found this one while cleaning out my files

Something I found while cleaning out my computer files! I wanted to color it, but now I think it’s okay like this lol

I really love this part in Breath of the Wild~

If The Hobbit were an MMO
  • * Bilbo has joined the party *
  • Thorin: lol
  • Thorin: hobbit
  • Fili: xD
  • Kili: XDDDD
  • Bilbo: :/
  • Gandalf: a THIEF hobbit
  • Gandalf: he'll be useful
  • Gandalf: promise.
  • Thorin: He better be. Bilbo, build?
  • Bilbo: Build what?
  • Thorin: ...what's your build.
  • Bilbo: OH. Er...I don't think I have one.
  • Thorin: Stats?
  • Bilbo: Haven't assigned any.
  • Bilbo: I usually just RP in town.
  • * Bilbo has been kicked from party *
  • Gandalf: Thorin wtf
  • * Bilbo has joined the party *
  • Bilbo: @_@
  • Thorin: Is he level 20 or something whotf doesn't have a build
  • Bilbo: EXCUSE YOU. I'm level 80!
  • Thorin: What skills did you get?
  • Bilbo: I'm not telling you that, you'll just mock all of them.
  • Thorin: Gandalf I'm not bringing an untested thief along.
  • Thorin: He'll die.
  • Thorin: Several times.
  • Thorin: IDG why I even have to, we're pretty much set.
  • Gandalf: Yeah, 13 warrior-class idiots versus a level 500 dragon boss.
  • Gandalf: That'll scare him.
  • Gandalf: Look, his skillset's ideal and you have an extra party slot.
  • Gandalf: Just bring him along. What's the harm?
  • Dwalin: he's not even geared
  • Thorin: ...what?
  • Dwalin: look at his armor
  • Thorin: Oh god.
  • Fili: lmao that's like starter gear
  • Bofur: HOW ARE YOU ALIVE?!
  • ... later ...
  • * A Stone Giant damaged Bilbo for 18,028 HP *
  • Thorin: jfc
  • * Thorin applies bandages to Bilbo's wounds *
  • * Thorin applies bandages to Bilbo's wounds *
  • * Thorin applies bandages to Bilbo's wounds *
  • * Bilbo has recovered his health *
  • * Bilbo has been kicked from party *
  • * Bilbo has joined the party *

I was cleaning out my computer today and I found a bunch of images from early 2005, including progress pictures of my Tenten costume, which is one of my very early costumes. Judging by the dates on the files, I would have been 14 while I was making the costume, and turned 15 before the photos at Anime North 2005. (Girl, what is that FIT on that shirt!! Thank god you learned!!)

I included some shots of the Anime North crowd to show what costumes/dress kind of looked like then; wigs were very much an anomaly and most people used their real hair. The average technical quality of costumes was much, much lower, and props were pretty sub-par by today’s standards, but I kind of dig the DIY simplicity of those days sometimes :) (I certainly prefer the unprecedented access we have to materials, supplies and techniques we have today, though.)

The last picture of the Shiva and Chocobo cosplays is an idea of what super impressive costumes looked like back then. That Shiva was UNREAL at the time; custom-painted bodysuit, “ice” prosthetics, that WIG! The Chocobo is a great example of high-level costuming at the time, too. I’m not sure that they would quite meet “big leagues” muster today, but for their time they were (and are) incredible.

(Also, oh my god, Anime North had WRISTBANDS.)

- Jenn