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The One Where Phil Dates Dan

TW: Mentions of self loathing, cursing?? I guess
Word Count: 7712
Genre: Fluff
Prompt: dontforgettosmile (AO3)

Summary: It’s been a long time since Dan last dated someone. Eight years, to be exact. Phil offers that they go on a date, to save each other from the dreadful feeling of being alone. But no homo though.


I may or may not be accepting prompts it depends do u want a fic next year let me know

Author’s Note: This promt was sent an entire year ago! Yikes! I’ve been struggling to write this because of school, but since its summer again, I finally got to finish it! Ey! 

Also listen, this was meant to be a sad ending™ fic but I love yall!! Didn’t say it’s a good ending tho it’s pretty rushed and shitty so yea enjoy

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Behold: three Shakespeare-themed Valentine’s Day cards!

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today, i found myself browsing through facebook, scrolling through the wonderful accomplishments of old friends, through engagements, baby showers, brand new homes, and incredible jobs. and i thought to myself, why am i so far behind? but you know, that’s unfair.

i’ve always thought that for every step i’ve taken, my friends have taken a thousand more. but really it’s the opposite. and that’s the case for all of us survivors. for every easy step our friends have taken, we have trudged on with thousand pound weights dragging us down.

so please, take a moment to be proud of yourself today. maybe you aren’t exactly where you want to be in life (god knows i’m not) but think back to all those times you thought you just couldn’t go on, and count the amount of steps you’ve taken since then. you’re alive. you’re breathing. you’re still trying. and i am so goddamn proud of you. 

Chapter III | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

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Song for the Playlist - It Ain’t Me by Kygo (with Selena Gomez)

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Word Count - 5250…ish

“Great, ten past twelve at Euston station. All I wanted when the train we were booked on left exactly one minute ago,” Eden looked at her companion, blame written all over her face.

“Shower,” he reminded her.


“Look,” Harry began to walk to find the ticket office. “We’ll ask to see if we can just exchange them for the next train and if not then we just pay up and live off beans on toast when we come back after New Year, not like we haven’t struggled before.”

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Just some awesome photo’s I found scrolling through Facebook this morning :)

Loving the photo of Koba and Caesar painting the graffiti on the wall.

Anyways I cried myself out over Caesar’s, Blue Eyes’, Cornelia’s and everyone elses deaths. Including I cried a little that Cornelius is all alone now; No Father, Mother, Brother. Maurice is probably the only one out of his chill group of friends that lived throughout ‘ALL’ three movies. At least Cornelius, Bad Ape, Nova, Lake, and Maurice will have each other and be an awesome group of friends as well.

So yeah! Totally ready now! *Got over my emotional feels in the middle of the night*

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But if there are other movies and Cornelius has the main lead…I hope nothing bad and horrifyingly sad happens to him.

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So this has nothing to do with anything… but I felt like sharing.

When I look at Jimin’s lips, I am reminded of this guy I used to date who had very similar lips.  Literally, the best kisser I’ve ever been with.  It wasn’t a long term relationship – we dated while I was living in a different city and this guy was doing his medical residency.  He was busy and I knew I would be moving across the country in a year, but it was fun while it lasted.  He ended up dumping me for another girl and I was more pissed off that I had no one to mess around with in the last few months before I moved than I was about losing him.  

After we broke up, things got really weird.  He’d call me periodically to talk, it felt like he was keeping me on the back burner in case the other girl didn’t work out.  Then one night she called me out of the blue (she copied my number from his phone) and introduced herself and wanted to know about my relationship with her boyfriend and I told her honestly that he dumped me for her, the only time I ever saw him again was when I ran into him accidentally at a nightclub and we hung out for a bit, but he did call me pretty regularly to chat.  Then she tells me this weird story about how he is supposed to be in the Bahamas on vacation with his friends, but she found out through his friend’s facebook post that they weren’t flying down until a day after he said he was going.  Which means he was pretending to be in a different country for a full day and she wondered if he was with me.  I tell her that’s shady as hell, but I’m home alone and haven’t seen him since we split.  Apparently he talks about me all the time to her, acting like I’m stalking him or something. 

The phone call ends and I go about my evening.  A little while later, she calls me again and is panicked.  She managed to get him on the phone, confronted him with his lies, mentions that she spoke to me and thought I sounded like a completely sane person and not the crazy obsessed stalker chick he said I was.  Apparently he gets crazy mad and starts making all kinds of threats about me and now she is worried for my safety.  She asks if there is anyone else in my house and I say no, my roommates are all out.  My car is in the shop and I’m literally stuck there.  Before I know it, she and her roommate drive to my home because they don’t want me there alone and want to take me someplace safe.  So I get in the car with them and you know where they take me? TO HIS FUCKING APARTMENT!

At this point, I have no idea what is happening.  But I’m at their mercy because they drove me there and it’s in a neighboring town and I don’t have a way to get back on my own, I accidentally left my phone back at my place, and whatever… I decide to just see this night through to it’s end and hope I don’t die.  So we knock on his door and no answer.  But you can hear the tv which he turns off when we knock.  He doesn’t answer the door.  He is hiding!

Anyway, we knock and knock and knock and eventually he opens the door and invites me and her into his apartment but tells her roommate to stay outside.  We go in and sit side by side on the sofa and he’s pacing the room and acting disconcertingly angry.  She’s crying about whether or not he loves her and he tells us both to just be quiet.  Then he lights a cigarette and stands in front of us one by one and blows cigarette smoke in each of our faces. Which is weird and aggressive but also notable is that while I was dating him, he didn’t smoke.  I’m also looking around his apartment and it’s a mess.  While we dated, he was a neat freak.  Also, I notice a couple empty beer cans that he must have been drinking earlier.  While we dated, we bonded on our first date about how neither one of us likes the taste of beer.  I’m now thinking to myself, “Who the hell is this guy?  He doesn’t act anything like the guy I dated just a couple months ago.”

The new girlfriend is peppering him with questions and is getting all teary.  She’s calling him by name.  Saying things like, “Mike, you told me you were flying out to the Bahamas this morning!  What’s that all about, Mike?  Why didn’t you just tell me the truth, Mike?” (Mike’s not his real name FYI).  He holds up a hand to stop her from talking, bend’s over and looks at her and says (I swear to god this is true) “MIKE’S NOT HERE! SPEAK TO US!”

She continues on, asking questions and calling him by name.  But he keeps responding the same way, in this deep bellowing voice “MIKE’S NOT HERE! SPEAK TO US!”  So then the new girlfriend looks at him and says, “Can you telI Mike I want to talk to him?  Tell Mike I thought he loved me and I don’t understand why he would do this?” I don’t think I’ve said a single word this whole time.  He seems to calm down a little bit and then she turns to me and says, “Would you mind leaving us alone?  I want to talk to Mike alone.”

I ask her if she is sure, because this doesn’t seem like the safest situation to leave her in.  But she insists.  So I start walking to the front door to go sit outside with her roommate and see if I can borrow her phone to call a friend to come pick me up and get me the hell out of there.  But as I approach the door, Mike tells me “If you leave now, you will not survive to see the morning.  They will find you.”  So I just stand there, frozen.

The new girlfriend keeps insisting I leave because she wants to be alone with Mike and talk to him about private stuff.  Mike keeps insisting that “they” will find me and hurt me if I leave now.  What the fuck am I supposed to do???  We reach a compromise, where I have to go sit in Mike’s bedroom while the two of them talk in the living room.  So that’s what I do.  I sit in the dark for a while, too afraid to turn on a light in case “they” don’t want me touching light switches either.  But I can hear Mike and the new girlfriend talking and while I can’t make out what they are saying, it does sound like normal voices and not whatever demon possession thing that was happening earlier.  It feels like I’m in the room forever, and eventually I get enough courage to turn the light on and look around his room a bit.  A plane ticket to the Bahamas is on his dresser.  He was scheduled to fly out the following afternoon.

Eventually, the new girlfriend comes to let me out of his bedroom.  She announces that they have worked things out and everything is okay now.  But she’s tired and is going home with her roommate.  Mike wants to talk to me and explain things, so he is going to be the one to drive me home.


I give up at this point.  She insists that everything is fine and to not worry.  I’m at everyone’s mercy.  I have no car, no phone and I’m 20 miles away from home in the middle of the night.  So I get in his car with him and resign myself to death.

I don’t really remember what happened in the car.  I don’t think we spoke.  But once we got to my place, he parked outside and turned to look at me.  He said something… I don’t even know what.  He was making some kind of excuse, he was disappointed in me, I don’t know what all he was saying.  The only thing I recall was that the last thing he said to me was “I told you she (the new girlfriend) was crazy?  You can see that, right?”  All I said was that she’s not the only one who is crazy and I got out of his car and went into my house.  That’s the last time I ever heard from him.

Anyhow… the whole point of this is that sometimes when I see Jimin’s lips, I think of “Mike” and how despite everything else he was a really good kisser.

Oh! And I just googled him to see what he is up to these days and I found a newspaper article showing that, after having the cops called on him for a domestic dispute, he ended up being arrested for trying to bribe a police officer.

The end.

Alt!2D x Reader 2

Prompt used:  “Looks like we’ll be stuck here a while“ found here.

Alt!2D belongs to 2ds-melodica. Please check them out! 

It would be in the middle of the semester when you manage to snag a job at a local photo studio that was near one of the shopping malls in the city. You had long grown tired of your previous job as a waitress and had been searching for a better option since the semester began. You didn’t have high hopes, but at the very least you got the bills paid and food on the table…but when you found out that there was an opening at the studio, you jumped at the chance without a moment’s hesitation. The pay wasn’t extravagant, but it was better than relying on tips from surly and rude customers. An added bonus was that now you would have some experience in photography to put on your future resumes when you graduated.

Belle’s Photo Studio was a humble little place; unlike other studios, it specialized in taking themed family portraits rather than the standard fair. In such, the studio was almost a museum with its various tastes ranging from Edwardian to old Western and everything in between. Portraits of various families with various themes lined the walls, most of them in black and white, but doesn’t make them any less embarrassing. You couldn’t help but to silently wince whenever you passed by the portraits; While you didn’t know any of the families in them, you felt bad for the kids in the photographs who looked less than enthusiastic about it themselves. It felt like the kind of thing you own parents would do way back in your youth…

Embarrassing decorations aside, you also found a closet filled with various attire and costumes to fit with the corresponding era, and you found yourself shifting through the racks of clothes on your free time, wanting so bad to try on some of the old Victorian ballgowns. Most of the dresses - mostly the smaller ones - were what you had to help the children get into whenever you had customers for the day. Usually you were stationed at the front desk taking phone calls and setting appointments, but after your boss had seen your work with a camera, she had moved you to being the actual photographer as your main job. You were fine with either or, although you felt much more comfortable being the one behind the camera rather than answering phones. The only difficult part of you job was trying to get the kids to smile…and trying to get the more tantrumy ones into their outfits. Overall, you enjoyed this line of work.

Over the coming weeks, the weather had took a turn. It was normal for it to be cloudy and rainy on most days around this time of year, and you yourself always enjoyed the ambiance that accompanied the rain. The shop was usually quiet around this time with a few customers coming in every other day, giving you a lot of time for you to explore the shop and familiarize yourself with the equipment. Your boss had grown fond of you as a worker and even as a friend over the weeks you started working there; Not only were you a hard worker, familiar with the field and enthusiastic about working the cameras, but you were trustworthy. The last employee that worked there had been caught stealing from her, as you were told, and had been doing it for months. They were promptly fired, and it was around that same time you had found the job opening while browsing for a job through an app. You were relieved to know your boss trusted you, even to the point where she left you to close up the shop at the end of the day. You had asked her if it would be alright if you stuck around a little longer after you closed, if to just look over the equipment and look at the costumes some more, which she wholeheartedly allowed you to do, knowing you wouldn’t make a mess of the place by the time you left. It was a good way to pass time on slower days, and getting to be around professional equipment was an immense help with your schoolwork.

It was a particularly cloudy Thursday evening when you had started closing up the studio. It had been raining off and on all day since that morning, prompting you to bring an umbrella along when you came into work today. What was concerning was the fact that clouds had grown darker in the last couple of hours, and the winds were blowing harder than usual. These were the telltale signs of a storm, meaning you would have to return home earlier than you would have liked. Your boss, Caitlyn, already knew of the storm as she donned her coat and umbrella, digging her car keys from her purse. ”[Y'n], honey, it’s going to be pretty bad tonight. You better get home.“ She told you as she entered the lobby.

"Oh, I know.” You nodded, having been stationed behind the front desk with nothing else to do. “I plan to after I close up.”

“Are you sure you don’t need a ride?” She pressed with worry in her voice. One thing you liked about Caitlyn was that she was a caring and kind soul. She reminded you a lot of your own mother. “I can wait outside for you.”

“Cait, I promise you I will be just fine getting home.” You reassured. “In fact, I’ll call you as son as I get back to my apartment, okay?”

You could tell that she didn’t like it, but Caitlyn had grown to know you well enough over the last couple of weeks. And she knew you were stubborn. “…Alright. But you call me as soon as you get home, you understand?”

“Yes ma'am.”

The bell gently chimed as Caitlyn exited the studio, leaving you by yourself once again. You sighed as you sat back in the desk chair, listening to the gentle howling of the wind outside. The sky had gotten even darker, and you could see little flashes of lightning just miles away. It wouldn’t be long before the storm would reach this part of the city.

You stood from the desk and started to head back into the studio to put away the cameras, only to hear the familiar chime of the doorbell. You found it odd that someone was coming in now, but it wasn’t too unorthodox. Still, the studio was closed, so you returned to the lobby to send them on their way. “Oh, so sorry we’re closed–Stuart?”

You frowned as your blue haired friend grinned at you while stepping into the lobby. You noticed his hair was even messier than normal, undoubtedly caused by the strong winds outside. “Hey, you.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I haven’t seen you in a while since you got this new job, so I thought I’d stop by and surprise you!” He told you. “And before you ask how I found this place, you know I look at Facebook, right?”

That would certainly explain a lot. Shortly after the two of you started your friendship, you added each other as friends on Facebook and several other social media platforms to keep up with each other when you couldn’t meet face to face. It was through your Facebook 2D had found the last place of employment at the restaurant, making sure to visit every other day and made especially sure to sit in your section just to have you as his waitress. He kept up his antics, but you couldn’t complain with the decent sized tips he gave you after every meal. You had long told him about your plans to find another job even before you took this one, but you never told him where. Still, it was a mistake on your pat to not realize he could easily track your new place of employment after updating your status the day you were hired, and a quick Google search would give him the exact address. You only wondered why he didn’t come sooner…

“Why did you come so late though?” You asked further. “You know the studio closes around this time.”

“Well, the storm’s about to kick up, and I wanted to know if you needed a ride home.”

“I…you know what, sure. Let me close up first and then you can drop me off, okay?”

2D had no objections to that, and you went to lock the front door to prevent anymore unwelcome guests from entering before you went back into the studio with 2D trailing right behind you. This was his first time ever in the actual studio, so he had plenty to say about the overall look and feel of the place, and had even more remarks about the portraits that hung on the walls. He continued to look around even when you had made it to the main studio, but you had to scold at him to not touch anything and risk breaking something. You had just got this job and you didn’t plan on losing it on his behalf. He pouted, but kept his hands to himself…for the most part. He kept messing with the cameras, pretending he was a professional photographer, and kept trying to take pictures of you with remarks like “the camera loves you.”

You had grown tired of 2D’s antics after a few minutes and got up to take the camera from him, only for the two of you to jump with a start when thunder suddenly boomed through the sky, rattling the walls of the building. Seconds later, rain could be heard pounding against the windows and roof, strong winds howled through the cracks of the buildings to the point you could hear power lines and billboards gently creak, struggling to remain upright. You winced as you peered outside, the storm had finally arrived and it was a big one indeed. It almost looked like a hurricane was going through the city!

“Ah, shit.” You heard 2D cursed next to you, wincing as lightning flashed again. “It came sooner than expected, huh.”

You frowned, watching as anything that wasn’t nailed down or too heavy being blown away in the wind, the raindrops were much larger than their smaller counterparts from earlier. “Where’s your car?”

“It’s in the…parking…lot…” The two of you fell silent as the gravity of the situation began to set in. The parking lot was a block away down the street, and even if you were armed with your umbrella and did a full on sprint to the car, there was no guarantee that the flimsy thing would even survive in those winds. And you knew you coat wouldn’t protect you from the rain when it was blowing right into your face. While you weren’t concerned with getting wet, the winds and lightning strikes worried you the most, and you weren’t willing to risk injury just to get to the car. And from the looks of it, 2D had the same idea as he looked to you with an apologetic smile. “Looks like we’ll be stuck here a while, huh?”

You were thankful that you had brought your phone charger to work, and the WiFi remained unaffected by the storm, allowing you to entertain yourself with a few mobile games and checking through your social media. You decided to hold off on calling Caitlyn until later, at least until the storm calmed down. You didn’t want to worry the poor woman anymore than necessary, and you knew she would be on the verge of a stroke if she learned you were stuck in the studio because of the storm. You would be able to come up with a viable lie later if you needed to; at the end of the day, you could always tell her the power went out.

You were scrolling through your Twitter feed and listened to the hard pattering of the rain against the windows and the rumbles of thunder when you heard what sounded like heavy footsteps enter the studio. You looked up and…well, quite frankly, you weren’t sure what you were looking at. You were looking at your friend 2D who had reemerged from the back closet, now dressed as a cowboy. He was in the full get up too; cowboy hat, vest, chaps, those ridiculous boots, gloves, and even a bandanna around his neck. He looked quite silly, especially since the costume weren’t exactly made for his lanky body and barely clung on to him properly. It took everything in you to not laugh at the sight, and you could feel a grin tugging at the corner of your mouth before you had to cover it.

2D, on the other hand, thought he was the cat’s meow as he leaned against the old piano used as a background prop and tipped his hat to you. “Howdy, miss.~” He cooed while doing a terrible job mimicking a country accent.

“Stu, for fuck’s sake.” A chuckle managed to escape you as you pinched the bridge of your nose. “What the hell are you doing?”

He disregarded your question as he stood and meandered over with what he must have thought was swagger, when really he had to pseudo-waddle due to the chaps. He slid on to the couch next to you, crossing his legs with his arm stretched out over the back, just barely touching your shoulders. “Are you from Tennessee, babe? ‘Cause you’re the only ten I see.”

You rolled your eyes and held back a groan before you scooted away from the lanky self-proclaimed cowboy. One of 2D’s favorite pass times was trying out the many cheesy pick up lines he’s heard or read on you to get a reaction. It started shortly after the two of you became friends after he wanted your opinion on a pick up line he found on his phone. As are many he used, it was incredibly cheesy and ridiculous, but now he’s been doing it since then whenever he wanted to annoy you. Or if you were feeling down, he used it to put a smile on your face or to get a little giggle or two. “Please don’t.”

2D kept going, his shit-eating grin growing wider. “Ain’t no rodeo clown that can keep me off you, babe.”


“Would you be interested in a little team roping?”


“Country boys don’t need pick-up lines 'cause….'cause they’ve…wait.” 2D furrowed his brows as he started to recite the line, trying to remember the next part but failing to. “Country boys don’t need pick-up lines 'cause…'cause…fuck, what was the next part…?” You started snickering as he started to dig for his phone, which was hilarious in itself since he couldn’t get to it through the chaps and the glows made it difficult to hold on to anything. The snickering then turned into laughter, and 2D became too embarrassed and flustered to bother remembering the line, and instead sat there with a pout and flushed cheeks.

“Aw, don’t feel bad.” You giggled, patting his shoulders. “You tried, at least.” He only mumbled something under his breath that you couldn’t hear, and you started to feel bad for laughing. You heaved a sigh through your nose, sitting back against the couch and went to grab your phone…and got an idea. “Hey Stu, want to take a picture?”

2D immediately perked up, another grin appearing on his face before he quickly got up from the couch and went to pose in front of the piano while you readied the camera on your phone. You ended up taking several pictures of the blue haired singer in various poses while in that costume, all of which you put up on your Instagram. Needless to say, they went viral within the hour, and the rest of the band were quick to leave their own comments under each one, all of which gave you a good laugh.

Fortunately, within that same hour the storm had finally calmed down enough for the two of your to get back to 2D’s car. After a quick clean up and after the costume was returned, the two of you raced to the vehicle as the rain poured down against you both, you momentarily forgetting you had an umbrella. And yet, despite having to spend and hour and a half inside the studio and driving home in wet clothes, the two of you were still in good spirits. 2D even remembered the rest of the pick up line and tried it on you before you went into your apartment, which earned him a giggly “shut up” before you exited the car and went into the building. 2D remained outside as he sat and watched you steadily disappear up the steps, but remained sitting out there even long after you were no longer in sight.

The singer had a lot of things on his mind, mostly pertaining to you. More importantly, he was starting to realize that it was getting harder and harder to drive away from that little apartment building after dropping you off, wishing that he could have the courage to go in with you. Eventually, he only sighed and revved up the engine, soon pulling away into the night back to his own home on Wobble Street, where the rest of the band was undoubtedly waiting for him.

Part 1

“I found this community of proudly gender non-conforming women. Women who don’t conform to society’s restrictive view of “woman”. I immediately felt the freedom to be who I wanted to be, and to not feel that I had to “prove” my womanhood.”

Submission by: @oops-im-a-radfem

24 from Utah

When I was a child/teen I was very gender non-conforming. I didn’t like “girl” things, I hated the color pink, had short hair, small boobs, wore mostly “boy” or gender neutral clothes.

If Utah was more progressive, and the trans cult had a presence here in the last half of the 00’s, I probably would have become a trans boy.

But, I didn’t. I went through my teen years as a tomboy, nothing unusual about that. I hated the clothes I had to wear to church. I felt uncomfortable in the girl’s bathroom because I was worried I looked out of place and that I would get yelled at. People asked me all the time if I was a boy or a girl, and I got mistaken for a boy and called a boy on many occasions. I was asked if I was a lesbian in middle school.

Basic stuff for a tomboy, I think.

When I was about 20, I found feminism. Through Pinterest, of all places. From there, I went to Facebook feminism. I learned the libfem version of “intersectionality” and wanted to be the best feminist I possibly could be. At that time, I didn’t really know much about the “queer” and “mogai” community, because I wasn’t on Tumblr. I had heard a bit about trans people, but I didn’t really know all that much about it.

In the fall of 2015, after being polyamorous with my husband for about 6 months, I met a girl. My husband and I started dating her (that’s a whole different story) and she told us about how she was genderfluid between being a woman and being agender. Her “agender” days basically consisted of body dysphoria and a desire to wear masculine clothing. After about a month or so of dating her, I started up my own Tumblr at her suggestion.

Once on Tumblr I learned all about the millions of identities within the “mogai” world. It was a lot of information, and I was confused and unsure that any of it was real. But I chalked those thoughts up to ignorance, and dove deeper into it all.

Throughout the entire time I was in the libfem world, and the Tumblr world, I grew more and more detached to my previous identity as a “tomboy”. I felt that since trans women have to perform femininity to be taken seriously as women, I had to as well or else I was depending on my cis privilege to be seen as a ‘real woman’.

After only a few weeks on Tumblr, I realized I had never questioned my gender. Because of Tumblr, I knew it was a cis privilege to never question gender, and to never have my gender questioned, unlike the experience that so many trans people have. I asked my girlfriend how she determined she wasn’t just a woman, and she directed me towards some blogs and labels for me to look into. I kept coming back to agender, because I was realizing that I didn’t fully “get” gender, and I wasn’t sure it was even real. Real for me, anyway, of course I knew it was real to others and I should respect that. But for me, gender wasn’t a real thing to worry about. I decided that because I didn’t understand gender, I must simply not have one. And so, I started claiming the identity of agender. 

I started using they/them pronouns, I tried out my girlfriend’s binder, I started embracing my masculine side again. I liked the binder, but soon after this I broke up with her and she took it back. I didn’t like it enough to get my own, so I didn’t get one. After some time of people not catching on with the they pronouns, I went back to she/her. Since I was still mostly feminine presenting it didn’t seem to matter to me.

I discovered nounself pronouns, and decided that I really liked the bun pronouns. I tried using them for a bit, but it felt silly and wrong. Plus not a lot of my friends used them for me, so I just decided to go back to she.

After that, I didn’t really care about my agender identity. I still used it, and I still made sure people on the internet knew about it, but deep down I didn’t care. I didn’t want to go back to identifying as a woman, though, because I knew once I did that I wouldn’t be able to speak about trans issues. I wanted to keep that, I didn’t want to be treated as a silly cis woman who has so much privilege she can’t say anything. I also didn’t want to give up the freedom I felt to not conform to gender roles as a woman.

In about November of last year, I decided that my romantic orientation wasn’t what I thought it was, because I was struggling with romance in general. I have never really felt totally romantic, and I decided to look into the aromantic spectrum to see if there was anything there that I liked. I found idemromantic (which basically means not understanding romantic attraction). I briefly used it, and when I was searching the ‘idemromantic’ tag for more people like me, I found an ace exclusionist blog.

I embraced the ace exclusionist perspective, and started critically examining everything I had been told by the ace/aro community. I learned how most of their labels were really about homophobia and the fact that the sex positive movement has given kids an unrealistic view of sex and romance.

At that point, I dropped the agender label, because through interacting with the ace exclusionist blogs I would occasionally see a post by a radfem that made good sense about why non-binary wasn’t so great. I once again felt the feeling of being restricted by my “woman” identity. I also still supported trans people on principal, I just felt a little better about not claiming that as part of my identity.

Then, the women’s march happened. The backlash of trans women feeling like their experience wasn’t centered enough and they were excluded happened. I noticed that even before that actually happened, I expected it. I knew that the pussy hats and the abortion rights signs would be offensive to trans women. I knew exactly how they would react. And that pissed me off.

I began thinking again about how gender has never made sense to me. I have never understood how someone can just “identify” with a gender. Gender roles are restrictive and assigned based on sex, so why would anyone want to “identify” with any “gender”? My year of identifying as “agender” didn’t do anything about my oppression. I was still affected by laws and expectations of women. I couldn’t just identify out of it, so how could trans women identify out of their male privilege? No matter what they wore or acted like, no matter the surgeries they got, they could NEVER be oppressed as women. They remain the oppressor class.

At that point, I decided to tentatively start researching radical feminism. I discovered this whole world of kick ass feminist women who don’t listen to male opinions, who don’t center male people, who live their lives for themselves and demand liberation.

I found this community of proudly gender non-conforming women. Women who don’t conform to society’s restrictive view of “woman”. I immediately felt the freedom to be who I wanted to be, and to not feel that I had to “prove” my womanhood. I felt a sisterhood I had never felt with trans women.

I felt free to re-embrace my natural tendency towards being gender non-conforming. I knew I could wear what I wanted and not be told I was less of a woman because of it. Now, I’m planning to get my hair cut short like it was when I was a teen (though, a bit more stylish). I want to wear “men’s” clothing and not be called either a man or some “non-binary” gender.

I feel like myself again.

I am a female by birth, and I “identify” with womanhood because I know now that womanhood is the simple matter of being an adult human female. I don’t have to do anything or act a certain way to be a woman, I just am one. And I no longer feel the need to identify as something other than a woman in order to be who I am. 

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Hey, how did you go about joining that organization? I wanna find one near me but I'm unsure of how to find one. I tried Google but it's not what I imagined lol thank u

hm idk. i found out about the group im in through facebook because i saw they were having an open meeting and i really wanted to get involved in something and i just kept going to meetings after that bc i liked them. im not sure exactly how u could find what specific groups are near u cause theres some that are only in one city but a few groups across america are

democratic socialists of america (demsoc obviously)

party for socialism and liberation (marxist leninist)

socialist alternative (trotskyist- this is the one im in)

workers world party (theyre MLs too i think but theyre also really annoying so i wouldnt bother with them im just putting them here so u kno they exist)

international socialist organization (trotskyist)

industrial workers of the world (theyre like an anarchist [?] labour union)

also theres probably an antifa chapter near you so u can look into that too.. uh this is all the relevant groups i can think of at the moment. and all these organizations have their information/platform on their site along with a list of where theyre located so u can see if theyre near you. also maybe just try googling stuff like “socialist organization” + wherever u live? and like i said also talk to people holding banners/at tables for orgs. at protests

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I'm still not over the speech Danai gave during BlackGirlsRock , that was just so beautiful ! I love her so much

That was an amazing speech. She gave a lot of great speeches last year, I need her to be a speaker for something this year that we’ll get to see!

And I know what you mean, just when I think I can’t love her more, I do. Like the other day when I found Janeshia’s facebook and was scrolling through her posts she shared this photo (which she had previously posted to insta) with this caption. I could just imagine Danai saying something profound and stirring at a farewell party for some of the crew :)

I was going through my old facebook photos and found this from Jump Festa 2011. I was young, still straightening my hair, and Bleach was still a thing people enjoyed.

Flash forward 6 years and here we are. Bleach is dead. Ichigo has been castrated and is balding. Renji knocked up his bestfriend and had to marry her. Nothing’s wrong with Byakuya, though. Aside from having Renji as brother in law, he made it out alive.

I might be turning into a pot -stirrer in my old age...

First I get banned from the dog park page for calling people out on being condecending and now I jumped into the foster parent support chat. I used to bite my tongue about these things but now I’m more, screw it they’re wrong and I have nothing to lose. I always say it nicely though? Our state foster parent association has weekly support chats on facebook - I found it late and read through the thread - they were complaining that foster children aren’t thankful for everything the foster parents do and that they should be grateful. And it went downhill from there. UGH. I just couldn’t let that one go.

working in the fucking ceramics department:
  • We keep the keys attached to a red baby leg. The peg we hang it on has a drawing of a little house behind it, complete with a dog bowl of food and a sign that says “Baby Foot Home”
  • Someone’s been making a million small ducks which I have been unloading for weeks. Some of them have lost their beaks and look like sad old men.
  • We found a photo of our boss when his hair was long and now the photo is literally everywhere. on all the signs. on the desktop. photoshopped into the tiles of our faces we put in the window of his office.
  • Oh yeah they looked through people’s facebooks and found the weirdest photo of them and made them into tiles
  • If you need to check out a tool you gotta run around and track one of us down while we’re mixing clay or unloading kilns because we’re never at the desk like man good luck
  • we get to do cool stuff like wear respirators while we lift 50lb bags of dirt into giant vats and then mix it for an hour and a half straight then die
  • I had to mix some slip once and they told me to add the powder from the bin with the skull and crossbones on it. I asked what would happen if I wasn’t wearing gloves and a mask and they said “Oh. Y’know…”
  • There is always something that is a boob. or six boobs. Clay boobs will apparently never go out of style.
  • Someone has been making casts of rumpled underwear for a few weeks now. I feel awkward touching them because they look worn.
  • No one ever comes to pick up their pieces on time and we basically have bisque hell alley of no return. Shattered pieces of forgotten bisque ware, abandoned by the only people who ever cared about them.
  • Some people make…really big stuff….super heavy…and it’s hell…to load and unload eSPECIALLY WHEN WE HAVE TO START UNLOADING WHILE IT’S STILL HOT
  • other people make 200 small traffic cones.