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Never saw this before. This is definitely made by @rikuo-rikuo. Don’t know who translated it, though. I found it on Imgur, thanks to some friends:

(Read from right to left)


(And she showered!!!!!!!)

Fun Cultural Info: In Japan, people shower before they make love. In fact, if one asked – or, like Judy, just simply do – to shower as they arrived… that means they WANT to have sex. Click on the link to read more. Totally SFW, I promise. Just an interesting cultural observation from someone who had actually took the pains to do some research.


Kjar at Windhelm docks was willing to pay good coin to have someone exact revenge on a former employee of his, now the bandit leader at Lost Knife Hideout.

Varen rode north and took care of the job. It felt good to help out a regular type of person for a change, rather than taking orders from Jarls, and the good Captain was able to handsomely reward the Dark Elf beyond what he was used to seeing from a bounty.

The full resolution, 3440x1440 screens can be found over at the imgur gallery for this post.

[!!!] wallpaper quality

Hi everyone! I was made aware that when people download wallpapers from mobile Tumblr, it gets blurry. I uploaded my most recent wallpapers to Imgur and Google Docs, so hopefully it will have better quality!

Imgur link: found here

Google Docs link: found here

Please let me know if something does not work! This is my first time using Imgur and Google Docs to share images. If the quality is still blurry, please let me know and I will find a way to improve the quality!

Some tips mentioned by other people to save mobile Tumblr pictures in high quality: screenshot the image you want to use or download the photo from your desktop/laptop and transfer to to your phone.