foundation grounds

Color Correspondences 🌈
  • Red - Passion, energy, enthusiasm, courage, romance, desire, lust, victory, motivation, self-esteem, leadership, independence, confrontation, conflict, anger, jealousy
  • Magenta - Attraction, catalyst, energy, power, changes, transformation
  • Orange - Strength, authority, dominance, attraction, success, joy, happiness, kindness, alertness, harvest, material gain
  • Peach/Apricot - Abundance, attraction, desire, kindness, warmth, comfort, love, intimacy, relationships
  • Yellow - Clairvoyance, learning, mental clarity, communication, intellect, productivity, friendships, prosperity, creativity 
  • Green - Healing, hope, money, prosperity, luck, employment, fertility, transformation, courage, success, luxury, material gain
  • Greenish Yellow - Illness, discord, strife, conflict, cowardice, jealousy, anger, envy, greed
  • Blue - Healing, meditation, tranquility, forgiveness, patience, peace, calming, loyalty, truthfulness, intuition, psychic protection, dignity, communication
  • Teal - Clarity, awareness, balance, logic, meditation, intuition, renewal, transformation, cleansing
  • Purple/Lavender - Spirituality, wisdom, psychic awareness, intuition, dignity, meditation, royalty, independence, divination, mysticism, the occult, intelligence, knowledge, forgiveness
  • Pink/Rose - Harmony, emotional healing, nurturing, self-love, friendships, affection, calming, compassion, charity 
  • White - Protection, peace, purity, truth, cleansing, balance, healing, enlightenment 
  • Black - Absorption/destruction of negative energies, rebirth, banishing, reversing, uncrossing, binding, protection, shapeshifting, invisibility, manifestation, law, justice
  • Gray - Neutralizing, stasis, stillness, restraint, confusion, destruction, astral travel
  • Brown - Animals, studies, home, foundation, stability, endurance, grounding, concentration, security, harvest, conservation, strength, generosity
  • Copper/Bronze - Negotiations, business success, promotions, goals
  • Silver - Stability, psychic awareness, intuition, dreams, victory, meditation, communication, luck
  • Gold - Prosperity, financial matters, attraction, confidence, fortune, positivity, luxury, success

(you can also find these on my “Cosmic Nailpolish Chart” post)

Earth ⊕

Associations: Stability, foundation, grounding, fertility, abundance, wealth, strength, rebirth

Botanicals: Cedar, clary sage, comfrey, cypress, grains, ivy, magnolia, moss, myrrh, nutmeg, oakmoss, patchouli, spruce, vetiver

Crystals: Jade, emerald, peridot, aventurine, amber, agate, diamond, coal, quartz, granite, marble, halite, jasper, jet, tourmaline, petrified wood

Metals: Lead, iron

Colors: Green, brown, grey, maroon

Numbers: 4

Elements: Earth

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Day of the Week: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

compiled from my personal grimoire

anonymous asked:

im no horsepert (horse expert) but ive never liked the "break" a horse rhetoric... Sure you train them, teach them manners, but to break a horse feels like you're just. bullying??? am i just uneducated?

I don’t particularly care about terminology, whether you’re ‘gentling’ or 'breaking’ a horse, but I do think the idea that broke to saddle = trained is bullshit. Just because a horse will tote around a saddle and rider and can be directed in a certain direction doesn’t mean squat. I have met so many 'broke’ horses that were vicious on the ground, had no balance under saddle, or ended up traumatized because of this insistence that horse needs to be 'broke’. 'Breaking’ a horse to saddle on a strict timeline without regard for a foundation on the ground is only acceptable if you’re a cowboy who desperately needs a mount to work and survive asap. But that’s another rant entirely lol

Carolina Thread Trail 2016 49 – Twelve Mile Creek, Union County, North Carolina, Lancaster County, South Carolina, November 19, 2016

When we wake up, we wake up to our responsibility
for aligning ourselves with our Self–
the Self that is our
Knowing that,
and doing that,
puts us in the company
of those who
have known that,
who have done that,
throughout the ages–
and have blessed the world
with the grace and goodness
that flow from that
since the beginning of time.

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How do you know if someone's "The One"?

Sometimes it’s not that simple.  Some people are lucky enough to meet “The One” and know for the beginning.  Others take time growing together before they figure that out.  And other people may have numerous “The Ones” depending on where they are in life. 

I think “The One” may be as simple as someone that you can’t wait to see and spend time with.  Someone who is the foundation and a steady ground that you can feel safe with even if the rest of your life is crumbling.  Someone that has the same values and direction in life.  Someone that’s worth giving more chances to when you have no chances left to give.  Someone who’s supportive and makes you a better person.  That someone may be there forever or may not be so appreciate the present and your life will be better for it.

getting a handle on combining modes and elements really helps with interpretation

the first 4 signs have the purest element/mode compatibility imo. but you can see how each element is refined and developed through different modes as the signs progress

aries: cardinal fire – how does fire move, blaze forward? how does it spark? you can see the unknowingness of aries in fire and how it just does what it does when left untempered and free. 

taurus: fixed earth – solid. stable, dependable, able to withstand. a foundation, accumulation, grounding. in touch with the core.

gemini: mutable air – continual movement. the lightest of breezes. all directions at once. unpredictable and unattached. curious and indiscriminate. 

cancer: cardinal water – crashing waves, slowly devolving into gentle shudders of the water, coming back and forth from the shore. wielding power of gravity along with vulnerability and tenderness. everchanging. 

then after those four:

leo: fixed fire – a big, tempered fire, one with enough wood to last for a long time. a fire that doesn’t go out. the feeling of sun on your face: completely expected but still joyous warmth. a reliable glow.

virgo: mutable earth – earth moves slowly, but constantly and painstakingly, each sprout and tendril. the shift of plants from budding to bearing fruit. the symmetry of a camellia bud. quiet, sustained growth. fresh starts from pure seeds.

libra: cardinal air – a sudden invisible gust of wind, enough to make leaves dance and petals drizzle. facelessly pushing you around. carrying scents and ideas, making you think you came up with them. the spritz of a perfume bottle and bubbles in your party drink. blowing someone a kiss.

scorpio: fixed water – unmoving water is either calm or frozen. i can see a still black lake, meditative, unknown depths, quiet adrenaline. waters for baptism and rebirth. sites of healing and renewal. 


sagittarius: mutable fire – flickering, indecisive flames. fire in tandem with its environment, licking at bits of brush, almost getting put out but replenishing itself in the nick of time. fire that has learnt to live in harmony. experience and resilience. going where the wind takes you (and your many embers). 

capricorn: cardinal earth – the unnoticed movement of tectonic plates, carrying peoples and lives on their backs. tension from lack of recognition turns to quakes. weighted decisions with no going back. forming basins and mountains, trudging through the lows to slowly reach the peaks.

aquarius: fixed air – the most contrary of mode/element combinations… honestly. bottled oxygen for going into space. dry ice: no softening, from unperturbed and icy to billowing cold air. the stillness between breaths. the air in the stratosphere, calm and detached from the flurry of clouds and storms below.

pisces: mutable water – a small river trickling through a forest, sounds vibrating through the silence. the water seemingly comes and goes without purpose, but is moving in cycle, dissolving and precipitating until it meets the ocean beyond. carrying whatever it passes over: clay, sand, fish or seed. a soft flow.

Grandfather Mountain 2016 12 – Grandfather Mountain State Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, Banner Elk, North Carolina, October 17, 2016

Awareness is our only weapon.
Awareness is the Elder Wand.
are the ground and foundation
of doing/being.
Mindfulness leads the way.

Joseph Campbell said
the idea is to live to be in,
and live out of,
“a zone to which tracks do not lead,
only a spiritual leap” will suffice
(or words to that effect).

The “leap of faith,”
is not as we have been told,
a “leap” from a rational,
factual orientation
to a belief in what we are told
to believe
in spite of its incomprehensibility
from the standpoint
of all we know about
the difference between
sense and nonsense
(The Fall, Sacrifice, Redemption
and Salvation
as proclaimed by The Church),
but the “leap” from
“head-knowing” to

Carl Jung said,
“Most of our difficulties
 come from losing contact
with our instincts,
with the age-old forgotten wisdom
stored up in us.”
Knowing what we know
on all levels
is knowing at its best,
and leads the way
through the deepest darkness
for those willing
to risk everything
in trusting what we know
to the exclusion of what we think.

“What a dangerous path this is!
It is a slippery slope!
Like the edge of a razor!”
The Hero’s Journey.


Author’s Note: i love whenever random ideas just come to my mind, hope you enjoy!

Summary: Being a Makeup Artist suddenly seems 100x more cooler when you get the call to be the makeup artist for the Avenger’s photoshoot.

Originally posted by bubblyholland

“I still find this absolute bullshit that we’re doing this photoshoot for LIFE magazine after all the threats we’ve been given.” Natasha mumbled as she was grabbing her bag.

“This is our time to shine! To let the world know that we’re capable of being on the front cover of LIFE magazine.” Tony exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air enthusiastically.

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I have never deemed myself a renovator, I have always been the fixer-upper with boarded up windows, paint chipping off the top of my ceilings, waiting for the right buyer to see the potential in my living room and my attic while ignoring the demons behind every last closet door. I was the only broken house on a flawless street, until you moved in.

You took a beautiful home with more than enough room for you and destroyed it. In less than a year you’d shattered all the windows, flooded the floors, let all the light bulbs die. You didn’t pay your dues and let the electricity go and the pipes run dry.

You were a lousy neighbor, always loud and running to other houses day and night, ding dong ditch was your favorite game and you were known for knocking down every door. Your one night stands left all our front doors open, none of us knowing it was you except the empty walls of your bedroom. Your feet clicked against the floors with an empty hollow sound that I hope you can’t ignore.

You found cracks in the pavement from lazy builders, a man who never cared enough to really do it right, and you only made it worse until it split in two. The foundation crumbled under your feet begging for help from you, and when you didn’t like the mess you made you moved on somewhere new. You needed a some place strong, not some place that needed you.

I saw the beauty in that place you left for squatters, and believe me when I say it had seen many. But I cleaned the demons and spider webs out of those closets and I will relay the foundation of that saddened ground. I will keep the lights on at night and a warm glow in the wintertime.

I will make a home out of the heart you tried so hard to break.

—  m.m // Thanks for everything: An open letter to my boyfriends ex-girlfriend.
Love is kind of like a seed. You plant it into the ground, its foundation. You begin to nurture it, you begin to water it and let the sun shine its way onto it. It’s all bright, sunny days. There will be rainy days, but rainy days are some of the biggest blessings to love- showing through the ugliest times it just makes the love stronger. And then one day, that one fateful day.. the flower grows, nice and healthy, it’ll look attractive, beautiful even. People often look to it, the brightest of the bunch. And sometimes the best things go first, the brightest of the bunch leave before the dim.. the flower is picked from the ground, it’s not a part of the ground anymore. Maybe that’s why love hurts, the more you nurture it, the deeper you dig yourself, the deeper you’re invested. And when it’s time to pull the plug, the one who’s in the deep end suffers more. Maybe that’s why we drop flowers on the gravestones, it’s a sign of effort of someone’s life.
—  hvmz.h

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Rhodie mentioned her dad being gone in another answer. What happened to him, and does this mean Donnel will adopt her in the new world?

“My dad was a firefighter, a really good one at that. Around when I was about 12, there was a quake, and it caused a gas fire. Dad was among the ones that went in, and though he helped get a bunch of people to safety, he never came back out. Ground and foundation gave way, building went down, they weren’t even able to recover the body…

As for Donnel, he’s got a daughter of his own, and I’m not really looking into the market for a new dad this late in life.”

[ @astraeignis ]

Like an island poking out from a sea of wooden and stone buildings, the ‘castle’ was more akin to a compound of grand, multi-storied houses sitting atop a small peak of sorts and connected by a series of elaborately carved, domed walkways. The capitol city itself was built snugly against a tiered mountainside with cool, misty waterfalls tumbling downward like a whimsical backdrop of clear veins from the planet itself, unobstructed by any man-made buildings. While it may appear primitive, placement was meticulous in the sense that everything was harmonious with its immediate surroundings. 

The streets were paved with flat and interlocking, though asymmetrical, stones outlined in determined moss and dusted with fallen, magenta leaves. Homes are raised off the ground, their foundations stone but pointed roofs constructed of a sturdy, pale wood. Nearly every building is surrounded by an open but covered porch, giving glimpses into the immediate interior. There are no jarring colors or paint anywhere in sight, allowing the foliage and beauty of nature itself to take center stage. 

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Stephen Colbert: Trump's proposed budget is built on 'the ground-up bones of poor people'

(“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."CBS)
Stephen Colbert opened Tuesday’s "The Late Show” by doing a complete takedown of President Donald Trump’s cuts in a budget proposal called “A New Foundation for American Greatness.”

But how Colbert sees it, “He’s building that foundation on the ground-up bones of poor people.”

There are proposed cuts to the food-stamp program SNAP and the children’s health-insurance program CHIP.

“To which America’s children replied, ‘stop’ and 'help,’” Colbert said.

The host added, “I know this is an unpopular position these days, but I believe children should go to the doctor and eat.”

But Colbert wasn’t done. He then touched on the section of Trump’s budget proposal that includes what Colbert sees as "brutal, senseless cuts to medical research.“

Some major ones include $14 billion in cuts to Health and Human Services, a 19% cut to the National Cancer Institute, and cuts to the Center for Disease Control.

"So whenever that thing inside of Steve Bannon bursts out and goes airborne, we will not be able to handle it,” Colbert said.

Watch Colbert’s comments on Trump’s budget cuts below:


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Imagine #47 Chris [Requested]

A/N: I got so carried away with this because it was my first Chris Argent request, lol. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Allison’s death demolished you; dismantling the remnants of your life in a heap of chaotic devastation, the unfathomable loss left your soul crippled and beaten. Allison was your best friend; the sole person to perceive the past that made you the cautious hardened person you were. She may have been two years your minor, but the age difference never wedged hindrance in the friendship. Allison Argent was family; the brunette huntress was the absolute final person dear to your heart and she was torn from your crimson stained hands. Scott McCall’s pack held a unique dwelling in your heart after her passing, extending their condolences and establishing the reality that you no longer needed to be alone. You’d aided in countless strategic feuds throughout the years, mainly due to the tightknit relationship with Allison, and the teenagers had grown on you. You were guarded in trust; keeping reserved impressions of their character until their actions proved honorable. Despite this fact, the darkness inflicted upon your allegiant heart was paralyzing. The sadness forcing you to confide in the unlikeliest of confidants; Chris Argent.

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I really think Burgh could support something like the Aether Foundation, only on the grounds that it helps conserve endangered pokemon,.or poke.on in general.and tries to help them.

One day, I even think he’d like to meet Lusamine after she’s done with her recovery, and Gladion when he’s taken it over. He’d be honored in fact and possibly would try to spread the cause and get more trainers involved.

The Iron Pentacle is a Witch’s foundation, the ground on which she stands. Each of its points: Sex, Pride, Self, Power, and Passion is a fundamental part of our humanity, and each of them is something we have been taught to deny, repress, feel shame over. In the Faery Tradition, they are holy, and to be embraced with joy. They are in effect the five cardinal virtues of the craft.

Gabriel Carrillo

Be sexy! be proud! be sure! be powerful! be invested!


Law feels like dying. He feels like shit. He feels like everything is collapsing around him and he can’t see, can’t breathe, can’t anything. He’s dying. He’s disappearing. He’s going to—


Luffy. It’s Luffy. Luffy. He can’t say it, his name. Opening his mouth is difficult. Almost impossible. His eyes feel like they’ve been glued shut forever by the shadows that he can feel creeping from his fingertips and the soles of his feet. He can’t see it, but he knows they’re there, the dark wisps crawling around him. Everything’s dark and heavy.

“Torao, wake up.”

He’s trying, but somehow he can’t.

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yoongi had never meant for any of this to happen.

really, he didn’t.

and even if he did, he could have never imagined things would have come as far as they did.

yoongi is smarter than this, so much more responsible than this, he knows.

there’s just so much that could go wrong with what they are doing, all the risks should things turn sour, so much they could lose if word was to spread.

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