Hey, I don’t care about Beyond Good & Evil 2, but this looks genuinely shitty business and wtf Ubisoft could you not?

If you considered submitting artwork or any kind to this project, please consider giving this a watch.



I think trash has given us a sense of humor to embrace things that we might have been embarrassed about in the beginning. And to not feel bad about them. And to make a joke about it, and then it doesn’t have the power. It goes away.

So, I think trash makes everybody equal and makes people appreciate all kinds of taste and never feel better than the other person. Don’t judge this person; listen to what they’re like. Everybody has a reason. Everybody’s dealt a hand. And I think you can blame your parents ‘til you’re 30, and after you’re 30, that’s the hand you were dealt. Move on.

—  John Waters, “HitRecord on TV,” S01E03


Ok, I was on HITRECORD website and they have this challenge to write a horror story in two sentences. My idea, originally, had “did you miss me?” at the end… Long story short - I typed the title and saw the big poster in front of me…and I thought that I could make a gif. Nothing special - just killed some time, but decided to share (gif at the end is not mine - found it on google) 😁


Beyond Good and Evil 2: Let’s Create Together | My Creative Process!

On the lead up to E3 I had been working alongside DTakes23 to create a song for the Beyond Good and Evil 2 universe! It was an honour to make a new friend who is just as passionate about BG&E as I am. Here is my creative process, hopefully it can inspire or interest you, and if you want to collaborate with this song, or anything beyond good and evil related then check out HitRecord :) P.S. NOT SPONSORED, I honestly just thought this was an awesome idea! DTakes23 YouTube channel: Our HitRecord project:… Disclaimer: I know there is some contriversy around this announcement but I want to clarify, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET INVOLVED IF YOU DON’T WANT TO! This idea was to allow people who otherwise would already love to create fan art or music just because! But now, instead of making it alone, you get to communicate with other likeminded individuals, learn from each other and even better, have a chance to see your pieces in a game that you love. I hope that makes sense and please dont feel obliged to do anything, if you have any questions or reservations you can always reach out in the comments :)


HitRecord x Beyond Good & Evil 2


Holy Crap!  The new Spiderman just gave @hitrecordjoe a run for his money!

(via Tom Holland’s “Singing in the Rain” & “Umbrella” vs. Zendaya’s “24k Magic” | Lip Sync Battle - YouTube)