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can I ask you an advice how to draw and colouring a background? I'm struggling that my background didn't match the main character drawing (I'm sorry if my english is bad)

I’m not sure if I can give much advice since I myself don’t draw background much. Example;

There is this tutorial that I found before in FB but couldn’t find it anymore. But I guess this will help too . Also other than looking at drawing background tips. I think you can look up for photography tips. They also help you in how to study about composition when drawing background.

The link above will help you as a reference on how to draw a good composition art.

Tips from me is, you need to understand your art elements first. What is the setting of your art. What is the mood. Is it happy? Sad? Intense? For example if your character is just standing with relaxed face you should add a calm atmosphere such as sky and cloud as background and not something intense.

In coloring- hm well I can’t help much with this since it depends on your coloring style (Mine is soft and vivid). But I always use a softer color for mine and try to contrast the character so they are not ‘drowned’ by the background. 

I think you should know what do you want to draw first before randomly draw the background. Other than that, try to learn about perspective so your art doesn’t look awkward.

Your English is fine and hope this help. :)

Nothing is final yet. But from everything I see, we will end up with Trump in office and a Republican Senate. And Republicans just gained control of the House.
A sad time in our history, one many Americans have feared.

Let’s not forget to be loving or kind. Fighting fire with fire just makes the flames grow. What our country needs is more kindess.

That being said, I hope that anyone who voted for Trump watches politics very closely the next year or two.
When Trump tries to repeal Obamacare (on day one), I want you to know that you’ve taken healthcare away from a single mother with 3 kids who can barely put food on her table.
When Trump makes abortion illegal (except in cases of rape, incest, or mothers health), I want you to look your sister, your girlfriend, your friends in the eye and explain why she can’t have control over her own body.
When Trump defunds Planned Parenthood, I want you to think about all the security you took away from many MANY people. The STD testing, birth control, pregnancy tests, and the information.
When Trump tries to cut the EPA, I want you to tell your children how he didnt think the environment was worth protecting. That you’re sorry that the polar ice caps are melting and will be flooding countries around the world, that you’re sorry they aren’t allowed to go catch fish because the lakes are so toxic nothing survives.

And if he brings up the damned wall, I hope you go down to the border and build it yourself.