foundation rugs

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Stay bound to the earth. She is your home. She loves you back.

Taurus: Over your life you have rearranged your room several times over. You are doing a slow dance with your furniture. Keep the time.

Gemini: Do not be too afraid of the dark. The things that can hide in the light are much much scarier.

Cancer: Legality is often a question of perspective. Experimentation is welcome but stay safe.

Leo: Life is a lot like a wheelbarrow full of peonies. 

Virgo: Foundation. Floor. Carpet. Rug. Shoe. Sock. How many things separate you from the dirt?

Libra: A wanderer leaves no cities, no pots, no artifacts for the future to find. All they leave are bones and even those will dust away eventually. 

Scorpio: The moon landing was unnatural. It was also fucking awesome. Natural does not mean best or even better.

Ophiuchus: The hard part isn’t finding what you want to say. Its getting across how you want to say it. Practice practice practice.

Sagittarius: Today, the stars warn against taking things too seriously.

Capricorn: It doesn’t matter if it only has “a little bit of dog” in it. The rule applies to chimeras as well. Its the spirit of the thing.

Aquarius: Make some money on the side having anxiety attacks for people who are too busy to have them themselves.

Pisces: Preparation is very important but its hardly the solution in of itself.