found this in one of the programs haha

Here is some info regarding Prince & his beef with Rick James that I got told. Prince hated how Rick treated women physically first of all, cause you already know his experiences of violence & abuse in his family. Second, Prince didn’t really sweat Rick. not musically. Prince used to be (& still is) real quiet around men, especially ones like Rick cause he would ALWAYS get the shit ripped outta him for being a shortie/feminine/weird like I said already & Rick took every opportunity to do that which made Prince hate him & avoid him. LOL Prince would come out in little bikini drawers & wiggle his ass & dick! 

Also, people mistook the silence & withdrawal for Prince being arrogant (he was, but not like that haha), Rick used to drink & drug mainly & focus on the music second as well which bugged Prince so much that he vowed to outdo Rick in performances/success & he surely did. Rick said in interviews that Prince’s success really bothered him & this is a quote I found: “I always felt our competition was healthy, although I was jealous when he started getting big, more than jealous, I was pissed.. because I felt his songs & a lot of his stuff wasn’t real.” One time, Rick STOLE Prince’s synthesisers (which he all programmed himself, barely anyone could do it to that standard at the time) & recorded Street Songs with ‘em. Rick then sent 'em back to Prince with a thank you note. Prince just shugged his shoulder & ignored it although he could of called Rick out for it. 
So, we think that he hated Prince cause he was trying to take his place & ignored him instead of confronting/responding & for trying to steal his show. Also, he hated that Prince was well liked, especially when Prince & Teena Marie became buddies & also when Jill Jones joined the purple camp too. Stealing Vanity & forming Vanity 6 was the last straw!
—  Confessions of a previous employee of Prince’s ‘Paisley Park’ studio

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Yo! Jast wanna say your`s artstyle is awesome! I saw your`s arts on different resources, and I was surprised when I found some random pics what I like the most in one place, and thay belong too one artist. Your`s animations is realy cool, I realy look into some great battle scenes! Stay determinated!))) Hmm... It`s realy interesting, how wiil looks one of the most epik moments of all ubdertale... cooking lesson with Undyne, drawn by your hand) And what programe do you use too make animations?

Oh thank you so much for your kind message, I’m happy you enjoy my work… (*/ω\*)♥♥♥♥
Haha the cooking lesson!! That’s totally something I had planned for the future!!(*/∇\*)I really hope I can work a little bit faster… hee hee…
I’m drawing everything in Paint Tool SAI (all the frames in one document), I put them into Photoshop and make the gif there… and I use After Effects for some effects and stuff. (^3^)/

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How long did it take you to get used to drawing on a tablet?

Ahhh, I might sort of be one of those fast learners, because I really didn’t quite have any actual problems with it? Haha, I certainly had quite a while figuring out how the program I draw in works (like I started with Open Canvas, and only later found out about Paint tool SAI); but I really didn’t have any troubles drawing on tablet.

It was a bit unusual to not look at the surface you draw on but on a screen, but still…nothing too confusing, for me at least. To be honest, I think I wasn’t even used enough to drawing on the first place, so the switch from traditional to digital wasn’t too hard XD

I also didn’t get my hands on any other tablets besides mine and my friend’s (which I remember not being able to draw with because for me it was uncomfortable), so maybe it has to do with something with tablet itself, not sure..

I feel like it’s similar to riding a bicycle in a way? Like at first before you learn how to it’s uncomfortable and unusual and you have no idea what to do with it, but once you get a *leg* on it, it’s amazing? And if you switch the bike (like it was with me), the new one might feel a bit off because you got way too used to the precious one, but you’ll still get used to the new one and it feels natural soon enough. haha sorry about that bicycles make me carried away..literally..

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in the boxing there is another girls or it's just you with a lot of guys haha??

Lots of women! I go to a gym that’s mostly fitness based so it’s a really mixed bag. Kind of disappointed with the lack of technique they teach though, I’m gonna switch to the more scrappy gym with the blood spots on the ring next year when my membership is up haha. I worked out there once when I was still deciding and it was just like my old gym which was founded by a professional fighter. Awesome program!!! I get an awesome work out at the one I’m going to now but I wanna legitimately train and have great form and learn the sport better so I’m gonna switch eventually :/

When [Naoko Takeuchi] does worry, it’s over the changes they’re making to Sailor Moon for the American audience - toning down her sexuality. She’ll be wearing more clothes, and her TV program won’t have the sexual banter of the Japanese version.

???? ???????????????????? ??????????????????????

Sometimes I wonder what these people thought went on in Sailor Moon…

Haha, guys, remember that one conversation in the Japanese anime where Sailor Moon is complaining she got spunk in her eye and Sailor Mercury is worried her mother found her graphic porn collection? So banter! Such censorship.

The only instances I can think of making them wear “more clothes” (??? like they were running around naked 24/7 in the Japanese version??) is how they airbrushed over suggestive lines in their transformations - which isn’t making them wear more clothes - or how Korean dub painted over Princess Serenity and the Starlights’ bodies so they were more clothed.
No wonder some people still cling to the idea that “Sailor Moon was originally a porno”…

Fantasy on Ice in Kobe Review!

This post will have personal stuff like what I did before the show, along with my comments about the show itself. Scroll down and find bolded words if you just want to read the show review :) (there are pictures included here too)

Warning: it’s very long. Also, I only will talk about skaters that left a great impression on me (but it’s most of the cast pretty much).

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I haven’t given you guys a front progress pic in a while, so here you go. The before pic was actually from one of the happiest times in my life - during my master’s program. But what I found from almost ALL the pix is I was either hiding behind something or someone or they were only from the face up. But the fact of the matter is the people that I met during this time and still have in my life until this day loved me anyways. And treated me no different. Even though they will never probably see this blog (I told them they can’t have the link till I hit 10k followers -haha my way of keeping it hidden) I am so glad I have them in my life. Even if they are far away, they are the best ppl ever and I adore them.