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Can’t be bitter about your friends having dates and steady relationships when you’re single if you love and support their happiness and relationships regardless of your own status

The Disappearance of Joan Risch

On October 24, 1961, Joan Risch disappeared from her own home in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Her daughter Lilian was playing outside with friends, when she went inside she found blood smeared all over the kitchen and ran to the house of her neighbor, Barbara Barker. Barker called the police, when they entered the Risch’s house they found blood on the kitchen floor, a set of paper towels was around, suggesting someone had tried to clean the blood, despite the amount of blood there were no bloody footprints. The handset of the telephone was ripped and laying on the floor, apart from that everything seemed normal. They found drops of blood on the stairs and upstairs, according to a doctor the amount of blood did not suggest a life threatening injury, it was also type O, the same as Joan’s. At first the police thought Risch had been abducted but the fact that her two-year old son slept undisturbed in his room told otherwise. The last time Risch was seen was around 2:15pm by her neighbor Barbara Barker, according to Barker Joan was wearing a trenchcoat and seemed to be carrying something red from her car to her garage. Hospitals were contacted in search of Risch to no avail, her husband, Martin Risch, who was away in a business trip to Manhattan was also contacted and came back home in the first flight he managed to book. A bottle of liquor was found in the trash, Martin Risch confirmed they had finished it the night before but he couldn’t explain where the empty beer bottles that were also in the trash came from. Joan left her trenchcoat behind and changed into a different one, she had almost no money with her, having spent what she had in groceries and in a dentist appointment she had attended earlier in the day. Other witnesses claimed to have seen Joan, according to them she seemed disoriented and one of the witnesses claimed she saw blood on Joan’s legs. There were also rumors of an unknown car parked in the Risch’s driveway several times but this was never proved to be true. Shortly after Risch’s disappearance a journalist found Risch’s library records, in the summer of 1961 Risch’s had borrowed twenty-five books, most of them were about murders and unexplained disappearances. This journalist and her colleagues believed that Joan Risch had staged the crime scene and her disappearance. All possible suspects investigated by the police had an alibi and despite the fact that many rewards were offered no new clues were uncovered. Martin Risch never declared his wife dead and she remains missing to this day. Both Risch and the last investigator of the case died in 2009.

Pictures: Joan Risch. The Risch’s car and driveway. The Risch’s bloody kitchen.

Cosette got a gorgeous silver dress for winter formal and she was super excited to wear it.

That is, until she found out that her best friend Eponine wouldn’t be going to the dance at all.
See, apparently their high school had some sort of bizarre rule about girls wearing dresses to winter formal.
Cosette will now be wearing a light blue pantsuit.

Cosette also got a bunch of her friends to ditch their dresses.
Musichetta’s wearing one of Bossuet’s purple suit jackets over a pair of her own black dress pants.
Floreal’s wearing the silver blazer and white slacks she wore in her last dance recital.
Even Bahorel’s giggly girlfriend (who isn’t technically friends with them) has gone along with it and is decked out in a full tuxedo.
Their all ready to make a statement, but it gets better.
See the school has a similar rule for guys and pants.
And since-despite everything- Jehans still listed as male, they cant wear their new gown.
So guess what the guys are doing?
Courfeyrac is rocking the yellow sweetheart dress his sister wore to prom two years ago.
Combferre’s got an elegant deep blue empire waist gown he borrowed from his neighbor.
Enjolras is wearing the pink sheath dress he once wore to a protest (with this being its second protest, it has hereby been renamed ‘the protest dress’)
Bossuet is wearing Musichetta’s purple high-low
Grantaire’s got the awful bridesmaid gown Mrs. Thernadier tried to force Eponine into a couple months back.
Joly is actually a perfect fit for Cosette’s gown. (B&M can’t stop staring tbh)
Feuilly actually already had three gowns in his closet to choose from.
Bahorel’s girlfriends gown is MUCH too small. (He looks like a stripper. But he’s loving it)
The teachers don’t let them in, but Grantaire’s got a key to the auditorium, and leads them through to the gym.
Jehan cries at least three separate times.
Late into the night, after they’ve all been thrown out of the dance, Cosette and Eponine sit on the bleachers, watching their friends drinking and goofing around a few rows down.
They’re huddled together under Cosette’s shawl, arms wrapped around each other.
Eponine clears her throat awkwardly and says, “I just… Thank you. For tonight. It was really special.”
Cosette smiles. “It was a wonderful night.”
“I’m sorry you didn’t get to wear your dress.”
“Maybe I can wear it on a date with you instead,” Cosette says quickly, before her she can lose her nerve.
Eponine stares at her, with a look of shock and awe.
Then she’s leaning in-

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Greetings~ senpai-chan! What kind of porn stash that modern au SLBP lords might have? Let's make it a classic scenario when MC found them, accidentally. C:

Hahahhahaha, oh my goodness you are soaked in SinTM, my dear @cottonballwithmustache, I do so approve! Hm hm hm, answer after the break aite? For some explicit content, fufufufufu!

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hey this is v random but i just wanted to let you know that me and my roommate basically didn't talk for the first two months and then literally became friends because we found out that your blog was both of our favorites and now we're really good friends so thank u for that this blog saved our year and our relationship

AHHh this is so sweet thank you!! it means so much to to hear this, and i’m so happy for you and your friend!! tell her i say hi and that you’re both angels 

In the Dark ~3~


Links- ITD Part 1  ITD Part 2

Special thanks to @unicornsxfandoms for agreeing to be one of my characters in ITD (Insert round of applause here). YOU DA REAL MVP.

Also lets thank @emilynxtp for requesting this right after I posted two! 

I also made this longer than what I usually do because I felt the urge to please you all today. I haven’t eaten pretty much all day because I’ve been working on this. I’m just saying, y’all should leave a like or somethin. 

Warnings- Cussing (I always fucking cuss in these), After-effects of drinking, kinda cliche tbh. 


Enjoy!   ~Lucy

I woke up, shivering on my bed. Tears streamed down my face at the thought of the rough “dream” that I had just suffered from. Or at least… I thought it was a dream. My hands pull the covers up to reveal the dress I had worn last night. I was definitely in my own room but everything that had happened the night before was a blur to me. ‘My friends probably just found me and took me home. I was wasted.’ I thought to myself as I rubbed my head. A giant migraine was beginning to form. 

As I got out of bed to try and find some aspirin, I noticed something weird. I wasn’t wearing any panties. All I could remember from last night was downing a few shots… everything else was just blacked out of my memory. “Jeez…” I mumbled to myself, “I hope I didn’t do anything embarrassing.:” 

Walking into my bathroom, I stripped myself of the sweaty clothing from last night. My hands fumbled with the shower controls to get it to the perfect spot. A small smile formed on my lips as I hummed a familiar tune. The water felt perfect on my sore muscles- which made absolutely no sense. Why would my muscles be sore? Last night truly was a mystery.

My hands scrubbed at my skin, leaving red marks and when I looked my body over, weird bruises were spotted. ‘How in the hell did those get there?’  Nothing really made sense to me that morning. Shrugging it off as having most likely fallen, I continued on with my shower routine. Upon stepping out of the shower and looking in the mirror, my jaw dropped and a small shriek came out. On my cheek was a small tattoo of a “J” with a heart around it. It was very noticeable and quite familiar. I rubbed my face furiously seeing if it was just a prank that one of my friends pulled on me. But it was all in vain. It was a real fucking tattoo. “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED LAST NIGHT!”

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Valentine’s Day Special #31

(Not stated) Modern AU 💙  Crush on Kid requested by Anon

It was adorable, really. The two of you were complete opposites yet the chemistry was as clear as day. You were the cute, shy girl that embodied perfectly the expectations of the girl next door. Kid was that punk that everyone, except his friends, avoided. His little gang always found trouble and he never said ‘no’ to a fight when provoked. 

You had taken a part time job at a small restaurant that the locals loved and it paid well. It also helped you overcome some of your shyness and quietness. You were grateful to the locals for being patient on your end and finding your shy nature very adorable. You were behind the counter when you saw Kid and his small posse come in. You felt your whole body shiver at the intimidating men in front of you, the one in front was almost a foot taller than you, but you realized that you would hate being judged if you were in their position. With some deep breaths and mental prep talk, you welcomed them and told them your special which was curry udon. He made a disgusted face at the mention of it and you couldn’t help but find it cute, hiding your smile by looking at the counter. You mentioned your other specials and after a bit of back and forth, the group finally ordered a meal the size of a feast. 

You brought the food over and put the bowls of food down on the table. You were about to head back to your spot behind the counter when the voice of the man behind the mask spoke up and stopped you.

“You’re new here, right?” You looked back at them and nodded, noticing that the man with the red hair was already eating the cabbage rolls that you placed down.

“I just started very recently and I’m still getting used to it.” The man nodded and pointed to the red head next to him. 

“Kid and I are regular around here so I guess we’ll see you more often.” You smiled and nodded.

“My name is (Y/N) and I’d be happy to serve you when you guys come in.” The masked man pointed to himself while the red head grunted, acknowledging what you said.

“Killer,” which made you raise your eyebrow at the odd name but didn’t dwell on it too long, “and this is Kid.”

That’s how it all started, Kid and his group would come in and order while also chatting with you. It became a thing where it would be Kid and his posse or just with Killer but lately it’s just been Kid coming by himself. He usually picked up food to go and leave but it’s been a regular thing that he stays and talks with you. The two of you chatting and being friendly with each other surprised a lot of people, including his friends. His friends noticed the happy expression on the man’s face and took every chance they got to poke fun at the both of you (one of the reasons why he showed up alone nowadays). He wouldn’t admit it but he basically memorized your schedule due to him coming in so much. Your coworkers even told you that he wouldn’t show up when you weren’t there.

He was a grump but there was something about the way that he talked with you and the underlying kindness behind his actions. As the days went on, you wanted to see him more than just at the restaurant but, due to your shyness, you told yourself that you were content with just the daily visits. What you didn’t know was that, he was having the same issue but he was becoming more anxious. 

He walked into the restaurant and immediately went over to the counter where you were, ignoring the heat that wanted to come up to his cheeks when you smiled up at him.

“Hey, Kid! What can I get for you today?” He rested his hands on the counter and leaned forward, making you blush at how close he was getting to you. 

“When do you get off?” You cleared your throat, his eyes were staring into yours and it took all you could to not lose focus.

“Um… I-In three hours?” He groaned and looked at your boss that came over to check up on everything.

“I’m taking (Y/N) for the day.” You blinked and eyes widened at how your boss easily agreed as the day wasn’t that busy so far and another coworker was coming in anyway. He went behind the counter and tugged you out. You struggled to keep up with him and your other hand came up to grasp the hand that was pulling you, using all your strength to at least pause him in his tracks.

“Wait, Kid! W-What’s wrong?” He looked at anywhere but you.

“There’s nothing wrong.” You raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to say something else. “Just… Just wanted to take you on a date, alright?” You blinked and a dark blush filled your cheeks.

“A-A date?” He groaned under his breath.

“I’m taking you on a date today.” You had just realized that you were still holding your hand in both of his but even if you were embarrassed, you didn’t want to let go just yet. A shy smile lifted your lips as you sheepishly looked up at him. 

“Surprisingly romantic of you. Wanting a date on Valentine’s day?” He blinked and his free hand covered his face, groaning and making you giggle at his flustered expression.

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I love this guy but he's dating someone else and I know he will never love me back but I love him so much my heart is aching. What do I do?

been there… and honestly you know what? people are gonna tell you “he’s not worth it” or “everything happens for a reason” , that “you’ll get over it” and variations of those, but I call BS. Allow yourself to ‘mourn’ this, it hurts and it sucks, you are allowed to cry and suffer over this for as long as you need to so you can get over it. Go eat a pint of ice cream, buy yourself some shoes that are too expensive, whatever it takes to make yourself feel better. Know it will be like this for a while, but I can promise, that one day you will wake up and he’ll be nothing but a faint memory, you would have found new hobbies, new friends and maybe even someone else, but most importantly, you would have found yourself,  and you will understand then that you already have, within you, everything you ever needed. 

russian composers like guys from high school

Glinka: starts all new trends, patriotic AF, quite good singer, loves to spend his time with his grandma, good guy.

Dargomyzhsky: really likes love-songs, very interested in mythology, huge fan of mermaids, not really popular, reads Victor Hugo.

Balakirev: erudite, lowkey a Shakespeare fan, vegetarian, “jack of all trades”, a leader of The Gang which he himself has founded with bunch of his friends.

Cui: a member of The Gang, bookworm, knows a lot about artillery and military in general, helps his friends by finishing their homeworks.

Mussorgsky: a member of The Gang, always buys alcohol for parties, probably an alcoholic, loves russian history and folklore, writes letters.

Rimsky-Korsakov: a member of The Gang, looks great in glasses, travells a lot, has a collection of small ships in bottles, fancy, manly

Borodin: a member of The Gang, good at chemistry and biology, was in Italy once, loves his girlfriend a lot, hangs out with science nerds very often.

Tchaikovsky: worries a lot, good-looking, knows literally everybody and everybody knows him, lowkey gay, smokes in the backyard.

Shostakovich: nerdy, small, takes part in lots of activities and clubs, has strong moral compass, passionate.

Rostropovich: rolls his eyes whenever people mistake him for Shostakovich, plays the cello, has a girlfriend who can sing really good, receding hairline.

Prokofiev: almost proffesional chess player, writes poetry occasionally, disciplined, knows shit about cinema.

Stravinsky: has 3 brothers, fluent in french, likes fairytales and stuff, Picasso fan, not really into communism, religious

Rachmaninoff: born in musical family, too self-critical, depressions, has uncanny memory, always in suit.


10 Days of EOS 10: Day 9

Favourite friendship.

I couldn’t decide between Levi & Interface and Ryan & Urvidian.

Levi and Interface are just. Incredible together. But Ryan & Urvidian are a combination of the enemies to friends trope and the found family trope, which i love. Plus the deeper levels to their friendship where Urvidian pretends to hate him but really doesn’t, (which is perfectly summed up in the line “Miscreant. Dastardly lovable miscreant.) It’s in the big things, like Ryan helping him become sober, or Ryan being able to guess where Urvidian had gone. It’s also in the little things, like Urvidian taking the pills from Ryan to help with withdrawal, or asking him for help with his date, (even though he constantly insults him in the process) and basically I love how they relate to each other