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Here’s 300 followers reblog competition! And your reward if selected? This beautiful Backwoods Bastard from Founder’s. Vintage 2015.

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Obviously make sure that your are 21 or older if you want to win this here brew. And unfortunately, I’m not sure about international shipping. I am going to ask for a proof of ID just so that I’m handling some coverage of my own ass. This would just be a picture of you, and of your ID. We’ll figure that out when we get there.

I’m thinking of a early February end date, somewhere between the 1st and the 5th.

   Seamus Finnegan, co-founder of fledgling brewery Thomas & Finnegan, is excited to announced the launch of the brand’s first craft beer, an IPA.
   Finnegan’s India Pale Ale, which will be sold in the duo’s Diagon Alley bar from this Monday, is crafted from English hops and has a distinct, hoppy flavour which makes it a perfect pairing for spicy foods.
   Thomas and Finnegan, who established their company in 2003, have recently secured investment from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes Inc. 
   'We want to see our brews on tap in all good pubs. The Leaky, the Three Broomsticks,’ Finnegan said, when asked about his plans for the company’s future. ‘If anyone’s as much of a hophead as me and Dean, then this will be the beer for them.’
    Dean Thomas, Finnegan’s long-running business partner, had more prosaic aims in mind. 
    'As long as Seamus makes enough money to buy his flipping moustache wax, he’ll be happy. Rent isn’t cheap either.’
    Thomas also dropped hints that the pair plan to produce a Stout by the year’s end. Ale aficionados - watch this space. 
    – Ruaridh Belhaven, Food and Drink Correspondent for The Daily Prophet

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Kentucky Breakfast Stout / KBS (Founders)

Brewery : Founders
Beer : Kentucky Breakfast Stout / KBS
Style : Imperial Stout
Variance : Brewed With Massive Amounts of Chocolate and Coffee and Aged in Bourbon Barrels for a Year

9.5 / 10

Holy shit this is amazing. I’ve been waiting to try this forever and I am so pleased to know that a Kentucky breakfast doesn’t just consist of fried chicken and incest (sorry KY but stop fucking your siblings…). I like that they rebranded this simply as KBS because there clearly aren’t enough abbreviations in the world so I’m glad you guys follow us here at CB on tumblr and IG and show love for NJ and NY LMAO. This beer starts with a great coffee bitterness that quickly switches into a bourbony goodness of booziness before ending with a sweet chocolate finish. This really is a damn near perfect stout because you taste all of it’s components one by one and it’s not a mishmash of flavor. I’m happy to confirm that this is another “hype” beer that lives up to it and in my opinion exceeds what my expectations were. If Kentucky wasn’t so fucked up and backwoods I’d consider moving there only if I was able to drink this every morning for breakfast (sorry for dogging you so bad KY) but since we know that’s not possible, I’ll happily stay in my own state. Highest recommendations to all the stout lovers and dabblers in the dark arts and besides the 11.2% ABV boozy taste, this is a great beer for newbies who want to get into some heavier shit. Enjoy!!

Written by: Steve B.


**NEW SONG ALERT! Check out our new song “Shotgun” live at Founder’s Brewery in Grand Rapids!

I can’t wait for you all to hear the recorded version of this song… SO. MUCH. ENERGY.

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‘Smørrebrød’ are the traditional Danish open faced sandwiches, and Øl & Brød restaurant serves the best in #Copenhagen. The founders of the brewery Mikkeller are behind this spot, which means that the beers are great too. - @nana_ha, this week’s featured instagrammer. #denmark #cntravelereats (at Øl & Brød)

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