found this poem

clouds covered the sun 
as if to help the darkness envelop me
rain poured down hard
never ceasing
i was lost
i couldn’t stop shivering

but you stumbled upon me 
and just when i thought you’d be like everyone else
you stayed

you were sunshine 
you parted the clouds 
you soaked up the rain
you were the light that led me home

AM 5/26/17

i found this poem i wrote back before you shaved ur head. im using it as your birthday poem lol. also i know timezones are fucking me up but i will probably forget tomorrow thats why im saying it now: happy birthday @decomprosed you sick slut!! hope you have the raddest day and get some more platforms to stomp around in. 

“When I saw your eyes for the first time
I had no idea
that soon, they’d symbolize everything
I ever wanted
and everything
I’d never have.”

// j.d.m.

To put this in more perspective: love and hate sit on opposite ends of the same spectrum.
So yes, love and hate are the same thing. Passion
I am lost now
but hold on
my dear.
Do not go out
and look for me.
Just stay.
Stay and wait
for me
with arms like
and a heart full
of love.
I will find my way back,
I promise you.
—  Lukas W. // Find my way

But I guess I was never much of a writer (insp.)

When I think back on how my life used to be, I realize how much time I’ve wasted when I could have spent my time finding you instead.
—  Poets Love Her
We were something, or we were nothing, or we were everything, and I won’t allow myself to decide which one hurts the most.
—  J.W. // but still the aches come

Dear Woman:
You’ll just be too much woman.
Too smart, too beautiful, too strong.
Too much of something that makes a man feel like less of a man,
Which will start making you feel like you have to be less of a woman.

The biggest mistake you can make is removing jewels from your crown to make it easier for a man to carry.
When this happens, I need you to understand,
You do not need a smaller crown–
You need a man with bigger hands.

—  Michael E. Reid, “Dear Woman”