concept: you’re warm against me. i’m playing with your hair, and the stars shine above us. they twinkle like they know the secrets of the universe, the secrets between us. maybe they do, I’ve whispered enough of them to you while I was drunk on their flickering glow. the dawn bursts brightly on those nights. your sillouhette makes the sunrise spectacular.

oh so tomorrow is 5 de mayo… it’s that time of year where all the racists whites try and feel mexican, or make racial slurs about mexicans, stereotype mexicans, or “non racist people” celebrate a holiday they don’t know shit about just bc they wanna get shit faced…. ay pinches gringos pendejos. 

Happy one day late birthday to our wonderful animator, @paperseverywhere!! Adrienne, you have been such an amazing inspiration and helped so much with bringing NK to the next level. Thank you so much for all of your hard work! And thank you for being such a wonderful, kind, and sweet friend. Folks, Adrienne really is one of a kind, and we are incredibly blessed and lucky to work with her. We can’t thank you enough Adrienne for being a part of our team! We hope 22 is an amazing year for you. <3 

-Shelby and Amber


I have this feeling of protectiveness over characters I want to play. I worry about them - if someone else gets the part, I’m afraid they won’t do it right; they’ll make the character a victim or they’ll make her a villain or they’ll just get it wrong somehow. … When I get like that, anything’s possible.