foundation palette


heres a few of my holy grail makeup products that i still use and that are great and affordable for beginners!

• Maybelline Fit Me! - Matte + Poreless (for oily-normal skin)
• Maybelline Fit Me! - Dewy + Smooth (for dry-normal skin)
• L'Oreal tru match super blendable liquid makeup
• L'Oreal infallible pro-matte foundation (for oily - combination skin)
• milani 2-in-1 foundation + concealer

• maybelline age rewind concealer
• L.A girl pro conceal
• Maybelline fit me concealer

• Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser

• Hard Candy sheer glow all the way face & body illuminator (can double as a primer)
• physicians formula shimmer strips
• NYX illuminator (can double as a primer)

powder/finishing spray:
• airspun translucent extra coverage loose face powder
• rimmel stay matte long lasting pressed powder
• covergirl translucent professional loose powder
• L'Oreal infallible pro-spray and makeup extender, setting spray

• nyc smooth skin face powder, bronzing
• rimmel natural bronzer
• wet n wild color icon bronzer
• milani baked bronzer

• milani baked blush
• Maybelline dream bouncy blush

• Maybelline great lash mascara
• L'Oreal teloscopic mascara
• Maybelline the colassal mascara

• L'Oreal brow stylist definer brow liner
• Nyx wonder brow pencil
• milani stay put brow color
• elf cosmetics brow kit

• covergirl truNaked eyeshadow palettes
• Maybelline color tattoos
• milani everyday eyes eyeshadow collection

• Jesse eyeliner
• Maybelline amster precise liquid eyeliner

• milani color statement lipstick
•revlon color stay ultimate liquid lipstick
• milani amore matte lip creme

• any ardell lashes

• real techniques brushes
• ecotools brushes

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No Makeup

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Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Length: 1k

Summary: There was no doubt how much Jimin adored seeing you all made up for the night, but what he secretly adored even more was seeing you with no makeup on.

A/N: This is dedicated to all of my lovely followers~ For those of you who are insecure with your bodies or the way you look, I just want you to know that you truly are beautiful just the way you are. And while there’s absolutely no shame in using makeup (in fact it’s awesome to have it as your hobby), just know that there’s also no shame in going out in the public without a speck of makeup. If there’s one that I want to tell you all through my writing, it’d be to love yourself and your body because it’s the only one you have. Happy 1 year anniversary~ 

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anonymous asked:

If you could buy 20 things from sephora for free what it would be?

Abh liquid lipsticks
Becca highlighters
Glow kits
Huda lashes
Huda palette
Laura mericer translucent powder
Too faced chocolate bar
Abh modern Renaissance
Abh dip brow
Ud all nighter foundation
Ud all nighter setting spray
Ud naked skin concealer
Ud naked skin foundation
Ud Naked palettes
Too faced melted matte lipsticks
Nars albatross highlight
Huda beauty liquid lipsticks
Tarte palettes
Estée Lauder double wear foundation
Ysl touché éclat blurr primer

Did this in an hour haul

Pikachu Sticky Notes $12
Mr Meeseeks Pop Vinyl Keychain $10

Flareon Socks $20
Nintendo Mystery Ball (I got a black wiimote) $5

Beret $15
Stripe Dress $25

Sinful Colors 2x$4
Hair Masks 2x$4
Elf Foundation Palette $15?

TOTAL: $118

d i f f e r e n t

  • words: ~4K
  • genre: fluff, slight angst, ceo! au
  • characters: you, chanyeol

I heard Mozart playing before I even entered the party hall. Chanyeol grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him before throwing a confident smile to the reporters that lined the avenue.

“Smile, babe.” He whispered.

I gave him a hesitant smile and tried not to trip over my $2,000 silk dress that he bought specifically for this event. It was an annual get-together of the world’s richest men and women. Professionally, it was called “The Formal.“ Realistically, it was a night to show off how rich you were to all the people you hate but pretend to be friends with anyway.

I tried to be happy about it. I tried smiling as a bunch of journalists stopped in front of me and Chanyeol, taking our picture and asking a bunch of questions. I tried as best as I could to act like this was not the worst night of every year.

But all I could do was try.

- earlier that day -

"Babe, do you need help with that?” Chanyeol watched as I felt the back of my dress for a zipper. I nodded absentmindedly as he made his way toward me. He watched my reflection in the mirror while his hand trailed down my lower back. He held my hips close to him as he pulled the zipper up. He kept his hands there for a few moments and when I didn’t respond, he sighed and wrapped his arms around me from behind.

“I’m so sorry.” He muttered as he pressed his lips to my neck. I nodded, staring at my reflection in the mirror. I searched my face for anything amiss. My lips were dark and red. My hair fell in long waves over one shoulder, which gave Chanyeol better access to my neck. The dress I wore was made of creamy silk, with a low front and back but it was long enough for me to trip over easily.

I looked like the wife a CEO- which, technically, I was, but I rarely felt it as strongly as I did on nights like these. I reached out for the foundation palette when I thought of all the other women whose faces are always painted to perfection. They all looked so beautiful and flawless. They were all probably with their own stylists and makeup artists at this moment, preparing for tonight with much more excitement than I was.

Before I could apply anything else, Chanyeol’s hand grabbed mine.

“Stop,” He said, looking at me with a mixture of guilt and worry. “You look beautiful. Stop thinking about anyone else.”

It was as if he could read my mind. I turned around, staring into those big, brown orbs of his.

After a moments’ hesitation, my fingers trailed up the lapels of his jacket. He watched me, knowing full-well what I wanted.

“Do we have to?” I asked him quietly. “Chanyeol, do we really have to go?”

He sighed before pressing his lips against my forehead. “Babe, I’m sorry. I know you’d do anything to avoid sitting in a room full of stuck-up people for three hours. I really wish we didn’t have to go, but the company needs to be represented. All my business partners are going to be there. They invite us every single year not regardless of the fact that I’m the youngest one there, but because of it. Some people use tonight as a way to set up future partnerships, others use it to try and find any excuse to prove that I don’t deserve to be there.”

I bite my lip and hang my head low with fear. “Ch-Chanyeol, the women there- they-they look for any reason to tear you apart. I’m sure the men are the same way, but- but they’re just better at hiding it. These aren’t good people, Chanyeol, they…they only care about themselves.”

He offers me a small smile and bends down to kiss me, a small lock of gelled back hair falling out of place in the process. “Not all of them are bad, love. But I know what you’re talking about. I know you hate going but…I feel a lot better going with you. A lot calmer, too.”

“I know. I’m only going for you,” I slowly hug him, hoping I could feel calmer, too, but I don’t. “Just…don’t leave me alone, Chanyeol, please.”

“I won’t, babe,” He kisses me reassuringly. “I promise.”

In a matter of minutes, we’re seated behind a lavishly decorated table with two other powerful couples. One of the men, Byun Baekhyun, immediately strikes up conversation with Chanyeol, whose eyes twinkle as they discuss their upcoming projects together. I feel Chanyeol’s hand take mine under the table and give it a little squeeze. I look up at him. He doesn’t take his eyes off of Baekhyun but he squeezes my hand a little harder and I know he’s worried. I take a deep breath.

“Calm down, (Y/N),” I mutter to myself. “You’re here, might as well be there for him. At this rate, he won’t be able to focus on his work.”

I give his hand a little tap and let go, wordlessly telling him to keep his attention on Baekhyun. Chanyeol smiles all of a sudden, leaving Baekhyun confused as he glances from him to me.

Suddenly the lights dim as the host walks onstage. The hall erupts into low cheers and claps as the man, Kim Junmyeon, laughs heartily.

With everyone’s eyes trained on Junmyeon, Chanyeol pulls his chair closer to me.

“Hey,” He whispers cheekily.

I roll my eyes but can’t hide the smile on my face when he gives me a quick peck on my cheek.

“Did I mention how absolutely beautiful you look?” He continues. 

“Yeah, okay,” I scoff, eyes trained on Junmyeon, who was gesturing at the screen behind him.

“You’re hands down the single, most gorgeous person in this room.”

“I find that questionable. Especially when the single, most gorgeous person in this room is sitting right next to me.” I wink, blushing as he suddenly pinches my thigh.

“Oh, baby, you flatter me.”

“I meant Baekhyun,” I tell him with a straight-face.

“I hate you.”

I laugh and fall back into his arms, just in time to see Baekhyun watching us with amusement. My eyes widen and I grow silent, hoping he didn’t hear me say his name, but this only makes him smirk wider.

-surprise this evening, Mr. Byun, Mr. Kim, and Mr. Park will personally discuss with you all the wonderful things they have planned this year!”

I frown in confusion. When Junmyeon’s words register in my head, I get off of Chanyeol, whose expression hardens immediately.

I sit straighter when I see heads turn in our direction, everyone applauding the trio at our table.

“Until then, let’s all welcome Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon, president of Samsung!”

“You didn’t tell me you were speaking tonight!” I whisper frantically when everyone’s attention is redirected to the new man walking onstage.

“I didn’t know I was speaking tonight!” His jaw is tight as he looks over at Baekhyun- who looks at Junmyeon like he wants to burn him alive.

That’s strange, I thought. Why would they just be asked to speak out of nowhere?

The other man at our table, Kim Jongdae leans forward with his hands folded tightly on the table.

“It’s not just me, is it?” He says lowly.

“Later.” Baekhyun’s eyes have a dangerous gleam in them. His eyes attach themselves to everyone around him, as if searching for clues.

I look to my husband in confusion, but he merely stares ahead of him, as if in a trance. I could practically see the gears turning in his head as he stuffs his hands in his pockets.

“Find out who did this.” Chanyeol says quietly.

“Way ahead of you,” Jongdae’s eyes trained on his phone. I watch his nimble fingers type away, the device shining a patch of light on an otherwise dark table. Moments later, he pushes his chair back.

“I’m going to find Junmyeon.” He mutters quickly before hurrying away. Chanyeol and Baekhyun share a look and nod, before Baekhyun follows Jongdae in his search for Junmyeon, who was now nowhere to be seen. A bunch of onlookers watch our table curiously.

“Chanyeol-ah, what’s happening?” I hold his hand.

“We’re still trying to find out.” He finally turns to me. “I promise I had no idea about this, love, if I had know I wouldn’t have-”

“I know, Chanyeol,” I smiled. His eyes searched mine for any sign of upset, but I held his hand even tighter. “I believe you.”

“I’m going to stay here with you.” He told me softly. “I promise, okay?”

I nod, feeling increasingly wary under the eyes of Baekhyun and Jongdae’s wives, who watch us shamelessly.

As the Samsung CEO kept talking, I listened and Chanyeol tapped on my thigh absentmindedly.

After a while, it seemed Mrs. Byun and Mrs. Kim became more restless than we were.

“What’s taking them so long?” Baekhyun’s wife, Soo-yeon muttered in distaste.

When no one responded, she cleared her throat and tried again. “Mr. Park, don’t you think you should go find them?”

Chanyeol looked up at her with no expression on his face. When still, he doesn’t respond, she looks to Jongdae’s wife and they both sigh impatiently.

“Why are you telling Jongdae and Baekhyun to go search for him while you sit here, Mr. Park?”

I start getting anxious as Chanyeol’s face gets darker under the already dark purple/blue light.

“I don’t think that’s any of your concern.”

“Well, they’re both scheduled to speak at any minute, but they both ran off somewhere because of you. So I think-”

“Well, I didn’t ask what you-”

“Chanyeol.” I whisper, clutching his hand under the table.

He looked at me quizzically. I swallowed, fearing the words that were coming out of my mouth, but I knew I was being selfish, and Chanyeol’s company was much more important.

“Just go, Chanyeol.” I tell him quietly.

He frowns. “I’m not doing that.”

“If you don’t go look for them,” I say, trying to speak as lowly as possible. “-I will.”

His eyes widen. “Babe-”

“I’ll be fine,” I smile at him, praying this night could just end peacefully. “I promise.”

After a moment’s hesitation, he sighs. He pushes his chair back and gets up, pressing a kiss on my cheek.

“I’ll be back before you know it.”

“Just do what you need to.” I smile.

He takes one last look at the women on the table before running in the same direction Baekhyun and Jongdae disappeared to.

The only thing louder than the voice of the Samsung CEO was the sound of my breathing as I increasingly found myself under the eyes of the duo.

I watch Dr. Oh discuss the release of the newest Samsung to drown out my own thoughts, when suddenly someone taps my shoulder.

“Why didn’t you go with your husband?”

I swallow nervously. “Excuse me?”

Soo-yeon repeats her question slowly, as if speaking to an idiot. “Why. Didn’t. You. Go. With. Your. Husband?”

“W-well, why didn’t you go with yours?”

She scoffs.

“What do you do, then?”

I’m taken aback by the question. “What do you mean?”

She waves her painted nails in the air with a smirk. “You don’t do much do you?”

I stare into her dark eyes in confusion. “What-”

“You must be one of those stay-at-home wives that just waits for her husband all day rather than actually do anything. You probably don’t know a single thing about his company, all you do is wait for him to put money on your credit card so you could buy whatever you want.”

I’m almost about to scoff but I stay silent. They keep talking, keep saying things that make me wish I never came, keep making me feel like less and less of a person every second, and I stay silent.

But then they bring up Chanyeol, and that’s when I can’t keep quiet anymore.

“You what?”

“You don’t do anything for your husband. You wait for other women to do it for you.”

“What did you say about Chanyeol?”

“Baekhyun and Jongdae were the only ones supposed to be speaking. They were supposed to be the surprise speakers, but Mr. Kim gets nervous and says it would look bad if everyone at this table speaks except for Mr. Park. He gives their opportunity to him. He gives our husbands’ opportunity to the most inexperienced person in this room.” She hisses. But then she takes a deep breath and leans backward in her chair. “Oh well,” She starts, a new smirk on her lips. “I suppose it’s time we all found out what’s so special about Mr. Park anyway.”

I glare at her. It takes everything in me not to spill my wine all over her pretty little head. They knew what they were doing from the beginning. It wasn’t accidentally given to Chanyeol, they wanted him to be the key speaker so they could prove put him on the spot. So they could try and prove that their husbands deserved more recognition than mine.

My words are laced in venom when I finally spoke.

“I’m sure each of our husbands got what they deserve.”

It takes her a few seconds to realize what I meant, and then her and Jongdae’s wife’s eyes widen in offense.

“Are you crazy?” Soo-yeon pushes her chair back.

When I don’t respond, she gets up. Several heads turn in our direction. I stay silent when she goes around the table and pulls my chair back.

“Get up!” She says.

I don’t move, and before I know what’s happening, I feel her nails dig into my skin and suddenly she’s pulling me out of my seat. I let out a stifled scream. My arm is bleeding and I wince from the pain, but suddenly…it’s gone.

“Are you crazy?” I hear Baekhyun yell as he pulls her off of me.

Her eyes widen in shock, as if he’s never treated her that way before.


“I leave you for two seconds and you’re trying to rip someone’s arm off? Answer me: are you out of your mind?” Baekhyun’s voice is loud and his grip on her is tight. His golden brown hair shakes in anger and when he finally releases her, she almost falls back in surprise.

“Baek, w-why are you-”

“No, Soo-yeon, why are you doing this? It’s not just disappointing, it’s embarrassing.”

Baekhyun turns his back to her and faces me. I see Soo-yeon over his shoulder and she looks ready to lunge at me. As if it’s my fault he spoke to her like that.

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry for what she’s done. I swear none of this-”

“Where’s Chanyeol?” I interrupt him.

He raises a brow.

But before he could respond, I hear an overwhelming sound of cheers. Dr. Oh waves at the crowd before leaving the stage.

I can’t find Chanyeol, but I suddenly see his face appear on the screen. My eyes widen. Junmyeon isn’t here either.

When a few minutes pass and no one comes onstage, the crowd grows irritated and starts looking around. I feel my heart sink in my chest.

“I-I have to go.”

Baekhyun’s eyes widen in surprise when he realizes what I was suggesting. “No, you don’t have to, I’m sure he’ll be here soon.”

“B-but what if he isn’t?” I don’t know what makes me trust him but I do. I trust him enough to whisper the one thing I thought I’d never say to someone in this room.

“Everyone here is looking for an excuse to take Chanyeol down. A-anything to make sure he doesn’t succeed. If he doesn’t show up, they-they’ll talk about it everywhere, they’ll use against him and I-I can’t let them do that.”

Baekhyun’s eyes soften. He nods. “I understand.”

I smile gratefully before running toward the stage. It takes everything in me not to trip over my long dress, but somehow I make it in one piece.

I see hundreds of heads turn in confusion and that only makes me more nervous, but I take a deep breath and smile.

"Good evening. I’m (Y/N), Park Chanyeol’s wife.”

A low gasp comes from the audience. This is my first time speaking at the Formal. And considering my history of trying to speak as little as possible every year, for many, this will the most words they’ve ever heard from me.

“I’m very excited to share with you many of the great opportunities my husband and I are creating this year-”

I keep talking. My eyes shine as I speak of my husband and I make a point to differentiate him from most of the other men here. I make a point to prove how kind and caring a man he is, regardless of his stature.

“Together, Chanyeol and I have successfully started a new division within our company exclusively to give job opportunities to less-privileged men and women. There are many incredibly talented and committed people who can do so much if they are just given the chance.”

I see many eyes widen in surprise.

“Through my years of working with my husband at this company,” I make sure to emphasize those words for Soo-yeon, who must be listening with her teeth clenched. “I’ve discovered many things about him. I discovered that he has a warmth and kindness unlike any I’d ever seen. He’s always been someone that wouldn’t hesitate to put others before himself. Someone that has not once looked at those working at his company as just employees. No, Chanyeol has always seen everyone as a person, as a member of his company and his family. His attitude is so inspiring and his heart is so big. He’s long learned how to use his company to do good. To help and motivate others.

"I discovered that that’s what made him the perfect Ceo for a company so successful. It made me realize that’s exactly why his company is so successful, and-” I notice a familiar face in the crowd staring at me with big, proud eyes and my own eyes shine in response. “-and it’s what made me realize how hopelessly in love with him I was.”

I finish quietly and bow my head, and just as I am about to turn around, my cheeks suddenly red- the hall erupts into cheers louder than any other I heard today. I blush even more, smiling widely, and as I walk down the steps, my face pales as I accidentally step on my dress. My heart sinks in horror as I feel myself fall.

But just before I could land face-first on the floor, I feel myself surrounded by a pair of strong arms and suddenly I’m not falling anymore.

When I look up, I find myself staring into the eyes of Chanyeol.

“Are you okay?” He says warmly.

“Sorry,” I mumble embarrassedly. “I keep falling for you.”

He lets out a loud, hearty laugh and the sound fills me with joy and happiness.

“I love you so much,” He laughs as he hugs me even tighter.

“I love you, too,” I whisper shyly, tightening my hold around his neck. “-and since I just tripped in front of thousands of people, can we please leave already?”

“Yes,” He brushes my hair out of my face and chuckles at my pink cheeks. “Yes, of course.”

He doesn’t hesitate to carry me into his arms. My dress is still long enough to touch the floor and I pull it up so he doesn’t trip on it either. A lot of people watch us as we walk out of the venue, and when I make eye-contact with Baekhyun, he throws me a smile and a big thumbs-up. I wave back excitedly.

As soon as we’re outside, Chanyeol kisses my bare shoulder. I giggle and run my fingers through his hair.

“I love you so much.” He says again.

I pull away from him and hold his face in my hands. “I know, baby.” I smile softly as I kiss him.

Upon seeing us, our chauffeur opens the door to the backseat. Chanyeol smiles at him before getting in and sitting with me on his lap.

I lean back into his arms.

“I love you.” He whispers again. “I can’t tell you how much I love you.”

I cover my face to hide my red cheeks and he laughs, hugging me closer to his chest.

I think about how lucky I am to be his, when I suddenly remember something.

“Chanyeol, did you ever find out what happened? Because Soo-”

“I know,” He kisses my forehead. “Soo-yeon was behind it. She got Jongdae’s wife on it, too. Junmyeon said he only agreed because she was so scary.”

I give him a small smile. “Does Baekhyun know?”

Chanyeol nodded. “I think Baekhyun was pissed more than any of us until he realized this was his chance to divorce her.”

“Divorce her?” I say in surprise.

“Half the people at this event were married for the sake of their companies. Baekhyun’s one of them.” Chanyeol says. “He only went along with it because of his dad, but he’s been trying to find a good enough excuse to divorce her for months.”

Suddenly, a lot of things made sense. I remember the look in her eyes, as if she was surprised he was talking to her so directly. And the way he seemed to be purposefully trying to project his voice- almost as if he wanted witnesses if he needed them.

“Whatever, I’m more concerned about,” He focuses his attention at me. “…you.”

I give him a small smile. Chanyeol’s hands hold me tighter and I feel his fingertips ghosting over the mark Soo-yeon left on my arm.

“Baekhyun told me everything,”  He whispered. I hear his voice get deeper the more he looks at my arm. He takes in the deep, red mark. When he traces the bruised skin, I wince, and his eyes get darker. “I never should have left you.”

I feel guilty. “No, don’t-”

“I promised you. I don’t care what the circumstances were, I should have-”

“Babe, listen to me, everything worked out fine in the end. And…you were right. Not all of them are bad.” I smile, remembering how Baekhyun stuck up for Chanyeol and I. 

Chanyeol sighs, his gaze trained on my arm. “I know Baekhyun’s going to make her regret every single word she said, but I really want to go back there and just-”

“Chanyeol,” I hold his face in my hands. “I’m fine. I promise.”

He doesn’t even pretend to believe me. He stares into my eyes and I feel like he sees each and every tear I feel like shedding.

“I just want to ruin everyone that’s ever hurt you.” He says lowly. His gelled hair falls onto his face. He sighs and he pulls me into him. I hold onto him tighter as I feel his lips on me.

“Chanyeol, but that’s not you.” I tell him quietly. “That’s all the people in there. They aren’t afraid to use their power and influence to try and ruin someone. I know because,” I swallow. “-I saw Soo-yeon try to do it to you.”

His eyes lower with guilt.

“That’s not who you are. And that’s what I love about you. I feel great with you by my side. I don’t need revenge. I-I just need you to promise me you’ll always be the same Chanyeol I fell in love with.” I kiss him. “Okay?”

He sighs and smiles. “I’ll always be your Chanyeol.”

“Good.” I kiss him, my eyes shining.  

“And I’m sorry. For everything that happened today.”

“Don’t be,” I wrap my arms around his neck. “I’m glad I was there for you.”

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