foundation of faith

me sober: my life is completely meaningless because ive deconstructed all of my own belief systems and eroded the foundations of any faith i once had thereby robbing myself of the ability to feel joy

me high: Bro these microwave tacos are surprisingly good……..

anonymous asked:

I have to say, I understand that myopia is a large part of faith, but it is astounding to me that you all claim your imaginary friend is the only "real" one. You'll decry other religions as false, or say that Greek, and Roman--or even modern Japanese and Indian religions--are just stories, myths, fairy tales. Your religion even has the classic 'virgin impregnated by a deity' shtick, but yours definitely happened, none of those other did. How pompous can you be? Recognize the hypocrisy or shush.

Faith (noun); complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to put my complete trust in something, let alone stake my life on it, you had better believe I want to be certain, beyond any reasonable doubt, that what I’m putting my trust in is trustworthy.

Consequently, you bring up an excellent question. How do we know Jesus is the One True God? Let me counter with this. Out of any of the hundred upon thousands of other religions and gods, which…

  • Have a book written by over 40 different inspired authors, from all walks of life, from kings to shepherds, and yet it all fits together perfectly?
  • Have a book written over a span of over 1500 years and yet it all fits together perfectly?
  • Have a book that was written in multiple languages, in different countries, on different continents, in different cultures and yet fits together perfectly
  • Boast the most historically accurate and authenticated ancient text of all time, by an insane margin?
  • Turns enemies into friends, as was the the case of Paul and the early Church he set out to kill; or in recent times, Corrie Ten Boom and the Nazis
  • All of the other religions are work-based, Christianity stands alone in saying that humanity is incapable of good apart from God and there is absolutely nothing we can do to redeem ourselves.

If you can name just one other god who has done all that the God of the Bible has, I promise I will take it all back because you will have obliterated the foundation of my faith. Yet, the Bible stands firm, far exceeding its every challenger, because no one else can do what God has.

“My soul shall make its boast in the Lord;
The humble shall hear of it and be glad.
Oh, magnify the Lord with me,
And let us exalt His name together.”
– Psalm 34:2-3

Oh boy, here we go! 

Padmé stares at the clock on her bedside table. She knows it’s time to get up and get ready to face the day, but she… She doesn’t want to. She wants to stay in bed and just pull her duvet over her head and not leave her room until at least tomorrow.

The room is still dark, the blinds drawn with not a bit of outside light allowed inside.

She’s tired, she’s sad… She’s angry. Angry with herself for allowing things to go this far.

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this poem will send me to hell

I remember the night
I built a home for him
in my heart
I lit a candle I wouldn’t
let the devil woosh out

my youth group sang songs
under the moon
next to the frio river
in southwest texas
three hundred sixty six
five hours (ish) from
my bedroom

I missed the bus sunday morning
my father drove me there with work the
next day so I could spend my first
week away in nature, my first
week away from everything
I’ve known
that day my father showed me
what being a man means

my entire life I was taught
that I was a bad person
I was unclean
I was a sinner
I wasn’t good enough
I wasn’t pure
I wasn’t going to heaven
unless I repented
unless I was immersed
so that night
I sang
I cried
I accepted that
I was broken
I was ugly
I was nothing
wishing to be

/time out from the poem
I was turning something like
twelve, going into 7th grade
it was the beginning of summer
how the fuck is this type of mental abuse
not child abuse? How the fuck
is this allowed?
to threaten children with flames
to guilt trip them into thinking
a man died for them two thousand
years ago and needs you to be
fully immersed in fucking water?
back to poem

the next afternoon we went
further up the river from
our singing site to a swimming
site called the blue hole
the older kids, the badass kids
would jump from a clearing
in the valley side and swim
down to the bottom
touch the bed, it was
something like thirty fucking
feet deep
one time I belly flopped
because I was chubbier
almost knocked myself out
I got hugs and high fives
I was a hero
until dinnertime

I wore an oversized blue
swam out to my youth minister
there were no birds
the sun shone below to the
bottom of the bed
we stood on an underwater shelf
the silence of the birds
the muted smiles of the group
the steady breath of my minister
his heavy hand on my shoulder
like an exclamation point of

he asked if I believed jesus
died for my sins
I confirmed
so in the name
of the father, who abandoned me
of the son, who didn’t know me
of the spirit, who never entered me
I was saved
then he dunked me into
a shade of blue I wasn’t
ready for

I eventually left the church

the same youth group who cried
hugged me abandoned me at a movie
one night and laughed in my face
the next day

it was a congregation that taught
me that my friends who weren’t
church of christ
would be punished and sent to
hell, because their church
didn’t have the same fucking
letters on their sign

the private university who turned
their back on me
the way we had certain fridays
when the food tasted better
when daily chapel was
more like a fireworks show
the visiting seniors completed
their applications thinking
at this place they could
change the world
but the real foundation of faith

isn’t sin
isn’t salvation
isn’t grace

it’s a semester increase
in fucking tuition bulging
from purple and gold
a money basket with
a guilt trip hole in
the bottom

I left the church

the father
the son
the spirit

are just fucking magic tricks
I finally learned

the secret

anonymous asked:

I think I am the only person who is nervous that the Jonsa scenes in Dragonstone could be laying the foundation for Starkbowl? I wasn’t worried about any of the spoilers and teasers, but after that episode I am. It seemed like they spent the entire episode bickering with each other. Sansa undermined Jon in front of all their banner men and compared him to Joffrey and Jon in not so many words told Sansa he doesn’t really listen to her. I’m anxious, this doesn’t feel like a good start.

Hey Anon!

You brought up a few things in your ask relating to different scenes and interactions, so I am going to try to ~unpack it~ in kind of chronological order. And hopefully in a way that will make sense…

I do agree that there was generally an underlying tension in Jon and Sansa’s interactions through out the episode. But I don’t think the tension is ALL necessarily coming from Jon and Sansa themselves. And I also think it made sense given the timing of the episode. We are literally picking up right where the s6 finale left off basically, so Winterfell has just been reclaimed and Jon has just been named King. There isn’t a lot of stability yet.

Not only that, but for the first time Jon and Sansa’s  focuses are kind of diverging. In s6 they were both focused on getting Winterfell back from the Boltons, they had that unity and that common goal. Now they are both looking in different directions and to different enemies. That much is evident not only in their disagreement over how to deal with the Karstarks and Umbers (which I will save for under the cut), but in their conversation on Winterfell’s Battlements. Jon is worried about the White Walkers and how to beat them. Sansa is worried about Cersei Lannister and the southern forces. And neither of them are wrong in worrying about their respective concerns. Jon has seen the Night’s King, he knows what threat it poses better than Sansa. And Sansa has experience with Cersei that Jon doesn’t. She knows how the Lannisters feel about the surviving Starks and the North in general, she knows Jon’s refusal to bend the knee is going to enrage Cersei even further. They are both understandably and rightfully frustrated that the other doesn’t seem to be taking their concerns as seriously as they should.

Basically, it’s a little hectic. There’s a lot going on, no one has gotten to nap yet, and things get lost in translation. 

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Past Life Shadow Work Spread

*This spread will help you discover the weaknesses you had in your past life (or lives) that you’ve carried over to this life. It will show you the weakness and provide a solution. How you lay put the cards should be more personal to you however I’ve outlined what each card means to give you some guidance. I am still working on this spread so the details are a bit fuzzy. I’ve used it and it gave me some insight on the personal weaknesses that I seem to have.*

Tags: Past life, shadow work, 8 card spread

1) What was my biggest weakness mentally? This card will have to do with the thoughts you had and any faulty logic you had in your past life that worked against you.
- The card you pull next will be what you can do in this life to overcome that weakness. What you can do in this life to change your thought process, logic, etc for the better.

2) What was my biggest weakness emotionally? This card will have to do with any negative emotions that haunted you and held you back from achieving your full potential.
- The card you pull next will be what you can do in this life to overcome this weakness. What can you do in this life to work past these negative emotions that haunt you so that you can live an emotionally peaceful life.

3) What was my biggest weakness spiritually? This card will have to do with weaknesses you had in your spiritual lifetime that held you back from having a strong faith foundation.
-The card you pull next will be what you can do in this lifetime to overcome this weakness. What can you do to strengthen your faith. Perhaps not even religiously but also faith in yourself as well so that you can become one with the universe.

4) What was my biggest weakness skill-wise in my past life? This card will pin point what other skills you need to focus your attention on. This weakness caused you to falter in your past life and still remains in this lifetime. It may be a physical talent such as writing or it may simply be that you need to focus on some internal skill such as wisdom or patience or intuition.
-The card you pull next will be the solution to this problem. What you can do in this life to gain a better handle on this skill so that you have the tools you need to do better in this lifetime.

How we conquered LDR?

1. Constant communication. Aside from love, it is the main foundation.

2. Trust, loyalty, faithfulness, honesty and love. Doubt must not exists. It is the root of all misunderstandings.

3. When something is wrong, open up. Don’t hide it. Once you don’t have peace of mind, you easily get pissed off on little things which may lead to big quarrels. 

4. When argument starts, know when to listen and talk.

5. Respect his/her opinions. And support each other through ups and downs.

6. Don’t let day passes by without fixing the issue both of you dwell on.

7. When you have doubts, better to confront him/her.

8. Never bring up the past and mistakes of each other during quarrels.

9. Know how to say “Sorry.” even if it’s not your fault. Lower your pride.

10. Always ask your partner how his/her day was. You never know s/he had a tough one and all s/he needs is your sweet comfort.

11.Widen up your understanding. Not all the time s/he can give you the attention you need and want.

12. When you have problems as couple, as much as possible solve it together without the presence of other people. Other issues may come up when other people give their opinions. Just remember you know more your partner than them.

13. And most important, PRAYERS. Put God as the center of your relationship. And everything will fall in right places.

P.S We still apply all of these in our married life. And btw, this is also good for all types of relationships :)

afirewiel  asked:

I've never understood how someone could read the Bible (especially the creation account) and come away with "God used evolution to create the world." It says how He did it and that it took 6 days! How do you get theistic evolution from that?

Lots of people try to reinterpret the original word translated as “day” to mean something longer than a 24 hour period, calling it a more poetic translation which allows for a longer amount of time to pass and therefore claiming God used evolution to create the world.

This comes mostly from the fact that children in schools are taught one form of science growing up: evolution. Although macro evolution has never been conclusively proven, it is not taught as a theory but as scientific fact.

Kids who grow up in church are shown from a young age this disconnect between science and faith and just accept it. Faith is for the spiritual aspects of life, science explains the practical, and evolution is the true science. Kids who are raised outside of church and come to faith later on also already have preconceived notions about the beginning of the world and many don’t ever stop to question it. They’ve been pretty much brainwashed to believing the religion of evolution and since it’s been taught to them by the education system for years and years, they have no reason to question. Most Christian parents will tell their children “oh we don’t believe in evolution because the Bible says God created” but the conversation doesn’t go further, and it needs to. Let your family and your friends know that this is not a blind faith, but a faith by which all other things can be explained.

What we need to be able to teach our children is that there is no disconnect between science and God.

Could God have used macro evolution to create the universe? I mean, he’s God, so arguably yes. Did he? No.

  • It doesn’t line up with any provable science
  • it does not line up with his revealed word
  • it doesn’t match up with the doctrine of Original Sin - how eons of death and decay could occur before sin entered the picture
  • it forces you to have to explain how/why God decided Adam and Eve were sufficiently developed to be considered the first man and woman
  • it attacks the truth of God saying we are made in His image
  • it is a belief system completely based on random chance instead of divine ordination
  • it reinforces a wrong belief that the Bible is filled with just “really good moral stories” instead of the historical account of God’s working with humanity.

If you doubt the creation account’s truthfulness or reliability it calls into question the entire foundation of your faith. But there’s no reason to doubt. Science through a creation worldview makes sense. What we see in the natural world is entropy and things continuing to fall apart as a result of the Fall, not evolution as things supposedly continue to get better and more complex.

But God and science are not at odds. You don’t have to try to fit God into a box of evolution where He doesn’t belong. He created science and the laws of nature, and in the creation event they are not contradicted as evolution consistently contradicts other known and proven scientific laws.

Who are we going to believe? Man, who, as Christians, we believe is fallen and fallible? Or the one who made us, who has never failed?

The trouble always comes when we put more faith in the words and mind of man than we do in the Creator who formed, quickened, and purposed man.

anonymous asked:

How does one build a au through worldbuilding and plot device? I can see that you work hard on your hsetau, do you have any tips?

Do your research! Ask questions about your AU, and answer them, and then CONTINUE to answer them by studying the sources in real life that are relevant to them. Read books on subjects you’re not familiar with so that you understand them better and can implement those changes in a way that’s believable. Consult people who are more educated on the subject than you are so they can correct you and guide you toward something that would be more believable. Recall your own experiences to draw emotional scenes and interesting events into your work. And, most importantly, use your imagination to recombine the canonical facts with the things you’ve learned in interesting ways.

I’ve done all four of these research methods for the HSETAU.

I’ve found myself having a wonderful time recalling my own experiences as a bilingual person who knows both English and Spanish (and is learning Mandarin) for the linguistics aspect of the AU and the conlangs I love to build. I’ve also used my experiences as a first generation immigrant and being in contact with other first generation immigrants to inform silly scenes like this one and this one

I’ve also done a lot of reading on both the canon information we have on the horrorterrors from Homestuck the webcomic, and on the history of Feudal England, so that I can illustrate and explain the political, social, and caste systems of Derse. I’ve chosen to portray Derse as a Theocratic Absolute Monarchy, which means that the Monarchs are the top dogs in control of everything, but the only reason they’re monarchs at all is because they were given the mandate of their Gods. Derse is ultimately a society that has a strong foundation in faith, which for them isn’t such a bad idea because 

  1. Their Gods are Eldritch in nature, incredibly terrifying, unknowable, and immensely powerful, and if you insult them you bring upon you the wrath of dark gods whose morality is impossible to determine.
  2. Their Gods are REAL, and there are actual, physical consequences for displeasing them or ignoring them.

When it came to Carapaces biology, I consulted a lot of experts and people with more knowledge than me for details on how to have a species that is humanoid but juuuust alien enough to not grind my gears and bother me, or be considered “just humans with rubber foreheads.” I’ve learned a lot of things, like how there ARE animals that don’t have two sexes, how a carapace’s genetics can be such that it’s rare but not impossible for a child to be born randomly the opposite shell color of their parents, and how a natural species can comfortably live on the surface of a moon without suffocating.

And I applied all of this together through my own imagination. Combining and understanding and mixing things together through my own work. For example? 

In the HSETAU, the Midnight Crew is a little more than just a band of evil mobsters. They are actually a Carapacian family model where 3-5 pheromonally and chemically compatible Carapaces form a permanent life bond (based on the biology I learned about through consulting experts). This system is universal and cross-cultural for Carapaces, and in Dersite it is called ik’ladi (based on the linguistics and culture shock I know about from my own experiences). They are all from a society known as Derse, where their union is actually highly frowned upon because one member, DD, is the Grand Prince and is supposed to form these bonds with nobles for political reasons, and not form them with slaves (based on the research I’ve done on English Feudalism through reading). 

Imagining how the specific characters of Spades Slick, Diamonds Droog, Hearts Boxcars, and Clubs Deuce react to all of these things and how those aspects all inform their characters is a task for my imagination, and that’s where the stories come from the worldbuilding.

I hope this helps you out at least a little! Sorry if I babbled orz

anonymous asked:

Woah! Is Ladino basically just Spanish but spelled differently? I'm a Jewish Latina too!

Hola! It took me a while to answer, since whenever someone asks me this I don’t know from where to start. Personally, I’ve learned djudeo-espanyol at home, my grandparents would always speak to me in this language since I can remember but I don’t know well how to explain it since it was acquired like I did with the spanish.

To be more specific, Ladino has its basis in the Castilian spoken in Spain during Medieval times so the lexicon, the syntax, the expressions that Ladino has does not longer exist in modern Spanish. Also Ladino has in its construct Hebrew, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, Bulgarian and Greek, as a testimony of the countries jews were living in.

There are some difference for example in the pronunciation between Spanish and Djudeo-Espanyol. The “J” in spanish is pronounced as “H” while in ladino is “ZH” for example: in the word dejar , which in djudeo-espanyol is pronounced deshar instead of dehar.

Some of the words are completely different between the two languages, for example  Ehshuma / vergüenza (embarasment), Yakishikli (ya)/ guapo (a) (handsome-pretty), Abashamentádo (resfriado) having a cold.

An important difference between Ladino and Spanish is in the word for G-d. In spanish we say Di-s, derived from the Latin, De-s. But to the Spanish Jews this was unacceptable because Di-s ends in the letter “s” and that implies that Di-s is plural. The foundation of the Jewish faith is that G-d is singular. This concept is reinforced every time we recite the Shemah: “…the lord is One.“  So in djudeo-espanyol we always referred to G-d as: El D-o, always including the article El.

This is a very basic explanation, I hope it helps and thank you for asking, anon. My ask is always open if you have any more questions, have a good day! Ke siempre estemos bien ansina komo agora :) 

The Four Elements


Tool: Wand

Direction: East

Astrological Signs: Aquarius, Gemini

Archangel: Raphael

Elemental: Sylphs (their ruler is Niksa)

Tarot suit: sword

Energy: projective (“masculine”)

Air is the Element of the intellect, mental processes, and communication. It is considered an activating Element. The direction that corresponds to Air is the East, where the day begins. Air is the springtime, new beginnings, and, in the foundations of Magickal thought, Faith. Faith (confidence) in Magickal energies comes from knowledge (intellect) and from understanding the processes of ritual and focused thought, then applying them with sure result.  The tool of Air is the Wand, which is used to direct and channel energy in Magick. When it is used in healing to absorb the energy of the Universe and channel it into the patient, the Wand corresponds to the caduceus of Mercury/Hermes, a God of Air—you will notice that this same symbol is used by physicians today.  The Astrological Signs associated with Air are Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Aquarius is the innovator, the Sign of original thought and ideals. Gemini is the communicator, the comedian, the experimenter. Libra is the balancer and harmonizer, interested in partnerships and relationships.

The Archangel of Air is Raphael, the Archangel of healing, teaching, and travel. He is visualized on a mountaintop, in robes of yellow and lavender (the colors associated with the Element Air), which blow gently in the wind.

Sylphs are the Elementals attributed to Air and are similar in form to humans, although they are transparent and have lovely, delicate wings. They travel on the wind, and you can hear them talking and laughing as they drift in and out of the trees. Paralda is the name of their ruler. Sylphs are very articulate and logical and prefer the mountaintops where the air is the thinnest. They are related to the nervous system in the human body. Their favorite scents are the mints and light flowery essences such as tulip, and they love the sound of bells and wind chimes.


Tool: Athame

Direction: South

Astrological sign: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Archangel:  Michael (pronounced Mee-kee-al)

Elemental: salamander (their ruler is a Djinn [pronounced Jeen])

Energy: projective (“masculine”)

Fire is the Element of Will and Passion and is considered an activate Element in relation to energy. The direction that corresponds to Fire is the South, which we associate with heat. The season is, of course, summer the time of growth and culmination of that growth.

Fire is the drive and motivation used by an individual as he strives toward his goals. In the foundations of Magick, Fire is the Magickal Will.  The force of the Magickal Will enables the Magickian to carry through with goals, plans, and dreams. The focused Magickal Will serves as the force or stimulus for the Magickal energy that is sent forth to act on the physical plane to manifest the goal of any ritual.  The tool of Fire is the Athame, the ritual dagger, which is used to inscribe the Magickal sigils in the ether during ritual, describe the circumference of the Magickal Circle, banish phantasms and defend against them, and heal via the act of removing holes in the aura through cauterization on the astral plane.

The Astrological Signs that correspond to Fire are the Fire Signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, all Signs of action and vitality. Aries initiates new projects, Leo is the Fire Sign of flamboyance and flair, and Sagittarius is the Sign of freedom and physical activity.

The Archangel of Fire is Michael, the Archangel of authority, victory, initiative, and splendor. Michael is visualized in robes of scarlet and green, bearing before him a flaming sword.

Fire is the activating force giving vitality and energy to the ideas of Air, bringing them into physical reality as we perceive it.  Salamanders are attributed to the Element of Fire. They are not considered a part of the physical flame as such but the essence that enables the flame to burn. Naturally, they are most active in the summer months and geographically prefer the hotter regions. When they live in cold places, Salamanders reside in the hearth. They are full of passion and enthusiasm and for this reason are sometimes considered dangerous, as their unpredictability can be disconcerting. However, they are actually very generous and warmhearted, if treated with the respect due them. Salamanders relate to the heart in the human body as well as to the circulatory system. Their King is called Djinn.  Salamanders love the smell of burning wood and spicy odors such as cinnamon and nutmeg.  Candles, lanterns, and mirrors are attractive to them.  


Tool: Chalice and cauldron

Direction: West

Astrological sign: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio

Archangel: Gabriel

Elemental: Undines (their ruler is Necksa)

Energy: receptive (“feminine”)

Water is the Element of love, intuition, emotion, fertility, understanding, and imagination. It is considered a receptive Element. Water receives the ideas of Air, the force of Fire, and begins the alchemical process of transmuting them into a form that can be made tangible. The direction that corresponds to Water is the West. Human emotions and feelings belong to the Element Water. The season is autumn, and in the foundations of Magick, Water is imagination. Imagination begins in our dreams and in the language of our subconscious minds. Without it, our rituals would be dry and emotionless. Imagination allows us to see what might be and is therefore creativity, fertility, and inner vision.

The tool of Water is the Chalice, which is used to contain the water of purification when we cleanse a space or an object for ritual. The Chalice holds the ritual wine and the liquid for the practice of scrying. The Chalice represents wisdom, transformation, and receptivity. In the legends of ancient times, the Grail of Immortality was sought by the valiant for its life-giving and regenerative powers as well as for the knowledge it brings. The Ritual Cauldron is also of the Element of Water, and the stories that surround it—the regenerative Cauldron of Dagda, the Cauldron of wisdom belonging to Ceridwen, and the Cauldron of Baba Yaga—reaffirm the theme of wisdom, life, transformation, and regeneration.

The Astrological Water Signs of Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio correspond to the Magickal Element of Water. Pisces is the Sign of emotional connection and inner vision; Cancer is associated with family connection and nurturing; and Scorpio is known for occult ability, psychic power, death, and regeneration.

The Archangel of Water is Gabriel, known as the Prince of Change and Alteration. He can be seen on the Judgment card of the Tarot, blowing his horn, which represents fertility and authority.  Gabriel is visualized in robes of clear blue and orange, holding a Chalice from which torrents of water spill.

Undines are the Elementals of Water. They are extremely graceful and seductive. Undines are similar to humans in form and the majority of them are female. They will impart psychic knowledge and ability. If you work with them in this area, be sure to give them extravagant and appealing gifts in return, for they have feelings that can be easily bruised. They correspond to the human digestive system, and Necksa is their King. Undines live in oceans, rivers, springs, creeks, and raindrops.  Their most beloved scents are cool ones—camphor, cucumber, and citrus fruits such as lime. They delight in beautiful shells, silver jewelry, boxes for their treasures, and flutes.  


Tool: Disk/shield/pentacle

Direction: North

Astrological sign: Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo

Archangel:Uriel (pronounced Ah-ree-el or Yuh-ree-el)

Elemental: dwarfs (Their King is Gheb)

Energy: Receptive (“feminine”)

Earth is the Element of secrecy, deep wisdom, possessions, creation, perseverance, birth, and death.  It is considered to be a receptive Element. Earth receives the idea of Air, the force of Fire, and the transmuted substance of Water and manifests the form into the physical world. The direction that is associated with Earth is the North, the place of endings. Earth corresponds to the bone structure of the human body. The season is winter, and in the foundation of Magick, Earth is Secrecy. Hidden beneath the Earth are many treasures—jewels, minerals, oil—which must be sought out. They cannot be obtained without perseverance and labor. So it is with the Magickal secrets that the Element Earth hides; only through dedication and patience can these secrets be brought to light, yet they must always be protected and guarded.  The tool of the Earth is the Pentacle, which is used both for drawing in and projecting energy.  The Pentacle can also used as a shield for psychic self-defense. The Magickal Cords are also of Earth and are used to bind energy.

Capricorn is the Sign of pragmatism and wealth; Taurus is the Sign associated with sensuality, acquisition, resources, and practicality; and Virgo is the Sign of the healer and the organizer.

The Archangel of Earth is Uriel (pronounced Ah-ree-el or Yuh-ree-el), also called the Lord of Awe, who presides over protection and strength. He is visualized in robes of olive and russet, bearing a Pentacle.  Gnomes and elves are attributed to Earth and are seen in very small human form. Their King is Gheb (also known as Geb or Gob, as in goblin). Earth Elementals are the most mischievous of the Elementals and love a good practical joke. They prefer to live in the forest, crags, heaths, and caverns, although with the human population cutting down on gnomes’ habitats, the more sociable ones actually enjoy being around sensitive and sympathetic human beings and will share living quarters. Gnomes and elves love jewels, gold, interesting rocks, moss, and living plants of all kinds.  Their favorite scents are resins and woodland smells such as patchouli and vetivert.  

The gnomes are ruled over by a king, whom they greatly love and revere. His name is Gob; hence his subjects are often called goblins

As Always


Letter to my Family: Coming Out

Dear Mom,

(This letter can be for Dad and Evan, too)

It’s time for me to be honest with you. I am Muslim.

All my life, I have tried to connect with Christianity and I never was able to do it at the level I desired. I dropped religion entirely for a while. But now, I believe in God (Allah) stronger than I ever have in my life. Islam has filled my heart with so much faith and love; I no longer feel the empty void I felt before.

Please remember that Islam is not what the media portrays and maybe not even what some Muslims make it out to be. If you judge a religion based on its followers, you will always be disappointed. The religion is perfect, its followers are not.

I am a Feminist and a Liberal Muslim Intellectual. I am not brainwashed and I have not gone off the deep end. I have not joined a foreign clan; I chose God above all others, even family and friends. I want God to be the number one thing in my life. I have a sincere desire to have a relationship with God directly. My heart has been touched and moved by the powerful words in the Qur'an. In fact, since I first learned about Islam, I was drawn to it and I never stopped learning about the religion over the years.

My conversion and path that led to Islam is complicated and is a deep story. But for now, my conversion in a nutshell: la ilaha il Allah. It means “There is no God but Allah.” This is the foundation of my faith and my belief. Please know that I do love Jesus and I admire his tireless service and submission to God. I don’t worship him or see him as God incarnate, but I still love Jesus. God does not need Jesus or a partner. God is God alone. I understand the trinity and I know the arguments are reasoning behind it, but it seems to separate God into three parts and that just seems unnatural to me. It doesn’t feel right for me. I need to follow my heart and I chose Islam for a variety of reasons.

Islam is to submit and surrender one’s will to a higher truth and a transcendental law, so that one can lead a meaningful life informed by the divine purpose of creation–a life in which the dignity and freedom of all human beings can be equally protected.

I want you to ask questions and support me. But sometimes your questions feel like they come from a skeptic or someone who is openly against Islam and trying to prove it wrong. This puts me on edge and is a trigger for me. When you bring up something, I am wary about where you are going with your questions. My guard is up right away, ready to defend myself and my faith against your interrogations. I don’t want it to be like that.

I hope that you and I can hear each other and come to terms with each other’s beliefs. I hope that we can listen to each other with open hearts and begin to understand the passion for God that dwells deep in each of our hearts. Religion has divided people and split families apart and that is something I never want to happen.

The Christmas season is a time for family gatherings and gift giving to those to are less fortunate. Islam is about being kind and gracious to all people. Although I do not celebrate Christmas now that I am Muslim, I do respect the holiday of Christmas, and would never mock others for their celebrations. I think kindness is easy and the best way to show non-Muslims my love for Islam. Gathering with family is nothing more than a formality to enjoy each other’s company and eat delicious foods. Spending time with my family does not mean that I am celebrating Christmas. Instead, I am celebrating peace, love, and kindness.

I actually started a cool blog called After my Shahada. I can send you the link. It has my conversion story, and everything. I am getting great feedback. I am sure you will love it, too.

I love you (all)!



Thank you for reading, liking, and reblogging this post. I will be following up with this post one week from now (January 5, 2017) to talk about my family’s response to my change in religion. If you would like to learn about how I came to Islam, please click here.


A Day in the Word is a weekly YouTube bible study for youth and people of all ages. In today’s episode on 1 Peter 2, Jon talks about Jesus being the foundation of the Christian faith, and how in times of trouble and persecution, we need to learn to stand on Jesus as our rock.


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 “‏الفقراء يتم اختبارهم بالفقر

The poor are tested with poverty.

 ويتم اختبارنا بوجود اكثر مما نحتاج

And, we are tested with more than we need.”

Being charitable and providing for the needy is a major aspect of Islam and characteristic of the Muslim. Charity is one of the major foundations of Islam. If it is weak, then the foundation of the faith and the Muslim community is weak. This will eventually come to touch each of our lives, one way or another.

In spite of this, there are still an unfathomable amount of starving, poor, hungry and destitute Muslims and non-Muslims in the world. At the same time, there is a high number of rich Muslims in the world who are wasting their wealth on luxuries, and even forbidden items. Remembering to give charity correctly is crucial to both the well-beings of the needy as well as our own ultimate happiness.

The importance of charity is heavily emphasized in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم), who never asked a soul for anything for himself and was keen on helping out the poor without worrying about his own poverty. He said : 

 “The upper hand is better than the lower hand

(he who gives is better than him who takes).

One should start giving first to his dependents. And the best object of charity is that which is given by a wealthy person

(from the money left after his expenses).

And whoever abstains from asking others for some financial help, Allah will give him and save him from asking others, Allah will make him self-sufficient.”



anonymous asked:

Hi I'm 15 and I love Jesus. I'm wondering why I can't feel anything when I'm at church.

Hello Darling! Emotions are such a tricky thing. I also personally struggle with feeling presence/love of God. I actually went through some pretty intense doubts last year because I was so frustrated that I had no emotions connected to my faith. The thing is, I wanted God to show up in a certain way. I wanted him to do something supernatural like speak to me through a person or have me find a note that answered my prayers. I wanted a fantastic and emotional story like so many others had around me and I wanted to cry during worship time. I wanted to see the power of God and feel him with me. The problem is that the way I want God to show up is not the only way that he reveals himself to us. I wanted so badly for a miracle to happen to me, that I closed myself to feeling anything that wasn’t big enough. I tried to control the way God worked. Needless to say it didn’t go well and I was not happy. Yet there was hope for me. 

When I stopped expecting God in one certain way, I saw that he showed up for me just as much as he was there for the people crying during the church services I went to. I was faithful to God’s plan for me rather than allowing emotional highs to prove his existence. I experience God in a unique way, as does everyone else. I was unsatisfied with the church, so I looked to scripture itself. When I started studying God’s word, I realized something important; I need to learn who God is before I see what he does for me. When I starting investing myself in the Bible, God revealed himself to me and broke out of the box that I was putting him in. As a result, I started feeling things at church when I allowed God to be the center of my life. I still don’t cry during worship, but I worship all the same. When I need to feel the love of God, I go find ways to serve and love others, because I know that the love I have for my friends and family is only possible because of God’s love for me. 

Therefore, my advice to you is to stop expecting God in certain ways, and ask him to come and reveal who he is to you. Learning to listen, be still and trust can be the best things for feeling. Ask and you will receive, though surrendering to God’s path is never easy. Your emotions will come and go, but building a strong foundation of faith will sustain when you have trouble believing that God is even real. Don’t just look to your church to fulfill you, look to Christ and look to the Body of Christ. Ask believers around you to mentor you and help you to know God. Get invested in God’s word in a community that holds you accountable. These people will be there for you and speak the Truth in love to you (I hope, I obviously don’t know them). Your emotions will fail you, but God will not. He will provide. Keep seeking him. 

Praying for you! 

-31Women (Beth)