Writing Prompt 1

I plan to research the history of black students on the UW campus and also how the black student body has grown from the times of the civil rights movement up until today. I plan to use any pamphlets or old newspapers found in the UW archives to help guide my research. I’ve already found some pictures of students from just browsing through the UW digital media page from 1967. I am interested in this topic because I’m a black student here and I can see the black student body growing just in the short time that I’ve been here. So I’d like to learn where exactly this opportunity for black students to attend this prestigious university. I was also interested in this topic because I’d like to share the names of the black students who were here before and helped pave the way for people like myself to be students here with other students here on this campus so that we can just pay some respect toward them and be thankful for the sacrifices they’ve made for us and to look at how far we’ve come from those days.