The Fire in Their Eyes

by ohdarlingnicole

Inspired by a poem I found on tumblr. Um, and Bellamy’s a dragon. Yeah.

Words: 2605, Chapters: ½, Language: English

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She was even more naked
between her legs,
because after all,
it was dubious times;
it was war,
each one biting wide.

Open love- 
such a lie!
Oh, engulf me here
asleep in the wrecked
phosphorescent bones of logic.

Old he was in trusting anguish.
He was in legs and arms a mile long.

She passes away.
He never went off.
Go in the void of her.
That I did.

There was first of all the puzzles.

Died somehow I had…
always with breath.
I found that obsession
is a machine on long
after the drive in me.
I would rot out with it of course.

the last of the line,
never once mated.

So am I nothing?

To Death:
Shape a man on stilts,
age 29.

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She stood as someone from the dark.
Catch is passing on backward.
Move me, she said,
Am I beautiful?
It’s not how I feel.

Will everyone fight and leave
so when it’s all over
we can touch gently?

I said,
Own the path out of sight of the widows.

Come to build love long-
but wait,
the beginning was new
and nothing would ever grow old
like quick hearts rushing


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Pretty Fourteen - A Found Poem

(I made this using words and phrases from magazines, mostly the January 2013 edition of J-14. Here is what it looks like now:

In case it’s hard to read, I’ll type it up)


Are you ready? For life’s big questions?

How should I act on my first date? Should a girl text a guy first? Who has the best hair, body, blue eyes? Give me tips about

How to be inside his mind. Who?

The hottest guy of course. I need to know how to get the guy

How to be picture perfect, how to be the hottest girl, because

I have the biggest nose ever and he wants a relationship and she was too flat-chested and they called me fat and I’m so self-conscious and I tripped and spilled spaghetti on my crush!

Sux 4 me.

Their lips touched and sparks flew… So why not me? I’m not the joke everyone thinks.

I’m not a plastic doll

You would like me to ignore the haters, love my boyfriend, and steal the stars’ hottest looks

But bad clothes happen to good stars and I can’t do this to my body anymore.

I AM a joke, a cruel joke, a criticized princess, a silly skeleton.

I was trying to be just like you. What went wrong? I wished for your long shiny hair, your sparkling eyes, your killer confidence

I have a new look, a great life story, and popular friends but

Here I am in real life with braces and a broken heart.

And you just say yikes! Glad it wasn’t us, we don’t know you, leave town now! You just say, Sweetie, you have to feel good about who you are.

But how can I when this is fun and you are not alone?

How can I when these stories are fiction, as real as my smile.

What do you know about sex and sparks and struggles?

What do you know about insecurities?

My beauty is mending.

Before you attack my peach cheeks with your 

Floral fiction and battle my body with what guys really think

Allow me to confess

I am crazy, a trustworthy troublemaker! I’m not a plastic doll! And I don’t want to be perfect.

Here’s a tip for you

Use your burgundy lips to

Make pretty


Kiss me goodbye

A good man is dead
when dogs jump breathlessly.

We stand under the gray light.
I’m the small figure waiting
slowly without seasons
and that man wouldn’t care
if he never made the train…

And what suddenly
caught his attention
he might have forgot.

Down the last
yellow brick road,
an unsteady wall
had held him
silently until
a little distance
then breathed,

“Art is possible to you.
Go on up the corner.”

But that gave him
a wild look
of misery.

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Poetic License ~
I love found poetry. I’ve never considered myself a great poet. However, since starting therapy, I’ve really liked creating found poems. I feel like poetry has helped me recover and heal by allowing me express thoughts and feelings that are otherwise impossible for me to reveal.

In this poem, I feel like it’s been really hard for my family to believe everything that traumatized me when I was little. Just when it seems like it is impossible for me to find peace now, as an adult, I feel like little miracles happen and opportunities I couldn’t have hoped for appear when I need them the most.

Waiting to be free From another time

Believe me Something else happened before

Look Another impossible door opened again

Through the swirling girl Me

He remembered her
and how to work
with touch softly
own all angles.

Rough rain beaded upon
her white porcelain neck.

Her lips motion another
sound in the autumn wind.  
And yes,
perhaps she was
suddenly great.

Our ways ride off
the rim of the world.

A place of no limit
and no more arguments.

All sense and sanity
at last burned her quietly. 

But he one night
accused her on again
and trust was really gone,
like standing in the world
smashed flat
to reverberate at dawn.

And he was me.
Lit and I’m sick.   

He took a book,
asking for her,
as the incredibly fragile
record of her
was the end of it.  

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As the moon sank
I heard
a dark ripple
of an inky blackness
in the call of the
boding owl.
I should think it nothing
but the cricket
in a corner
is singing dirges
of unwonted stillness
yet to come
—  found poem

1. We are forced to think about the future, yet all we can see is what’s happening right now.

2. There will be clear skies again. You just have to wait through the rain.

3. You don’t deserve the scars on your body.

4. The key to writing is not to manipulate, but to write.

5. Prepare for the worst, but expect the best; for worry augments the pain to the point where it is too much to let out all at once.

6. Poetry is like coding; no matter what language, every line counts to create something beautiful.

7. Contrary to your belief, you’re not an awful writer. You have the potential to be amazing. You just have to write.

8. Be kind to those who happen to be lost. In the end, we’re all lost souls trying to find our way through life.

9. Boys will come and go. If you love him, tell him. Don’t let him pass by. You might stay close friends, or you might fall in love. But no matter what, keep going.

10. Enjoy good times while they last. Savor every day. Every hour. Every minute. Every second. Because good times don’t last forever. Hard times will come. Pull through and good times will come back.

—  10 important life lessons I learned reading my old letters and poetry - k.e.b.