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Tips for Learning Tarot

✨The best way to learn is to start using your cards! Don’t feel like you have to memorize all of the cards before you start reading them – it’s absolutely fine to look up definitions as you go!

✨Instead of trying to learn all 78 definitions at once, break it up into sections. I’d recommend starting with the Major Arcana, because they are definitely more self-explanatory than the Minor Arcana. As you start studying the cards, always keep in mind that the goal is to understand the cards instead of memorize them.

✨When you’re ready to move onto the Minor Arcana, I would first focus on the difference between each of the suits. What characteristics and elements are related to each? For example, the Cups deal with relationships emotional journeys, while the Swords deal with intellectual ones.

✨Just like each suit has a common characteristic, each court and numbered card has a similar theme; for instance, Aces represent new beginnings and potential.

✨I’ve found it very effective to learn the minor arcana by taking the same card from each suit, and compare and contrast the similarities and differences of each. Consider the “Tens;” which all represent some form of completion or finality. The Ten of Wands indicates you have worked hard and are now burdened with responsiblity, the Ten of Cups represents celebration, unity, and harmony, the Ten of Swords represents an unexpected defeat by betrayal, and the Ten of Pentacles represents fulfillment of a legacy after a long journey. While they all mean something different, there’s also lots of similarities to consider!

✨Always remember that there’s never one correct answer in tarot, and each card has countless interpretations. It’s always a good idea to use multiple sources (including your own intuition!) when learning the cards, so you can get as many perspectives and insights as possible. Also keep in mind that your interpretations of the cards may change and evolve over time, and that’s completely okay – it just means you’re learning!

✨As this post is already long enough, here’s a separate post listing my absolute favorite websites for learning tarot meanings!

I hope you found some of these tips helpful, best of luck! 💖

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omg wait how do you get a ringtone onto an iphone with the new itunes update? i tried to set it as this mashup of something and it didnt work :(

Hi Lovely!

Okay, so in the old iTunes, I used to have a folder synced on my computer so that when I added a new ringtone, I just plopped it in there and it updated whenever I plugged in my phone. For some asinine reason, Apple decided that was too easy and decided to hide how to put on a new ringtone. 

When I did mine recently, I found this website here very helpful; I’ll simplify it for you, so that I also have the instructions and I can add my own again without googling how to do it LOL.

Okay, so I’ll go from start to finish, since I always make my own ringtones. For this tutorial, you will need Audacity, which you can download for free here (always support open source programs! <3). Audacity also requires a plug-in to convert audio files to MP3; it’s also free and instructions on how to install it are here.

NOTE: You CAN also make ringtones in iTunes, I just prefer to do it in Audacity because you can be a lot more precise on the length and the Start-Stop positions and play with the audio; in iTunes you need to know EXACTLY the start stop times. The initial tutorial website shows you step by step how to make a ringtone using iTunes, so you can do that if installing and prepping programs is a bit daunting for you! I always have the most difficult way possible to do anything, but if you’re willing to put the time in, it’s also the most fun :D 

Either way, remember that the most IDEAL RINGTONES are between 20 and 30 seconds; the longest you can make one for iPhone is I THINK 45 seconds.

If you want to just make the ringtone, skip to Section B: Adding the Ringtone in iTunes.

NOTE YOU NEED TO HAVE AN UPDATED iOS FOR THIS TO WORK. I am running iOS 11.0.3 on my iPhone 6S Plus.

Okay so here we go!

A. Making Your Ringtone Using Audacity

1. Choose your song; it can be any song, as long as it’s a format supported by Audacity (FLAC, WAV, AAC, and MP3 I know for sure. I believe it supports all kinds of audio files). Right click, and choose “Open With > Audacity”.

2. So now you’ll see a waveform in Audacity. If you’re not familiar with audio editing, it can look very scary!:

BUT it’s useful for finding the part you want to make a ringtone, and is a lot more precise, because you can see where all the downbeats are in your song! As well, Audacity’s save function works like Photoshop PSD files: it saves all the layers you make of your clip, so if you want to make a mashup of a bunch of songs, you can totally do that too! Clip out the section you want to be your tone. It will require you to play with the audio sample. Remember: try to keep your clipping under 30 seconds! Audacity has a lot of fun features like tone shifting, fades and speed adjustment, so if you want a really unique ringtone, you can adjust the octave of the song or you can have fade-outs. If you’re really ambitious play with it so it makes a perfect loop!

ANYWAY. So clip out your chunk and make sure it’s what you think you want for a ringtone and that it’s clipped and edited the way you want it, and it’s under 30 seconds.

Now go to FILE > EXPORT AUDIO (Shift-CMD-E). If you’ve loaded the LAME encoder correctly, you should see MP3 as an option:

These are the settings I use for all my MP3 output. Save your MP3 in a temporary spot; you won’t need it again and can delete it after you make your Tone.

3. Now we will open up the MP3 in iTunes. Double click on the file to open it and then find it in your playlist. What we’re going to do now is Import the song from iTunes into an AAC file. To do this, you need to change the Import Options in iTunes. It took me a bit to find them since they got moved around a bit. Go to iTunes > Preferences (CMD-Comma), and you will be shown the “General Tab”; at the bottom, you will see a button for “Import Settings”; click on it.

And on the dropdown menu, make sure that “AAC Encoder” is selected. I think it’s the default, but double check. As an aside, if you rip CD’s, this is where you change it so they save as MP3′s, not M4A’s (which is what AAC’s will make).

4. So now that we’ve ensured that it is the proper format, we’re going to Convert the MP3.

Go to FILE > CONVERT > CREATE AAC Version. This will make a duplicate version underneath the one you have. 

Right-click on the second file, and “Show in Finder” (or the Windows equivalent to showing you the file location). This will bring up the file’s location on your computer. For ease, pull it out of the folder, and put it onto your desktop, then delete any folders it created. Go back to iTunes and delete from your library both the MP3 and the duplicate file, as you won’t need them anymore.

5. Now we’re going to Change the File’s extension. For this step, you need to make sure your computer is set to show file extensions. In Windows, this setting is under “Appearance and Preferences” I think, and on Mac it’s shown by default for files on the desktop, I believe (if not, it’s under FINDER > Preferences > Advanced > Show Extensions). 

Change the file extension to *.m4r. Click on  “change to *.m4r” when prompted.

B. Adding the Ringtone in iTunes

Now, the next part is the frustrating bit, because ALL the tutorials I found wasn’t clear on the syncing aspect of this. A lot of them essentially told me to turn off all my syncing, which, uh, NO because I have a tonne of music and if you de-sync your playlists, it deletes them from the device. So NO. So I’m going to show you MY sync settings, and show you that as long as you have certain boxes unchecked, you can still add your ringtone.

1. First make sure your iPhone / Pod / Pad / Whatever is hooked up somehow to your computer. BLUETOOTH SYNCING DOES WORK FOR THIS; mine does Bluetooth Syncing (which is the greatest thing ever). You’ll know iTunes found it if it shows up as a little icon on the top and it shows up under “Devices”

2. Set your sync settings. This is is done by clicking on the little iPhone Icon at the top there. You will see this:

Under options, make sure that the “Sync only checked songs and videos” box is UNCHECKED. This will NOT affect your music syncing, as far as I know, because my music stayed synced.

Other tutorials tell you that “Manually manage music and videos” also needs to be checked. IT DOESN’T. Clicking it will eff with your music sync settings, and I was perfectly able to add a tone with it unchecked.

3. Go back to the main sidebar by clicking on the arrow at the top. iTunes will prompt you if you want to Apply changes; hit yes if you did any changes, otherwise cancel.

Click on the drop down arrow next to your Device, so it brings up several options.

If you click on Tones, you can see all of the manual ringtones you have on your phone. In my case, because I have “manually manage your music and videos” deselected, mine are greyed out, so I can’t delete them unless I turn on that checkbox. 

4. Drag and Drop your ringtone onto the device. THE BLUE HIGHLIGHTING MUST SHOW UP ON THE DEVICE FOR IT TO WORK, like so:

Even if you have your syncing on, you will see it add itself to your Tones folder. It will take a few seconds, since this is being added DIRECTLY onto the device! A checkmark will show up next to it when it’s completely synced and on the device.

5. Change your tone! Now that we see it has been confirmed to have been moved onto the device, let’s load it up! On your phone, go to your Settings App. Scroll down to “Sounds”, then tap on “Ringtone”. On the Ringtone page, select your newly-added tone; Tapping on it will activate it and you can listen to it in its entirety!

To set it, all you need is that checkmark next to it, and click on the “< Sounds” text at the top-left. The text in the Ringtone section of the Sounds should now say the name of your new ringtone!

Et voila!

I hope that helped you out, Nonny! And to everyone else, I exclusively use a Mac, so I don’t know if this is interchangeable at all with a PC. I don’t have a PC so I can’t help you out beyond my limited knowledge of it. The tutorial I linked to WAY up top goes to one that has Windows OS, so that should help you out a bit. 

Cheers all!

Wanted to share with fellow shippers : Kaisoo - Get Lucky ( Fanart collection )

It’s  a video I did a while back on my old youtube channel ( before I was on Tumblr). It’s collection of various kaisoo fanart I found online. None of the art pieces are mine, they,all, rightfully and fully belong to their respective creators. I couldn’t add specific credits because I don’t know the makers’ blogs to tag them and in some cases, not even their names.

One artist  I’m sure of is @midnighttofu whom you can check on twitter. Some of the other works already have the watermarks of their artists with their names or signatures. The rest were mostly posted on pinterest and other similar websites without the original artist’s name or by a third party ( I tried looking them up). ( If you recognize any, plz msg me so I can add their names). Enjoy watching ^_^ and have a good night <3

If you have trouble reading small fonts on Tumblr, listen up!

Hello friends! I thought I could contribute with a feature I didn’t know existed until recently and might help for those who have trouble reading small text (as a glasses wearer, I empathise) 

In Google Chrome, you can set a minimum font and the browser will encode your web pages to fit this. I’ve been doing this for custom fonts, but just noticed the size feature. 

  • Go to chrome://settings/
  • Scroll to the bottom 
  • Click on Show advanced settings
  • Scroll to the heading Web content
  • Click customize fonts
  • Find the minimum font size section and adjust! Default is 6px

In the image, I have set mine to 11px. This affects my Tumblr dashboard as well as other websites. Once I got to 14px, it made ‘small’ dashboard text the same size as normal text. 

Please note that making your font bigger might affect some formatting things as @hailthehelpful​‘s post talks about. 

So while everyone should be making their themes accessible, this is a nice remedy until the 6px nonsense stops :-) Reblog if you found this useful! I’m not sure how many people know about this

EDIT: Making complete sense, this will also work with chromium-based browsers (e.g. Opera) - kudos to @the-fires-dead 

EDIT: If you have Firefox browser, you can do the same thing - kudos to @ordoachao

Day 1: Live on coffee and flowers

“So, this is the place you and your friends enjoy having pleasant evenings?” asked Andrew with a slight skeptical look on his face as soon as he took a seat in one of the antique chairs. Magic Item Cafe, he mentally recalled as he remembered the welcoming sign located up to the principal door of the building, though he wondered if the place was more of a joke rather than a proper coffee shop.

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A Music Affair: The Honeymoon - Part 1

Here it is, guys, finally! I’m so sorry for the delay, but I was doing my final exams and once I was done with that, I went back to writing this 2nd chapter to you all. This is a sequel to The Wedding and it’s just the first part, leading up to the 2nd one which I’ll post in a few days. Hope you enjoy it and please send me your feedback!

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!” Amelia exclaimed out loud when she read the ‘delayed’ sign beside their flight number.

Owen and Amelia had literally ran through the airport to get to Gate 9, where they were supposed to get on an airplane for their honeymoon in Hawaii. But, seeing as  there was no one lining up to get to the plane, they looked up to the TV above the gate and saw that it had been delayed,. They figured it was probably due to the weather conditions, they thought.

What frustrated Amelia the most was that she and Owen had almost had a huge fight that morning over them being late.

“Amelia, for Christ’s sake, why didn’t you pack those yesterday?!” Owen asked by their bedroom door, starting to get annoyed at her taking so long.

“Because I forgot, Owen!” She answered, getting even more annoyed than him, hating to be rushed, whilst she ran around the bedroom putting a hair brush and her curling iron inside her luggage. “Okay, now a coat…”

“Why the hell do you need a coat for? Hawaii is hot.” Owen stared at her, confused.

“Well, what if is chilly at night?” She went through her coats in the closet.

“Oh my God…” Owen sighed, getting even more impatient.

“Owen, you’re stressing me out!” Amelia exclaimed, grabbing the first coat she saw and putting it inside her luggage before closing it.

“Amelia, the car is already waiting for us and we’re gonna lose our flight if you take any longer!” He raised her voice at her, taking a deep breath to control himself.

“Okay, fine! I’m ready! Are you happy?” She picked up one last thing from the bedside table before storming through him and the doorway, intentionally hitting his feet with her luggage, looking incredibly mad.

“I’m thrilled!” He yelled back at her.

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What programs do you prefer? How did you get into drawing? Was it hard to learn? Do you use brushes? Aaand lastly I love your work; you're great! Do you have any more Roger Rabbit drawings, aside from those two you did once before/after watching the movie?

-If you’re referring to art programs, Paint Tool SAI is what I use! On rare occasion, though, I try to dabble with Manga Studio 5! And even then, that’s when I fiddle around with my Cintiq, which tends to be another rare occurrence these days as well. :’D

-My father was a sort of freelance artist when I was young and he initially got me interested in it! As I got older and went online, I found websites where I got constantly inspired and kept going with it! (Part of the reason I’m so determined with improving on my art, as well, is to make my dad proud, even with him only looking over us from above.)

-Art is aaalways hard to learn/progress with in some way, hehe! Was hard for me to get my anatomy/hands down, but “practice practice practice” makes perfect! … Er, well, as perfect as one can try to get!

-I have downloaded extra brushes for SAI these past few months! I’ve lost the links I initially got mines from, but I mainly searched them all from dA!

-And gosh, thank you so much! <:) I don’t think I’m great, but very flattered at the thought! <3

I don’t have anymore drawings of Roger I’m afraid, but.. he is a pretty fun-wacky guy, hm? Would be fun to draw him more, for sure! <3


To those people whom these pictures belong to, I will take this down if told so. These photos are not mine, and found on many different websites. Though, I have seen these ones all on google images. I know that isn’t a good source, but I will try to find each source when I’m available on a computer again.

To compensate for my former behavior (oh God), have some DnA cosplay photos.

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If you don't mind me asking, what is the brand/ style of Natasha's leather jacket as well as her tan jacket that goes with the striped hoodie? I'm at a loss of finding them and I'm like super desperate! Thank you! (Also, where did you get your striped hoodie?) thank you so much

Okay so first off, it’s a common misconception that her jacket is two pieces. It’s actually one! Most people (including myself) just got striped hoodies and put them under khaki jackets until they were able to find the real jacket. The real jacket is the Splendid Cape Town Safari in Olive. This is what it looks like:

It retails for $228 from Saks Fifth Avenue and Splendid. But it sold out. I found mine on ebay (but it’s still shipping to me so pics to come!).

And the brown leather jacket is the Madewell Belted Leather Bomber in Chocolate Raisin. The jacket is also sold out on the company website. I’m assuming based on the prices of the similar jackets that it runs around $300-$400 retail. I got it for around half that, thankfully.

I’ll do a whole post on how to track down screen-accurate pieces tomorrow, but I’ll toss these up in her cosplay tags for reference. For more information about Natasha (and Steve’s) wardrobe, check out this super awesome page right here.

Pro-tip for finding out if your photography is being used without your permission on the internet

(I’m sure many of you know this, but for those who don’t it may be useful.)

You can use Google Images to do a reverse image searches and find websites using your photos.

I’ve found several of mine on We Heart It, Tumblr, Blogspot and other such sights and have been able to get some of them removed by claiming my copyright on them.  Unfortunately not all websites make it that easy to contact the people who posted them and I’ve found out a bunch of Chinese and Russian sites are using this photo of mine, so I don’t know if there is anything I can do about that.

If anybody would like a tutorial with screen shots let me know and I’ll gladly make one and add it to my FAQ. 

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Heey! I saw your haul from airily of a while back and was wondering how you put in your address and stuff? Ahaha there's english headings but it's still abit confusing. I'm not sure how to fill that in. Thank youuuu!!

Of course!!
Here, this is just a little shit tutorial, but it should tell you everything that you need to know~~

You can chose to create an account.
If you think you will order from them again and won’t change address soon, this is definitely a good idea, it’ll make you skip the whole bullshit address input and everything next time around.

But for the sake of this tutorial, I just clicked “Purchase without registration”

Next you’re faced with all of this.
It’s a lot of Japan-only bullshit and headache, so I’ll clear out a few things;

*: Last/First name (Kana form): This is obligatory, but you can basically enter whatever you want here. Have a fictional Japanese name you like? Use that shit. If not, just make one up for the sake of this, or translate your name into Katakana like I did. It’s imperative that it’s in Kana form though, if not, the website will have a hissy-fit and won’t let you proceed.

**: Phone number: I wracked my head on this one for a long time, because it just says “Orderer number” so I thought I had an order number somewhere that I needed to use. Turns out it’s just your phone number. But this website is stupid, so even though it’s got English headings and ships worldwide, they only accept Japanese-format phone number. This is mendatory but optional also, just enter whatever bullshit to have it calm down and let you go on ahead. You can just enter the example they give you like I did (i.e: 03-0000-0000)

***: Country: If you don’t know how to read Katakana, you’re gonna have a bad time. Just use Google Translate and breathe, you’ll find your country eventually. (Mine is Canada, so if you live in Canada, this is what Canada looks like.)

Although they don’t give you a Zip Code section, just cram it next to your city name/county information up there. If you don’t enter that, there’s a good chance your package will get lost.

Enter the rest like it’s written up there and you should be just fine.

This is only for people in Japan who get their package delivered to their door.
Useless for us filthy Gaijin.

Sadly enough, they don’t allow Paypal payment, only credit card.
Worst case scenario: You don’t own a credit card; please don’t panic. Just go buy a disposable gift-card credit card bullshit thing they sell in store. (Like this)

(!!Make sure you get one that covers the expense of your order though!!) 

And if everything went according to Keikaku (Keikaku means plan), you should now be faced with this!!

Now all that’s left is fun little commodities, like telling them what you’re gonna do with your purchases. This is fun and pretty well translated, so you shouldn’t have a hard time with knowing what they want.

If you know nothing of Japanese, again, you’re gonna have a bad time.
But Google Translate and Wikipedia are your friends. You can consult them to know what your Anime/Manga title is in Japanese, and then search for it in the drop down list.
If it’s not there, just input it below, like it says up there.
Same thing goes for the character name.
It’s a pretty thorough selection though, so you should be able to find it in there with some work.
(This is probably boring to you so you don’t even have to do it, but I found it super fun to do, and it gives the website feedback, which is always good.)

Now all that’s left to do is input your credit card information and click order!!
Your items should be shipped to you VERY fast. Seriously, I ordered mine on a Sunday, and by the next 4-5 days it was here.

Dat shit important yo

Airily is an amazing Cosplay wig shop, and I’m very happy to be able to help people order things from them. Their wigs are VERY GOOD QUALITY, extremely soft and easy to untangle with the special wig-brush they have on the website. (I HIGHLY recommend getting it)

I hope this was helpful to you, and let me know how everything goes, I’d love to hear of your experience, and see pictures once you get your things!!! <3 <3 <3



I’m going to jump on the “jack j is less appreciated” bandwagon simply after mine and gilinskytbh convo last night. So Kaylah sent me those top 2 pictures while she was figuring out how to download the old videos she found of the boys on some weird Chinese video streaming website and I found the third pic when googling their old channel. The fact that JJ was more appreciated over gilinsky back in what, 2008/2009, saddens me. Like come on, neither of these 2 would be where they are today without the other. They are a package deal. You can’t have one without the other. Just because gilinsky is seen as the “attractive one” (I’m sorry but it’s pretty obvious that’s what a majority of people think) doesn’t mean to say that JJ isn’t attractive. I could list a whole bunch of reasons as to how JJ is just as attractive as gilinsky, if not even more (whoops I went there).

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I wanna learn how to knit so badly!! How did you start off?


actually i just made two tutorials on one of my hoarded urls

HOW TO CAST ON (how to start the whole shubang)

tw scopophobia for the sideblog lmao

but here are some other tutorials i found, incase mine didnt make any sense:

good luck!! i hope i could help!!!!