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Married life HCs for Hau, Lillie and Gladion please? ;w;

aww this is just so sweet!

- assuming he’s a little older, he’s probably island kahuna by now (assume Hala retires)! meaning he’s a busy dude tending to all the problems around melemele island…marrying him means not only having to flow with his busy schedule, but also having patience because he’s not going to have a lot of free time 
- however, when he does have free days, they’re usually really nice! being island kahuna, he’s generally a respected presence and yall can go almost anywhere on the island w/o fear of being attacked by dangerous pokemon or people…yall have the most extravagant outings
- even though he’s a little more tired nowadays, he’s still a ray of sunshine where ever he goes…he’s constantly affectionate and very open about pda, as if yall had just started dating
- if he has to go to another island, its likely you come with him. he never liked traveling alone, even if he has pokemon with him
- this isn’t super romantic but i wanna let u kno that his hair is rlly fuckin long now bc he never got it cut….he puts it up but when he lets it loose its fucking gorgeous

- she’s likely taken over the Aether Foundation (with the guidance of Wicke, whos now old n sweet) and is doing pretty well! she has plenty of help, too, since she’s really turned the foundation around, so she’s not uber busy like kahuna hau might be…
- yall actually live in foundation, so you’re constantly surrounded by protected pokemon and beautiful sea. it’s actually quite pleasant most of the time, despite the bad history that lies within. lillie has made renovations so it’s not so ‘lusamine-y’ as it used to be, but more homey instead…
- she’s a very mature and calm lover, but very affectionate underneath it all. much of her shyness that she’s had before has melted into general modesty, so she saves much of her affection for when yall are alone. shes very lovey-dovey then
- best part abt being married to her is getting to see all kinds of pokemon together, as if the adventure never ended. she constantly has to go to other regions bc she wants to help pokemon there too, so its like a constant adventure for yall

- gladion likely roots the Aether Foundation…he’s not the ceo (that’s lillie) but he does manage the employees and the scientists. especially the scientists. almost all science projects that the foundation wants to start need to go through him, esp if they deal with experiments on pokemon. he constantly complains abt it to you, and often enough asks for advice….
- he’s the least busy out of the three, and often spends his free time either out in the field or with you. yall technically live in the foundation, but he still has a fondness for living in motels….the motel ladies that check you in on every island know you all by name now!
- he’s not big into pda, but is subtly affectionate both in private and out in public when he can be. usually his affection takes form in linking your arms with his, giving you cool things he finds out in the field, letting you borrow his jacket and other supplies when things get too cold/hot/etc when doing science work, and occasionally…he sneaks kisses
- he’s still as easily embarrassed and just as angsty as he was as a kid….(some things just never change)

features that are beautiful:
• stretch marks
• wrinkles
• differently shaped boobs
• very big/small nipples
• body hair
stop worrying and start loving! this is your body, your way to navigate the world, your home. it might have cracks and leakages, but the foundation is solid. and inside lives a beautiful person.

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How's lady gagas career doing only 5 years in? Ugly ass fraud flop bitch

That’s not very kind, I’d say.

“Ugly" lol no

"ASS”yes indeed

“Flop”? Not so much

I’ve never met her so I can’t exactly disprove “fraud” or “bitch” however those aren’t nice things to call someone. Especially when she’s done nothing to you.

Dually noted, there is something to be said. I mean, in five years she’s had a lot of success. I understand that it seems that she’s on the downhill end of her career, but she’s still doing what she loves. She’s made a lot of people happy and helped a lot of people. She donated a million dollars to hurricane Sandy relief, millions to Japan’s earthquake relief efforts, AIDS prevention and not to mention the Born This Way Foundation. She’s had a beautiful impact on the lives of a lot of people as well as having made a name for herself. She had a 2 year long injury and recovery, and she’s trying her best to start up again, but so what if she’s not #1 every time. She’s doing better than you are.

So, you know what, anon. In her 5 year career, she’s transformed herself into a pinnacle of what a pop star should be. And she’s got her whole life ahead of her, maybe her career will reach another peak, maybe not. But so what, I enjoy it and I have and likely will continue to just as others do, have and will.

But I would never call your “fave” out like this. I may have a few choice words for the woman who wrote and performed a homophobic, gender-role-enforcing, antifeminist and stereotypical anthem, Ur So Gay. But she’s not hurting anyone so I’d personally keep my mouth shut.