found this gem for $2 last night

Last night I dreamt that two men decided to raise a Gem as their daughter. They had an Era 2 Peridot *not our Peri, just a random one* and their adopted son named Daeryn. The men were also scientists, one of them named Dr. Fuji because I’m also Pokemon trash.

They loosely made a study around raising their Peridaughter and they all lived together for many years. Then Fuji and his husband *I recall at one point they mentioned they were married* started becoming gravely ill. Eventually the Peridot found Fuji dead and her other father near death.

The men died of radiation poisoning, realizing far too late that a Gem’s projected body emits high levels of light radiation.

There’s a headcanon for the toxic *mineral toxicity, not personality* Gems out there.

Tips for Second Year

Hey guys I’ve been really slacking on real posts lately because I’m actually on summer break and in denial that I’m a med student. But I thought I would put this post together on some things I did second year and some things I didn’t do but wish I did (mostly in terms of studying/being prepared to start Step One studying). 

Warning-this post turned out pretty long…..sorry?

1. Pathoma. In case you have missed me talking about him before, Dr. Sattar is the love of my life. I bought Pathoma because people the year ahead of me told me they wished they had used it before starting to study for boards. I actually wish I would have bought it first year to use it for my Foundations of Medicine class and Neuro. Not only did it help when it came to board studying, Pathoma saved my ass for my actual classes a few times. For every great professor you have, you have about 2 shitty/mediocre ones, and I learned more from Pathoma than I did from them. I would listen to the chapter at the beginning of the block (or split it up to listen to parts I knew we would learn about that week), and then I would listen to it again at double speed the night before my test. And not that you will need more reasons to love Dr. Sattar, but one of my classmates found this gem: 

2. Uworld/any Qbank. Ok so I waited until 3 months from my Step One exam date to buy Uworld, because I knew myself and I knew I probably wouldn’t use it before then because I’m definitely in the “less is more” camp when it comes to study materials. However, I did use it in my last block (GI) and after doing that I kind of wish I had used it all year. I actually really enjoyed doing the questions and they have great explanations. Obviously the questions didn’t cover all my class material but it was still a great study tool plus the more questions you do the more set you’re going to be for boards studying. However, some people I knew basically just studied for boards all second year instead of for classes. My advice is not to do that. Remember that there is more to med school than boards. Your actual course grades do matter and I just had to trust that my professors (and our new curriculum) were going to prepare me well.

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Last night, my wife and I were reminiscing on some of the funny things my daughter says now and said when she was younger.  It reminded me of the audio recordings I made on my Nintendo DSi of her back in 2011, when she was 2 years old.   I intended to animate to those audio clips but never did. 

I turned on my DSi, loaded “Flipnote”, and found some audio gems in there.  Some of which were half animated to.

I intend to revisit and finish some of them this week for my daughter (who is now 4 years old) using her voice recordings when she was 2.  These are some of the ones I made for her when she was 2 years old.

More to come this week. :)