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I see so many people who love duolingo and I want to love it so badly but it just doesn't seem to work for me I practice and practice and never retain anything and I get lost because they don't explain things. do you know of any other apps that fare good for learning languages?

Hey! So I was going to make a long post with a bunch of screenshots; however, I’m on my phone and I won’t have my laptop for a week because I’m traveling to New Orleans to do some volunteer work.

So here’s a quick list of my favorite apps:

Everyone knows Memrise. The only issue is that there’s no grammar to it at all, so you’ll need to have supplementary material. The best idea would be to find a textbook and use that for grammar and follow along with a Memrise course for vocabulary.

It’s a very Duolingo-esque app, so you might not find it that useful; however, it has a very large language selection!

Quizlet has saved my life multiple times in my language classes in University. Great way to practice vocab. I would follow the same suggestions I gave for Memrise with finding a textbook.

Another Duolingo-esque app for Mandarin Chinese. I never finished it, but it seemed decently made!

If you’re learning Chinese, this is indispensable. It’s a Chinese dictionary that lets you look up by Pinyin, English, or draw the character. I’ve used it so much in my Chinese classes.

So I’ll be honest. This is an app that I found while researching this reply. I haven’t played around with it too much, but it seems like the idea is that you get to read texts side by side in both your target language and your native language. While you definitely should have a base in your target language before trying to use this app, it seems like a great way to get reading practice!

That’s the extent of apps with which I’m familiar. Something I like to do that works for me is to find a textbook series that works for me. (Such as Al-Kitaab for Arabic, Integrated Chinese, Genki for Japanese, and others) and just work through the textbook using apps like Memrise and Quizlet to aid in vocabulary retention. It’s the most comprehensive style of learning that you’ll find. It is always good to find a Target language friend that can help you with the things you’re confused about and with whom you can practice speaking. That’s where the real improvement comes in—human interaction.

I hope this was helpful for you!

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안녕! I've been using KGIU: Beginner as my main source for learning basic grammar after learning Hangul but found it difficult to grasp the concepts because of the linguistic terminology they use so I switched over to TTMIK's curriculum but found it not as in-depth as KGIU and honestly very slow (the podcasts have a lot of unnecessary chatting in English). So I was wondering if you could recommend a different textbook/resource I could use as my main resource for learning basic grammar? Thanks!

Since you already hit two solid recommendations, I will next recommend “Korean Made Simple.” There are sample conversations, pretty clear grammar explanations, plus vocab lists and practice questions for each chapter. Also, I’m pretty sure there are accompanying audio files on the website.

Also, this is a note for everyone looking to find books and all to learn Korean or anything else… if the material is not originally free and you can afford to buy it (please don’t choose a textbook over something more pressing to spend money on!), please don’t go looking for illegal free downloads! The people who write these work hard and deserve compensation. :)

As always, happy studying~

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Hi! I want to start to learn Japenese (too much free time) but I think I don't have enough online resources in my native language, so I have to find them in English. Can you recommend me some sites, online courses of sth where I can learn the basics? Especially grammar is really important to me (it's the hardest part for me when I learn a new language), I need something which will help me understand it later. Have a nice day :3

hey there! here are some resources I found useful (for grammar especially):

Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese (an excellent resource)

Language Learning Books for Japanese Masterpost

Japanese Google Drive folder (compiled by @thelibraryofcontext) - contains Genki and Minna no Nihongo (essential textbooks to have)

J-gram (more geared towards people taking the JLPT, but useful as a grammar reference with example sentences) 

Also I see that you’re from Poland, so I tried to find Polish sites for Japanese as well!! (they look promising but I don’t understand Polish so ;;)

Kurs japońskiego BENKYO

Wikibooks (Japoński) - Gramatyka 

Guide to Japanese (Polski)

Good luck!!! がんばって〜


Studying today: English Literature (done), Chemistry triple (done), Biology (in progress).

Today I started preparation for my additional science mock exams - I did most of my notes last year, but I feel it important to go over some rather content heavy areas I found problematic during practice questions.


Word count:1,794

Haven’t posted anything in a whilst. Sorry. This is pretty garbage too so sorry for that as well. But if by some miracle you guys like it, I might continue it.


I reached down to pick up his books. In complete honesty his books spend more time on the floor then they ever do in his hand. Not because he’s clumsy or anything like that but the idiots on the football team always seem to pick on him.

“Hey, (Y/N) why don’t you stop helping the loser and come help me?” I rolled my eyes at his sleazy innuendo.

“How about one of your team mates help you, ass.” I spoke whilst putting some papers back into his folders. The football idiots had finally gotten bored and left. I looked up to see Harry grabbing some of his papers. I extended my arm, handing him his folder and a calculus textbook.

“I’m taking calculus too. My names (Y/N) by the way.” I gave him a smile. We both stood up simultaneously.

“I know. My name is Harry.” He spoke with the cutest English accent. His hair was slicked back with way too much hair gel. His glasses were about 40 percent of his face. He wore a tan vest over a same color button up. His khakis were pulled up a little too high. I still found him quite cute. Vest and all.

“Well I’ll see you around, Harry.” I smiled and waved as I walked away from the boy. I saw him smile at me before I turned away.

That was the last time I saw Harry. I moved away a couple days after that. I never got to get to know him. That was our first and last encounter. This was all of course in high school. The beginning of senior year.

Today I moved from California to New York. It was a long ass flight and I was exhausted. I moved here to go to school. I graduated high school about four years ago at the top of my class, I went to Berkley for four years and got my bachelors of science, majoring in science and minoring in business. I’ve been accepted to Cornell University for medical school. I’ve been accepted for next year so whilst I wait I’ll be living in the city in this cute little loft apartment my parents rented out for me. They’ll be paying my rent and I’ll be working to cover utilities and all that jazz. Thing is I have no idea where I can apply for a job. Oh and not only do I have chronic tachycardia but I have blinding anxiety, so I have no idea how I’ll be walking around this city. Bumping into everyone, all the loud noises, the crowds. Its so overwhelming I could cry right now. I tried to stop myself from thinking so much into it as I was in the elevator with two of the movers.

The elevator finally binged and the doors just smoothly slid open. I walked through the hallway with the movers right behind me. Taking the key from my pocket, I smoothed the key into the keyhole and unlocked the door, opening the door wide open so the movers could walk in with the boxes. I scanned the big living room, formulating different kinds of ways I could design the empty space.

After the long day of bringing in boxes and unpacking some I decided it’d be best to just make myself a nice hot cup of green tea. I filled my teapot with water, placing the teapot on the flame from my stove. I let it boil for a whilst. I grabbed one of the vinyls from my record collection and placed it on the record player, which was now residing on the floor next to an outlet in my room. Arctic Monkeys soon filled the whole apartment. I went back into the kitchen. I grabbed the teapot from the stove, filling one of my mugs with the steaming hot water. I placed a teabag inside the water and let it sink. I tied my hair up in a half ponytail bun.

I started drinking my tea but soon got too tired to even hold up my mug. I brushed my teeth and I almost ran toward my bed. Seeking warmth I buried myself into my pillow and let the comforter of my bed swallow me. It’s freezing in New York.

I woke up and looked around my room. Seeing the mountains of boxes. I sighed. I really couldn’t deal with this right now. I have to go out and find a job. Whilst i get up, I get a text message from my mom. ‘Hope everything is going well. Best wishes.’ Wow she’s so dry. I look through a couple boxes before I find a decent outfit. I try to shower as quickly as possible and get dressed. I grabbed my make up bag from the box labeled makeup. I apply my foundation then concealer and then some translucent powder. I applied some bronzer under my cheekbones then some blush on my cheeks and highlight on the apples of my cheeks as well. I did a subtle smokey eye, I put on some liquid lipstick and boom. I grabbed my bag that had my phone and wallet inside. Then grabbing the stacks of resumes and leaving the apartment. I locked the door.

Walking around the city this whole day I came to the conclusion, New York is beautiful. The architecture, the ambient. The city is alive and the people in it are as well. I’ve been to about 4 job interviews, they were all really bad. Theres always someone more qualified than I am. Finally i get to HES co. The last stop of the day. I walk into the tall building. It was gorgeous inside. Black marble floor and white statues. The walls were all painted white with these beautiful and modern paintings. I walk up to the front desk. The front desk was almost completely silver.

“I’m here for the job opening.” I spoke softly to the man on the other side of the desk. He looked up and smiled at me.

“Go up to the 15th floor and ask for Mr. Styles.” I nodded. That name ringing the slightest of bells, but of course I don’t give it much thought cause I’m an idiot. I walked into the elevator and pressed the button to go up to the 15th floor. When the door opened the floor was now an off white marble floor with beautiful black design and the walls again were white.

“I’m looking for Mr. Styles for the job opening.” The girl at the front desk barely looked at me.

“Through those door.” She nodded with her head to the direction of these really big double doors that were painted black… (like my soul) I walked toward the doors and knocked lightly.

“Come on in.” I heard a deep voice speak from the other side of the door. I opened one of the doors and walked in quickly. I closed the door behind me, whilst turning I lost my balance but soon recovered it. I heard a chuckle then I looked up. A beautiful man was sitting on big leather chair on the other side of the desk in the middle of the room. His hair a bit past his shoulder, falling in curls all around his well structured face. His lips were so pink they look as if he used lipstick. His eyes are greener than tree leaves. He seemed just about the same age as me.

“Hello, sir.” I spoke as I stood in front this man. He shook his head and laughed.

“No need for all the formalities. Please sit down.” His eyes were so damn familiar but I mean how many other people could have green eyes. I sat down and handed him my resume. He looked over it and a smile spread on his face.

“(Y/F/N) I knew you looked so familiar. Of course you look even more beautiful now than ever which I didn’t think possible.” I was so confused. Am I supposed to know who this man is? He chuckled, I’m guessing at my face of complete confusion.

“You’ve no idea who I am do you? I mean I’ve changed quite a bit but I didn’t think I was completely unrecognizable.” His British accent thick. I shook my head.

“I’m so sorry. I really don’t know who you are.” I felt like a terrible person.

“I’m Harry. Harry Styles. Remember from high school?” He questioned now with both his elbows on the desk in front of him, both of his hands clasped together covering his lips. As if he was expecting me to remember. When he noticed that his name did not spark any form of memory he grabbed his hair and pulled it back. No fucking way. It couldn’t be the same Harry from high school. I was shocked and my face must’ve reflected that same emotion cause he just smiled.

“B-but. How.. I..” I couldn’t structure a coherent sentence for the life of me. He laughed.

“Yeah ditched the sweater vests and the hair gel in high school. My father died and so I inherited this nice business after I graduated college. How are you doing? How is your life?” He questioned with intrigue obvious on in his face.

“I um I graduated college last month, majoring in biology. Now I’m just looking for a job before I start med school at Cornell.” He was nodding along just full on staring at me.

“Oh yeah. Sorry I forgot this was a job interview. well…” He looked down at my resume and looked back up at me. “The job is all yours. You’re obviously qualified and the job is my assistant so I’d rather have you then the other old hags that came for the job.” I smiled.

“Really?” I was little too excited. Not only because I got a job on the first day of trying but because I would work for this beautiful man. I stood up from my seat.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Styles.” I shook his hand. Again he chuckled.

“Please call me Harry.” He looked into my eyes and smiled his dazzling smile at me. I nodded quickly.

“I’m sorry.” I took back my hand as we were now just holding hands. “So.. um when do I start?” I questioned.

“Tomorrow. You can start tomorrow.” He spoke. “We’ll have fun.” His grin was simply adorable. I nodded at him, not really knowing what else to do. I started walking away. When I got to the door I turned back.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, si.. Harry.” I corrected myself and walked out of the room before I made bigger fool of myself and made him regret his decision.


oompf, finding all the stuff i’d bought before the trip to belgium and putting it together with everything i got during it was tough. i really love things neat and organized, but alas, my memory is far from perfect.

so, here’s what i got:

  1. notebooks
  • green & orange attache a4 notebooks. don’t know what i’ll use them for yet, though, because they are big and heavy and you can’t really mix several subjects in them. maybe i will rewrite my class notes in them idk??
  • art blanc a5 van gogh notepad. i will most likely use this one for class. just need to remember to buy dividers to separate the subjects.
  • 3 moleskine journals. for bullet journalling, most likely. hopefully they each last me a year.
  • tiny notebook for new vocabulary. soo gonna need this for french. kill me, kill me now

    2.   stationery

  • stabilo pens: 10 color pack + 5 separately bought faves
  • correction pens: 3 tipp ex + 1 erich krause
  • purple & green uni promark view markers (love these!!)
  • pentel clic eraser
  • pencil sharpener

    3.  personalized must- haves

  • new glasses case. it’s so smooth and light and small. i love it.
  • 2015-2016 academic diary (the palgrave student planner). even though in some ways it’s uk- student oriented, i still found it plenty useful and a good value for money. 
  • lindy miller’s “mastering practical criticism”. because you’re never an ‘ex- english major’.

Initially I was content with just sitting back and looking at all the South Asian beauties in the reclaimthebindi tag (because, wow), but the more I thought about my experiences, the more I felt the need to post something myself.

I was born in Kerala, moved to Guyana for two years and finally settled down in England. Growing up in the UK, my family and I soon learned that it was other immigrants (from all around the world, not just Desi folk) that were kindest to us. 

I think it’s telling that the incidences that still cut me up the most are the racism my family and I encountered for being Indian. I’ll never forget the day my mum told me some boys had flicked her on the forehead and called her a “Paki”. I remember being sad the day she gave all her beautiful saris away to my aunt in India because she felt they weren’t “suitable” for life in England. I remember my parents having to give up their jobs because of the racist old white men who were jealous of their achievements and tried to force them to take positions in India to get rid of us. The time my brother got “randomly” stopped and searched in the wake of 9/11 and 7/7  for being brown… I’ll never forget their sheepish expressions when all the found were heavy neuroscience textbooks and learned that he was an aspiring doctor. The time my English class teacher expressed their surprise at my proficiency in English (this being so racist that even the white English kids in class were shocked and asked me if I was okay after class). Don’t even get me started on the fetishization and the racist “jokes”. 

So with all that (and more) endured I take pride in my culture today. I remember the fact that my dad almost cried the first time he saw me in a sari because he was so proud. I remember wearing my first sari to my graduation and feeling like royalty. It takes courage to be yourself when you’re a PoC and that fact is always downplayed. The shalwar kameez I’m wearing in these photos is a gift from my mum, the earrings from my best friend, and the necklace was given to me by my sister-in-law, all of whom are Desi.