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How I made $2000 off a meth dealer.

A few years ago I was married to a degenerate tweeker (she wasn’t originally like that, but y'know, meth does what meth does).

I kept interfering with her tweeker lifestyle trying to get her treatment etc and she rewarded my efforts with a restraining order (lied, said I beat her and other overly dramatic stuff).

So, I get kicked out of my place and end up in a studio apartment with nothing but my toothbrush and the clothes I was wearing.

One of her great plans was to get a front for a ton of dope using EVERYTHING OF VALUE WE OWN as collateral.

Drug dealer literally takes everything and puts it in a storage unit somewhere in town. Wife plans to stomp on the dope, sell it and by the weekend be a millionaire (tweeker logic).

Of course, she fucks off the plan and ends up just doing the dope so now all our expensive stuff is in the wind.

I try to work out something with POS drug dealer but he wanted an absurd amount of payback, plus I made some threatening comments he didn’t appreciate so negotiations stalled.

Eventually, I catch wind that he got locked up and that some friends took all HIS property and put it in storage for safekeeping until he got out.

I hit every storage place in town with my story and his picture hoping to catch some kind of break.

Eventually, I find the place. Owner tells me that the unit is going up for auction the next weekend for non-payment. He tells me if I just pay the 3 months back rent that he’d write it up as I won the auction and I can have the unit.

$320 gets slapped on the counter and we go drill the lock.

All my stuff is there! And, whaddaya know, now I own all his stuff free and clear.

And, cuz I’m a nice guy, I dug out all the personal irreplaceable stuff (old photos, important documents, etc), boxed them up and gave them to his mom (found her on Facebook).

Actually made quite a bit of money off the deal selling his shit on Craigslist (came out about $2000 in the black on the deal).

Divorced now, have all my stuff and am happy….

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Wow that pissed me off. How fucking disgusting. Ruin him

i found his facebook and he lives in baltimore, where i used to live, and i want to find him and beat him with a baseball bat

like i want to hurt my abusers but him, i really, really, really, have the overwhelming desire

So I found this on facebook. And, frankly, it pisses me off.

Batman V Superman was not an amazing movie. I’d be hard-pressed to call it a good one, even. But deliberately attacking Zack Snyder because his daugher committed suicide… that’s just cruel and unnecessary.

Anyone on Facebook, please, report this page for harassment. Because that is what this is, plain and simple, and if you look through the comments on

I don’t care about whether or not you think Zack Snyder is a good director, nobody deserves to go through what he is going through now, and he and his family have my condolences.

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I started googling "i regret h" and it inmediately guessed "i regret having children" lol. Anyway, I found a facebook group with the same name and thought it was like a goldmine for this blog. I recommend you check it out. Reading it is really sad but as a CF it's so sooo satisfactory at the same time

If I ever need a strong antidote, fast, to all the well-meaning people who warn me in prophetic tones that my life will be dark and cold and lonely, I google “I regret having children”. It’s like coming up for air. 

I found that Facebook group, too! Thank you for the tip-off. It’s not exactly a fun read, but oh my, it’s illuminating.

I am really struggling with my 3 year old girl. She has always been a bad sleeper and today I had to miss work, as she only let me sleep for 2 hours. I then had a panic attack and a meltdown where I was telling my husband I will leave them as I can’t take this anymore. I even vomited as a result of my emotions. I do not know what to do. […] We have no family and friends. No support network. What do I do? I hit her yesterday and feel so guilty. I wish I never had her, she takes and takes and we are empty.

“She takes and takes and we are empty.” 

That’s chilling.

If reading that scares you, you have at least one Damn Good Reason not to have kids. 

Delain feat. Alissa White-Gluz- Montreal, April 12, 2015 (pic by Mihaela Petrescu)