hi everyone whats up!!!! ok so since i’ve been doing a lot of master posts lately, i thought i could give you something useful and something 850% of us struggle with: makeup. so  i tried to find the best for you guys so i hope you find this useful and resourceful and maybe you’ll learn some things!!!! if there’s something that’s not on here i will gladly find it for you babe!!!! good luck, i love you!!! stay hot stay fresh stay yes mhmm -shakes xx

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The Best Foundation Brushes Under $10

Do you wear liquid or cream foundation?  If you do, and you’re on a budget, pay attention; these affordable brushes could completely change your application experience for the better!

Brushes give you better control over your application of foundation.  You can customize the amount of coverage you’re getting, and with brushes like these you can buff the product into your skin so it looks as natural as possible.  

1.  ELF Studio Powder Brush - $3

This dense, flat-topped brush is a real cheapie, but it’s pure gold.  The synthetic bristles make this “powder” brush perfect for liquids and creams, and the shape is perfect for buffing foundation in so that it looks flawless and full coverage.

2.  Ecotools Skin Perfecting Brush - $8

This angled brush is cut so that it’s almost like a stippling brush, but more dense and very soft.  Designed for blending tinted moisturizers, BB and CC creams, this brush is great for getting into nooks & crannies and creating a natural finish.

3.  Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - $9

A cult favorite brush, this is a dense brush with a rounded head that makes short work of blending in even the thickest foundations and concealers.

4.  Ecotools Retractable Foundation Brush - $6

Perfect for people on the go, this brush is round with a pointed tip and collapses down for portability.  The bristles are super soft and press foundation into the skin so you wouldn’t even know it was there.

5. ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush - $3

This brush is a true stippling brush, with duo fibre bristles cut at two different lengths for expert blending.  Pat product into the skin or buff in circular motions for perfect coverage no matter how thick or thin the foundation.

6.  Real Techniques Stippling Brush - $8

This brush has duo fibre bristles cut closer together for a soft application of liquid or cream.  The size makes short work of application and blurs away any imperfections easily.

You can purchase any of these brushes on (international)

Foundation brushes: There are hundreds of foundation brushes on the market all of which create different effects and finishes, you don’t need all of them but a good foundation and concealer brush are always handy to have (plus they can be used to apply a multitude of products!)

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How to Clean your Makeup Brushes

Brushes are one of the most important steps in makeup application, there’s no point having expensive makeup and horrible brushes. With the right brushes every makeup application can look great.

For brush cleaning I HIGHLY recommend the Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver, which is designed for art brushes, but works fabulously for makeup brushes. It’s super gentle on the bristles, but removes EVERYTHING and leaves your brushes feeling super soft and smelling great. There’s a reason so many makeup artists love it. 

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The Best Tools for Applying Foundation


When it comes to the application of foundation - fingers are one of (if not) the best tools. (Clean) Fingers are great for applying foundation as the warmth helps to blend the product into the skin easier - resulting in a seamless finish. Smooth your liquid foundation over your skin using your fingertips (as you would with your moisturiser) for a natural, dewy finish.

Foundation Brush

A flat foundation brush is fantastic for applying liquid and cream foundation onto the skin and generally tends to give great coverage. Using a “painting” motion and short, light strokes will help give you a finish that looks like your skin, but so much better. The bonus? This brush can be used for just about any cream or liquid face product.

Try: Beau-Make by Abbamart Cream Base Brush

Foundation Sponge

If used right a foundation sponge can be fantastic for applying foundation onto the skin to give an airbrushed finish. Use a small amount of liquid or cream foundation on a large foundation sponge and use a “bouncing” motion on the skin, if you need more coverage than add another layer using the same technique.

Try: Beauty Blender Sponge

Kabuki Brush

If you’re a lover of mineral or powder foundations then this one is for you. A kabuki brush is ideal for “buffing” mineral foundations into the skin and the short handle allows you to get closer to the face, allowing for more control. If you’re not a lover of powder foundation brushes don’t write this brush off just yet; spritz it with a little hydrating mist and buff your liquid or cream foundation into the skin for a dewy finish.

Try: E.L.F Studio Kabuki Face Brush

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