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Who are some people on tumblr that you think would be good to go to for advice?

I am always here to talk if you need to. But aside from me, I would say either (Bethany) or (Grace).

Both of these girls are super sweet whenever I talk to them and I have seen other people go to them for advice and what not. Good luck with what you are dealing with!

foundmyredneckromeo replied to your post: I’m really happy that guys don’t actually talk like the guys from The Hills

I seriously saw a girl at Chili’s last night wearing one… I probably gave her a bitch look, but seriously? I think I wore a trucker hat in middle school…and I’m so embarrassed to say that! :p

hahahahahaha that is one of the greatest things ever! I can proudly say that I have never worn a trucker hat before in my life. Let’s all be glad that phase is over and no one says rollin’ with the homies.

reasonandfaith: yeah i wanna get my BSN-RN.. but i totally hope i don’t have to have my CNA because ughhhh just ughh…… i guess ill have to look it up. i just have to figure out where. 

foundmyredneckromeo: grrrrrr…. see if i would’ve known that i would’ve either got my CNA in high school, got it this summer, or would’ve straight up been taking the CNA courses instead of doing this stupid AA degree.  

i hope this makes sense y'all im running on like 4 hours of sleep.haha

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1,5,6,9,10,15,18,32,45 :)

Would I have sex with the last person I text messaged - Well that was Jacob so yes

Did you hang out with the person you like recently? - We skyped this morning haha but he should be here hopefully within the next week

What am I excited for - Jacob to get here :)

Is confidence cute - yes as long as it’s not cocky

Last beverage I had - Java Chip Frap

Are you going out with the last person you kissed - No he’s a d-bag

The last time I felt broken - Today

Does the person you have feelings for right now, know you do - yes

 If you could, would you take back your last kiss - nope because I need it to know to never go back to him

1. Will…

2. A little bit of everything

3. Izzy on sunday!!!

4. yes

5. Yes I have multiple times…

6. Yes because he already has

7. there is no telling

8. Will

9. not really

10. Elizabeth probably lol

11. It’s my sad bank account statement

12. I’m not really for it

13. I don’t mind them but I can’t handle it in enclosed spaces

14. sometimes

15. a person came back into my life but they have left again…

16. yes

17. I’m not sure

18. no

19. YES!

20. Don’t really talk to them…