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How to Apply Foundation

When it comes to foundation there are a variety of different techniques and tools you can use to ace your base including, but not limited to brushes, fingers and sponges  Foundation is one of the most important steps in makeup (next to brows) and if you don’t get your foundation right, nothing else in your makeup will look amazing.

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If you are having issues with your foundation separating, moving or rubbing off of your nose, chin, or forehead then watch this tutorial and check your products to see if you are using them correctly. 

This is the first aspect to address when having foundation application issues as it’s a quick and simple way to determined whether it’s the underlying cause of the patchiness.
If you are using your products correctly the next thing to look at is your skincare; if your moisturiser is too oily it could be causing a premature breakdown of your base makeup, if you’re of an oily skin-type then you may need to change your skincare routine to specifically target excess oil.

Using a liquid exfoliant that contains Salicylic Acid (BHA) in will help to remove any dead skin cells that build up (particularly on oily skin) and prevent pores from clogging. Using an Oil Control Primer over the skin prior to makeup will help to absorb excess oil, minimise the appearance of pores and aid the longevity of your makeup. 
Paula’s Choice is a favourite skincare brand of mine - I’ve not been sponsored to mention them in anyway, shape, or form, my personal experience purchasing their products has always been positive, and I would highly recommend them. 

In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to apply foundation. 

Liquid/Powder/Gel/Cream you name it girl you know I got you.

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot look flawless and natural. So you can’t have both so if you want to look natural you will have to sacrifice some coverage. 


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Meet Laura Mercier Global Makeup Artist Michel Coulombe in Singapore!

The very suave Michel Coulombe is in town, and if you could use a few tips on applying your base flawlessly, and learning a few tricks to bringing out your facial structure and features (couldn’t we all), you can sign up for makeup workshops to learn how the pros at Laura Mercier do it.

Michel will be running a series of workshops at Takashimaya S.C. this coming weekend, and you can sign up for group sessions or a more intimate one-on-one consultation. 

11 Oct 2014

Takashimaya MBB

Group workshops with Michel Coulombe (Laura Mercier Global Artist)

1pm, 3pm, 5.30pm, 7.30pm

12 Oct 2014

Takashimaya MBB

One-on-One with Michel Coulombe (Laura Mercier Global Artist)

1-hr sessions available from 10.30am – 6.30pm

To check on available slots and details, call: 6235-2786

Registration fee is $80 per person, and attendees receive a doorgift including a free full-size Caviar Eye Stick. But if you quote “makeupbox”, you get a 1-for-1 deal so you and a friend (or mommy) can attend a workshop together for free.

anonymous asked:

umm this is a weird ask. But I noticed on your selfies that you have nice makeup. Do you have any tips? What primer are you using? 🙈 Sorry if this is strange?

It’s not strange at all don’t worry! I feel flattered. Also I’m pretty sure I’ve answered this before but I can’t find it so, I’ll just say it again. (warning: it’ll be long lol).

1. Your face is your canvas, prep it properly: This one’s really important wether you believe it or not. I find that washing, exfoliating and moisturizing my face fifteen to twenty minutes before applying does a world of a difference. The foundation application will be much smoother and flawless. Make sure you use a moisturizer that’s not too thick and sinks into the skin quickly and don’t forget to wait those 15/20 mins so it doesn’t make the foundation look streaky.
2. Understand your skin type: Are you dry, oily, normal or combination skin? Your foundation and powder of choice should depend on this. Oily skin-types tend to work better with matte foundations and dry skin types work better with glowy foundations. Personally, I’m combo skin, I love the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation, it’s build-able coverage and in my opinion flatters all skin types, plus it has a wide color range.
3. Apply SPF if you’re going out during the day, protect your skin. If you’re going out at night, this isn’t necessary. I advice to stay away from foundations that have spf in them, since they can make you look ghostly-white in flash photography, it’s better to buy your own spf and apply it when you see fit.
4. Apply primer before the foundation, your primer of choice depends on what you need, want to make your foundation glow? Becca backlight primer. Want to smooth your pores? MUFE skin equalizer in smoothing. Just want a regular primer that will do a little of both? Too faced Hangover FX primer. Primer will also protect your skin by creating a layer between your pores and the makeup and it’ll make the makeup last longer. Apply it with your fingers, don’t swipe it, press it into the skin.
5. Foundation time. One tip I can give you is pump your foundation in the back of your hand and with a (clean) finger make a little cocktail (aka warm the liquid up) and then apply it to the skin. It makes it last longer for some reason. Also, don’t dot the foundation on, instead evenly distribute it on your skin and THEN blend it out with your tool of choice. The finish is much better that way. I recommend investing in a beauty blender for foundation application (specially if the foundation is medium to full coverage, since the wet beauty blender will absorb extra product and prevent cakey-ness, if it’s a light coverage foundation, a kabuki brush may be a better choice since that way it won’t thin out even more) either way, blend your foundation with bouncy motions, not by swiping, it’ll blend more beautifully that way and you’ll get maximum coverage.
6. Time for concealer, if the concealer you’re using is for blemishes on your face, then it should be the tone of your skin (or maybe a shade darker) and you should only apply a dot on each blemish. If you’re using concealer for your undereye circles and to highlight the face (which brings definition and makes your bone structure pop up) then it should be one or two shades lighter than your skin. Good concealers are Maybelline Fit Me! Or Tarte Shape-Tape (the latter has much more coverage). Apply it on your undereye in a triangular shape and bring it all the way to your temples for a lifting effect (unless you want to make your face appear less wide; then contour that area later on instead). Before you blend it out, warm it up with your fingers on the skin and spread it evenly just like you did with the foundation and then blend it with bouncy motions from the outside to the inside and then from the inside to the outside (always bouncing). Also apply the concealer on your forehead, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and chin (unless you don’t wish to bring attention to them).
7. Set your concealer immediately after, if you’re highlighting and contouring, then do it with a powder lighter than your skin or bake with a translucent powder (like the one by Laura Mercier). You can also bake, which if you want to do that (it makes it last longer) I suggest you watch Jaclyn Hill’s video on how to bake. (YouTube). When applying powder, press it into the skin with your brush or beauty blender, don’t swipe. Apply the highlighting (matte) powder beneath the eyes and basically all the other high points (nose, forehead, etc). Always set concealer so it doesn’t crease on the fine lines.
8. Apply a powder the same shade as your skin on the rest of your face to set it with the same pressing motions. You can skip it if you feel like your face is too dry for that (in this case, a helpful tip is to mix a bit of beauty oil with your foundation to make it more hydrating). I always recommend setting the foundation with powder because it helps blending bronzer and blush later on.
9. Apply your broker, blush and glittery highlight as you see fitting, followed oby eyeliner and mascara.
10. If you’re doing eyeshadow, do it before you do your entire face so the fall out you get from eyeshadow doesn’t ruin your base. ALWAYS blend till it seems like one smooth lie and ALWAYS prep your eyes with some concealer or eyeshadow primer (make sure to set it with a skin tone powder or cream colored eyeshadow so you can easily blend out darker colors later on).
11. Do your brows before foundation and before eyeshadow too. Then clean them up with some concealer and a tiny detail brush. Set them with brow gel. The best brow products are by ABH.
12. Invest in good makeup brushes: zoeva, morphe, sigma, etc.
13. USE SETTING SPRAY. It’ll melt all the powders together and make it look like skin, plus the makeup will last longer.


* the products shown are not necessarily recommended more as a visual*  

Everyone has that part of their make up routine that they are really good at. Some people are great at shadow blending, some are great at liquid liner (god bless those people) and so on. Mine is foundation…skin related make up. It is my strength when I am working on others and it is my favorite part of my own morning routine. 

I am a women of variety, I like choices. This post is to show you how to make a complete face make up “kit” I guess with a varied finishes and products so you can always switch up your look. Call me a nut, but I consider all of these different shades and finishes essential. 

Let me know if you have any questions or need recommendations 

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GoT fanfic: White as Snow (Part II)

Tumblr - JONERYS Appreciation Week

Day 3 Prompt: Modern Day AU

Three Part Short Story Fanfic / Modern Fairy Tale / Modern AU

Ratings:Teen+ (Part II)

Read Part I (link)

Summary: A modern Cinderella Story of a child whose world is turned upside down after the death of a parent. This child made to feel inferior, and in servitude to their own family. Will the love of another help pull them out of their darkness.

PART II: Silver Spoons

++o+ Age 17 +o++

Daenerys and Jon kept in touch over the last two years, mainly exchanging the occasional email and a quick phone call on birthdays. The night of their first kiss was never discussed, as though it never had happened.

Another thing the young friends avoided was conversation about anything romantic in their separate lives. It was an unspoken rule between them. With Dany living in Chicago and Jon in New York, both knew that a romantic relationship would not work. So they enjoyed their friendship.

Dany did go on occasional dates, but nothing serious. There was never anyone that made her feel the way Jon did. No one that made her care enough. She wouldn’t even kiss them, she just knew it wouldn’t mean anything.

So why bother? She would always think.  

Jon had Catelyn Stark to contend with, she always made it clear that he was not part of the family. Just a burden she had to deal with on top of her own five children. The Stark children, as her five were called. The older Jon got, the more Catelyn expected of him. Jon’s junior year was especially hard. Robb took a year off school in order to study abroad and intern in Europe, without her first born around Catelyn had more time on her hands to concentrate on Jon.

To concentrate on all Jon was doing wrong that is. His responsibilities increased, nothing was ever done to her satisfaction. Jon barely had time to study, let alone date. There was never a girl that intrigued him the way Dany did. No one even came close to making him smile the way that only she could.


Dany stares at her laptop, controlling her urge to throw her cup of tea across the room. Hating what she is reading. It is so unfair, she thinks to herself. Hasn’t Jon suffered enough?  

Hi Dany,

I am being a coward today and telling you this in an email…

Every time you ask me about my plans for college, I either ignore the question or give you a half truth. I hate not being honest, especially with you.

Long story short, it has been decided that I will not be going the college route. Catelyn needs my help at home, especially with Arya and the boys and the money is just not there.

Please don’t be upset for me. I’m okay with the decision. Truth is, I don’t really want to discuss it. I hope you can understand.

Talk soon, Jon

Dany lowers her head into her hands, trying to control her emotions. She knows college is not for everyone, and that is fine. But what bothers her is that for years now she has known that Jon has dreamt of college. She knows he works so hard to get good grades and he is talented fencer on his school’s team.

Dany pulls up the main Targaryen Enterprises webpage, navigating quickly to the community outreach tab. Dany worked at her family’s company all summer and played an active role in managing the college internship program. She remembers their generous scholarship program, it is open to students from across the country to apply.

Her stomach falls, the deadline for application has passed. It would not be fair to take away from students that researched ahead of time and met the deadline.

Picking up the phone Daenerys calls the head of the scholarship program to ask for a favor. Even if she were to never see Jon Snow again, she knows she loves him and she wants what is best for him.

Her next step is looking up the staff list at the high school she knows Jon attends, pleased to see the staff list with photos is listed. Writing down the name and contact information of the school’s College Guidance Counselor she formulates her plan.

She will fix this, she has to.


“Jon!” Dany yells from the subway platform, waving her arms frantically. She is so excited to see him.

Jon’s smile is huge, seeing her he sprints over to meet her. Pulling her petite frame into his arms for a tight hug.

“I can’t believe you are here, you must be exhausted. How was your flight?” Jon asks, concerned that she may be too tired after her international trip to hang out. Dany used her spring break to fly to Targaryen’s offices in Paris, with college starting next fall she wanted to spend a week in the Paris office to experience international business, she is considering the major.

“I’m fine! Come on, let’s get something to eat,” Dany smiles. “Actually, do you mind if we just order room service at my hotel?”

Jon just smiles, agreeing to whatever she wants.


“Yeah, it was two months ago when my guidance counselor admitted that he had filled out the Clarke Foundation scholarship application on my behalf, I was just shocked. I’m just not used to anyone doing something nice for me,” Jon admits sadly, feeling a tightness in his chest. Meeting Dany’s eyes as she sits across from him at small table in her suite, he sees how much she cares for him. “It just means so much to me, I won this amazing scholarship based on merit. For my grades, fencing and all of my academic achievements.”

Clearing his throat nervously, Jon never talks about his feelings. “Like for the first time ever I did something right in my life.”

Dany forces her face to remain the same, although her stomach just dropped. She went to great lengths to set up Jon’s scholarship, and cover up her involvement. Hearing Jon explain how much it means to him and why makes her feel trapped. How can she take that away from him, would he even understand why she did it?

No, she can’t. She loves him too much, it is too late.

“That’s wonderful, Jon. I’m happy for you,” she says, looking away.

They continue to talk about college, upcoming summer plans. Dany is still deciding between Brown and Harvard, she was accepted into the early admissions program for both schools. She loves to hear about his siblings. Even Sansa is getting to be much nicer as she grows older.  

“She said what?” Dany laughs wanting Jon to tell her again how Catelyn stark stuttered in horror upon finding out about his full scholarship to NYU.  Dany smiles while cutting into her burger as Jon watches her closely.

“Are you going to eat that entire burger with a fork and knife? I may have just discovered the first thing I don’t like about your Daenerys Targaryen!” Jon laughs.

Dany blushes and gives him a small shove as she joins him in laughing. “No, I am just cutting it in half. It’s easier to pick up that way. Back to your story please, Catelyn’s head spinning off.”

Jon chuckles as he tells Dany again how furious his stepmother is that he will be leaving for college in the fall. Dany smiles happily, knowing her secret role in his story and glad to see him to alive and free.

Hours later, sitting on the couch and talking Jon and Dany finally discuss the elephant in the room.

“You are still the only girl I’ve ever kissed,” Jon blurts out, instantly regretting being so honest with her as her eyes widen.

Dany is shocked, because he is so handsome, girls must throw themselves at him all the time. She know she would if they went to the same school. But she’s also been in love with him since she was eight years old.

“Are you going to say anything?” Jon says, trying to break the tension.

Dany smiles at him and decides that sometimes actions are more telling than words. Moving slowly closer to him as he sits on the couch she watches his eyes carefully. Jon smiles and pulls her close, welcoming her into his arms.

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship, but just for now…  Just for tonight.” Dany’s voice trails off as she decides to be bold.

Her heart racing as she sits on Jon’s lap, facing him. Before she can think of her next move Jon grabs her face and kisses her roughly. The moment his lips touch her, Dany feels as though she is on fire. Without hesitation their tongues begin a slow and sensual dance.

Her hands moving to touch his chest she loves how strong he feels under her hands. Jon holds her hips as they kiss, he longs to shift her closer to him. His dick is so hard, he wants to feel her pressed to him.

When Dany pauses to catch her breath Jon’s lips go to her neck, kissing and gently biting. She gasps loudly, wanting him in a way she has never experienced before.  

“Jon,” Dany moans, crying out his name as she rocks her hips. Rubbing her sex against him, feeling his hardness.

“Shit, Dany,” Jon hisses as his hips rise to meet hers. Suddenly his hands are roaming up and down her arms, and her back.

Feeling bold he grabs her ass and rocks her more tightly against him. Dany bites his lower lip in response, both groaning with pleasure and need. They continue kissing and touching each other for a while before Dany takes his hands and places them on her breasts groaning with pleasure as he immediately caresses her.

“Will you spend the night? I have an early flight back to Chicago in the morning…but I don’t want you to leave,” Dany whispers.

Jon studies her face, trying to decipher what she is asking.

Dany kisses him slowly, “I’m a virgin, I am not asking you to have sex. I just want you to be next to me tonight.”

“I was totally down with sex, if you had wanted that,” Jon deadpans. For a moment Dany is stunned and then she realizes he is joking.

Both laugh as they get up and walk to the bed, they don’t go any further that night. Jon pulls Dany in his arms and holds her as she falls asleep. Only then does he kiss her forehead, whispering “I love you, Dany.” Before letting go and sleeping himself.

++o+ Age 18 +o++

“You okay, Jon?” Robb asks his brother, genuinely concerned. Sure Jon is a very broody person by nature, but he has been incredibly cranky the last week. “You are still coming to my graduation party this afternoon, right?”

Jon fights the scowl, wondering how dense Robb can be and still have been accepted to Brown University. Jon is also graduating, having walked to get his diploma right next to Robb in fact…Snow and Stark as last names lined them up together. Yet this graduation party is for Robb alone.

Although Robb is a year older, his study abroad in high school puts him one year behind. He will be a freshman in college at same time as Dany and Jon.

Whatever, Jon should be used to it by now. Always a second class citizen, always ending up last.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Jon painfully remembers his guidance counselor admitting that his scholarship from the Clarke Company was in fact from Targaryen Enterprises. Clarke being one of their subsidiaries.

Just finding out days ago, Jon has not fully processed the news. It was Dany that set all of this up, every last piece of the puzzle. There was never a scholarship, the money probably came out of her trust fund!

“Yes, Robb. I’ll be at your party. I wouldn’t miss it,” Jon snaps.

Must be nice to have so much money to just throw around.


Dany smiles nervously as she enters the country club banquet hall that Catelyn Stark rented for Robb’s graduation party. As her father needed to be in Manhattan for business, the timing of this party worked out well with their trip.

And Dany was anxious to see Jon again after so many months. Busy with her own graduation week in Chicago she hasn’t had time to email Jon, so she is anxious to see him today.

As she walks through the party, smiling at a couple of people that she has met over the years, she searches for Jon. Spotting him, surprised to see him staring at her intently and brooding she waves and smiles. Jon nods his head, motioning for her to follow him out the side door of the hall.

“Jon! I missed you, how are you?” Dany cries cheerfully as she leans in to give him a hug. She is surprised when Jon takes a step back.

“We need to talk, Dany,” Jon says coldly. “Let’s walk in the garden, no one is out there now.”

A sense of dread falls over Dany, she can tell he is very upset, angry even.

They walk in silence to the garden, now a safe distance from the banquet hall where no one will hear them.

“I really don’t appreciate being your charity case, Dany!” Jon hisses at her, all of the feelings he has been bottling in for the last week coming to the surface at once. “How could you do this to me?!”

Dany instantly feels sick, realizing he knows about the scholarship. “Jon, I wanted to tell you. I did! When we at the hotel, and then–”

“Why didn’t you then? What excuse do you have? You were too busy sitting on my lap and sticking your tongue down my throat,” Jon yells.

Dany’s eyes widen, shocked he would say that to her. Shocked he would throw their intimacy back in her face. Tears welling in her eyes. “Just let me explain, please.”

“You don’t get it, Dany! Why would you? You are Daenerys Targaryen, one of the wealthiest women in the US. Born with a silver spoon in your mouth!”

“That is not fair, just because I have money doesn’t mean that my life is perfect!” Dany cries, tears streaming down her face. She never imagined that Jon would ever be so angry to talk to her like this. “Jon, try to understand why I did it. I love you, I have loved you for so long and it has killed me all these years to see you mistreated! Your life is like a modern day Cinderella story, evil stepmother and all!”

Jon scowls, “So that makes you what? The prince that saves the day?! I never knew you could think so highly of yourself. Wow – you really are something, Dany.”

Wiping her tears, she tries again to explain. “It killed me that you wanted to go to college, it was finally going to be your time be free, to get away. And Catelyn tried to take that away from you. I had the means to fix things, so I did!”

“Don’t you get it? How can you not see what is right in front of you? The last ten years of my life has been lie after lie,” Jon pauses to control the shaking of his voice. He refuses to cry to her, not now. Not ever.

“For years I have had to just accept the lies told about me! That I was shy. That I was tired. That I was sick. That I preferred to be alone. Everything my family needed me to pretend to be, so they wouldn’t feel bad about pushing me to the side!” Jon is shaking with anger. “I just never expected something so deceitful, so calculated from you Dany.”

Dany bursts into tears, it is killing her to hear his pain and know she caused it. “I love you, Jon Snow. Please forgive me, please. I only did it because I care about you.”

“My answer is no. I do not forgive you,” Jon says coldly, Dany burying her face in her hands and weeping. “Being in love, does not justify your lies and manipulations.”

“Jon, please! If we can just–” Dany pleads until he cuts her off.

“Goodbye, Dany,” say as he walks back into the country club leaving her alone in the garden to compose herself.

As Dany returns to the party she is surprised to find her father holding a microphone and motioning for her to join him at the podium. Suddenly Robb and Catelyn are also at the front. As always, Dany does as told by her father.

“I know we are here for Robb’s graduation but we wanted to lift a glass to both Robb and my daughter, Daenerys Targaryen. Both of these fine young adults will be students at Brown this fall! Dany scans the party guests for Jon, he is nowhere to be found. In that moment Robb places a friendly hug around her shoulders as they pose for pictures.

Jon watches from the balcony, he hates the sadness that washed over him. Seeing Dany with Robb is just a painful reminder that she is out of his league. She always has been. It’s time he accepted it.

With resolution Jon know what he has to do.


The next Monday Jon calls NYU and lets them know that his financial funding has fallen through. He wants to cancel his enrollment. As the woman on the phone places him on hold he is shocked when the coach of the fencing team at NYU answers the transferred call.

Later, Jon hangs up the phone…stunned. Jon will be on a sports scholarship for being on the fencing team.

It’s a miracle…but then why does he still feel so bad.


Dany gets an email from the Targaryen offices the next day, advising her that scholarship recipient Jon Snow has turned down the scholarship. It is settled, Jon has turned his back on her and all of her money. That’s what he sees her as, a spoiled girl with a silver spoon in her mouth. She is heartbroken.

Ten years ago, they were just two kids eating cookies and milk in the kitchen of a funeral parlor.

She sadly wonders how things got so complicated.

+++o+ End of Part II of IV ++++o+++

Author’s Note: Part III of White as Snow will be published for Day 04 of Jonerys Appreciation Week (Wednesday 9/27). Prompt: Angst

Thank you for reading, giving hearts and reblogging! Means a lot to me. xoxo

Back to the basics: Foundation

With new products constantly being launched into the market it can be easy to get caught up and forget what the basic purpose of a product is.

Foundation should be applied after cleansing, moisturising and priming your skin. It can be applied with your fingers, a foundation brush or a sponge. For best results start off with less foundation than you think you need and gradually add more.

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anonymous asked:

I'm so bad at applying make up. Eye make up especially 😩😩😩 I've legit google eye make up for dummies. I sit in front of mirror and try but just get so frustrated


Oh my gosh, I have to recommend unto you my all-time favorite makeup artist with the best, most helpful tutorials ever: Lisa Eldridge.

She’s the current director of Lancome and is the personal makeup artist to celebs like Kate Winslet, Cara Delvigne, and occasionally Kim Kardashian (love her or hate her you can’t deny her makeup is always on point), and friends with Alexa Chung. 

Anyways, even with a huge celeb clientele, her tutorials cover everything from fun avant-garde makeup, to really basic looks. And my absolute favorite thing about her is that she uses a blend of expensive and low-price makeup!

I really think if you give her youtube channel a shot, you’ll be able to master at least one signature look. 

xo, Cassie

staypositivemg  asked:

Hi! Do you have any tips for an upcoming junior?

I’ve had it told that junior year is always the most difficult and stressful year by upperclassmen and high school alumni. Once I entered, I realized that their words held a tone of sincerity because junior year was a challenging time for me, both academic and social-wise. As a junior, it is definitely the time to mature and to take your future in a more sophisticated, driven manner. You have to start thinking about college (the most frightening of all), taking your standardized tests, taking AP/IB classes, etc. It’s a stressful time, or it was to me. Here’s a few words of advice from a (soon-to-be) senior and post-junior in high school:

  1. Do not slack off! Junior year as a whole is an important year because colleges focus on your junior year (and first semester senior year) grades. Keep up with your schoolwork and study for those tests, because in the long run, it can be a deciding factor to whether a college accepts you or not. 
  2. Find something you’re passionate about and stick with it. Whether it be sports or marching band, if you have something that you love, don’t push it away. Embrace what you’re passionate about even if others disagree. You’ll be happier in the long run.
  3. Take hard or challenging courses. I say this because not only colleges, but important people in your life, such as teachers, relatives, and of course your parents, want to see you test your limits and explore your boundaries. Difficult classes can stimulate your mind and are important factors of deciding what you want to do in life. Push yourself because you can always be better if you decide to put the work in. 
  4. Start researching colleges and universities. Ah, yes. It is that time of your life where you think, “Oh, senior year is a year away. I still have time.” Wrong. That’s what I assumed and now I’m two weeks away from the end of another school year and I’m beginning the process of college applications. Start researching now while you have the opportunity so you won’t get stressed about it later. Go on college visits! (Those are always so much fun). Find facilities where you can see yourself on that campus, find institutions that have potential for the major you want to focus in, find universities that offer significant financial aid so that you can go to college. It all starts now, guys. The journey has just begun.
  5. It’s never too early to start thinking about college essays or finding financial aid/scholarships. There are already scholarships out there for juniors; it’s never too early to start looking for ways that can help you get to where you want. Always pay attention to deadlines, and try not to go on scam websites. I suggest Cappex or Fastweb for scholarships. As for college essays, the five prompts that the Common App provides are available online 24/7. Start piecing together an idea of what you want to portray to the college of your dreams. It’s the one chance you get to show them the real you. Don’t take it for granted. Side note: For minority students, please check out the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship. It will pay for all four years’ tuition at any college of your choosing (so long as you’re accepted). I’ve had two kids from my high school win two years in a row, and seeing them get to fulfill their dreams is something I wish I get the chance to do to.
  6. Study for standardized tests! Two words – er, acronyms. SAT and ACT. These are basically the foundation for your college applications. Though they are extremely important from a certain viewpoint, don’t strive to be perfect. Just do the best you can do, and that’s that. Test scores do not define a person. Even though, you should definitely try either out and see which test you prefer. If you take the SAT, I encourage you to take subject tests because those are also quite helpful and you get to do a bit of showing off in subjects you are well acquainted in. I believe in you guys!
  7. Be well rounded in extracurricular activities. These are important because colleges want to see what you’re passionate in, how you budget your time, and what you put your effort into. If you love band, stick with band. If you’re a musical theater tycoon, show colleges that you love being on that stage. Just don’t try and sign up for everything, because then colleges will be confused as to what exactly your passions are and just see an applicant trying to kiss ass by being in everything they can.
  8. Help out in your community. Give back to your community! Volunteer and help out. Volunteering is never a bad thing. Maybe set up your own fundraising to help out an organization or charity. Be a good citizen.
  9. Remember to relax. Listen, I know the upcoming year seems terrifying, and that’s probably why you messaged me in the first place (I hope this reply doesn’t terrify you too). But honestly, just relax. High school is supposed to be “the best four years of your life.” Don’t scoff at that; make it happen. This year, and the next year, and the years after that, are what matters. Not this day. It will be gone as soon as the sun rises in the morning. But just remember that you are you, and when you realize that, everything will just fall into place.
Beauty 101: Korean Beauty Wave

Korean Beauty is the most recent trend. It’s increasingly hot as the popularity of Kpop and Kdramas. Halyu Actors and Kpop Idols appeal to their viewers with their attractive faces and, especially, their flawless complexion. Like most fans, I am also curious on how they achieve such great skin.

During my trip to South Korea, two years ago, I wasn’t just attracted with Korean fashion and culture, but also with their obsession with skin care. Korea is one of the leading countries in producing skin care and beauty products. So during my travel, I couldn’t help but buy some (okay, most) of their best seller products and be allured by their cute packaging (I couldn’t resist the cuteness…it’s everywhere!!!!). I felt that by buying those products, I have also acquired some beauty secrets that Koreans are so famous for.

I tried my best getting all the tips from my previous trip and from watching korean variety shows (thanks Get It Beauty and Pony Beauty Diary!) and apply it to my daily regimen. Here are a few of them:

1. The 10 steps regimen

A typical skin care routine for Koreans varies between 9 to 10 steps. They mostly do this before going to bed and the process starts by using a makeup remover, then followed by cleanser, exfoliation of oily t-zones, then the use of toner, and other essential essence and serum needed for the skin. The last part would be your favorite cream, emulsion, masks (if necessary) and eye cream.

The key here is removing every last trance of makeup, massaging the face for a minute (to boost circulation), and moisturizing. The healthy habit of Koreans serves as a lesson for us on how to take care of our skin more and the importance of putting time in valuing ourselves.

2. Cushion Makeup

We know that BB Creams have been a part of most girls’ makeup routine ever since its launch in 2006. Right now, there is a new added cream in the market and Koreans and Filipinos alike are slowly loving this product, and it is called the ‘Cushion Makeup’.

The cushion makeup started as a CC Cream/Foundation, a silky texture that covers spot and gives natural light and smooth skin. Both BB and CC Cream have common uses but CC Cream puts more emphasis on nourishing the skin while providing optimal coverage. It’s the same thing with cushion makeup. It’s more lightweight and it is a watery foundation in a compact container. You gently press the product and apply it into your face. The anti-microbial puff is the best part in putting the foundation, it makes the application look more natural, rather than cakey.

3. Lip Tints

I love lip tints!

Lip Tints, also known as lip stains, has this long lasting effect that other regular lipsticks don’t have. The tints simply color the natural texture of your lips and often finish off with some lip gloss. Lip tints are also versatile, it’s up to the user if you want your lips to appear naturally colored by using simple and lighter tints that matches your skin tone, or going for a dramatic effect by using darker tones or red to look more fierce. The best part for using this tint is that it is long lasting. I go to the gym a lot and I usually wear lip tints (I like orange lippies.. :) ) while working out and it doesn’t come off and it lasts an entire day, say, no need to reapply.

4. Aloe Vera Gel

This is a must-have in my holy grail of beauty products! I seriously love this product and I’m so happy to share it with you guys. My first encounter with this product is out of pure curiosity. I saw good reviews over the internet and immediately bought some when I saw it in stores.

NATURE REPUBLIC ALOE VERA SOOTHING GEL is made out of 92% Aloe Vera. a generous tub of 300ml that could last for months or so. I used it as my body moisturizer, face mask, eye mask, use for after shave or treat for sunburn. I like to put my tub in the fridge so that it has this cooling effect when applied onto the skin. I love how it is quickly absorbed, without feeling greasy, leaving a soft and smooth skin after application. I preferred using it before bedtime and lather it all over my face and neck.

Other Beauty Tips worth mentioning:

5. Grape Seed Oil

My aunt introduced to me this supplement, and when I saw great effects on her, I decided to give it a try. She has psoriasis and it’s hard for her to find a perfect medicine for her skin, until she found out the benefits of Grape Seed Oil. I started using it by taking it once a day and I’m really happy with the results of taking this supplement.

First off, Grape seed oil is extracted from grapes. It produces useful compounds in the form of oil which offer plenty of benefits for human, especially to skin. It is a good source of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, which is the main requirement for having good skin and also contains strong antioxidant compounds to fight acne and many more. These health benefits of grape seed oil are enumerated below:

  • Treat Acne
  • Skin Tightening
  • Relieve Dark Eye Circles under Eyes
  • Moisturize
  • Minimize Skin Aging
  • Good for skin asthma, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis
  • Can reduce the risk of coronary diseases and beneficial for all diabetics
  • Promote hair growth
  • Can provide protection against the sun damage
  • Smooth skin

6. Sunblock

It’s so init in the Philippines! Be sure to protect your skin with sunblock before going out. Waterproof sunblock with a high SPF is ideal. It prevents facial brown spots, aids you against sun protection, and helps to slow down the development of wrinkles and aging skin. Just don’t forget to apply it before putting makeup.

7. Putting body lotion/moisturizer at night

My mom always says that putting lotion at night is also important as the way we put moisturizer on our face. Our skin needs to be hydrated and by applying body lotion or body butter at night should do the trick. It will leave your hands, body and feet as soft and smooth like a baby.

8. Green Tea

I’m a self-confessed green tea addict. Green Tea is not only used for fat burning but it also helps improve physical health. It also does great benefits to the skin. Green tea has a lot of antioxidants that can be used to treat acne. To help your skin appear brighter and flawless, you can follow these few tips:

  • Use as a facial mask. After each cup of green tea that you drink, take the teabag out and cut it open. place the used green tea leaves into a small cup and add a little honey to it to make it into a paste. Make sure your face is clean before applying the paste. Leave it on for ten minutes and then rinse.
  • Use tea bags as a refresher. I do this before going home and need to fresh up before applying make up. Take a used teabag and run it over in hot water. Squeeze out some of the water and rub the teabag all over your face (or use it first for your tired eyes, especially in your dark eye circles before using it to your whole face). Use it for one to two minutes or until the teabag has cooled off.
  • Drinking green tea everyday. It is recommended to have 5 cups a day.

That’s it for now! You can share your thoughts and your own beauty tips as well in the comment section below.

I would love to hear from you guys :)

I’m gonna end this post with our handsome Minho here <3

This is not a promotional post. The writer of this article is in no way paid to specify the aforementioned brands.

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Review:  Physician’s Formula Cushion Foundation

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear All-In-One ABC Cushion Foundation

What it is:  A compact sponge soaked in lightweight, mineral based foundation
What it does:  Provides convenient, portable packaging for a liquid foundation with protective SPF 50
What it costs:  $17
Where to get it:  Drugstores or online

See my YouTube Review:  HilTalksBeauty



- Portable and extremely convenient packaging

- Lightweight, natural-looking formula

- Broad-spectrum sun protection

- Free of parabens, gluten, and fragrances

- Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (does not contain pore-clogging ingredients)


- Very limited shade selection

- The packaging is bulky

- Pricey for the drugstore

Would Recommend to:

- People with a medium skin tone

- People with normal-to-dry skin, or people who prefer a natural finish

- People who want a “barely-there” look, light coverage

- People who are looking for natural SPF all in one

Would NOT Recommend to:

- People with fair or tan-to-deep skin tones

- People who require a matte finish

- People who desire medium to full coverage

- People looking for a long-wearing foundation

Keep reading

Welcome to my beauty blog  LEARNTOMAKEUP

Hello my angels, I’m Valeria and now is time for Sunday’s post. 

Yesterday I was checking out my messages and I saw I got this ask:

But if we read this question carefully, is it important to follow an order or steps to achieve a flawless look?

Do you guys remember that math propertie we learnt at school that is really accurate itself because it involves so many things we do on a daily basis? Changing the order of the factors does not change the product.

However, in this case we say goodbye to this statement because applying makeup should be done in order.

To be honest we all have been here, I used to apply foundation directly to my face without knowing and realizing all the damage this action made to my skin.  

If you think you don’t follow a makeup application order routine and you would like to start one keep on reading!

I promise it’s not complicated at all, if you repeat it on a daily basis or even on weekends it will get easier.


Are there any pro’s when you apply your face makeup in order? 

The answer is YES.  

What are the pro’s?

✔ The application becomes easier, smoother and dewy. 

✔ Your foundation will never look cakey again.                       

✔ Your skin and pores will not be damaged anymore.

✔ You will need less product and get a better result.

There are so many advantages you will notice if you start following a makeup order application.

Keep on mind that I’m not telling you that you need to follow all this steps or you need to use all this products every single day.

If you think you only need some foundation and powder that is completely fine, you can follow the steps until you think it’s enough coverage or enough products for you.

You can apply this routine on a daily basis or if you don’t feel like doing your makeup every single day then you can do it like I do, I only follow this routine on weekends or if I have party, meeting or a important event.

Let’s get started!


A cleanser is a facial care product that is used to remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from the skin of the face. 

This helps to unclog pores and prevent skin conditions such as acne. A cleanser can be used as part of a skin care regimen together with a toner and moisturizer.


Serums offer beneficial ingredients or even more antioxidants than any other product in your routine.

A serum won’t replace your daytime or night-time moisturizer, but they will boost your anti-aging results and overall skin health when used morning and evening.

Start using products loaded with these types of impressive ingredients will help you to be on track for a more even complexion and firmer, healthier skin as you age.


Moisturizer is a complex mixture of chemical agents specially designed to make the external layers of the skin softer and more pliable also it increases skin’s hydration.

Putting on moisturizer not only makes the surface look pretty, it seals and protects what is beneath it.


Yet, many people often skip this step because they believe they don’t really need it, are unsure of how to use it or don’t think it’s worth the investment.

However, using primer underneath your makeup will make everything last longer, whether that’s on your skin or in your cosmetics bag.

Makeup primer is a base for foundation or face makeup that allows it to go on smoother and last longer.


Foundation is an important facet of makeup it’s like the blank canvas on which the rest of your makeup is applied. It is the base for any makeup application.

Foundation will hide facial imperfections such as scars, depressions and pigmented areas of skin. Foundation is not merely about adding color to your skin but also as a protective covering from the drying sun, wind and air conditioning.


Concealer does much more than foundation. As the name suggests, it works at concealing or camouflaging facial imperfections. But what is of essence when using concealer is to apply it and blend it well. You may end up highlighting the trouble spots instead of concealing them.

Remember that concealers are meant to conceal and not to draw attention. Concealers are of a denser composition than regular foundations and are generally available in sticks, tubes, pots, and creams.


Powder is used to set the foundation and concealer for a lasting fresh look. Foundation and concealer are both moist and therefore have no holding power without a bit of powder to set them in place.

Not only does the powder set the make-up, it also reduces excess shine on the skin. When light is attracted to shining skin and when light shines on an area it illuminates any flaws like large pores, uneven skin, wrinkles and creases.

One of things I did learn on my makeup school was that once you apply powder never go back to foundation or it will look cakey. Make sure you applied correctly your foundation and then set it with powder.


Bronzer is used to imitate a natural suntan. It is considered a natural look and is often used for everyday wear. It highlights the cheekbones and contours the face.

Bronzer is an easy way to enhance color and provide shimmer to one’s skin tone. As the name implies, bronzer is available on a metallic palette ranging from light gold to dark brass.

Use bronzer to highlight the cheekbones. Apply it to the forehead, nose, and chin as well.


Blush is used to imitate the natural blushing of the skin. It changes the face’s depth and draws attention to the cheekbones. It can be used for a more made-up look. Blush is available in a variety of colors, including red, pink, peach, and tan. There are shimmer and matte varieties.

When applied together, blush and bronzer create a stunning and dynamic look. Blush and bronzer are common types of makeup that can be used skillfully to highlight natural beauty.


Highlighter is a product that can completely change your beauty look. When you’re choosing a highlighter you have to think about your skin tone; if you have very sallow skin, pink toned highlighters are going to stick out, but if you have very pale skin pink tones are perfect.

The goal when applying highlighter is to get a reflective dewy look that makes you look like you just moisturized your skin.

*As always I’m open to suggestions and opinions so if you need information about an specific topic don’t forget to tell us! *

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Love you, Valeria.

Supercomputing reveals centuries of stories, experiences of Black women

Women’s History Month is perfect timing for this story—a story about a quest to reveal the lives and experiences of Black women in the U.S. during the last three centuries. Hear from the group of researchers collaborating and using ‪NSF-funded‬ XSEDE supercomputing to fulfill this quest. Their discussion is on Advancing Discovery, a featured podcast at Science360 Radio:

Above: Ruby Mendenhall, an associate professor of sociology, African American studies and urban and regional planning at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is leading a collaboration of social scientists, humanities scholars and digital researchers that hopes to harness the power of high-performance computing to find and understand the historical experiences of black women by searching two massive databases of written works from the 18th through 20th centuries. The team also is developing a common toolbox that can help other digital humanities projects. Credit: Brian Stauffer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

Above: Nicole Brown is a postdoctoral fellow at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and part of Ruby Mendenhall’s group. She is interpreting the computational results in light of black feminist theory. Credit: Nicole Brown

Above: Harriet Tubman is famous as an abolitionist, Underground Railroad leader and women’s suffrage pioneer. Credit: H. B. Lindsley – National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Public Domain (PD-1875)

Above: Sculptor Edmondia Lewis (1844-1907) was the first woman of African- and Native-American descent to achieve notoriety in the fine arts world. She spent most of her career in Rome. Credit: Henry Rocher – National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Public Domain

dramaqueen2397  asked:

Hi, just a quick question. When applying your foundation should you put moisturise on before you put foundation on or just out foundation on with moisturise. Also what is a good setting powder ? Thanks you (:

Skincare is the most important step in any makeup application because without good skin you can’t have great makeup…

Generally speaking you should cleanse your skin and then apply your moisturiser, sunscreen, primer and THEN foundation. However…

Sometimes too many products will cause makeup to “slip” off the skin so using a dual purpose product is a great idea. I like to use a light moisturiser that contains SPF, my favourite is the Ultraceuticals Mattifying SPF 30+ Sunscreen, it is light and doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin. Then I apply primer after.

For oily skin you may find it is best to ditch the moisturiser/sunscreen and just opt for a primer instead. I like the *Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer with SPF 30

It is always best to apply some kind of product before you apply your foundation so that your makeup applies evenly and looks healthy.

As for my favourite powders for setting makeup…

*CARGO HD Picture Perfect Loose Powder

This is a new love for me and has quickly become one of my favourite setting powders, this stuff makes skin look flawless and I mean flawless. It isn’t cakey or dry, it doesn’t add any coverage to the skin but it does a fantastic job at keeping shine at bay. Plus it has this beautiful finish that almost blurs your skin so it looks photoshopped.

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Finishing Veil

This powder is amazing at gives skin a poreless look and really combats shine without making skin look dry and cakey (I have dry skin and this doesn’t make my skin look horribly flaky and dry) it is expensive but has been my favourite powder for a year.

If you are on a budget I love the Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder and the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder isn’t bad either.

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I hope I helped you and if you need anything else feel free to ask.

If any product you use irritates you discontinue use immediately.

*This post contains a product/sample which was sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This does not alter the honesty of this post or this blog, all opinions stated are honest and my own