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12 Tips For Landing A Job At A Hot Startup

A job at a startup can be exhilarating, exhausting, rewarding, and nerve wracking. Here’s a dozen concrete tips for finding promising startups and landing a great job:

1. Establish a Quality LinkedIn Profile

2. Get on Email Lists That Provide StartUp News

3. Understand the Startup Culture and Ideas

4. Attend Networking and StartUp Events

5. Check out Angel List (an online resource that allows you to apply for startup jobs)

6. Connect With Startup Recruiters

7. Email the CEO, Founder, or Key Executive

8. Follow Up

9. Make Sure You Are Prepared for the Interview

10. Send a Thank You Note After the Interview

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So excited to get inkskinned’s book in the mail! Honestly one of my favourite writers. Through her, I found so many words I can relate to and other words that inspire me. I’ve read the whole book already and it was great to re-read some of my favourites and re-discover other poems of hers.

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so like I said, I’d do some fun stuff for reaching my first 1k followers. rules are pretty simple:

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blog rates will look like:
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