found this off facebook

This is what happens in movies, right?

I opened my email a few weeks ago to see two messages from a familiar name that I hadn’t talked to in years.

The first one read:

“Hey Lauren…

This is Brian from California, we used to talk years ago and at one point I was going to come to Brooklyn to meet and visit with you.

Shot in the dark, but do you remember me?”

At first, I was confused and couldn’t exactly remember who this ‘Brian’ was that contacting me at 9:07am but then I opened the second email which was sent three minutes later and read:

“I am in Brooklyn today playing a show and you came across my mind, heavily, and found your email on Facebook. Not sure if I should just fuck off, but thought it was at least worth a shot to reach out to you…”

Attached was a photo and chills came across my body. I remembered exactly who he was and so many memories that were lost in the back of my brain made their way to the front again.

I had met Brian online somewhere about three years ago and we had a pretty intense cross-country love affair via phone calls, FaceTime, and text. So intense that he actually bought a plane ticket to come see me. He wound up canceling last minute and I remember being really disappointed. If it was now, my cynical self wouldn’t even get caught up with someone I met online who didn’t want to meet immediately but three years ago, I saw things differently.

I still had Brian’s phone number assuming he didn’t have mine since I had changed it a couple years ago due to my psycho ex-boyfriend, so, I texted him telling him I just got his emails.

He thought of me because the guy sitting next to him on the plane that morning happened to have a puzzle piece tattoo on his hand. (I have one on my chest) The fact that he also just happened to be on a flight to New York was ironic to say the least. It was serendipitous in every sense of the word and I happened to be doing nothing that night so we planned to actually meet up.

Here I was meeting up with a guy I was supposed to meet three years earlier and I didn’t really know what to expect but I’m always down for getting out of my comfort zone and taking an adventure. (even if it’s in my own backyard) 

The night went better than expected and even though Brian was leaving for Europe the next morning, we took it for what it was and just enjoyed each other’s company. He was just as cute as the million pictures I remembered receiving three years ago and while the whole situation might have been weird, it wasn’t awkward at all. 

It was a reminder that your day can bring you something you never expected and that something or someone you may be super disappointed about in the moment can be easily forgotten as time passes. 

The next morning, I had to wake up for work at 5am and he had to go to the airport, so, we kissed each other goodbye and I joked that maybe I’d see him in another three years.

Delain feat. Alissa White-Gluz- Montreal, April 12, 2015 (pic by Mihaela Petrescu)

racistbeautybloggers I found this on Facebook earlier and it really pissed me off. Sugar skulls are really important when it comes to Mexico (and in different parts of Latin America. Please correct me if I made a mistake on that part). I know that sugar skulls were made to honor the dead and is a sacred tradition. I’m just not understanding why somebody would make a jacket of sugar skulls. Like really? It’s enough that white girls are making racist tutorials with sugar skulls, but to use them as a fashion statement? 😒😒😒😒😒