Arrow Rant

I’m slowly starting to loose my patience with the CW and with the Executive Producers of Arrow.
Whatever my personal feelings about the plot what’s starting to piss me off is how they are using Stephen Amell.

Let me explain…Stephen is incredible in promoting what he believes in; I dare you to find a media event where he doesn’t have a t-shirt or hat or some branding for something he is backing. Stephen also has this amazing work ethic and is just what you pray for from a lead in your show.
Arrow is a great show; the action; the photography; the story…they could do with a Lil help on character development…but that’s for another rant. But let’s face it…Stephen is a massive reason for the success of Arrow…not just because he works his ass off to give a great performance but because he works his ass off to connect with the fans. Admit it…There are times you wanna quit the show but you stay coz of loyalty to Stephen. For the most parts, Arrow comes through and the show is great…but it feels like CW have found the goose that lays the golden egg. I feel like this is the convo happening with ALL the execs currently.

“Wanna do a new superhero show?…Great let’s use Arrow to introduce them…oooh look how the Arrow fandom gravitated to The Flash…great, now let’s just throw ALL the super hereos in there and make it one big ensemble cast and give Stephen less screen time and wait…We have Felicity so that’s great she’s a fan fav…well get the audience to love all these new peeps by throwing her in the mix with them…thereby, making her almost unrecognisable…but don’t sweat it. Stephen our good;loyal; hard working star is going to do his job; keep promoting and keep plugging these guys….Coz he’s just swell like that.”

I mean I get what they were doing with Oliver being gone…The mess that is everyone trying to still do right and fight on in his abscence…they paralleled how you aren’t always smooth and slick like Arrow…The flashbacks show us the evolution of the Arrow, how he, like them now, wasn’t always slick and smooth…It would be brilliant if there weren’t such sticky points with the actors and plot….*side eyeing whoever thought it was ok to have Diggle; a war veteran; stand down to Laurel Lance* but that’s another rant.
Right now, I’m just hoping that this whole big overwhelming superhero convention happening in the Foundery comes to an end soon…take your name tags…Robocop suit*cough* I mean Atom suit; your buckles *whoever designed Roy and BC’S #8217 suit clearly has a fetish* and go back to your lives.
By all means Executives keep introducing comic book characters but don’t do it at the expense of what the show is about…This is isn’t Justice League or Young Titans…If you wanted that…go make a show about it. This is Arrow…can we get back to that please.

so-soo relationship/breakup

I get that wang so and haesoo’s break up wasnt just about her lyign to him, but him getting the leash off himself and protecting her, also the fact that to gain the throne for everyones freedom he was told to give something up 

though it sucks he broke up with her on the basis of just the lie, i think he didnt want her to hold out hope. he also was an emotional wreck after eun’s death. 

not to mention this line haesoo gutted me, she came to realise her feelings. that would have stung for her boyfriend, it was after the fact. 

over the years we’ve seen wang so’s undyign love for hae soo, the patience, waiting and loyalty - not to mention overwhelming trust. of course no two people can reach the same level of feeligns at the same time one does tend to take longer so…

Now, we get to see hae soo’s passion for wang so. Her waiting, her loyalty to her man and realising that wang so has always gone above and beyond. She knows now that she trusts him with everything.

this was a building block for their relationship, it also evened out their love. its no longer wang so would do anything for hae soo, its that they both would do anything for their love.

i also felt that wang so and her would have had a clear fight about eun, the breakup was necessary due to the surrogate father/general telling him to give something up and protect haesoo along with himself.  She caused him hurt, hae soo knew that. back when she told jung in her room she wouldnt take sides and play referee I was annoyed and felt wang so side. When she was telling him during the breakup she was trying to protect everyone theres the problem. In doing so, she hurt the love of her life. He would have talked to her, they would have argued and eventually figured it out because wang so is willing to do anything to accommodate her, but thats not healthy and gives hae soo an upperhand in the relationship that no matter what she does he will forgive. when he comes back he deosnt want to sacrifice his wishes for the relationship instead compromise 

you know how precious somehting is when its taken away from you. Wang so consistently learnt that growing up as he had basically nothing, when haesoo came along he was faithful and true to her. He saw what it was like when she was nearly killed around every corner what it meant to loose her.

Haesoo never placed stock in the fact what happens when the person who has been watching out for you disappears. The guy who fought the kings guards to stop you being hanged makes your heart race, jokes with you, who makes you talk about your suffering and treats you as if your opinion is the world leaves - in a way she kinda took his being there for granted/second nature 

absence makes the heart grow founder

I also loved that the arrow made her realise despite everything wang so is jsut like back when, he would do anything for her. even broken up. the man she fell in love wihtout even understanding it, the friend who was there since the beginning is still here with her

the breakup and the arrow makes her choose a side, wang so’s, she goes to him leaving the palace. Its the push/reality check that wang so cant be the one carryign the relationship she needs to fight for him and prove he’s not alone in this