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Eyes Closed (Bucky x reader)


  • Don’t suppose you could do a part two for I can prove it I really loved it
  • Hi! I loved i can prove it! Do you think you can do a second part? Some fluff and a ton of angst?

Warnings: descriptions of torture; mention of being shot; crying

This fic can be read alone! Alternatively, you can read part one here.

Here’s part two of I Can Prove It, which I wrote for @bucky-plums-barnes‘s 8,000 followers writing challenge. I hope you enjoy! This can be read as a standalone, however if you’d like better context then I’ve linked part one above :)

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He had never felt such burning pain in his life. Years of beatings and torture had never come close to the agony of iron drilling into his skull as his screams became hoarse and dry. Bucky tried so hard to keep them out, to stop the pain from taking over, his mind conjuring images of the only light he could remember. This was to save her. He had to endure this so that she didn’t have to, and that was enough for him to further tighten his fists and keep the tears in his eyes from falling. The drills neared closer to his brain, threatening to pierce the flesh as a searing heat flooded his senses like fire inside his head. He could only scream, closing his eyes as if not being able to see them would stop it all.

Bucky shot up, the covers that had previously embraced him now lay crumpled on the floor as cool air crawled across his skin. It took a few deep breaths before he became accustomed to reality, the pain simmering to a dull ache. He sighed, running his metal fingers through the hair that lay matted on his head, slick with sweat; these nights had become all too familiar.

When Bucky’s memories began to return to him, he had been ecstatic. Of course, that meant the memories of those 70 years, of hurt and sadness and death; but it almost meant he could remember the years before that. He would close his eyes and see flashes of red dresses and bright city lights, of carnivals and dance halls and something of a childhood innocence. It was as if he could go back to those times and forget everything that came after. Until he remembered her.

The pictures of his youth dwindled, leaving behind the emptiness that consumed him when she entered his mind, like a film playing on repeat behind his eyelids. He couldn’t escape it; the hue of her skin, the shine of her Y/E/C eyes, the curve of her lips that he so rarely saw yet so often craved.

It didn’t hurt so much at first. When he finally remembered her, he had gone to Steve and cried with joy as he told him everything, and most importantly, realised that he could get her back. The whole team spent weeks searching for her, every known Hydra base was a possible location as they scoured any and all information they had on where she might be. If there was a possibility that Bucky could get his life back, could find happiness again, then they would do anything to make it happen.

He still remembers the day they found her.

Tony scanned the room, finding Bucky surrounded by piles of documents that were scattered around his desk. Bucky glanced up as he heard the door creak open, smiling at Tony and gathering a few of the papers in his arms. “Look, Tony! I found these old files, there’s more information on some of the Hydra bases and I think she might-“

“Buck. We found her.” Tony’s jaw clenched, although this went unnoticed by Bucky as he dropped the bundles of paper and stepped backward in shock.

“You… you found her? I can see her again? God, Tony, I… I’m gonna see her again!”

Bucky’s cheeks ached from smiling, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t care. He was finally getting Y/N back and, maybe, things were going to be okay again. 

It wasn’t until he saw the solemn glare on Tony’s face that the smile faltered, hands thoughtlessly ringing themselves together and panic running hot in his veins. “Tony? What is it? I’m gonna see her again, right?”

Tony looked down, unable to meet Bucky’s eyes and trying to keep tears from escaping his own at the sight of the broken man before him.

“I’m sorry, Buck.”

Y/N Y/L/N was dead.

He didn’t believe it at first. She couldn’t be dead, not when he needed her. He continued to search for her, locking himself in his room and sifting through the endless files that eventually began to smother him. In the end, the results were all the same. Every time he thought he’d gotten closer to finding her, alive, he was met with another documentation of her death. She had died in an attempt to escape Hydra, shot on site as she ran from the base, and it only scarred Bucky further to read those same words over and over again.

It took time, but Bucky came to accept what had happened. He no longer saw the flash of red dresses or the bright city lights when he closed his eyes. He only saw her, only saw darkness, and it consumed him.

Bucky kept his eyes cast downward, admiring the blanket of copper leaves that pathed the ground beneath his feet. He had learned to appreciate the little things in life, finding a snippet of solace in the bite of a cold autumn morning as he made his way through the park he had become so familiar with. On days like these, when the noise in his head became too loud, he liked to wander past the trees and flowers that painted the area, losing himself within the nature. Sitting on his usual bench, Bucky allowed himself to relax, feeling more vulnerable than ever as he let his emotions run free rather than pushing them away. He was startled out of his thoughts by the rustling of leaves, glancing towards the person who had sat beside him. She looked straight at him, shock shining across her features which was soon mirrored by his own. It was her. It was Y/N, sat beside him on a park bench and looking just as beautiful as he remembered her.

“I found you.”

It couldn’t be her. It couldn’t; but those eyes and that voice were so goddamn familiar that a sob ripped from Bucky’s throat as he heard her speak for the first time in years. It was so soft, so delicate, almost afraid and yet so powerful. Bucky could only choke back the tears that hadn’t yet fallen, resting his palms on her equally stained cheeks. “I don’t understand- I don’t- how are you here? You died! You died, a-and you left me and-“

Y/N simply shook her head, wiping the tears from beneath Bucky’s eyes. “I faked it, James. I made them think I was dead after they shot me. They, God,  just left me there to rot, but after they went away I managed to get as far away as I could and I- I built a life for myself, Buck. I got a job, and a house, and then I saw you on the TV and I knew I had to find you. It hurt so much to be away from you.”

For the first time in months, a crooked smile broke out across Bucky’s face. After so long, after so much pain, she was here in his arms and she was okay. He hugged her, burying his face in her neck and knowing that after all this time, he wouldn’t be empty any longer, and he could close his eyes again.


just found this pic i took in 2016 meant to kind of document my room and where i was at in life considering i was at a point where high school was almost done and all that. weird to see and feel all that hard nostalgia again

Thirty one naturalized U.S. citizens take the oath of allegiance at the Naturalization Ceremony held at the National Archives’ Rotunda in Washington, DC, on Constitution Day, September 17, 2018. (National Archives photo by Jeff Reed)

New Citizens Sworn In on Constitution Day

By Kerri Lawrence | National Archives News

WASHINGTON, September 18, 2018 — Thirty-one new United States naturalized citizens took the oath of allegiance on Constitution Day yesterday at the National Archives Rotunda in Washington, DC. Sworn in just steps away from the Charters of Freedom—the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights—the new Americans hail from 25 different countries: Australia, Cameroon, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Eritrea, Ethiopia, France, The Gambia, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Spain, Togo, United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

“Today marks the 231st anniversary of the ratification of the United States Constitution,” David S. Ferriero, Archivist of the United States said. “And there is no better place to become a citizen than here in this room.” Ferriero described each of the founding documents and the importance they hold for all American citizens.

He shared with them his own story of using passenger ship lists at the National Archives to learn more about his heritage and the immigration of his grandparents from Italy in the early 1900s.

“Many Americans have stories like mine, and now you, our newly naturalized citizens, will have your own journey to share,” Ferriero said. “We have over 14 billion pages of records here at the National Archives. Becoming American citizens makes you part of the National Archives too. Your naturalization records will be part of our holdings. Someday your descendants will search our records to discover your history,” he added.

Guest speaker the Honorable Caroline Kennedy, former U.S. Ambassador to Japan, expressed her gratitude at being able to share the “special day” with the new citizens. Kennedy said, “Every time I enter this Rotunda, I am overwhelmed with the privilege and the responsibility that comes with being an American.”

“America is the only country founded on an ideal,” Kennedy added. “We have no king, no official church or language—we are bound to each other by our shared commitment to the ideals and values of freedom, equality, opportunity, tolerance, diversity, and the rule of law. The fact that ours is the oldest written constitution still in use is a testament to the enduring power of those ideas, and to the skill with which the Founders framed them.”

Read more on National Archives News

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Hello, could I please have no 19 with Ardyn x reader?

Sorry that it’s taking me unexpectedly long to get through these. I’m sick again so writing has been a little slow. There’s still a few requests waiting and I’ll try to do at least one per day :)

Ardyn x Reader: 19. “What are you doing?” ”Hiding.”

You could see the storm clouds above Ravus Nox Fleuret’s head from a mile away. It was one of those times when it was best to skedaddle, so to speak, and find something more important to do than go anywhere near the man.

So you found yourself from the archive room in Zegnautus keep. Organizing fifty years old documents was better than the alternative, and you would most likely get to be alone with your wondering thoughts for the rest of the work day.

Deep in thought, you didn’t hear the door open.

“What are you doing?”

The question had you jump up from the floor and drop the papers in your hands. They soared around, diving under the cabinets and scattering around you.

“Uh, hiding,” you blurted before taking a good look at who you were speaking with.

Shit. It was the Chancellor. Too late to take it back now.

“From who?”

You swallowed and straightened your posture, desperately trying to look like you had been actually doing something productive.

Ardyn arched a brow and paced closed when you took your time to reply.

“…Commander Nox Fleuret.” It was best to be honest. Besides, you had been working anyways.

The Chancellor blinked, dumbfound by your unexpected reply. You waited anxiously for a reaction, most likely a stern reprimand.

You jumped again when Ardyn began laughing merrily, soon wiping tears from his eyes.

“Sir? Are you alright?” you asked tentatively, still afraid of getting scolded.

“Ah, yes. Apologies. Do continue your work.”

You could see the smirk on his face as he turned to leave the room, still chuckling to himself.

They’re on vacation so much that Rarity basically adopted her own sister. That’s what the rumours and also these legal documents I found here in her room say, anyway~

Still, it’s neat for her that she actually has parents, which is a thing I don’t~


Today, America woke up early to prepare for work. As he enter his study room at home, he found his important documents scattered on the floor, torn and crumpled while his beloved dog, Liberty, wag her tail at him in greeting.

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So I don't know if you covered this or anything, but in the scene in s4 where Stiles and Malia get locked in a room and kiss, I didn't really see anyone unlock the door. I thought this could have something to do with Stile's somethingness.

Oh it does - that was all Stiles, I’m sure of it. I have written about that before, here’re some links to a couple of my previous posts 

In fact I also think Stiles locked the door, just not consciously. 

Melissa did close the door, that much is indisputable. And so it’s easy to assume that she also locked it. But why would Melissa do that? She’s not someone who meddles in anyone’s love life, not even her own son. I could see her giving some verbal advice, but not pulling something like this. As a trained nurse, she also probably knows not to lock people in rooms without cause, not to mention people might get panic attacks and so on.  

Also, I found  this document that lists the state regulations for room and baths at hospitals. I scrolled down to California and found this:

(b) patients’ rooms shall not be kept locked when occupied except in rooms approved by The department for seclusion of psychiatric patients.

I highly doubt Melissa would go against state policy just to force her son’s best friend and his ex to reconcile. 

But the conversation that plays out between Stiles and Malia does seem to support Melissa locking it. And it’s Malia who assumes this, and it seems the most logical explanation. But by now we all know that assumptions are dangerous in teen wolf. 

Stiles continues the conversation as if Melissa did do it, it but it’s a very weird conversation and I get the distinct impression Stiles is using Melissa as an example but what he really talks about is himself.

He does look surprised when he realized the door was locked, but unlike Malia who gets annoyed he just looks surprised for a moment..

…and then he seems to just come to a realization that, yeah that was probably me. 

So while Malia keeps droning on about Melissa locking it, Stiles seem to use her misunderstanding to talk about himself without talking about himself. 

Here’s the conversation, and I’ve put my little “translations” in [bold]

Malia: It’s locked.
Stiles: Why would she lock the door? Uh Hey, Melissa? (RATTLING) Melissa.
Malia: I could break it.
Stiles: How about you not? I already owe this hospital enough money.
Malia: Why would she lock the door?
Stiles: Maybe she didn’t mean to.[I totally did not consciously do that. But it kinda works so yeah]
Malia: You don’t just accidentally lock a door.
Stiles: Okay, well, maybe, she wasn’t thinking, exactly. [meaning I wasn’t thinking, I panicked when you tried to leave, we need to sort this out]
Or wasn’t thinking it through. You know, people sometimes do things without thinking them through. [I didn’t really mean to - i have no control over this thing yet.]
Malia: Then she’s stupid.
Stiles: [sounding very personally insulted] No, even smart people can do stupid things.  You know, ‘cause they think that it’s the right thing. [I can’t have you running around with Peter, he’s dangerous. I need to keep you safe and that is why i was keeping the fact that he’s your dad from you.] And I don’t think we should hold it against her, you know, for the rest of her life! [I messed up, forgive me!] Especially because she’s tried apologizing hundreds of times through texts and voicemails. [Now even Malia is picking up on the fact that he’s really talking about himself]
Malia: Is she gonna keep begging?
Stiles: She might.
Malia: I don’t have much practice in things like forgiveness. Some things I’m picking up fast. But other things are like
Stiles: Like math?
Malia: I hate math.
Stiles: You hate me?
Malia: I like you, Stiles. I like you a lot.
Stiles: I can work with that. [YES! I’m in control again]

And even if anyone strongly believes Melissa did lock the door - who unlocked it? And not just unlocked it but also opened it? Like you point out, there wasn’t anyone out there in that corridor.

Stiles moves his arm slightly to the left just before the door opens as well, as if he’s gently motioning it open with telekinesis. 

It wouldn’t be the first time he’s done something like that…

I think Stiles is aware of what he can do now, and probably has since the whole void thing. I know I’ve been saying that he’s mostly hiding it because he wants to appear normal, and I still think that is part of it. I’m just starting to think that the other argument is that he’s associating it with “bad things”. 

He’s usually only accessed his somethingness that he’s aware of to do shitty things - like kill the chemist, and we also know he remembers all the things he did during 3b. Are we really sure that was the nogitsune/void giving him resistance to electricity, throwing Derek into walls etc.? Perhaps that was all Stiles, and that is why he tells Malia that he remembers liking it, and that scares him. 

He seems genuinely surprised the few times we see him use it for good. Like here with the locking/unlocking of a door. But also stopping Malia from destroying the computer

and when the phone call came through in Mexico without cell service

So I guess Stiles is right that he’s better - just not good enough in his own eyes to reveal and own up to it. 

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Send “Auction” for your muse buying mine as their slave


{Should I treat is as an au?}

It was surprising to Mei-Rin, but she had not spent too much time there before someone bought her. Because who would like such a clumsy little four-eyes? However, someone had spent quite a lot of money to buy just her, and one of the workers grasped her arm and began leading in the right direction.

After some time, she found herself in the room where all of the documents were to be signed. Lowering her sight at once, she stood there in a shock too great to react reasonably.

“Master–” she mumbled only.