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Camping Antics – ArchiexReader! Mini Fic - Part Two.

Hey guys, so here is part two to the Camping Antics mini fic! There will be a part three, just to finish the series off :) pleaaaaase leave me feedback in my ask ya cute lil beans.

Summary: Archie and (Y/N) have some tent fun lol ;)

Warnings: SMUT. TENT SMUT. Naked Archie. You’ve been warned. 



(GIF not mine! Found it on twitter lol)

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His name is Lorem Ipsum and he’s Noct’s unseen 5th party member.

Like filler text, he’s just…there.

He has no fighting skills but he’s an almighty teleporting cameraman. He inexplicably manages to film everything that happens.

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Dating modern outsiders head canons?

this is gon b a long one
thanks for requesting
warnings: mentions of nsfw lol
enjoy 💘💘

- he’d always b askin for nudes man
- random dick pics
- he has a folder of just random photos of u he took that are actually cute
- always texting you to come over
- u guys order food a lot
- doesn’t have much social media but if he does it’s like an obscure IG full of photos of u 2 and the gang
- he is obsessed with Netflix and likes binge watching stuff

- has no fucking clue what he’s doing
- can call but that’s about it
- facetiming but at awkward angles that are not flattering for him
- texts u to come over a lot too
- probably online shops a lot tbh

- will literally text u random photos of animals or selfies of him
- loves takin photos of u that he can look at later and brag with
- big Reddit and IG user
- always face timing u for hours on end

- booty calls all day
- begs u to bring him lunch
- spams u a lot
- loves watching YouTube and IG beauty videos
- lots of sc tbh
- viner tbh

- selfies all day.
- has an entire folder of photos of u 2
- is internet famous
- probs a youtuber or viner
- loves sending u cute photos of him
- sends u sweet messages all the time
- really obsessed with Snapchat filters

- famous on IG and tumblr for art and writing
- has cheesy poems in his notes of his phone
- sends u shitty poems
- loves reading books with u over the phone
- constantly drinking coffee from Starbucks
- probably buying u cheap stuff online so that he can spoil u
- actually takes good photos of you
- skyping for hours

- honestly more of a gamer
- likes snap chatting u
- late night skyping
- sends u selfies and they’re so cute,,,
- dog photos that he found on twitter
- he butt dials u a lot
- screenshots all the selfies u send them
- ur his lockscreen

the whole gang:
- ur all in one gc
- on like every app
- memes
- times to meet up
- ugly selfies or insults
- lots of memes tbh like I don’t think u understand
- Darry is so confused

I feel like I repeated a lot of stuff lol but anyway ye!!

Dating Kim Jongin

  • a very soft and sometimes lazy boyfriend like 
  • he loves spending time with you 
  • and cuddle sessions 
  • oh god he could just cuddle you forever, never leaving your side 
  • he smiles a lot and is your daily dose of sunshine
  • but he’s also somehow clumsy and forgetful
  • “oh you texted me babe? i didn’t noticed” 
  • “what do you mean we wanted to meet today?” 
  • he would feel so bad whenever he forgets things like that but you forgive him because he has a lot on his mind and every day was a long day for him
  • would love to go shopping with you 
  • “Omg Baby! This would look so good on you, try it on!” 
  • he would buy you tons of stuff whenever they’re on tour 
  • sweets from japan
  • a teddy from america
  • a shirt with his face on it lol 
  • “Look I found it in an EXO fanshop” 
  • cute coffee dates but to be honest you’re just taking selcas for instagram and twitter 
  • “Aaaww we look so cute Honey!” 
  • not really jealous, he trusts you with his whole heart but whenever another man is flirting with you, he would turn a little bit insecure inside 
  • is he good enough for you? is he a good boyfriend? are you still happy in this relationship? 
  • but you tell him about how much you love him 
  • how much he means to you and what a perfect boyfriend he is, you would never wish for another one 
  • “I love you so much”
    “I love you too Jongin” 
  • then he’ll kiss you, pulling you against his chest, stroking your back with one hand while his other one is softly holding your chin
  • at a certain point it would get steamy 
  • you know what i mean 
  • “Show me how much you love me, Jagiya”
  • it would then either be lazy and slow sex on the couch or wild passionate sessions in the bedroom 
  • he loves it whenever you’re riding him 
  • Jongin loves to watch your body bouncing up and down on him, your eyes closed ad mouth slightly open 
  •  i think it wold be his favorite position, slowly setting the pace with his hands on your hips 
  • but sometimes he would randomly take you from behind 
  • bend you over the kitchen table 
  • or the couch
  • loves oral very much, like giving and also receiving 
  • Jongin is a sensual lover, he takes his time with you
  • and after all the totally not safe for work stuff he would cuddle you 
  • your back against his chest while he’s tangling his legs around your body
  • or chest to chest so you could look into each others eyes 
  • loves to express how much he loves you in so many ways: 
  • “Please be careful”
  • “Don’t forget to eat and drink baby”
  • “I saw a cute dog today and thought about you” 
  • “Would you like to take a nap with me?”
  • all in all he’s a great boyfriend, funny, caring, sometimes a bit clumsy, a literal sunshine with sugar daddy vibes 
  • seriously 
  • he would never ever let you down 
  • very supportive 
  • “Follow your dreams baby, I’ll be there cheering for you” 
  • he’s very kind and polite
  • your parents would love him 
  • “Jongin, I really like you but I got a question. You’d never hurt my little birdie, right?” 
  • “Never, Sir!” 
  • “Then why is her / his neck full of violet marks?”
  • wooops
  • good luck explaining this, Kim

Yoonmin Tinder AU


When Taehyung and Jungkook sign Jimin up for Tinder as a joke, they never thought they’d find the Agust D’s account. Jimin is not as impressed. He’s been through enough heartbreaks in the past to know it’s too good to be true. There’s no way his idol likes him, especially with that profile picture. Will Jimin’s messy relationship history get in the way of his happiness?

But why does it matter? He’s not actually talking to Min Yoongi.

(lowkey slides in some background namjin cause why not)

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Why is there so much things about Levi holding a star on twitter?

Hi! They are inspired by the merchandise from the Shingeki no Kyojin IN THE DOME Collaboration at the Konica Minolta Planetarium ^^.

Levi and Eren look really cute on that merch, look!:

There you can see Levi holding his little star hehe. New merchandise was released recently, (btw your ask gave me the reminder that I had to make a post about that lol) and now there’s even giant keyholders, looking like this!:

I’m not sure how exactly it became a trend, I guess people found it cute and started doing it, and it spread? His expression is indeed adorable, haha. I personally love seeing all the things people are creating because of it ^^.

#BelieveInTheron event on The Red Eclipse

Was a nice turnout, found @xamxamsays, @rum-inspector, what looked to be most of if not all of the twitter swtor family, and @sheikusgaming as the only Chiss other than me, lol. And probably other people here, sorry if I missed you!

I brought RedEclipse!Quinton along and Vector showed his support too ;)

We all made a failed heart because organization is hard to represent how this update broke many hearts :o

Had another go and managed a full heart yay

Some messages of encouragement:

And finished the event with a conga line shuffle \o/

The real life Ayatsuji Yukito posted this on his twitter, showing the advertisement for Gaiden’s upcoming manga! It gives you a nice little sneak peak of Homicide Detective Ayatsuji-sensei and Kyogoku!

[ 文スト14巻の巻末にはこんな広告が(笑)。明後日から配信開始。 ]

“This advertisement is in the back of Bunsuto’s volume 14 (lol). Delivery starts the day after tomorrow.”

Gaiden is upon us soon!

shitty commentary crew preference - going on holiday together

songs of inspiration - one bad night by hayley kiyoko, gravel to tempo by hayley kiyoko and full moon by sgbg.

author’s note: i’ve been seeing preferences all over tumblr and i’ve been really wanting to write one for ages, but since i haven’t written anything in a week, i wanted to mae it up to you by doing a really big one to make up for it. hope you all enjoy it, gang! - l.t.

billy // chubbs

- you decided to book a surprise trip for the both of you to go to japan, since he’s always wanted to go. his face lit up as soon as you told him, immidiately giving you a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek - he was more excited than he actually let on to be.

- you would cling onto him while you were at heathrow airport due to how busy it was, and he would let you use him as a human radiator and pillow to nap on the plane. in return (if he wasn’t napping himself, that is), he would mess with your hair while you were sleeping and somehow managed to get it all tangled, but you didn’t mind.

- he held your hand tightly as you both walked up and down the streets no matter what time it was - he just wanted you to be safe and for you to come to no harm.

- every night you would go to small sushi food restaurants, late at night as you surrounded yourselves with the loud, busy night enclosing you both, while you got ever so slightly tipsy on beer.

- you would take the most adorable polaroid pictures under the sweet cherry blossom trees, then to plaster them over instagram and twitter.

- you would go to a manga store making fun of weeaboos, but you ended up ironically buying loads of the different manga to read on the plane ride home, even if you couldn’t understand japanese.

- you were both heartbroken to go home.

hyojin // squizxy

- since the pair of you were dating long distance, you decided to fly out to australia to go and see her for the first. you would both be bubbling with excitment, even weeks before you were supposed to fly out.

- on the day, you would skype her to say that you were waiting for the plane and would be seeing her in only a matter of hours now. you would both be ecastatic but slightly nervous at the same time.

- when you got off the plane to meet her, she ran up to you like her life absolutely depended on it, and you did the same but trying to carry all your luggage at the same time. you both hugged each other as hard as you possibly could without killing each other, and many happy tears were shed.

- you both travelled to sydney to go do sightseeing, and hyojin just couldn’t stop hugging you on the train journey there.

- fennec fox jokes. you also surprised her with a pair of the godly fennec fox ears for her, which made her made, but she secretly loved them.

- she drew a picture of you standing in front of the sydney opera house, which she them turned into an adorable animation to put on her twitter.

- it was hard to leave each other, but you knew deep down that the future was looking brighter than ever before and you were more in love with her than ever before.

will // herotic

- will would have to take you to on a daytrip somewhere since you had both just finished your gcse exams, were pretty fucking exhausted, and broke.

- you both settled to go to the beach for the day - it was nothing fancy, but you were still excited and you didn’t mind since you got to see each other.

- your mum drove you both there, and she kept embarassing you in front of him with embarassing stories from when you were little, which will really enjoyed.

- you both got double scoop ice creams, which you both shared as you walked hand in hand along the sea front, the sand tickling the inbetween bits between your toes softly. after you had finished it, you got a bit on your right cheek, which he kissed softly.

- you both walked around the sea front and the surrounding village, talking about youtube drama and current trending topics.

- you both got fish and chips to take home because you were too tired to eat out anywhere fancy. you leant on his shoulder, as he wrapped his slim hand around your waist while you waited for your mum to pick you both up.

brad // braddoesbanter

- “oi dickhead, let’s go to paris.”

- you were sceptical as to why brad wanted to go to paris, but you decided to book plane and hotel tickets anyway.

- “do you think that the eiffel tower is as big as my cock?” he said as you both stood beneth it taking selfies to put on instagram and twitter (if he wasn’t suspended lol) later. you just rolled your eyes at his stupid comment, but secretly found it funny.

- you both snuck frech pastries on the plane to eat because you both loved them so much, and didn’t speak to each other the whole way back since you had your mouths full with the pastries.

erling // atozy

- he would take you to his home country of norway as a treat for your birthday, and it would also be an oppourtunity for erling to see his family too. you would be excited to finally meet them and to finally experience a taste of norwegian culture that you had been hearing about from him for so long.

- it was really cool hearing erling speak norwegian, especially since it made it easier to speak to the locals and to order food.

- his family were super sweet when you met them and ate dinner with them too. they told many embarassing stories of erling from when he was younger, although he did not like this and went all red everytime they would tell one.

- he would take you to a norwegian food market, and you would try the food there together, and you decided to grab some coffee afterwards.

- you would, at some point, take you for a walk in the snow, and you would end up building a snowman. it was slightly lopsided, but that really didn’t matter right now.

- cute polaroid pictures!!

alex // imallexx

- he would surprise you with plane tickets to go to california, and had many other surprises for you in store for when you got there, which you didn’t know about you just yet.

- you’d go to pink berry every day and just stuff your faces with food there, then you’d hike up to go see the hollywood sign. you’d take so many adorable selfies, which would then be either memed to death or be made into super cute edits.

- he’d surprise you with tickets to go see your favourite band, which you were absolutely over the moon about because you didn’t get to see them back home. when you were in line to go in to the arena, he’d lend you his internet sensation hoodie until you went in because it was getting colder.

- you’d dance and sing the night away together even if alex wasn’t too fond of the music and he didn’t know many of the lyrics. despite this, he still enjoyed seeing you happy and the experience in general.

- by the end of it all, you’d end up falling asleep on his shoulder on the plane home, while he smiled to himself about what a great time he had.

niall // pyrocynical

- you thought he was making some sort of skit for one of his videos when he told you that he would be taking you to disneyland, but he was being serious. excited laughter and hugs then ensued.

- you would both buy matching minnie mouse ears to wear around the resort together, while buying way too many sweets and then stuffing them in your mouths. niall would constantly say, “we look like basic bitches, don’t we?”

- you would go on the same rides too many times, until you got bored. if it was high and scary ride, he would hold onto your hand for dear life to make sure that you were okay and wasn’t scared.

- after going on all the rides, you took so many selfies of you both, your phone storage almost ran out. all over twitter, there was nothing but cute comments and supports from the fans and a shit ton of flower crown edits had managed to find their way onto tumblr *shivers*

spotted on twitter

“a baby found in a fridge between cheese and a red wine bottle”

every country : poor baby

france : red wine in the fridge?

north : an unknown substance massively ends up on beaches

we found trump’s wigs collection

born in a plane, this baby will travel for free forever

shit i should have been born in a bar

- hi a marlboro pack please

- i’m going to need your id, three last pay slips and two guarantors 

(flat hunting joke)

i still don’t get why you built a wall in berlin, you don’t have a mexican border

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This might be silly but can you make a the last jedi poster like phasma and hux but with bb-8? I think it'd be super fucking funny 😂 and if possible, maybe even with Kylo's bb unit? Though I don't think it's possible yet since we haven't really seen very much of it. But a bb-8 one would be spectacular lol 👏

Your request isn’t silly at all! There are already some posters with BB-8 and even one with Millicent on Twitter. I tried to make my own version but I’m not very satisfied with it. I hope you it’s okay! 

(Also, I haven’t found Kylo’s droid, sorry D:)


This has become a video that has been recorded with Punio gnawing on my thigh.
It’s the first time that it’s publicly unveiled; Punio’s voice, which sounds like [he’s saying] “n, nfyuu”, is also in the video.
The “n, nfyuu” of Punio constantly saying that it tastes bad whilst gnawing on a human’s thigh is also in here.

Video Translation:

Eh, everyone, it’s been a while. Um, finally, it’s become troublesome to even just type letters, so like this, I’m using my voice to write a Tweet. Now, I’m smack in the middle of rehearsals for my front line departure [1], but today, I finished early - That hurts! Punio, that hurts! - and right now, I’m going to a certain place. - That hurts! That hurts! Wait! (LOL) That hurts, that hurts! - Where is this place?


[1] The front line departure that Sato Ryuji is referring to is the “Musical Touken Ranbu Kashuu Kiyomitsu Tanki Shitsujin”, which is Kashuu Kiyomitsu’s solo live that is scheduled to run from October 5, 2017 to October 15, 2017.

More information about the performance can be found: HERE

More information about the live viewing of the performance on the DMM website can be found here: HERE

monsta x reaction to their s/o is “tiny but fierce”


he would be pleasantly surprised when he saw his cute little s/o snap at some rude saesangs on twitter. he would find it charming in an odd way and ask you questions enjoying this new found side of his y/n.


his jaw would literally fall to the gym floor when he saw his tiny little s/o doing pull ups like it was nothing. he would look around so proud of how strong you are and also making a mental note not to get on your nerves too much lol. 

“can you be my permanent gym buddy y/n?”


He would be so impressed but at the same time he would be worried that you would do or say something stupid and get into trouble. he would nag you a bit about thinking before you spoke but he knew you have common sense so he wasn’t too worried. 


he nearly spat out his drink when he saw you sass at the rude lady sitting next to you.  seeing his sweet little s/o show this fierce sassy side would be an odd turn on for him. he would get all flustered and giggly whenever you acted like this. 


he would be so shook by this new side of you and would absolutely love it! he would tease you and sass you back just to get you riled up and see how far you’d go, bantering playful back and forth the whole day

“wow, don’t mess with y/n!”


he would just smirk as you mouthed off the person on the other end of the phone. he would be so impressed and shocked at seeing this side of you freaking out on the inside. 

“oh my god y/n remind me never to get on your bad side!”


he would just roll with it seeing how much of a badass you were definitely impressed him but he would take it as another reason why he loves you and move on. he would find it amusing though to see how shocked other people would get at this side of you. 

thanks for reading! hopefully it wasn’t as terrible as I think haha, anyway requests are open!!!!

Apparently Alex Hirsch actually replied to me and a couple others ( not even addressing the point I had made that both sides are guilty and instead acting like we’d defended the nazis, which duh I at least hadn’t ) lol This guy isn’t interested in a mature discussion.

Here’s some news: nobody can read your reply or respond to it if you block them. I only found it by googling to see it while I wasn’t logged in to twitter.

What are you afraid of, that people will begin to doubt your opinion if you allow any discourse? You must have some pretty flimsy beliefs if you’re so afraid to defend them.

If this was just some random Twitter person I wouldn’t be so salty, but this is a famous creator who is putting his political views out there on the internet where discussion inevitably follows. I wouldn’t have even minded if he didn’t reply to anyone, but to reply and block so that no one who disagrees can respond? That’s incredibly immature, narrow minded, and just a jerk move.

If you really can’t handle disagreement, stop talking.


lizzington week | day one. favorite scene (or the scene that makes you say ‘yes this is my ship, this is why i ship it’)

i had to go back months into my twitter because i remember writing a tweet during the exact episode where i was like ‘oh…oh no…not another one’.  and i found it lol. i was #fiveminuteslatewithstarbucks to tbl and i will be honest i was not a red x lizzy shipper at first. i was all about red being ride or die for lizzy but i think i wrote something along the lines of how i didn’t want them to smash lol. and then t. earl king iv happened. and he said her name when a gun was to his head. he could have said anything. he could have said nothing at all. but he said ‘lizzy.’ the last thing he wanted to say, the last thing he wanted to hear before he died was ‘lizzy.’ my entire being spontaneously combusted and my soul entered the atmosphere. it’s been over 200 days since i saw this episode and i am not over it. i will never be over it. i’m losing chill as i type this lol.  


Hayyyy I made the bby a Twitter so like if you have an account feel free to follow him if you wantttt <3333

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in the Huston or Chicago show got7 did jb said he didn't have a type, there was a twitter video where he said it

Yeah I saved it too, lowkey they don’t want to be specific since they were infront of a diverse crowd of fans in America and they’re usually really specific

And then in America:
Jackson: someone who gets along with their parents and his parents.

JB: I don’t have a type.

Lol see?

found the video:

he actually said it twice at different locations