody hot 👍.

We had a good lunch and after that we visited the Trevi-fountain and the Pantheon. Now exhausted in our room and getting ready for bed……tomorrow it’s The Vatican……gonna visit the Pope 😉

lacewink  asked:

LENA! I'm planning a trip to Europe in the spring! I'll be hitting London, Paris, & Rome and I'm wondering where specifically you've been and if there are any neat places I should look for while I'm there! I'm super excited for Versailles!! :)

London: I’ve been to London twice–the first time I did a lot more touristy stuff than the second time. I went to all of the major tourist sights like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey (went inside), the National Gallery (free admission), Tower Bridge (went inside, I highly recommend the crown jewel exhibit), and King’s Cross of course (they’ve now added a shop and hired a professional photographer for trolley photos). My second time there I did some shopping at Covent Garden as well as went on the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour (highly recommended!!!). As for transportation, I used an Oyster card. You can get one at any transit station and you load money onto it. 

Paris: I’ve also been to Paris twice. The first time I went to the Pantheon, the Eiffel Tower (went up), Notre Dame, the Louvre, Pompidou, Musée d'Orsay (go if you love Van Gogh), the Moulin Rouge (walked by), Versailles, Arc de Triomphe (went up), La Defense (I think???), and Galaries Lafayette. The second time I went, I walked around the Sainte Chapelle area, went to the Louvre and Versailles again, went up the Arc de Triomphe again, saw the Eiffel Tower (didn’t go up), and shopped on Champs-Elysees. For transportation, I bought ten transit tickets which you can use on subways and buses.

Rome: the first day I went to the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, St. Peter’s Basilica (walked around outside), and the Pantheon. The second day I pretty much spent touring the Colosseum and the Roman Forum (it’s huge, you’re gonna need a whole day). The third day I went inside St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. As for transportation, I only took the subway.

In the City of love

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Cheryl x reader

Request: Cheryl x male reader where the reader asks the Blossoms for their permission for Cheryl’s hand in marriage. When they say yes, the reader proposes to Cheryl. Who, obviously, says yes

a/n: set 5 years in the future after college

During your college years you and Cheryl had always talked about taking a huge trip to Europe after you graduated.

What Cheryl didn’t know was that you had been saving up for the last two years to make that dream a reality. 

On your graduation night you surprised her with tickets to your first stop, London. 

You had wanted to ask Cheryl to marry you for some time now but thought what better place to propose to her then in Paris, the city of love.

But before you could do that you wanted to have her mother’s blessing.

After the ceremony while Cheryl was busy taking pictures with her friends you pulled Penelope to the side to talk to her.

“Cheryl told me you’re taking her to Europe, that’s very kind of you,” she told you stoically. 

Penelope had never been your biggest fan, even when you and Cheryl were in high school. 

“That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about, the last stop on our trip is going to be Paris and I want to ask Cheryl to marry me but it would be a lot easier if I have your blessing.” you told her.

“I don’t know Y/N,” she muttered.

“Mrs. Blossom, I know we have our difference but I love your daughter and you’re the only family she has left. I’ve known since high school that one day I would ask Cheryl to marry me and I can’t wait any longer.” 

“Alright Y/N, you have my blessing to ask my daughter for her hand in marriage,” she somewhat smiled.

“Thank you Mrs. Blossom,” you sighed out of relieve. 

“Please Y/N, you’re going to be my son-in law soon, call me Penelope.” 

A few days later the two of you were boarding a plane to London for a month in Europe.

During your time there you saw the Big Ben and Buckingham palace, the Stonehenge in Wiltshire, flew down to Spain to see the Alhambra in Granada, partied in Ibiza, took a train to Italy to see the Pantheon, the Coliseum and Trevi fountain in Rome, just to name a few landmarks on your adventures. 

The end of your trip was approaching and the last stop was four days in Paris. 

Of course you saw the Eifel tower and the Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile.

There were also the romantic gondola rides down the canals.

On your last night you took a stroll down the Seine River.

You stopped Cheryl and turned to her.

“This last month has been absolutely incredible,” you told her.

“Yes it has Y/N,” she chuckled, “thank you so much for bringing me here.”

“I would do anything for you Cheryl, and I don’t ever want to stop taking adventures with you.”

You put your hand in your pocket to grab the ring box you had been carrying around with you for a month and Cheryl gasped when you got down on one knee.

“Cheryl Blossom I have been in love you since our days at Riverdale High and I always knew that you were going to be the girl that I spent the rest of my life with. I have been the luckiest man in the world to have you by my side and don’t know where I’d be without you. Will you marry me?”

“Yes Y/N, of course I’ll marry you,” she said pulling you back up to your feet to kiss her.

At some point during your speech you had grabbed the attention of various passer byers who were now cheering that she had said yes.

You pulled away and you both smiled as the small crowd cheered.

“I love you Cheryl Blossom.”

“I love you too Y/N Y/L/N,” she said leaning in for one more last quick kiss. 

The crowd dispersed and Cheryl leaned in to whisper in your ear, “I think we need to change tomorrow morning’s flight, we’ve got a long night of celebrating ahead of us.”

“I’ll have it changed by the time we get back to the hotel room,”  you grinned.


I’m going on a study trip next year and i can’t decide where to go:

  • Scotland. 4 days staying in Edinburgh, Loch Ness for 2 days, the Highlands and some Scotch Whiskey Experience.
  • Rome. 4 days staying in the heart of the city, having a lot of tours with a guide visting obviously the colosseum, Vatican City, roman forum, pantheon, Trevi Fountain, spanish steps, catacombs and more

It’s BOTH SO AMAZING! I’ve been wanting to go to Rome for forever but Scotland has such a beautiful landscape! I’m really interested in the roman history and latin but i’m also a Harry Potter fan and they filmed a lot of stuff in Scotland.

I can’t decide so what do you think i should choose?

What can I go visit in rome? :D

I already saw the castle st Angelo, the trevi fountain, the vatican city, the pantheon…

I just want places to kill time before I go to the colosseum and the trastebere at can be also for food or shopping, thanks!


Hobonichi Planner Review

I never did like agendas. The garishly pastel-colourful, flimsy organizers of ostensibly cookie-cuttered schedules and dates of interest always reeled me in with their promises of true structure and instant discipline before betraying me with their horrendous interfaces (you can’t click anything!) and the revelation that organization takes a quantity of time and quality of patience that eludes me. A year ago, however, I heard of another ‘tool’ that promised everything that an agenda did while seemingly rectifying its flaws. It was well-designed, minimalist and sparing in colour, fit for fountain pens, near-perfect in size, and effortlessly customizable. The Hobonichi Techo Planner was originally created by Shigesato Itoi, a famous video game designer, copywriter, online personality, and author. It is, in many ways, Japan’s take on the daily calendar. A mature and sensible planner that still possesses a distinct sense of design and personality, the Hobonichi Techo is an excellent product that has become a new daily carry for me.

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northwesternexposure  asked:

Hello! My name's Erin and I'm from Oregon, USA. I'm visiting Europe this summer (Rome, Paris, London, Vienna, Zurich, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Prague)! Do you have any suggestions on places to see or things to do in these cities? Thank you so much! I just discovered your blog tonight and I've been scrolling through it for the past half hour. I love it! :)

Hi Erin! Seeing as how I’ve only been to Paris London, Rome and Berlin I can only advise you on those cities. I’m not gonna list down obvious cliche tourist destinations (read: Buckingham Palace/Eiffel Tower) but just off beat places that I personally liked



God’s Own Junkyard. Really cool place, a must see just for the neon signs themselves. There’s a small one in Selfridges if you don’t want to travel all the way to Walthamstow (which is the last stop on the tube) for the main one.

Brick Lane/Shoreditch: Where all the hipsters at. If you’re into graffiti and artsy stuff this is the place to be. Think of it as the Brooklyn of London, only waaaaaaay cooler. IMO.

Scream Gallery: This is kinda connected with God’s Own Junkyard. It’s an art gallery with not your typical art paintings.

Urban Food Fest: Happening every Saturday this summer till 21st June. Really awesome place to chill and discover interesting food. And best of all it’s free (ENTRY I MEAN. HA. WOULD BE AWESOME IF THERE WAS FREE FOOD!)


I was in Paris for a week and did the usual major tourist stuff. Lourve/Eiffel Tower/Sacre Coueur. I’m sure you’ve got those listed on your must do list.

If you’re not creeped out by cemeteries, then be sure to check out the Pere Lachaise Cemeterie, the largest in Paris. Not to giveaway much but people burried there include Moliere, Chopin, Jim Morrison and my favorite, Oscar Wilde.

Be sure to get a crepe at every creperie stand (I never met a crepe I didn’t like on the streets of Paris!) and go check out Montmartre and the Latin Quarter. 

Hediard! Let’s just say you gotta try the ice cream there. And possibly buy something from there just to feel really good. It’s like the Parisienne version of Harrods.

Angelina and Cafe de la Paix. A must go if you’re a fan of hot chocolate! Also, the former was where Coco Chanel used to go. Be sure to dress up a bit though cuz all the super posh meres and tantes be chilling there and if it’s Paris Fashion Week you’ll definitely bump into a model or two.


Maybe it’s cuz I went in winter and maybe cuz it was my first solo trip in Europe, but I didn’t enjoy Berlin as much. It was cold, it was dark, it was gray. But you’re going in summer so it’ll be a whole different scene!

Aside from your typical Lonely Planet recommendations I don’t really have anything to add. 


Villa Borghese. I ended up there by accident but it was worth the detour! Be sure to go up to Terrazza del Pincio for an amazing bird’s eye view of the city. (They say you can see the whole of Rome from the Spanish Steps but that’s a lie folks) 

Avoid the ice cream trucks that sell ice cream around the park. I mean, I tried one and it was decent, but for the price and size, you’re better off eating at a proper gelato shop, of which you won’t be hard pressed to find. Gelato shops dot Rome the way yellow cabs zip cover every New York corner. Giolatti and Grom are some of the famous gelato places you should check out. The line out Giolatti is really long though so be prepared to wait. The best ice cream I had though was in Piazza Novana, one of the places where they shot the movie Eat Pray Love. 

The Vatican Museum. SO. WORTH. IT. It’s 15 Euros for entry but if you have a student card like I did then it’s only 8 Euros. I must warn you though that you can’t take pictures in the Sistine Chapel, but otherwise, definitely worth the trip. 

St Peter’s Basilica. Don’t be deterred by the ridiculously long cue. Trust me when I say it moves fast. I wouldn’t have lined up if it hadn’t been for my determination to get in and was glad I did cuz I was in in 15 minutes. 

Piazza del Popolo. Love this place. Also it leads to the Trevi Fountain and Pantheon and via Condotti, which is Rome’s Bond Street. 

Ps- I HAVE to recommend this little pizza shop right outside the Spagna train station. When you get down and walk out heading towards the Spanish Steps, the first pizza shop you see, I think it’s called Morettis. BEST PIZZA I HAD IN ROME. And trust you me I ate my weight in pizzas over there.

Well, I hope my answer wasn’t too long or too much of a bore? You can check out my Instagram gallery for pictures of my travels and all the places I’ve mentioned. @fyeahkarennn. Good luck and have fun on your travels!