found this when i went out with the guys for shawarma today

Wish you were here

(Day 5 of @lapamedotweek the theme waa beach day. Sometimes girlfriends can’t be together.)

‘Hey cutie wanna hang out today?’ -Amesy Q

‘Nahhh, I think I want to be alone today.”-That lASSuli

‘Oh okay, P-dot and I are going to the beach. So if you change your mind…’-Amesy Q

‘Got it.’-That lASSuli

‘I <3 you.’-Amesy Q

‘Ewww gross.’-That lASSuli

‘Love you too, tell Peri for me.’-That lASSuli

“She’s not coming, she wants to be alone.” Amethyst said, using a tone that sounded how Lapis probably would have sounded if she was there.

“That’s mean, you know sometimes she just needs space.” Peridot said her expression was a mix between exasperation and amusement. “But I have to say, your Lapis impression is getting really good.”

“Thanks P.” Amethyst reached for her girlfriend’s hand and began to walk. She was abruptly stopped as Peridot tugged her back.

“Wait, are you sure this is okay?” Peridot fidgeted with the white hem of a light minty green sundress. It had an alien applique stitched to the bottom right. It had been a gift from Lapis and Amethyst, to add more variety to wardrobe. They’d even gotten her a sunhat of matching shade.

Amethyst gave her girlfriend an appraising look, she circled around her once and then whistled. “Damn girl, you look amazing.”

Peridot blushed and looked away muttering something under her breath. But she made no further complaint as Amethyst took her hand again and gave her a peek on the lips.

“Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, but I wish Lapis would’ve seen me in this.”

“Who says she won’t, I have an idea.”

Miles away from the beach, Lapis was waking up. The sun was beginning to set, she’d slept all day, again.

“Dammit.” She growled as she throw the sheets off her and stormed over to her balcony and opened the door. She took a deep breath and felt a pain in her chest as the smell of the ocean hit her. She felt guilty, she’d blown off her girlfriends because she was depressed and all she’d done was nothing all day. “I should gone…”

She went back into her room and hunted for her phone. It had ended up under her bed, she probably dropped it when she’d fallen asleep. A small green dot flashed on and off, she’d been messaged. “Probably to tell me how much fun I was missing.”

Sighing she unlocked her screen, but just stared. She had over eighty notifications quite a few were texts, some were from other social media. “What the hell…” she muttered under her breath. She went through the notifications and clicked the oldest one, a text from Amethyst.

‘Hey dude, I know you’re probably asleep. Don’t beat yourself up about it.’-Amethyst

“Right, just like I thought…” Lapis said about to out her phone down, but she went back to her notifications and clicked the next. It was a message on messenger, she opened it only to find her phone loading something. A video? They had gone through a lot of trouble to chastise her. Her brows furrowed as the play button appeared. She hit play.

The image at first was blurry all she could see was green and the it panned out to show Peridot standing on a sandy trail waving. She was in the dress she and Amethyst had bought her, it looked amazing. It showed off her legs and complimented the green chunk that had become a regular part of Peridot’s hair.

“Hi! Lapis.”

“Yes hi, Lapis.” Amethyst’s face suddenly appeared in the video she wore a huge smile. “Since you weren’t able to make it, we decided to give you a virtual beach day.”

The video went back to Peridot waving, this time she was waving for the camera and Amethyst to follow. “Come Ames and Lapis.”

She inhaled sharply at her name. The video ended. She played it again. She quickly found the next message it was on Cliktext, this time it was just Amethyst. She appeared to be in a sandy bathroom stall.

“Hey babe, what do you think?” She panned the camera down causing Lapis to blush. “Shhhh don’t tell Peri okay?” She kissed the camera and the video ended. Lapis quickly pressed the button to save the video before it was gone forever.

The next was a message from Peridot, she had taken a picture of Amethyst running out into the waves, she was in a one piece bikini with a chest window. A caption stated ‘While we relax in the shade Amethyst decided to play in the ocean.’

Lapis let out a small noise, it was a almost chirp of happiness.

The next message was again from Peri, it was a slide show of Amethyst as she chased seagulls. She stopped when she saw the guys who sell fries. The next images in the slide had her running towards Peridot as she was chased by a ravenous flock of seagulls chased after her.

Lapis gasped with laughter. She went back to her notification and noticed an hour gap between it and the one she’d just viewed. She clicked it reopening messenger, there was a picture of what looked like a sand sculpture of her laying on her stomach, the hair made of seaweed. The caption was you looked so peaceful sleeping we didn’t want to wake you while we went to get…

She quickly found the second part which was on a message from Peridot. It was a collage photo of her and Amethyst holding different foods. It took her a moment but it dawned on her they were holding some of her favorite foods. They had gotten shawarma, snow cones, and green tea.

She sighed, those dorks.

She spent the next few minutes laughing, oohing and awwing as she viewed the rest of their beach day. Her favorites were the image where sand Lapis helped Peri bury a sleeping Amethyst, the video Amethyst recorded of her rinsing of in the stalled showers with Peridot shouting about her being lewd.

She reached the last image and her heart sink the last image was Amethyst, Peridot and her sand legs stretched out as they looked at the sunset sinking past the ocean horizon. It was a text from Peridot. She bit her lip, as a wave of emotion swirled in her, she was happy they shared the day with her but not actually being there for the sunset hurt, badly. She looked outside and saw it was dark, they were probably heading home. She sighed as she walked to the balcony and grabbed her pack of cigarettes. She extracted and lit one, she’d been trying to cut back because it meant a lot to Peridot but found herself smoking whenever she was upset. As she took her first drag her she felt her phone vibrate it was a message from Amethyst with a link. She frowned and clicked it, a download started and she frowned at the size, but let the download continue. By the time it finished she was on her second cigarette. She had gone through the pictures and videos a second time reliving their day at the beach, she was so distracted she hadn’t heard the knock on her door.

The video was twenty minutes long but the preview image sent Lapis scrambling to press play. It started out exactly how the picture that Peridot had sent looked, except the sun had only begun to lower in the sky. The camera swiveled to Amethyst who smiled up at it and then ro Peridot who waved and was all teeth with her excited smile.

“I’m glad we got to share this day with you.” Peridot said.

The camera went back to the sky and the only sounds that could be heard were the ocean waves and gulls as she watched the sun set. Just as the last bits of light were fading and it go harder to see, Amethyst took the camera and looked directly in it as if looking at her. “I love you, we both do, I hope you enjoyed our faux date. I gotta tell you I can’t wait to see you in person because sand Lapis doesn’t cut it.” She gave the camera a kiss and waved good-bye before shutting off the camera. Tears fell on the black screen as Lapis held a hand to her mouth. “Those dorks.”

A let out a shaky breath and smiled. She’d have to wash her face before they got home if she wanted to hide the fact she’d been crying. She walked back into her room and set her phone on her bed before she went to open her door. Outside it waiting for her to discover was a giant shell, and underneath a takeout box. She picked both up, feeling tears start to form at the edge of her eyes. She heard another door open and a small voice call out.

“Lapis?” It was Peridot, she came forward and wrapped her arms around her. “Are you okay?”

She felt another pair of arms around her and heard Amethyst say. “Did we do the wrong thing?”

Lapis shook her head trying to wipe away the tears. Smiling she kissed each on the forehead. “I love you guys, best beach date ever.”

Steve Rogers/Captain America - Lovers

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Imagine Steve getting dominant with you after you tease him.

Not requested I just wanted to write some dom cap stuff thanks to @nerdflash who wrote a fantastic dom cap fic for me yesterday (the link is here if you want to check it out which you totally should because its awesome)

Steve x Fem!Reader

Warning: Dom Cap (lots of smut)


You and Steve had been together for over a year now and you loved each other more than anything. Like him, you were an Avenger, your power was controlling the elements which Steve found very attractive. Steve was kind of protective over you and he hated it when you went on missions without him because he was constantly afraid for your life but that was what life was like as an Avenger.

Chapter 1

“Steven Grant Rogers! You get your ass back here right now!” you yelled as you chased Steve through the tower. He had woke you up this morning by spraying whipped cream on your hand and then tickled your nose so you wiped whipped cream all over your face. So now here you were running through the tower with whipped cream all over your face chasing after a giggling Steve.

“Bucky! Thor! Protect me!” Steve yelled as he ran towards the two men. “You got full named pal. Nothing we can do to help” Bucky replied.

“I believe Miss Y/N is very angry with you therefore I shall not help you in this case” Thor replied. They both stepped out of the way to let him run past before he barged through them. You followed him not long after, Bucky and Thor and Tony who had just appeared next to the men from one of the rooms watched as you used your power of air to knock Steve of his feet.

You heard Bucky and Tony howling with laughter as Steve fell to the floor with a thud. Since he landed on his front you used the advantage and put one knee on his back while holding a ball of water mixed with mud next to his face. His blue shock-filled eyes met your Y/E/C ones. “You wouldn’t” you smiled at his words before dropping the ball on his head, his hair was sticking to his face with little bits of mud in it. “Oh but I would Captain” you said before walking off to get a shower.

Bucky, Tony and even Thor were laughing as you walked past, Bucky and Tony held out their hands for high fives which you gladly gave before going back to your room.

You made sure to lock the bathroom door so Steve couldn’t barge in like he usually does when you shower. There was a knock on the door “Y/N? How long are you going to be? I need to get this mud out my hair” you grinned remembering what you did to him. “Sorry Steve, I’m gonna be a while. Go use Bucky’s shower!” you heard him groan before he walked out of the room again.

You hopped out of the shower a couple of minutes later and grabbed one of your nice summer dresses from the closet and pulled it over your head after you had put underwear on. The dress you had chosen to wear was Steve’s favorite, he said it showed off every asset perfectly, of course today you chose it on purpose. What would be the harm in teasing him a little?

Chapter 2

You walked into the living room and found Bucky sat by himself trying to find something to watch. “Hey Buck. Where is everyone?” you asked as you plopped down on the sofa next to him and placed your legs on his lap. “Hey doll. Well Steve is in my shower after the move you pulled which was brilliant by the way and everyone else is out doing their own thing. I think the girls went shopping or something and the guys went to get shawarma. Again.” Bucky as now using your legs as an arm rest as he settled on a film to watch, which was apparently Pride and Prejudice. Definitely not what you thought he would have picked.

“They love their shawarma . Was Steve pissed after the stunt I pulled?”

Bucky shook his head “No he just looked shocked and then just laughed a little before going to your room to shower but you made him go in mine instead” he chuckled.

“Why did you make me use his shower anyway?” you and Bucky turned to see Steve stood in the doorway. “You usually don’t mind me sharing a shower with you” he winked at you as he finished his sentence which earned a disgusted grunt from Bucky. “I’m getting a drink. Want anything Buck?”

“Just a glass of water doll” you winked at him as you walked off. You felt Steve’s eyes on you as you walked to the kitchen. “You’re really wearing that dress?” you felt Steve’s hot breath on your neck as whispered in your ear. Even that made you feel something in your most intimate area. “Yup” you whispered back before heading back to the living room with yours and Bucky’s drinks, you purposely swung your hips a little more than usual because you knew Steve was staring.

After watching the film with Steve and Bucky you headed back to your room, all you wanted to do now was curl up in bed and read a book. You changed into one of Steve’s shirts, the shirt was like a dress on you so you didn’t bother to put pj bottoms on and then you got into bed and started to read. You must have been alone no longer than five minutes when Steve entered the room. One side of the shirt had fallen down a bit exposing some of your shoulder. Suddenly the book was ripped from your hands and thrown on the floor and then Steve was on top of you looking down at you with those blue eyes of his that always made you melt. “Want to explain to me what that was about?”

“What do you mean?” you knew exactly what he was on about but you decided to have a little fun first.

“You know exactly what I mean. The dress Y/N, why’d you wear it? You know what it does to me” you gave him a sexy, mischievous grin and you could practically see the light bulb go off in his head. “You wore it one purpose didn’t you?” he asked.

You pretended to be shocked at his statement “Now why would I do that Steve?” you added a wink at the end just to tease him a little more. His jaw clenched, which you found incredibly sexy, hen he grabbed your thigh and moved it so he could settle between your legs, this move sent shivers throughout your entire body and you felt a pool form in your panties. Now the fun was really beginning.

Chapter 3

Steve pulled your hair and made you look at him, which only turned you on more. He used his free hand that wasn’t in your hair to lock your wrists above your head. You loved it when he got like this, all dominant and incredibly sexy. He crashed his lips to yours, keeping your wrists locked above your head with one hand and his other entangled in your hair. You moaned against his lips. He pulled away and looked at you, gently pulling your hair again “Don’t make a sound” he demanded.

“Whatever you say, Captain” he growled at you, he loved it when you called him captain. He removed his hands from your hair and your wrists but gave you a look to tell you to keep your wrists where they were.

His fingers trailed down your thighs which made you shiver but you didn’t make a sound just like he told you. He played with the hem of your shirt and he looked up at you, watching your breasts heave underneath the fabric. Without warning he tore the shirt in half and threw it to the floor. His eyes wandered up and down your body, appreciating every part of you.

He began trailing kisses down your neck to the curve of your breasts, you just watched him as kissed, nipped and sucked his way down your body. A small moan escaped your lips as he sucked on your hip bone, you knew there would be a mark there later but you didn’t care. He looked up at you as you softly moaned and moved back up your body until his face was hovering over yours.

“Thought I said not to make a sound?” you didn’t reply to him, you couldn’t you were too busy panting. He looked at you, your eyes were hooded with lust just like his were. He trailed his hand don your body and he ripped your underwear before tossing it with the torn shirt, he then removed his shirt and his jeans so he was left in just his boxers.

He started trailing kisses and bites down your body again, each one making you want to moan louder and louder. He pushed his finger inside your folds and teasingly played with your clit. “Steve. Please” you begged him for more.

“I love it when you beg but right now I’m in control and I’m saying that I’m going to tease you just like you teased me. He continued to slowly toy with your clit until you were bucking your hips into his hand. Then his finger was replaced with his tongue.

Just like he did with his finger he moved his tongue up and down your slit slowly, just the feeling of his head between your thighs almost pushed you to the edge but he wouldn’t allow you to come just yet. He began to move his tongue a little faster, he grabbed your butt and lifted it in the air slightly so he could get to your special spot easier.

He was still licking and sucking your clit, he sped up his pace a little and then as soon as you got close to the edge he slowed down again, this turned into a rhythm and after a while he stopped and looked up at you. “You can come now baby girl” he said before continuing to lick and suck your clit at a fast pace, you began bucking your hips again which was a sign you were going to come and then you did and it was magical.

You barely had time to come down off your high before he removed his boxers and positioned himself at your entrance. He unclasped your bra painfully slowly while he kept himself at your entrance but never pushing himself in. Your bra joined the rest of the clothes that were strewn about on the floor. He clasped your hand in his and looked down at you before slowly sliding himself inside you. “Make as much noise as you want” Finally.

He wrapped your legs around his waist so he could enter you further. He started off slowly before picking up the pace a little, soon he was going as quickly as he could and then he slowed down again and pulled out of you, you whimpered at the loss bu then he quickly thrust himself into you again and hit that one spot that he need to. A smirk appeared on his face when you moaned loudly at him hitting that sweet spot. He drove in and out of you and each time he thrust in he made sure to hit that sweet spot and each time it sent more and more pleasure coursing through your veins.

“Come for me Y/N”

He pulled out again and then hit your sweet spot one more time and you saw explosions as you came again. He came not long after and he rolled off of you and pulled you to him so you were laying on his chest, your legs entwined under the covers, the only noise that filled the room was the two of you panting. “Well that was fun Captain” he chuckled at you and kissed the top of your head which was slick with sweat. “It sure was Y/N” he replied, you could hear the smile in his voice. The two of you just laid there for a while until darkness consumed you and you both slept in each others arms with content smiles on your faces.

The Great Canadian Winter

The Pre Story (about nothing)

To give you a little idea of how my Friday night went… on Saturday morning at approximately 7:30am I decided I should take the subway *home* rather than pay for an uber (luckily, tipsy and tired Liz is still a budget savvy thinker). However, from making that smart decision I missed my subway stop TWICE. Twice, you guys, twice. Yes, I was *that* person passed out and drooling (not really, but maybe…) with all the Saturday morning workers on their morning commute. 

To back track, a group of us got kicked out of a pub at around 2am, only to take the party to a friend’s house, as we sipped more wine and debated world events (true story).  Time got away from us, and suddenly the sun was up(!!!), and my sleepy eyes failed me as I rode the rails home.  And then yup, I fell fast asleep on the subway, and missed my stop twice… Thirty years old and doing life right. I finally found my bed at about 9am, and stayed in a cacoon of warmth (no regrets) until about 3pm, where I then moved from my bed to the couch (Netflix was whispering my name) and ordered “one chicken shawarma please,” from a place that is literally about a 4 minute walk to my house (the guy on the phone laughed when I told him my address, but I didn’t even care), as I then proceeded to drink 3.2 gallons of water, and watch several documentaries on medieval England (so, bloody, good.)

The Actual Story (About something… maybe)

ANYWHO, all that was to tell you, that come Sunday morning, I was REVVING to do something. And do something I did, my venturing about 2 hours north of Toronto with my mom to explore the frozen lakes! Okay, fine. I had also rented a car for the weekend and felt SO GUILTY my hungover ass didn’t use it on Sunday, that I needed to make renting it worthwhile. 

We watched kids play hockey (so Canadian, eh!) as we walked out onto Lake Scugog, and skidded in our boots from here to there. The Lake itself is an artificial lake (created in 1834) and although I had been to it many times before, never when it was frozen (I just went for the huge local ice-cream cones before). 

When I was a kid I was always terrified of standing on ice… I always thought I would be *that* kid to fall through it (being the tubbiest of the tubby, and all) but today you could see how thick it was, and the fact that there were tons of cars on it, gave me (a little) piece of mind.

After nearly freezing our butts off (and hands!) we got back in the car, cranked up the heated seats (<– best, invention, evvvvvver), and zoomed even further north to another lake known for their excellent view of sunsets (and as everyone and their mother knows, I’m a huge fan of sunsets). 

Ice ice baby. So much ice!

Last winter I really looked into ice-fishing, but then suddenly the weather got warm, and I missed my opportunity, but this year I’m determined to make it out there! Apparently it’s quite fun, as you sit on the ice in a hut, with friends, a little heater, booze, food, music ect., I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that?!

So pretty, right? We walked pretty far onto the ice, and watched the skidoos - which looked so scary, I’m not sure I’d have the guts to ride one - fly across the ice, and watched a lot of cars driving around and then spin out. Literally they would do about three or four spins on the ice, stop, and then drive on off. I am nearly 100% certain a Mercedes broke it’s engine or insides or whatever from spinning. It sounded fine, then it spun, and then LOL, no. It sounded like a tractor on it’s final run to the junk yard. 

But all in all, it was a pretty awesome Sunday spent with my mom and the Canadian winter. 

The Epilogue

Sometimes I feel like I’m the laziest outdoorsy person ever. I mean, I love being outside (Sunday morning, before my trip, I also went horse riding - fun, fun, fun), but there is nothing that gets my gears going more than my warm, cozy bed. And not in a va-va-voom type of way, but more of a sleeping-is-glorious-nothing-beats-sleeping-and-being-warm-and-being-horizontal type of way. 

That being said, Toronto is freaking COLD these days, and I am lazy and craving exercise, so I’m going to join a gym to walk/run on the treadmill and listen to Serial and audio books, and maybe, just maybe, do Body Pump (but only if I can get a spot in the back of the class).