found this on tumblr a while ago

  • Tumblr: the lgbt people that worked on dream daddy are homophobic because of the cult ending found while data mining that was probably meant for a halloween dlc
  • Me: can I fucking enjoy a game I think is cute without discourse please
  • Tumblr: the game grumps said bad things a few years ago that they apologized for but they're still terrible people and if you play this shitty game i hate you

“A while ago,” his friend spoke, “why were you taken aback when she smiled?”

“Well…” he said, smiling a little as thoughts of her began to flood his mind,

“I don’t know but, I think I just found my soul in it.”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #145 // Soul in smile

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I was on tumblr a while ago and saw a post about making your own tarot cards. I thought that i saw you reblog it but looking back through your blog i cant seem to find it. I was wondering if you happen to remember it/know of the post i am talking about? Thank you so much, i hope you have a fantastic day! ^.^

I made my own post about this [here] that has some links and tips; a more recent version can be found here [here].

Some other posts - 

Here are some posts about making tarot out of regular playing cards:

Some more links and resources about tarot cards and cartomancy can be found [here].

I hope any of these are what you had in mind / can help you!

Bucket List#1-Victoria’s Secret Dressing Room

Summary: Bucky and you have been dating for a while now and one day he comes across a notebook of yours with locations you’d like to have sex at. You both decide to fulfill this bucket list with over 100 places. 

Oh, and also, everyone who has a metal arm kink for Bucky should totally watch this video. I found it on tumblr a while ago but I don’t remember the user who posted it. Credits to her/him/them!!!!!!!!! 

Warnings: public ish place sex (it’s in a dressing room)

Originally posted by fandomnationwhore

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‘pronouns dont equate gender!!!’ you say as you post a new moodboard of asexual nicki minaj on your secret discourse blog, dragons-and-blatant-homophobia

‘i agree!’ says a new follower of yours. their icon is of that one white girl on that one show. you know the one.

you check their blog, eager for new mutuals. you’re on the second page of their unnecessarily complicated navigation page when you come across their about.

you blood runs cold, a sudden chill in your room. your mouth drops open as you read the terrifying sentence right above their kin page.

lesbian + he/him pronouns

you start sobbing. how can this be? how can a lesbian use he/him pronouns? you crytype your new friend, the one that’s kin with chrom, but they’re too busy being cursed. you try one of your oldest friends, communismkils, but theyre wrapped up in keking sjws. you look up to your ceiling, not at all comforted by the fanart of benedict cumberfuck. still upset and needing someone you vent to, you open up a new text post and are hit with a rush on inspiration from your favorite tumblr hero. you wet your lips, wipe the sweat from your forehead, and start typing.

i ws literally beaten up bc of this a fw days ago, i thnk they were aroung the ages of 16-17 but these kids came n beat me up while i ws in th city ,helpin folks n they were like “r u tht kid who thinks lesbians can’t do whatever the fuck they want” n imlike, great

We started out fine
Both dancing in a steady rhythm
You lead and I followed
And it was perfect

We were messing up
Both getting off rhythm
You tried to lead but failed
And I failed to follow
And perfect was fading away

We were getting worse
We tried a new rhythm
I tried to lead
And you tried to follow
Let’s just say that failed

We were really messing up
The rhythm was gone
And neither lead
And neither followed
For we danced alone

Then we tried to fix it
The rhythm started back slowly
But it just felt like
We were dancing together but alone

We tried
We quit on the rhythm a while ago
We had both found others
To dance with
But we were still the others partner

We were failing
You had left the dancefloor
I’m leaving soon
And it will be without you

We failed
The music had stopped
And so had we
I guess that was the end
Of you and me…

For that night told me
We were no longer meant to be

—  The music stopped (and so did we)
Help me track down this artist!

Does anyone know the artist/translator of this comic? Or the original post, perhaps?

I want to translate this comic, but I must obtain permission and the full art first. It also seems very well drawn, and I would like to read it!

My friend said that she found this on Tumblr a while ago, so I was hoping someone could help me! She wants to see it as well lmao

Thank you!

UPDATE: It appears the original art has been deleted for some reason or other. Oh well, I’ll respect the artist’s decisions. Thank you all for helping me anyways!

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I love your writing (the sheer quantity of it while keeping the high quality…wow, I admire you). I found your tumblr a week ago and went on a reading marathon, I have like ten pages left. Could I ask for more crossedoutname? I keep getting the mental image of Obi-wan (his impressive shielding keeping him hidden) calmly sipping his drink (the smug sassy bastard he is), while few tables away Anakin is cursing, because this is the fifth day he spent trudging around this forsaken planet and nothing.

The man was cursing and it was kind of music in Obi-Wan’s ears as he continued to calmly sip his tea and nibble on the croissant he had bought himself, a slight smile twitching his lips as the look alike of Anakin glared at his own table.

He wasn’t quite sure but apparently both Padme and Anakin could roughly ‘feel’ him.

But someone had to be a proper ruler and that was left to Padme. ‘Just as well, I get the feeling Anakin might start fires in her absence.’ He thought dryly and took another sip of tea.

So it was left to the Emperor himself along with his Imperial knights to look for Obi-Wan Kenobi without even a proper idea of how he looked though Obi-Wan had to admit, the aged up version they had constructed from his Initiate days were actually pretty alike him.

It made Obi-Wan curious though.

If they needed to age up an Initiate holo of him, that meant that there existed no adult version of him and with that logical conclusion that the version of him that had existed in this universe was dead or at least gone.

That would explain how Obi-Wan had been able to take their place though.

No double to replace or clash with.

It almost made him curious if the artifact had been designed as an escape to a place where you either didn’t exist or had been killed so you could make a new life.

He rubbed his chin slowly then finished his tea and got up, ensuring the hood was up as he left credits on the table and moved to the door, making sure to make his actions unhurried and unworried in case he caught anyone’s attention, his Force aura shielded behind several layers and hidden down so not to catch Anakin’s attention in the Force.

He still wasn’t sure what to do but he was starting to run out of credits and it was obvious that Anakin, this Anakin, was hunting for him.

‘Because I carry their names on my body. Force I still can’t quite wrap my head around that.’ He mused tiredly then rubbed his eyes lightly with a tired sigh.

Of course, nothing can be easy for Obi-Wan and he had a split second warning through the Force before his shoulder was grabbed as he passed an alley, dragged into it and slammed against the wall by a large hand as a viroblade was pressed to his neck with his hood falling back.

“Well well well, what a pretty thing we got here.” The besalisk thug leered at him as one of four hands kept Obi-Wan pinned to the wall by a shoulder, one held a blade to his throat and the two other started to grope at him, searching him both for weapons and coin. “Lucky I don’t spring for humans for you though I imagine if I was into the slave trade you’d fetch a pretty credit.”

Obi-Wan waved in what to do until the thug encountered the lightsaber.

Even an idiot know what that was and as the besalisk yellow eyes widened, Obi-Wan struck with the Force, sending him crashing into the opposite wall with Obi-Wan landing smoothly, fingers brushing the slight cut the viroblade left behind on his throat.

But more important then that was the sudden rousing of something dark and hunting not far away.


Force fuck a Sith.

Obi-Wan ran, pulling his hood back up as he did.

But now the blond had a trail and a good one and whoever had trained him had been thorough.

Obi-Wan smashed into what felt like durasteel but was a chest that had arms and hands that grabbed onto his shoulders.

And then he looked up into yellow eyes as his own wrapped around the wrists of the man who had been looking for him for several days and never quite catching him.

‘Like under the eyes of a nexus…’ Obi-Wan stared into the predatory hungry eyes that watched him in turn, flickered over his face to take in every inch of him and with a jolt, Obi-Wan realized there was not only hunger in those eyes but longing that had spent far to long unsoothed to be sated.

“Hello…Obi-Wan.” The Emperor greeted quietly while pulling the slighter man close.

Hey!!! sorry i’ve been so absent on tumblr, it’s just i’ve been insanely busy for a mock trial competition (which i broke down crying for lmao) and it turned out my team won third place!! i won best attorney in my room twice, while my sister @victuuri-trashhh won best witness once!! i’m so very very proud of our team!! today has been an INSANELY good day; not five minutes ago i found out i got into an internship at one of the most prominent museums in our area !! :D
here are some notes i made to review for science :)
also i will be way more active in like a few weeks, first got finals D:

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Hi! I'm looking for a specific Phanfic I saw on Tumblr a while ago. I forgot the title, but Dan and Phil are still in school. Dan has a reputation that his blowjobs are so good that they can turn any guy gay. His friends lock him in a locker-room with Phil, the straightest guy in school, and force him to give Phil a blowjob before they let him out. Thanks! <3

Straight? I think not. - Dan brags that his blowjobs could turn any guy gay. Unfortunately for him, his friends put this to the test and lock him in a closet…

- Tori

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i'm trying to find a job but i have like a five year gap in my resumé from when i was too depressed to work and i don't know how to explain that to prospective employers. i don't want them to judge me.

Hey angel. I still experience some anxiety when I get asked this question. Not wanting to be judged is completely valid and understandable. You’re human! I think the most helpful advice I’ve ever seen regarding this topic, is to simply say “I haven’t worked (or attended school, etc whatever fits) because I am (or was) recovering from an illness.” 

I actually found this tip while browsing through Tumblr a few years ago so I did some digging to find the original post for ya. Even though it takes some time to get used to talking about it, it does get easier. You build confidence and coping skills every time you handle a tough situation. I hope this is somewhat helpful darling, stay strong 💕

hi this is my girlfriend Ann and her girlfriend Shiho

What type of Ships do each Twice ships clarify as

I found this post: And if you have the time, can you classify (in your own opinion is fine) where all the ships stand?

So the lovely Dy, @namo-or-death as most of you know her, requested this a while ago and I’m only just getting around to now (so sorry!!) But here it is. These classifications are all taken from the above post which I will copy down here to make your lives and my lives easier but credit to the original creator. 

types of ships

  • gigantic deluxe cruise: 34705 search results on everywhere, dominates the fanzine market, badass edits with lots of heart-wrenching quotes since they’re probably the main characters. author probably shipped them as well, tbh. usually the “opposite personality” pair, overused tropes, nicknames, etc.
  • modest viking longship: has been there since the beginning of time, always appears as a side ship in fics, especially those with all the main cruises in one universe. yet has surprisingly little main fics considering how the characters basically aren’t shipped with anyone else but each other.
  • the “aww” submarine: that non-mainstream pair whose fanart pops up on your dash once a while. everyone lowkey ships them in a ‘in another universe where my otp didn’t exist’ way. see: “I don’t get why don’t more people ship xxx!” actually, they do.
  • the sturdy fishing boat: usually clashes with one of the mainstream ships. people either ship them, think they’re good as they are now, or oppose them with a passion. with enough supporters it may upgrade to a bigger fishing vessel, garner quite a bit of attention and start discourse with the cruise oppressors. mostly stays in their waters and are chill if u don’t insult them
  • the driftwood: tinier than the piece of lumber that jack and rose couldn’t hold on to at the same time. you need wood? you make wood. EMPHASIS: usually consists of couples that would theoretically be good together since a) they are minor characters and b) they have had zero interaction
  • the lone canoe: most perplexing of all. these characters are well known, have decent interaction, yet are never shipped together. when it is suggested people frown upon you as they are deeply rooted within their prejudices, but convert someone and you will be much more satisfied with the content than poor driftwood.

2yeon - Gigantic deluxe cruise

namo - The sturdy fishing boat 

sanayeon - the “aww” submarine

nahyo - The lone canoe

minayeon- the driftwood

nahyun - the driftwood

nachaeng - the driftwood 

natzu - The lone canoe

jeongmo- Modest viking longship

sajeong- The lone canoe

jeongmi- Modest viking longship

jeonghyo- The lone canoe

jeonghyun - the driftwood

jeongchaeng/nojam bros - The lone canoe

jeongtzu -  the driftwood

samo -  Modest viking longship

mohyo - the “aww” submarine

mimo - Gigantic deluxe cruise

dahmo- the “aww” submarine

mochaeng- the driftwood

motzu -  the driftwood

sahyo - the “aww” submarine

2na - The sturdy fishing boat 

saida - Gigantic deluxe cruise

sachaeng- The lone canoe

satzu- Modest viking longship

minahyo/97 line- The lone canoe

dahyo - the driftwood

jichaeng - The lone canoe

jitzu- Modest viking longship

minahyun - the “aww” submarine

michaeng- Modest viking longship

mitzu - the driftwood

dubuchaeng -  Modest viking longship

datzu- The lone canoe

chaetzu/99 line - Modest viking longship

AO3 is the best

A little while ago I sent the AO3 a suggestion, and wowwwww it paid off.

Really I mostly just use tumblr to follow tags, and that is how I found filter-me-ao3 which is awesome and led me to a few AO3 newsposts that explained how to filter things out. Link to the roundup here.

The ID numbers are amazing, but they don’t cover everything so I wrote in and asked if they could eventually maybe post some of the ID numbers for some of the additional tags, too, so filtering those out would be easier.

I got a note back saying that they’d pass on the suggestion to the people who actually do the posts…

And then they attached a HUGE LIST OF ID NUMBERS. Or really TWO lists. One of just popular tags and then one of a bunch of popular AUs. SO MANY TAGS.

So I decided to share.

Here, tumblr. Have like 200 tag ID numbers to filter out on the AO3 if you want! (Or maybe a little under because I took some of the AU tags off of the first list because they were in the second too.)


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Hey! A while ago I say your selfie on tumblr without a source and I thought your hair would be super fun to draw! I finally found the post again with a source and wanted to show you :)


I got myself this really so pretty illustrated book which was shown some days ago here on tumblr..and all I can say: It is worth getting it!

I am showing you some of my favourite pages (all in german, sorry. If someone wants something translated, please tell me. I don’t know if it is out in the US too though). I just found it interesting to see, Lloyd isn’t mentioned as an EM..which just proves what we already know since quite a while..he’s not an EM but..something..else..)

Rin Should Keep His Mouth Shut

Hey guys I’m back with a new fanfic!! While scrolling through Tumblr a few days ago I found a headcanon from @ao-no-head-canons that I absolutley loved. This is also for @rinshairpins who rebloged the post for me to see and for @sataniasblog becuase they gave me inspiration for the last part of the story. I hope you guys like it!

Rin was always one to speak before he thinks, he knew his big mouth would get him in trouble one day. What he didn’t expect was it to land him in what he thinks is the most embarrassing thing he’s done yet.

He was making dinner for him and Yukio, moving around the kitchen in a blur of blue and black. The fish was on the frying pan and the rice was about to be finished any minute. Rin seemed like he was dancing as he glided to one end of the room to the next, knowing exactly what he was doing. As he added pepper to the chicken, he was also grabbing garlic off a shelf. The way he cooks makes it look like he could beat Bobby Flay with a hand tied behind his back. The boy was skillfully chopping vegetables for the stir-fry when Kuro decided to nuzzle up on his leg.

“Hey Rin! The food smells delicious!” He was practically drooling at the sight of the fish.

“Thanks buddy,” Rin smiled down at his familiar. “How does this taste?” He scooped a small spoonful of the stir-fry sauce and placed it on the floor. The black cat eagerly licked it clean with a happy purr.

“It’s great! When can we eat?”

“Once Yukio gets back from his mission.”

Kuro leaped up on the counter next to his friend. “But that could take hours! What if I die of starvation before he gets here?” He pouted as Rin poured the chopped vegetables in the pan.

“I think you can last another hour.” He took a pinch of spices and threw it in the pan. “Besides I saw you eat that rat not too long ago.”

“But Riiiin, I’m hungry!” If Rin wasn’t immune to the whining and pouting, he would’ve been putty in Kuro’s paws. The damn cat has mastered the big eyes and sad ears down pat, making getting what he wants a lot easier.

“Not yet,” He picked the cat up and plopped him on the floor. “Now get out of my kitchen before I fry you up.” Kuro yelped and dashed out the door.

While Rin finished dinner his mind drifted to the mission Yukio was on. It was just a simple task, get rid of a demon that has been hiding in someone’s house. They didn’t know what kind of demon it was, but Yukio could handle it and if anything went wrong then Shura would jump in. Those two made a good team.

Rin smiled as he thought of Shura. Ever since they found out she’s been living in their dorm, the three of them have been spending more time together. On some nights she would watch dumb YouTube videos with the twins, on others they would just talk for hours about their day. Rin’s favorite nights are when Shura would be in a good mood and tell them about their father before they go to bed. At times like that, it would remind him of the times Shiro would read him a bedtime story to sleep easier. After every tail of heroism about his father, Rin would sleep like a log the whole night.

Sometimes Rin would wonder if having Shura around is like having a mom. The thought would always leave a tight feeling in his chest, an empty feeling he doesn’t like. Not knowing what a mother’s love feels like is a touchy subject for the twins. They knew Shiro loved them unconditionally, it was enough fit for two parents, but it always felt like something was missing.

While Rin’s thoughts drifted from Shura, to not burning the food, Yukio entered the kitchen looking a little worse for wear. “Nii-san, I’m back.” Once Rin took a look at him, big brother mode kicked in.

“What the hell happened to you?” he shouted while putting the stove on low heat. “You look like you were dragged across Japan!”

Yukio looked down at himself and sighed. His coat was ripped in multiple places and there were mud stains on his pants. His glasses were also broken, one lens was cracked while the other didn’t have lens in the rims. He touched his forehead and found a trail of dried blood. Yukio gave a weak laugh. “Well, turns out it wasn’t a simple mission after all. A horde of Goblins were living in the basement of a newlywed’s house. When I opened the door they all attacked me. The biggest one latched onto my arm and took me for a ride around the block.”

“Damn it Yukio, aren’t you supposed to be the badass top exorcist?”

“I mess up sometimes too, I don’t need you to worry about me.” There was irritation in his voice. “I was completely fine.”

There was something in his eyes that wasn’t right, the blue took a darker shade and made him look more tired. Rin sighed. “Whatever, just get cleaned up. Dinner will be done soon.”

Yukio grunted in response and exited the kitchen.

As Rin set the table, his brother reappeared in a t-shirt and sweatpants, his spare glasses perched on his nose. “Nii-san, how many times have I told you not to leave your dirty clothes in the hallway?”

“I don’t think I can count that high.” He turned to face Yukio. “And what dirty clothes? I did the laundry yesterday.”

Yukio pulled out a chair and sat. “The clothes that I just picked off the staircase.”

“Sorry four-eyes, that was mine,” said Shura as she opened the kitchen door wearing an oversized shirt with a juice box in her hand. “Meant to get those after I was done with my shower.” She shook her short hair and water sprinkled onto Rin.

“When did you get back?” asked Yukio. “I thought you were picking a fight with Mephisto last time I saw you.”

“Yeah I was, but then that jackass poofed away before I could get a good swing on ‘em.” She winked and plopped down on the chair across from him.

Rin placed the rice on the table with a happy smile. “Alright dinner is served!”

“Thank you for the food!”

Just as the three were about to dig in, Kuro flew in from the window, eyes set on the feast. Before he could attack the fish, Shura stuck a butter knife in his path, almost slicing off a whisker. “Hold it cat, me first.” She cut a piece for herself then for the pouting familiar. She smiled as Kuro perked up and nuzzled her hand.

Rin felt his heart swell as he looked around the table. His brother had a soft smile on his face, looking content. Shura was devouring the stir-fry and chicken, looking like she was in heaven. After a huge bite of rice she told Yukio to sit up straight while he ate. This is what he looks forward to the most after the end of a long day, to have this family atmosphere around the dinner table. Rin was staring off into space when Shura poked him with her chopsticks. “Oi, eat. Or else yer food will get cold.”

He nodded with a goofy smile on his face. “So how’d the mission go?”

Yukio swallowed before he spoke. “Well after the goblin took me away, the rest of the exorcist deposed of the remaining nest. Turns out there was a dead rat that made them go ballistic. There were more than one house could shelter, so I had a few of the guys inspect the neighborhood. ”

“What he said,” Shura agreed in between bites of fish.

“What were you doing while my baby brother was being dragged off?” Rin pointed his chopstick towards the girl stuffing her face.

She snorted. “I was fightin’ off the king, the bastard got me good when I wasn’t payin’ attention.” Shura lifted her shirt to reveal a bandaged torso. A sharp feeling shot through Rin’s chest at the sight of the bruises and smaller cuts on her body. He knew she’s been in worse condition than this but it still hurt to see.

“Oi, don’t make that face!” She leaned over the table to flicked his nose. “I’ve taken more beatings than this than you’ll have in yer lifetime.”

Rin rubbed his nose while Yukio snickered next to him. “Oh yeah? What was the worst fight you ever had?”

Shura’s eyes lit up and a smirk made its way on her face. “One training session with yer dad left me in the hospital for a full week. That old man beat my ass into the next lifetime.”

“Yes that was a day to remember.” Yukio smiled at the memory. “I won twenty bucks that day.”

“Only because I was a cocky little shit back then and didn’t have enough experience.”

“Oh please, the only difference between then and now is that you’re taller.”

“Yer better watch it, four-eyes. I could ground you for sassing me back if I wanted to,” Shura’s smirk widened at her triumphant win. “As one-half of yer guardian, I have every right too.”

Yukio frowned at his rice, keeping his mouth shut. Rin laughed at his defeated brother until realization dawned on him. “Wait a minute! He was there to watch?”

“Yup, brat bet me Shiro could beat me in under an hour. It only took him twenty minutes.” She took a sip from her juice box. “I still have the scars to prove it.”

“Aww man! You guys got to hang out with Dad all the time doing badass exorcist stuff!” Rin crossed his arms and pouted like a child.

“If it makes you feel any better, Dad wouldn’t take me on most of his missions because they were too dangerous,” Yukio said in an attempt to cheer the boy up.

“Actually he didn’t take you because he didn’t want you pissing yer pants on the job,” explained Shura.

Rin erupted into laughter while Yukio stuttered in his seat, a blush creeping onto his cheeks. “W-what? That’s n-not true! He was just looking out for my safety!”

“Believe what you want kid.” She took another bite of stir-fry. “But he told me everything. He even said you didn’t stop sleeping with a nightlight until you were twelve.”

“T-that has nothing to do with this!”

Rin laughed harder as the two continued their banter, by the time they were done, Rin had tears in his eyes and a smile on his face.

When dinner finally finished, the three started to clear the table while Rin ranted about Suguro. “I mean the guy is a total jerk! He wouldn’t lend me a pen. A pen! How dumb is that?”

“I can see why he wouldn’t Nii-san,” said Yukio as he started washing the dishes. “You chew on the ends without knowing. It’s kinda gross.”

“Still, the dude has a whole case of pens, he couldn’t spare just one?”

“You’ve been talking about Suguro a lot lately.” Shura pointed a finger at the boy. “You got a crush on him or something?”

Rin stopped dead in his tracks. He hoped she couldn’t hear his heartbeat or else she’d know it picked up speed once she finished that sentence. As he turned to face away from her, a dark blush appeared on his face. “W-what? No! I hate the guy. He’s the worst.”

“Sure, whatever you say.” He could practically hear the smirk on her face. They continued to clean the kitchen until Yukio found a box in the fridge.

“Nii-san, when did you buy a cake? You know our allowance is limited, you shouldn’t be buying things you can bake yourself.”

Rin gave him a skeptical look as he pulled the small box out. “I don’t remember buying one.”

“I bought it,” said Shura. “I forgot I put it in there for after dinner.”

“What? Why?” Asked Yukio as he placed the box on the counter. “I don’t normally see you eating cake. What’s the occasion?”

“Who cares? Let’s eat it!” Exclaimed Kuro as he jumped up and down next to the box.

“It’s been a year since I started training Rin. I just thought that we’d have a little something to celebrate the kid not scorching anyone yet.” She shrugged like it was no big deal. “It also gave me an excuse to buy cake.”

If Rin hadn’t cried his eyes out earlier (one of his favorite manga ended and the last chapter was released that day), he’s pretty sure he would’ve burst into tears. “You remembered the day you became my teacher?”

“Course I did.” A faint blush colored her cheeks and she wouldn’t make eye contact with him. “Hurry up and cut the damn thing, I wanna piece already.”

Rin was so overjoyed that he flung himself into Shura’s arms, making her stumble backwards. She smiled as she awkwardly returned his hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” He pulled back enough to look at her face. “You’re the best, Mom!”

The kitchen went silent, no one talked, no one moved. The only sound was the water from the leaking sink. Even Kuro didn’t make a peep. Once the word left Rin’s mouth, time seemed to stop, just to leave him in utter embarrassment.

Yukio was the first to snap out of the trance by saying, “Holy fuck.” Normally he doesn’t swear, but this was definitely a swear worthy moment.

Rin released Shura and scrambled backwards, hitting his hip on the counter. He could feel his face heating up more every second. Even his tail was puffed up in embarrassment. Him and his big mouth.

Shura’s eyes widened and a huge smirk was plastered on her face. “It wasn’t a problem, Son.”

At that, he completely lost it. “I didn’t mean to say that! It was an accident!” Rin started to wave his hands in front of him. “I was just caught up in the moment! My mouth said that without me knowing!”

He stopped his ramblings when Shura doubled over in a fit of laughter. “Oh God kid, enough, enough, I can’t take it!” She was clutching her stomach, her face red with tears in her eyes. The twins just watched as she continued to enjoy Rin’s predicament

The boy wanted to be swallowed up by the floor, never to be seen again. He hasn’t felt this modified since Suguro found him snooping through his room for his phone. Even then he knew it wasn’t bad, the guy never spoke of it to anyone. But this, oh boy, this is gonna haunt Rin for the rest of his life.

Once Shura composed herself, she stood up and whipped a few stray tears. “Thanks for that, I haven’t had a laugh like that in months.” She grinned at the shocked faces of the twins, making sure to commit them to memory. “Oi, four-eyes cut me a slice, I ain’t getting any younger here.”

Yukio just shrugged as he grabbed a knife and started to cut the cake. Rin, still red in the face, went to grab plates and forks. “So we’re just gonna pretend that didn’t happen right?”

Shura snorted as she finally got her dessert. “Yer cute kid, but no. I’m gonna remind you about this until the day you die.” She yawned as she took a bite. “Well I’m gonna hit the sack. Night guys.” She turned and walked out the kitchen with a wave of her hand.

Rin turned to face his brother with a death glare. “If you tell anyone about this, I’ll poison your bento boxes.”

Yukio smirked as he took a slice for himself. “I promise I won’t tell a soul.” He then walked to the door but stopped mid-step to look at his brother. “Son.” The last thing Yukio heard as he walked to his room was Rin screaming.

Later that night, when the boys were sound asleep, Shura snuck into their dorm room. The light was still on when she opened the door, she wore a fond smile at the sight of the twins. Yukio was snoring in his bed, he was still wearing his glasses with a book on chest. She removed his glasses and book, placing them on his desk next to his bed. As she watched him sleep, she couldn’t help but poke the mole on his chin. He mumbled something about mineral water and turned, facing his back to her.

Shura made her way to the other side of the room, giggling at the sight of Rin. His right leg was hanging off the edge with half his blanket on the floor. Both his arms was above his head, as she got closer Shura could see that both his eyes were slightly open. Kuro was snuggled next to his neck, his split tail under his nose, making it look like Rin had a mustache. She picked up his blanket and draped it over his sleeping form. He stirred for a moment, uttering incoherent words. For a split-second, Shura heard him say “Suguro”. She smirked to herself. The kid did have a crush.

She stood next to the bed a moment longer. She didn’t know what came over her, but the next thing she knew, Shura was leaning down to place a kiss to his forehead. When she stood up, Rin had a small smile on his face. She walked to the door and flicked the light off. When she was almost out of the room, she turned back to look them. She leaned on the door frame, a warm feeling erupted in her chest as she thought of all the fond memories they had together. “Sweet dreams, my boys.” Shura turned into the hallway and closed the door, letting the twins sleep for the night.

So coolest thing happened to me couple days ago and since no one in my life found it as cool as i did, i just had to bring it to tumblr! I was on a getaway with uni friends last week in Rosebud Vic and we decided to go to a street market for the day. As we’re walking down the street I noticed a book store and ever since I heard that still star crossed has been canceled I’ve been trying to see if I could find the book. I told my friends to go ahead while I quickly went in. While I was waiting in line to ask one of the store girls if they had the book another girl came up and served me. Since no one really knows about the show in Australia I didn’t really expect her to know what it was when I asked, but as soon as I did she replied with “Oh do you watch the show?’. I was just happy to meet someone that had actually heard of the show so I said ‘yeah I love it, do you watch it too?!’ and she goes ‘my brothers actually in it’ ………… my first thought was maybe he’s just an extra but then I remembered that the leading man of the show (and my heart) is Australian too! So I say ‘I’m sorry but is your brother Benvolio???????” AND SHE SAID YES! Of course I freaked out a bit and my cheeks were hurting from smiling so hard but omg she was so lovely and stood there chatting for like 15 minutes! I was telling her how upset I was about the show being canceled and how annoying that there was literally no publicity for it and of course she agreed and since I have no brain to mouth filter I blurted out ‘I’m sorry but your brother’s really hot!’ and she laughed and agreed that the whole cast is rather good looking! Anyway the shop was starting to get busy and sadly she couldn’t find a copy of the book, so I had to say goodbye but not before telling her to tell her brother that even though the show got canceled its got a big fanbase and he’s brilliant in it! A couple hours later when my friends and I were on our way back we were about to past the shop again and I realised that I hadn’t even had a proper look around before (clearly starstruck) so i went back in and after being there for five minutes looking around one of the other girls who had been listening to my fangirling before comes over to me and points to another lady and says ‘That’s Wades mother!’ I love that girl cause she was clearly looking out for me! So I got to meet his mum as well cause when the sister saw me again she brought her mother over and said ‘mum this is the sweet girl I was telling you about before that watches still star crossed!’ and they were both so lovely and I just kept thinking about how cool it’ll be that they’re probably going to be telling Wade about this fan that they met randomly and they’ll be talking about meeeee! And his sister said that the cast is actually really close and everyones so lovely and omg it was awesome! And of course we both bonded over Rosaline and Ben and I told her how I hope they get together before the show ends and she said she thinks that something’s going to happen before it ends! I’ve always been one to believe in fate but I’ve never experience it like this before! So many things could’ve stopped us from meeting (my friends taking forever to get ready that morning, almost going to another location, me walking on the other side of the road and completely missing the shop, me getting served by the other lady, etc) but I don’t know, I like to think this happened for a reason, not sure what that reason is, besides the fact that it was super cool, but I’m going to love having that memory with me.