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8.1.16 hi! Here’s a photo I didn’t use on Monday! Buuuut I had a crit, and the tutor said said that I should develop it more, draw it up, and (get ready) enter it into the RSA competition! That’s for third years! I want to but don’t know if I will yet. Exciting stuff!! 🙆


Vans Girls’ Catskills Moto Diaries // Babes Ride Out:  Nina Kaplan 

Look up the word “wanderlust” in the dictionary, and we’re pretty sure you’d come across a photo of moto-babe, Nina Kaplan. Her infectious smile, and adventurous spirit make Nina the ultimate road warrior to add to your travel crew, and time-and-time again she has proven to be one of the most adventurous women we’ve ever met. Just like us, Nina traveled from California to attend Babes Ride Out East Coast, and we were excited to catch up with this ball of positive energy in the humid heat of Catskill, New York. Get to know more about Nina, and learn how motorcycles have changed her life, and the advice she has for girls interested in riding. 

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The Danger in General Gestures - SandersSides (Prinxiety fic)

Okay so this fic here is inspired by

So here we go

“Can you just not, Anxiety?” Prince turned around to look at Anxiety sat on a table. It was ever so slightly distracting for Prince when Anxiety did that but Prince put the fact he has stomach butterflies around the guy in a box to deal with after he confronted him.

“It’s my job.” Anxiety replied with a smirk as he glanced at Prince to the side of him. 

Putting his head in his hand a moment before bringing it back up,   Prince sighed sadly , “But we could have gone.”

“Why?” Anxiety slipped down off the table with surprising grace and stood in front of Prince, “I mean, someone had their drink spiked recently. Are we willing to risk that? Plus who even wants us there?”

“Friends! Plus, we can be careful.” Prince retorted, seemingly feeling very active today if his hand and arm movements and gestures were anything to fo by.

“No, I can be careful, Prince. You’d go running into danger and forget while being so damn chivalrous. Pfft, yeah, friends, right.” Anxiety rolled his eyes.

“I wouldn’t forget… Wait, did you just say I was chivalrous?” Prince asked going still a moment when he realised Anxiety complimented him.

“Yes, Sir Sing-a-lot, you’re a Prince. Now back on topic.” Anxiety tried not to blush at the guy he so obviously had a crush on realising he was being complimented being argued.

“You didn’t need to cancel though, Sunshine, we could have had fun.” Prince moaned, angrily.

Anxiety crossed his arms, partly out of defence, partly out of sassiness, explaining, “I’m sorry did you not hear that someone was spiked in the town last week? Or are we not all part of Thomas’ consciousness? We can go out when there’s less threats.”

“There’s always gonna be threats. There’s threats in staying still and threats in moving. We have to be willing to go out and challenge them, we know how to take precautions. I just don’t understand why you don’t think we can go. We should be able to have fun.”  Prince reasoned, then threw his hands up, feeling very vexated about the whole ordeal. 

This is when something horrifying happened.

Despite his hands being within a foot radius of himself when thrown up in exasperation and more to his side than in front of him and Anxiety a further 5 feet in front of him - Anxiety not only flinched but his arms came undone of being crossed and straight up in front of his face as if to fend off a hit to the face by taking it to the hands. Despite viewing a few of his fits and attacks he rarely saw him look this frightened. Especially so lucid and not in his own head.

When the shock wore off the horror took centre stage of Prince’s face and his hands turned to face palmwards towards him in a motion of surrender.

“No, no, no. Please no. Anxiety. Please don’t think I’d ever hurt you like that.” His voice mere moments before robust and confident had quietened with worry. Prince couldn’t bear to think that Anxiety was afraid Prince would .. It was unthinkable. He slayed dragons and took care of people. He would never abuse his friends, much less the young man who made his heart flutter every time he saw him. He never wanted anyone to think of him like that.

Both stood where they were looking at each other, one looking in horror the other in fear for half a minute.

“Sorry, Prince, sorry. Sorry. I don’t mean to be bad all of the time. Honest, I don’t. We can go if you want. Just I get scared for Thomas.. I know I’m a villain. I don’t deserve to be here. I just. I try be good Prince. Honest I do. It’s just so hard. So if Thomas says I need getting rid of forever. I understand. But I am so, so sorry Prince.” Anxiety rambled, too fearful that everyone knew he was a villain and had decided to kill him off.

He knew it. Prince hated him. Of course he hated him, why wouldn’t he? He was evil. He was mean and horrible and made Thomas cry. He stopped Thomas from having fun and kept him up at night. He knew it was a matter of time before they’d all turn against him and hate him. How could they not?

That was what snapped Prince out of the stillness. Keeping his hands up at surrender pose and softly approached Anxiety. About a foot away he gingerly brought his hands close to Anxiety’s face and asked softly, “Anxi, may I?”

A confused, curious and slightly blushing Anxiety nodded to let him know he was allowed to do whatever he wished. As delicately as Prince could he cupped Anxiety’s face with his hands. Prince’s surprise doubled as Anxiety unconciously nuzzled ever so slightly.

“I am so sorry, Anx. I would never hurt you like that. I was throwing my hands in a shrug. But I never meant to scare you. And for that I apologise. It doesn’t matter about the party now. It matters that you are okay. Are you okay?“ To Prince’s question, Anxiety nodded. Prince brought his forehead to Anxiety’s and thumb grazed his cheek affectionately before continuing, “You are not a villain Anx. You’re Thomas’ main guardian. You keep him safe. You are so inspiring.”

“But I upset Thomas by not going. I keep him up and I scare him. Sometimes I’m bad for him.” Anxiety mumbled looking down but Prince’s expecting eyes brought them back up.

“You can be a complete moron some of the time, Anxiety. Get it from the rest of us, huh? Good thing you’re pretty. Yeah sometimes Thomas needs a let-up. But you’re my friend. A friend to all of us. I would never do that. You may have stopped him from attending but I’ve got him in the middle of physical danger before. All of us have at one time or another, upset or endangered Thomas. We all do bad and we all do good. You’re still amazing Anx. Maybe one day when I can look in your eyes without melting I’ll tell you the ways that you are. You have to believe me though.” Prince spoke softly, nuzzling foreheads.

“I do. I just.. I don’t believe you’re the type of person to hurt a friend. I just get scared. That as much good as I try to do as well as being his voice of worry that I’m just no good. I won’t again though… Wait. Did you call me pretty and say your heart melts when you look at me?” Anxiety blushed so deeply that it seeped through his white foundation.

“Of course. I have the world’s biggest crush on you. It’s pretty obvious, Sunshine.” He finally smiled.

“You do? I thought I was the only one.”

“What?” Prince’s eyes widened.

“What? Did Sir Sing-a-lot not notice?” Anxiety smirk finally came back as he rubbed his nose against Prince’s and Prince felt his heart fluttering in his chest.

“I think I was too busy being scared about you noticing mine to notice yours.” Prince chuckled.

“Time to amend that, then.” Anxiety ran a hand through Prince’s hair then asked in a rather deep tone that Anxiety used when pointing out Disney flaws that often left Prince speechless, “Prince, can I please kiss you?”

A bit breathless Prince softly whispered while nodding, “Yes.”

Anxiety cupped Prince’s face softly and slowly brought his lips to barely brush over Prince’s open lips. Then slowly backed away, angled his face the other way, inched his face back up and kissed Prince slowly but passionately. Prince quietly sighed through his nose then his hands dropped from Anxiety’s face to his hips and quickly brought him closer and kissed him more deeply. Anxiety moaned into the kiss and pulled Prince everyet closer. Soon they both needed to breath and seperated though not by much.



“Can we keep doing that forever?”

“Fine by me.”

“Well then. You can take me on a date. And be my significant other. My boyfriend. If you like.” Prince said teasingly but sounded nervous.

“It would be my pleasure.” Then Anxiety remembered himself, “I mean, we can if you like. I’m not adverse.”

“You’re an idiot. My wonderful, idiot boyfriend.” He chuckled and although quietly and almost secret like Anxiety joined in. Then Prince asked, “Can I kiss you again?”

For the moment at least, Anxiety threw out all apathy as he softly smirked, “Yes. I’d like nothing more.”


Did someone say, “Hey Mal, could we get a masterpost of all the pocket scips you have up on redbubble?” Because I’m pretty sure thats what I heard.

All of these designs are available here on my redbubble!

Is there a scip you’d particularly like to see chibified and put on a shirt? Why, just shoot me an ask. Provided you’re not asking for 173 of course!

BNHA Age-Swap AU Headcanons

ME AND @guardianlioness were talking again and found ourselves IMMENSELY DISAPPOINTED by the lack of ageswap AU’s that take advantage of Deku Dad, so I am - that is to say, we are - here to correct that. (also, I’m not begging but PLEASE talk to us about this au because god we love it and we could probably go on for days)

  • So Deku is the no. 1 Hero of their society!! He and all the others like Uravity, Ingenium and even Grape Juice are staff at UA, the best hero school that side of the city
  • Toshinori is a Quirkless kid who got abandoned by his parents when he was young, and lives in an apartment by himself
  • He’s got a friend in Naomasa, and two more in Nana and Gran Torino (who are like older siblings to him), but he doesn’t have much in the way of physical possessions and since he’s Quirkless, people don’t generally notice him.
  • One day though, he gets caught up in trouble with a wanted criminal and it seems like there’s nothing he can do about defending himself when Izuku comes in to chase the guy off (he’d been looking for the villain for a while)
  • Since he’s out of costume, Toshinori doesn’t recognize him at first (although he does tell Toshinori that he’s a pro hero)
  • The villain gets away so Izuku walks Toshinori home while speaking to the police over the phone.
  • Eventually Toshinori realizes that Izuku is Deku and he kind of has an internal crisis because holy shit he just got rescued by his absolute idol
  • and like its revealed Toshinori needs somewhere to go (both for his protection since the villain is at large, and because he’s a minor living by himself with no documents or reasons as to why come on) and Izuku, who has taken a shining to this kid who wants to be a hero, decides he’s gonna take Toshinori in
  • So he does
  • Toshinori is baffled by this, and he’s convinced at first that if they know he’s Quirkless that Midoriya will leave like his parents did
  • But eventually Izuku puts it through his head that no matter what he will always have a place in their home
  • and eventually…. He tells Toshinori about the truth of One for All and his Quirk.

Putting more character and AU info under the cut because I feel bad about how long this is getting

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Hi guys! So I have started my course at UCL this week, for the majority of which I have been constantly doubting that what I’m experiencing is anything besides a dream. It’s been a whirlwind kind of a week with lots of introductions, today being that to the History of Architecture lectures (we’re going to be covering 20 centuries in 20 sessions wow).

I’ve made some awesome friends already thanks mainly to how open and friendly international students are lol. I also have 2 friends from my foundation course who are a godsend. Tomorrow we’ll be introduced to our first project (Making Cities) - you’ll definitely see a post about it!

Ahh it’s so nice to get back to studyblr 😊😊

I… just got my last mark back for my course in Foundations of Computing, and… I passed!!

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

It was so hard, you guys. One of the most difficult classes I have taken by far, out of my entire time in university. But you know what, I made it through the course!! I’m so happy!!

László Moholy-Nagy - A Little Bit of Everything

#László Moholy-#Nagy was one of the most famous Bauhaus professors, whose contribution to the school’s learnings had redirected the curriculum moving it closer to the idea of industrialization and the unity of art and technology. Moholy-Nagy’s position at the school was very important, as he was the instructor of the foundation course. In addition and prior to his work as an educator, he was also an innovative man of many talents and interests, associated with the fields of photography, typography, sculpture, painting and industrial design. Still, most of his research was based on photography and the advancements it brings, which is how he got to coin the term “new vision”, that referred to the capacity of photography to convey reality in a way different from the one we know.

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dude i love ur blog so much, it would be amazing if u could write something with rfa and an indian mc and hearing her speak hindi for the first time

Aww thanks! Its actually our first ask btw. I’ll assume that MC is already very fluent with speaking and reading Korean, considering how she joined the RFA. Hope you like it anon! ~Admin Kei

RFA reacting to an Indian MC and heard her speaking Hindi for the first time


-Acts really surprised when he first met her

-“Woah, MC, I never even realized that you’re not Korean! How did you get so fluent with our language?”

-She told her that she went to South Korea to take thefni foundation course and learnt the language within a year, which leads her getting into a local university and lived here ever since

-He would be really fascinated by her, considering how MC has a unique and pretty look

-One day, when MC is in his apartment, she receives a call from an old friend in India and starts chatting for a while

-Since she was pretty deep in her conversation, she didn’t realize that he came back from the bathroom

-When he hears the first Hindi word coming out of MC, he immediately froze in his tracks and began listening the smooth syllables that are really different to how Korean sounds

-After she finished chatting, he compliments about how her language sounds really good and asks her to translate some simple words and sentences into Hindi

-Loves to follow her words whenever she’s saying them

-“Is that how you speak I love omelet in Hindi? Please teach me some more MC!”


-“W-Wow MC, you never fail to amaze me with both your looks and words…”

-He couldn’t help but noticing her distinctive features when she first stepped in in his apartment

-When they started chatting he’ll most likely stare at her face for like eternity

-He admires how there’s little to no accent when MC’s speaking Korean, since she’s from India

-Questions about how different it is living in Korea, in comparison to her home country

-After they chatted for a while, he suggests MC helping him to practice the script together, even if he isn’t able to take the lead role with his injured leg

-He thought he wouldn’t be more surprised until he heard her rereading the script with Hindi

-Realizes how her voice of tone sounds better saying her first language and was really fascinated by how smooth the language is

-Immediately persuades her to keep rereading the phrases with Hindi and their practice ended up really fun and enjoyable

-“Princess, you should really speak more Hindi whenever we’re alone…I would call you every day just to hear you speak your home language.”


-Blank expression on the outside but he’s actually a bit impressed by MC

-“Oh um, I sincerely did not expect that you’re not from Korea. I-I mean you look nice, yeah.” Did I just fucking stutter

-Somewhat awkward between both of them at first, until he felt curious about asking how she got involved in Korea

-After she briefly explains her reasoning, he felt even more interested on her and asks more about the culture, food, etc.

-So one day when he came back from work, he heard her talking to Elizabeth 3rd in some unknown language

-When he realizes its Hindi, he’s simply wondering how the cat already felt comfortable hanging around MC and wants to know what they’re talking about

-He eventually asks that to MC but felt genuinely surprised how she replied curiosity kills the cat

-So in order to know more about the language, he secretly tries to study the language during his free time

-In the end, she felt really warm after hearing him complimenting her in Hindi and how she’s the only one that he could rely on, both physically and mentally

-“In order to make you feel more comfortable, learning some simple phrases from a new language should be the least I can do.” he blushes while making the comment, in Korean of course


-“Wow MC, you look…absolutely gorgeous!” She genuinely complimented her right off the bat, when they first met each other

-No difficulties among communication, considering there’s no language barriers between them

-She was actually really excited to know someone originally not from Korea, so they were really easy to get along

-So while both of them are watching one of Zen’s DVDs, MC suddenly recite one of his dialogue dramatically in Hindi

-Which resulted in an endless laughter from Jaehee

-Sooner or later, she also began to learn the language from MC whenever they’re hanging out together

-Hopefully she could complain about Jumin endlessly one day, which no one will be able to recognize what she’s talking about

-May share some secret coding in the form of Hindi while texting each other


-Already knows about that ever since he did a background check on MC when she first joined RFA accidentally

-Isn’t really surprised that she’s not Korean, considering how he knows a LOT of languages, which Hindi is included as one of them

-Genuinely more interested about her social life eventually

-After other RFA members began to grew trust on MC, he randomly typed out some texts in Hindi

-Which resulted in an endless bickering that only both of them understands and other members have no choice but to logging out from the chatroom

-She thought that she’s getting along so well with Seven, until he came to her apartment

-When MC tries to talk to him in Korean, he replies her with another language in a cold and distant manner

-She immediately gets that his personality in the chatroom is fake

-This issue is eventually resolved a few days after when MC shouts in Hindi, saying that how she regrets not calling him more to ask how he’s doing, thinking that he’s always ‘positive’ and would love to try getting to know him more though his true and sensitive side he’s been hiding all his life

-“Sorry, MC. It must have been stupid for me to silently judge myself that I’m not worth anything, considering how I’m a hacker and the decisions I made had led my twin brother into the wrong path.”

-In the end, whenever they’re talking, they always switch between Hindi and Korean

-sorry not sorry for other RFA members


Poppy Carrington.

“Came home to change and drive up the coast for the launch of my foundation. Of course it turned into a photoshoot.”

Scarf & sunglasses - @theslyd

Hair - @antosims

Top - @spectacledchic-sims4

Skirt - @sims4-marigold

Shoes - @madlensims

Car - @g1g2-cc

Poses - @joannebernice | @randomchick32

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Can I have a Muggle University AU for Remus/Sirius please?? Like them taking a class or club together and being dorky?? Extra bonus points for Lily too :)))) Love the blog btw you've got great fic recs :)

One Muggle Uni Extra-curricular au for you, lovely anon! - Padma

  • Sirius and James taking pottery classes in university and James is acting like a prat because he knows all there is to know about Pottery, obviously guys, until the two student teachers walk in and suddenly James is still acting like a prat, but an unintentional, smitten prat because he’s going to marry the ginger one, he’s sure of it.
  • and like the technique for stretching out the clay is to basically give it a hand job and James turns as red as lily’s hair when she winks at him whilst demonstrating and Sirius being delighted that being his gay self has finally got a marketable application and going at it a bit too enthusiastically
  • Remus having to step in with Sirius’ clay and slow him down a bit before he ruins the clay and not realising the full implications for guiding someone’s hand in long stroking motions and then it’s his turn to flush scarlet.
  • Lily finding any excuse to make a Potter related joke at James’ expense, and James becoming this giant heap of love-sick in-eloquence each week.
  • Sirius constantly needing Remus’ help for every little technique and insisting he learns best when practically guided ie: he wants the man’s hands on him again
  • Sirius forgetting to tie his hair up one lesson and his hands are coated with clay so Remus has to tie it up in a bun, and Sirius swears he took so long because he kept running his hands through his silky locks, James, I’m certain he loves me true
  • Lily and Remus making tea in the break room of the community center and musing over these two twits who have fallen in love with them, and Lily wriggling it out of Remus that he actually likes Sirius quite an awful lot, but Lily you cannot tell your twit, promise me
  • James trying spontaneously to make a set of cutlery and earning his nickname Prongs because he can’t make a fork correctly and on the 7th attempt it blows up in the kiln and sets the class back 2 weeks because the prat can’t make a fork how hard can that even be, all the prong parts were different shapes the prat.
  • Remus wearing old knitted jumpers all the time and he has a favourite apron and his own set of tools, which he lets Sirius use one lesson, and Sirius doesn’t know how precious these tools are to him, but he treats them with the same reverence as his leather jacket purely because they belong to Remus J. Lupin
  • Lily’s constant reminding that this is Pottery, you daft git, you’re supposed to be making a gravy boat for your auntie, not replace all the cutlery you presumably ruined as a child, James.
  • Sirius suddenly becoming really private about his work in the last 3 sessions, and only asking Lily for help. Remus being disproportionately hurt by this and becoming a wet dishcloth for the rest of the week. James thinking Sirius is complete arse until Lily tells him and promptly swearing him to secrecy over the sappy antics of his friend. Lily having to avoid Remus because she’s terrible with keeping secrets in the face of sadness, and having to offer crummy moral support instead of telling Remus to shag the bloke’s bones out in the middle of class.
  • Sirius spending 3 weeks trying, and failing and failing and failing to make a rose, so he can ask Remus on a date properly, like he was raised to do. Sirius ending up with this bouquet of squished spikey penis shapes, to something more akin to an actual rose than a prickly prick.
  • Sirius and Lily, and James because he demanded to be in on the devious woo-ing plot, firing them all in the kiln before the last lesson, so Sirius can put his Art Foundation course to good use and paint them all, after totally innocently and casually asking Remus for his favourite colours.
  • Sirius being a total dork and presenting Remus with this huge vase of clay flowers and asking him to dinner. Remus also being a dork and trying not to cry because this is the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for him. James being a dork and actually tearing up because his best mate has finally grown up and flown the nest, and using Lily’s hair to wipe away his tears. Lily threatening to hack Sirius’s prick off with one of James’ clay forks if he hurts Remus.
Studyblrs get real

I really love the idea of this tag. So I decided to share my experiences of the reality of school and work.

I have been through a lot to get where I am today. I was always average at school, never an over achiever. When I finally finished school I had just scraped enough to get into a foundation course at a Russell group uni in London. This is where I truly fucked up. I didn’t understand any of the course, I had no relevant background in any of the subjects I was studying. I was surrounded by big headed know it alls who c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y put me down. So inevitably I failed the year as I didn’t earn enough credits to proceed onto the chemistry degree I had always wanted to do. Even after paying £100s on resits I still didn’t pass enough modules. So my summer was just an upsetting panic of trying to get myself a job and get myself into another uni. I managed to get in to another university, a university which everyone knows to be at the bottom of allllll the league tables.

The first year of this brand new uni was probably the best I have ever had. I met some really nice supportive people and I STUDIED. I worked extremely hard to earn the grades I did last year. Those grades might be average to some people but through all of the shit I went through including sharing a house with an unknown abusive drug addict, they are the some of the best grades I have ever earned.

Being at, what is considered a ‘shit’ university doesn’t mean anything. It’s what you make of it and it’s the work you put in. No matter what your judgemental ‘friends’ or family think. Just because I couldn’t even pass a foundation year doesn’t make me a failure. I am now happy to hold my hands up and say I failed. But I am the only person who understands why I failed and I’m the only one who can learn from that. There is no point in wasting my time trying to get other people to understand that just simply for their approval. I believe if I never had went through all of this I wouldn’t be where I am now, getting A’s in all my exams so far in my second year.

Now I have finished my second year I am definitely on track in achieving an upper second class degree. With only one more year left I have the power to make that a first class degree. Just what I need to start my masters degree in an even better university in London. So from starting out as a average no body, I have worked my self towards my own goal and finally I can be happy with who I am and what I have achieved.

Education has been central to MoMA from its beginning. For founding director Alfred H. Barr, Jr., the Museum’s mission was “educational in the broadest, least academic sense.” MoMA’s first director of education, Victor D’Amico, established a wide range of series and programs to foster art education and creativity. One of these, the Committee on Art Education, was launched to create ongoing dialogue on issues relevant to teaching. From 1942 to 1957, the Committee held annual symposia on the philosophy and practice of art education. The 1947 conference brought together luminaries such as Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius. New Teaching Techniques: Basic Design and Foundation Courses, which documented the efforts of members of the Committee to create experimental courses at the secondary, college, and art school levels, was installed to coincide with the conference.

See images of the installation and more at 17 of #52exhibitions 


painting myself into the centre 🕳🕳🕳
just taped my phone to the ceiling and filmed this v messy timelapse as a response to performative art workshops at my art foundation course⚡️⚡️💥
inspired by Keith Haring’s ‘painting myself into a corner’ 👖

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