founds these on ebay long ago


Day 10 of #31DIYsTilHalloween was my Catwoman cosplay!

I’ve been working on this one for months! I am THRILLED with how she turned out and I am so so so excited for my photoshoot for her next week. You might even be able to catch me as Catwoman at @thebourbonroom’s upcoming DCvsMarvel Halloween party! 😉😉😉

This cosplay took forever to find out but ended up costing me next to nothing. I found a catsuit on Ebay for under $20 (look around at reviews and make sure you’re paying attention to sizing info because they sometimes come in Asian sizing which is much smaller!) and the boots were my birthday present to myself a few weeks ago so I already had them in my closet. You can really wear any sexy stiletto heel boot. If you don’t feel like hunting for the perfect catsuit or you just don’t want to wear one, you can also wear plain or wet-look/leather leggings and a tight plain long sleeve black top or fitted leather jacket for the same catsuit effect!
My corset is from Isabella.

I found the mask at a costume shop for $6 and the goggle were $1.75 on eBay from China - keep in mind they take a month or more to ship! I ordered them back in August.

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Could I have a link of the episode where the cereal scene appears?? I have tried to search it for so long but never found it

i’m pretty sure it’s in the pilot episode but the only place i’ve ever seen it is on the DVD that i own. i’ve never ripped the episodes for the masses, your best bet is to buy all 6 DVDs like i did 5 years ago by going through all the value villages, video times, hock shops, kijiji ads, amazon dvds and ebay listings you can. god speed spider-man.

It's in His Kiss (Stand Alone)

It’s in His Kiss (Dean x Reader) Request.

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Can you do a Dean x Reader(she) where they r dating and do cute couple stuff and flirt and cuddle and kiss and just be passionate and adorable with each other? :)

AUTHORS NOTES: Hope it’s ok. I sorta got carried away, so it’s a little long. xx

They say there are five languages of love; Words of Affirmations, Service, Touch, Quality Time and Receiving Gifts. In my relationship, I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who uses four of them. Dean may be completely useless at vocalising how he feels, but I doubt anyone on this planet has ever been made to feel as loved as he makes me feel. Today was no different.

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There she is, twelve year old Penelope Elise Kirkland Oxenstierna-Väinämöinen, or ‘Penny,” for short because god that name is long. She used to live with Alice, who actually made little Penny happen, but when Alice didn’t want the base that constituted Penny’s land back after WW2, it became Penny’s, and after that she’s been spending her time trying to become a full fledged nation.

A little while ago she put herself up on Ebay, and Elsa found the bid and decided that she rather wanted a daughter, and Katerina agreed, and they adopted her. (The actual bid the the base never happened, but don’t tell Penny that).Even though Elsa and Katerina aren’t married, they’re as good as, and Penny lives with the both of them, so she decided to take both their names, and it is a mouthful, lemme tell u.

Guys I think I found this special InuKag compilation again! A long time ago, I don’t know where online, but I read that Shonen Sunday had compiled all of the InuKag moments in the manga into one book and I happened to stumble upon this on Amazon by accident! I think It’s only in Japanese though (look how adorable it looks with all the hearts!!!).

Update: It’s on Ebay as well!!! And it’s called Inuyasha to Kagome.

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Dean blanket: how?? (My friend really loves it :))

There are several sites I’ve used,

The one in the pic

I got here ages ago, but it has gone up in price but it is really nice.

This one I got and it was pretty nice, it’s fleece and reversible with Sam & Dean on one side and the anti possession on the other.

like on ebay/amazon I just ordered this one not too long ago.

Other wise I make them myself, as in go somewhere with a pic and have it printed out on a blanket…some places will not print anything with a celeb or licensed things from a show, but I have found a few places where I live (Chicago) that will, I did a few of Jensen.

I just recently used shutterfly and made this AMAZING Jensen/Dean calendar with pics I made into collages and printed out pics, they do all kinds of things and it is gorgeous. You can get codes online for free prints and other deals, message me if you have questions