found this for $2 last weekend


I embodied the word “bum” this weekend.

I’ve been having a rough last 2 weeks at work, minimum 12 hours each day because my main client has found a new ways to inconvenience me. I intended to work today & I should have… but that would turn out to not happen.

Saturday I just did general errands, met up with a few American & Irish expats for a day drink. I got a bit more pissed than anticipated, but I wasn’t a hot mess & I met some interesting new people. It was fun, just the usual issue as I’m the youngest by about 40 years. Everyone is either married with teenagers or pension collectors bragging about getting 20-somethings to sunbath topless of their yachts.

I love Nice, but I’m ready for a change of scenery.

Today I went to Menton, I consider it a more livable French city than Nice & I am always enamored with the Italian culture of the area since it is 10 minutes from the border. I laid out the beach, I have finally found Chinese dumpling on the French Riviera & walked around with gelato.

The trains were heavily guarded, 6 armed military members per car & 4 escorting the conductor checking tickets. Perhaps a ramble for another post, but I’m awkward “AF” around police or basically anyone with authority. I have no idea why local police & military make me so nervous, it’s not like I’ve personally had bad experiences with them & I’ve never even had a parking ticket.

My lease is up in June & I don’t really have a plan since I’m not doing the Camino until October now. I’m thinking of trying to get a one month lease in Menton, then just “Nomad” it up until I leave for the hike. What am I doing with life? Who am I even?


From this weekend- I’ll catch up a bit later:

1) Absolutely knock your socks off gorgeous day in Los Angeles!

2) Harry Potter! Sadly, butterbeer is gross.

3) Pecan butter of the gods we found at the Brentwood farmer’s market. I thought it was no sugar added- I was incorrect, but it’s 3 grams per serving and definitely not rot your teeth sweet.

4) Recreated some charred beets I had on a salad in Napa last year. I really love my dirt flavored veggies.

Off to run while dinner roasts in the oven.


Another post shower photo with laser showing it’s progress. Things are going better and better! Plus me. The other photo is from a walk 2 nights ago - the weather was a little crazy, with plenty of rain and random spots of very, very dark clouds. No rain though in my area, just lots of wind.

 My weekend has been solid so far. I left work an hour early yesterday so I could go help with a party for my friend’s birthday, which technically is on Tuesday, but we celebrated yesterday, with his family following suit today.

 As I didn’t get back until past 11 pm last night, I slept in late today - woke up at 8:30 and checked my phone, then went back to bed until past 11:30 am, and found that they were playing Kill Bill 1 & 2 back to back on Encore, so I watched most of that while I did a little laundry and took a shower break (above). It was a walk, and I got some food earlier, and now I just finished doing my nails and have a doctor appointment tomorrow to see how the ultrasound went last week and how my thyroid is doing overall, so there is that too.

 That’s about it for this week, really. Next week I have a laser session and I think a therapy appointment too. Short of that, nothing much going on at the moment.

 Transition wise, I’m getting a few random… chest stares lately. Glances, really. People look down then quickly look back at my face to see if I noticed. I’m pretty sure breast growth is finally getting to that point, and it’s getting more difficult to hide the changes, even with a jacket on, and whether or not I have a bra on… so that may push things along sooner than later. Plus there’s the whole mail thing lately where not one, but two items in the mail have arrived for, well, me, for Lana, and I got neither of them out of the mail, so the jig is up there though I’m still having a mental issue with coming out to any roommates. I just need to do it, chances are, they’ll be fine with it. Stupid head!

 As of now, I’m just watching some Twitch and relaxing, but have a while to go as it’s only a bit past 6:30 pm. I still have so many games to resume… Final Fantasy XV among them, so I may restart that game to make sure I know where I am. I really need to concentrate on one game to not get overwhelmed. Since I’m not really playing any MMO’s anymore, that makes it easier for sure. I just haven’t been gaming much the last couple weeks since I finished Zelda. Then there’s the other, oh, 30+ games I want to play as well.

 Well, I do hope you have all had a great weekend!

 - Lana


Body image is important.
Tonight I found myself staring at these photos finding myself feeling absolutely awful about my body and the way it looks.

I hated that my legs didn’t look defined
I felt like my thighs looked huge and unathletic
I felt like I needed to loose weight asap

Until something clicked.

These photos are from my first meet last weekend. This body allowed me to run sub5 in the mile after a 2:10 800 only a few seconds away from my personal best and now here I am hating this body.

It’s scary and crazy how quickly a few unflattering photos can completely ruin the way you feel about and view your body.
I’m sorry body, you don’t deserve my negative criticisms

All I Wanted; C.H. 9

A/N: I’m sorry I didn’t update like I said I would, it’s my best friend’s birthday weekend and I didn’t have one coherent thought in the last 48 hours.

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 , part 5, part 6 , part 7 , part 8

But his gaze had found me first. His focus is completely on me, his eyes flicking from my outfit – which covered everything, and I mean everything – to my face, which I’m fairly certain that isn’t visible to his wandering gaze. I lift my hand to grant him with a small wave and I can’t suppress the giggle when I see his eyebrows shoot sky high.

He raises to his feet and I can’ help it. I hope he’s ready to play a little game. I swiftly turn and disappear back into the kitchen for a refill of my drink. I haven’t seen him actually get up and follow me, but I can sense him near.

When I cock my head, I see Calum’s larger frame trying to decipher where I had wondered off to. He spots me and I see it as my cue to disappear into the hallway this time, jogging up the stairs. But Calum’s faster this time and catches up to me in no time. Before I know it, I’m pressed against the wall and the tall frame of Calum Hood is blocking my way.

“Where are you wondering off to?” Calum whispers. I don’t say anything. I lick my lips slowly, crossing my arms over my chest as I lean my shoulders against the wall.

“Do you realise you’re the only one dressed rather properly tonight? I’ve been drawn to you as soon as I saw you.” Calum mumbles as he presses me further into the wall. I’m not sure still if he knows who he’s speaking with, but for now I keep quiet. I chuckle, letting the breath slip through my nose as I bump my head against the wall.

“And you’re awfully quiet. Also very intriguing…” Calum trails off, his fingers tickling along the side of my waist, his body inching closer with every breath we take.
“I didn’t know I could intrigue you, Calum.” I whisper, his eyes widening when I speak up. “Y/n?” He takes a step back, but still keeps his hand resting on my hips. “Seriously? I should’ve known it were you.”

“I may have been messing with you the slightest bit.” I laugh, my own fingers ghosting over Calum’s ribcage as I grasp his shirt of both sides of his waist, slowly inching him closer again.
Calum pushes my hood backwards, but not off of my head, so he can see my face, but still hiding me from view of any spectators.

His hand reaches up to cup my neck and he pulls me closer, crashing our lips together. His lips taste like alcohol and cigarettes, his touch burning my skin. He steps closer and presses me back against the wall roughly, his second hand cupping my neck as well. I whimper into the kiss, my own hands resting on Calum’s wrists, fingertips digging into the soft, tender flesh.

“Are you spending the night?” Calum mumbles against my lips before retreating, but still hovering over my hidden face. “Yes. But sadly, not with you.” I mumble as I let my hand rest on Calum’s sharp jawline, eyes flickering between his saddened gaze and his plump, pink lips.

“Isn’t there something we can do about that?” Calum whispers, gaze flicking between my eyes as I glance at his bottom lip pulled between his teeth. I sigh, rather forcefully, as I let my fingertips roam over Calum’s clothed chest. “How would I explain not spending the night but being here in the morning?” I mumble, letting my eyes drift closed as I lean against the wall completely.

“You could sneak out before Meredith wakes up, Y/n..” Calum breathes as he leans closer again, his lips leaving a ghostly trail along my collarbone as he makes his way towards my jaw. As much as I want this to happen, there are too many scenarios where this goes wrong. As much as I want it to, I can’t backstab my best friend like this. As much as I want it to, I know Calum.

“If you feel the same way about this in a few weeks, we’ll figure something out.” I speak up as Calum reaches my lips, catching mine again in a passionate, almost trying-to-persuade-me kiss and I can’t help but breathlessly moan against Calum’s warm lips. I let my hands roam upwards and I cup his neck just as he pulls away from me. “I don’t think I can wait a few weeks.”

The warmth that spreads through me surely isn’t just from his kind words. I press my legs together at his need for me – apparently – and pull him closer to me once more. If I had to wait for a more reasonable time to take this any further, I sure as hell was going to enjoy the present just as much.

We make out for a few moments – although I believe almost an hour has passed – before we break from both of our phones vibrating. The boys are questioning Calum’s whereabouts, as well as Meredith does mine. With one last, soft kiss against my lips Calum disappears off of the stairs, only his cape still dragging across the marble steps as he leaves me panting against the hallway wall.

I wait until the hallway is clear, several minutes after Calum had disappeared before making me reappearance in the kitchen. Meredith is leaning against the counter, talking to Michael – I’m sure they were making out a second before I entered – and she swiftly turns her head as soon as she sees my red cape arrive.

“Where the hell have you been?” She sounds accusing and I can feel the frown set onto my features as she speaks. “Not that I need to defend myself, mom, but I saw an old high school mate who I rekindled with. I hadn’t seen her in years.” I shrug my shoulders, winking at Michael as I fill a cup with beer from the keg underneath the kitchen table.

“Do I know her?” Meredith questions again as I rise to my full height again and I roll my eyes now that my face is still covered by my hood. As I turn, I flip the hood off of my head, exposing my face to the nearby partygoers. Some wave as they now realise who it is and I wave in return before focusing my attention back on Meredith.

“No, you don’t. It was in my last year.” I realise I’m being rather mean to my friend so I grant her with a bright, all-teeth-showing smile, holding my cup out to her as some sort of apology as I reach for a second cup to fill it for myself.

“Have you seen any of the boys?” Michael questions as he raises his chin, trying to look above the partygoers for his mates. I shrug my shoulders, raising my now full cup to my lips. “I just passed Calum who was actually going towards Ash and Luke, but I don’t know where they were.”

“I’m going to go look for them. Later babe, Y/n.” Michael kisses Meredith quickly before nodding in my direction and disappearing in the mass.
“So… Tell me. What happened? Because that grin is too bright for just a plain rekindle.” Meredith wiggles her eyebrows and I roll my eyes again, this time for her to see.

“Can’t I just be having fun and smile? Come on, let’s go dance.” My fingers curl around Meredith’s wrist as I drag her into the mass of dancing people in the living room area and start swinging my hips in the most inappropriate manners.


When I crawl into bed beside Meredith, she’s quiet at first. So quiet that I actually thought she had already fallen into a slumber, so my whole body shakes when I hear her voice whisper through the silent house.

“I saw Calum with another girl again.” She speaks so casually, her hands folded on top of the sheets as her gaze is trained on the white ceiling. She glances at me though and I raise an eyebrow, sucking my bottom lip between my teeth. “Oh, really?”

I hope she doesn’t hear it. My own words still linger through my head. If you feel the same way about this in a few weeks, we’ll figure something out. Apparently Calum wasn’t planning on waiting for anything. But Calum was known to get what I wanted as soon as he decided to want it. I feel my chest tighten and my mouth go dry. I don’t want to have this conversation, and definitely not with Meredith.

“Yeah, you know –“ Meredith pauses and turns her on her side so she could face me, a small smile on her lips but still a frown on her overall features. I hum in response, my gaze trained on her chin as I wait for her to continue.

“She had a cape exactly like yours. Although I believe it was black, I don’t know. They were getting busy in the hallway.” As soon as the words leave her lips, I can feel my eyes widen and my mouth slowly drift open. Realisation kicks in and I close my mouth briskly, squeezing my eyes closed as I try to suppress a grin. The girl Meredith had seen wasn’t some random girl.

“Oh, I didn’t see her then.”

“I wish I had as an exciting sex life as Calum does.” Meredith sighs and I laugh, rolling my eyes before turning around, facing away from my friend. “Try being in my shoes, you’ll think about it differently.” And with that, the room turns silent again. I can feel the adrenalin course through my veins from my encounter with Calum along with Meredith confiding me that she had witnessed her brother with someone – me. As I feel my eyes slowly drift closed, the last thought that crosses my mind is that I wish I could share this with my best friend.

 Let me know what you think! xox


[ 2-3 days of productivity - 24,25th May 2016 ]

did a little bit of note taking for physics and chemistry. I had been wanting the grey mildliner and couldn’t find them here in Malaysia so I asked my cousin who’s in Singapore to buy one for me…. but then I found it here in Malaysia last weekend and had a happy dance in the book store!!! (lol at myself)

also thanks to @studyguideverified for the motivation to start my organic chemistry notes!

I matched with a guy who was a couple years older than me and he seemed pretty dorky but he was cute enough so I decided to give it a shot. That night we met up at a cafe near my house and I found that he was hotter than his pictures.
I disclosed that I wasn’t really ready for a relationship yet since my last relationship ended pretty ambiguously. He said that was fine and he took me out on another date that next day.
Then about a week later I go back to college about 2 hours a way and I basically think “well that’s the end of that”. A month later he visits me and we have an amazing weekend together and we end up getting together later that week.
Seven months later we’re still together and this is my longest relationship ever. We’re in love and honestly I never thought I would say I found my favorite person on tinder.


I’m feeling really lazy, so here’s a bunch of recent acquisitions I don’t feel like making individual posts for.

The M.U.S.C.L.E. sets I found at Goodwill for $5 each.

The DVDs were bought at a Half Price Books outlet store, which I didn’t know was a thing, during their 50% off sale. So, $2 a pop.

I don’t like Titans Return Broadside’s jet mode not the fan mode, so I made him a jet-dog.

When I was in Canada last weekend I picked up some Loyal Subject G.I.Joes at Golden Age Collectibles at $20 Canadian for all three.

And I finally found a Litten plush. I don’t play much Pokémon, but I love Litten’s design.


last weekend I found a black cat beanie baby set out with Halloween decorations at the store, it had a little pumpkin and 2 different color eyes and was absolutely adorable! I needed an idea for a new icon anyway

I couldn’t decide which pumpkin bg I liked best so here’s both🎃😸 

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bro can you tell some wild hockey stories

Alright here’s a light story for you guys after that insanity.

My senior year of high school the team I was on went to Ann Arbor for an end of season tournament. That entire weekend was batshit insane but today I am going to focus on the 45 minutes my team spent sprinting naked through the hotel.

So first of all, this was the last thing we did as a team for the year. It was the last weekend of March, which meant for a lot of guys this was their last weekend of hockey (rosters expire at the end of March), so we were guaranteed to get rowdy. Mix in the fact that our coach generally encouraged the partying we did as long as he didn’t see it, things were going to get out of control.

Second of all, when we arrived at our hotel, we found out there was a statewide cheerleading tournament going on that weekend, and 5 of the teams were in our hotel. Considering there were only 2 hockey teams in the hotel that weekend, we spent a lot of time chasing girls, with varying success.

So anyways skipping to the story at hand. It’s the Saturday night, and our only game on Sunday is at like 3, so we’re getting rowdy in our rooms. Our coach does “room checks” which is basically just him going to each door with the captains to make sure everyone is in their rooms so that he can deny any knowledge of any shenanigans when they inevitably happen because “they were all in their rooms when I checked on them FUCK.”

So we’re going from door to door and kids are being goofy but everyone is in their rooms and they’re going to stay there until our coach goes to the bars for the night and we get through basically all of the rooms without incident.

And then we get to our goalie’s room.

Okay so all I’ve said about drummers being weird man goalies are like 15x weirder. You gotta be fucked up to volunteer for the position where shit gets shot at your head, and taking shots to the dome all day only makes you weirder.

So we get to this kid’s door and our coach knocks on the door and looks down at his room list and the door opens and standing 5 feet into the room is our goalie.

Buck ass naked.

So the other assistant breaks down and starts laughing immediately, and our captain and I are trying to hold it together but we’re shaking from laughter. Our coach finally looks up and you see his eyes get to this kids feet and then instantly snap up to his eyes.

“The fuck are you doing?”

The kid just starts swaying in place a little bit.

“What’s up coach?”

“The fuck are you doing?” He starts swaying more.

“I’m just airing it out, you know?” He sways even more.

“The fuck?”

Suddenly, this kid starts gyrating, literally helicoptering his dick around as he does so. My captain and I break down laughing.

“I’m just airing out my wiener coach.” He starts creeping into the doorway.

“Stop that.” He’s creeping closer.

“Stop what coach?”

“You know exactly what I want you to stop.”

“What, you want me to stop swinging around my wiener? Do you have a problem with my wiener? Do you think I have a weird wiener?” He’s into the hall now.

“Stop saying that.”

“What? Wiener? What’s wrong with wiener? It’s just a word coach.”

Coach is starting to back down the hall away from this kid, somehow maintaining eye contact the entire time.

“Get back in your fucking room.”


Every door opens. 16 kids are peering into the hall, only to see the captain, the other assistant and I dying of laughter, and our goalie following our coach down the hall while swinging his dick around like an idiot.

Coach has not broken eye contact.

Probably with any other team, everyone would have laughed at this for a little while, egged our goalie on, and then went back into their room after a couple minutes. But our team had Bobby.

Bobby (not his real name) was also super fucking weird. Bobby did something else this weekend that I will talk about at a different time but the point is Bobby single handedly turned this from a small, very funny thing, to a very big, very stupid thing.

Bobby comes bursting out of his room, tearing his clothes off as he goes, charging straight at our coach, who turned tail and ran down the hall screaming. Instantly, there were 14 boys sprinting down the hall, ripping their clothes off, screaming “wiener” over and over at the top of their lungs. Our coach somehow managed to get to his room and get inside before they caught him, so instead of doing the “normal” thing and deciding the joke was over and returning to their rooms, our entire team spins around and starts sprinting back down the hall screaming just as loud, while the rest of the team joined in.

I stood there with my captain as 17 boys sprinted past us, buck ass naked. right as they run past us, he gives me a look, and shrugs his shoulders, as if to say “what are you gonna do?” before ripping his shirt off and taking off after them.

For 45 minutes, we ran through the halls of our hotel, evading security and screaming at the top of our lungs. The cheerleaders came out of their rooms to hoot and holler at the literal dick parade sprinting through the halls. The other team in the hotel joined us. There were almost 40 dudes, ass naked, sprinting through the hall of an Ann Arbor hotel for a half hour, and it only stops when boys start peeling off from the group to hide, most of us hiding in the cheerleaders rooms.

Needless to say my team was not allowed to return to that hotel.

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Linstead + running into members of the unit while out together on days off

Alright so this took an unexpectedly long time to slog through but I’m blaming it on some hard life days. Also, these might mostly suck and I apologize for that. Basically the only part I really like is when Antonio talks to Jay–random inspiration spurts, ftw.


Running into Ruzek while out, well, running, is entirely a coincidence. It’s a Saturday, the sun came out after 10AM and it’s Jay who instigates the motion to get out and exercise while the weather is cooperating. Erin grouses, grumbles, groans, and then concedes. How can she not when he brackets her in with his arms, leaning on the back and side of the couch, amusement turning into raised brows and a charming grin. (Jay might fall prey to her dimples, but she’s just as easily swayed by him when he tries—not that it’s something she spreads around.) The sunshine is warm, burning off the spring chill, and Erin has to admit that it does feel good to fall into a steady jog with Jay keeping pace at her side. So, of course the soothing rhythm that makes the outing worthwhile gets dumped. Jay drops back without a word of warning, and Erin looks over her shoulder for him just in time to see her partner’s hand flash out and her yelp is only mildly undignified when Jay pinches her backside then takes off at a headlong sprint right after. Not that it stops him from laughing, hard. Escape is a wise choice, because Erin stares after him a beat before the chase is on. They play an altered form of tag for close to half an hour and Erin finds herself running pell-mell down a hill with Jay hot on her heels, gasping with laughter and for air, trying to ward him off, when someone steps out in her path. Recognizing Ruzek a couple seconds too late and exchanging a wide-eyed stare, Erin forgets that her partner is bearing down for just long enough that he barrels into her from behind. Jay grabs her up with his arms around her torso, trapping hers against her sides, lungs heaving for breath, and his growl in her ear is just a little bit smug, “You’re mine now.” Erin’s gaze skitters from him back to their teammate and Jay finally catches on—not that he lets her go. Adam just shakes his head, hands raised as he backs away. “Nope, sorry, I don’t need to see anything more. I still have to work with you people on Monday.”


When Erin reads on the front of the newspaper that a fair is in Chicago for the weekend, she knows that she wants to go. The last time she visited any type of amusement park was when she was seventeen and Hank had taken them all—Camille, Justin, herself—to the carnival. She and Camille had gone on every ride because apparently there was a pure Voight gene requiring motion sickness on amusement park rides. It’d been six months before they found out Camille was sick. “Jay, come on, we’re going out.” He looks up from a news article on his phone that’s making his brow crease, trying to catch up with her line of thought. It’s a Sunday in May, it’s almost too humid, and Erin laces her fingers through Jay’s to drag him from attraction to attraction. They’re in the middle of trying to out-shoot each other at a balloon pop—Jay’s ahead and she’ll never admit it—when she sees Antonio nearby with Eva and Diego on either side of him. It’s been forever since they’ve seen his kids and joining up to explore is an easy choice. Erin gets ahead with Eva and Diego, leaving Jay and Antonio to walk at a more subdued pace, catching up on life outside of work. It’s when Erin raises a hand to gesture them over that, Antonio stops Jay with a hand on his arm, gaze serious. “Jay, I just want you to keep in mind— when you and Erin decide to get serious, don’t ever let the job come first over what’s important. Because you’ll wake up and realize one day that your family is all that you’ve got and losing that is losing yourself.”


Erin and Jay are in the midst of going back and forth over whether to get hard apple cider or hard lemonade—they’re attempting to try something new, but as usual their tastes are making a decision difficult. And the fridge is full so they might be able to fit both but it’s more entertaining to argue over it first. Erin insists that the cider is less likely to be a nauseating mix of alcohol and sugar. Jay starts when an arm reaches over his shoulder and taps the hard cider in question. They both look over and Alvin stands there with raised brows and his other hand in his pocket. “Try the cider. You’ll have better luck and pay less.” Triumph blooms across Erin’s face as she pokes her partner in the ribs. “I told you, babe. Cider, all the way.” Alvin eyes them for a moment before turning to meander away, waving over his shoulder. “You kids be careful on the way home.


The night has been shaping up to be their first real date in almost a month and Erin reaches across the table to lace her fingers through Jay’s on the tablecloth. Their planned four-day weekend escape to the cabin can’t come soon enough, and his gaze is tired but gentle, and they just need a break from getting home and collapsing into bed because the cases run them into the ground. Erin parts her lips to suggest seeing if they can both convince Hank that they got food poisoning when—“Why, Detectives Lindsay and Halstead, I never thought I’d see the day.” And when Sergeant Platt plants herself beside their table, in a dress and makeup, Erin feels her hopes for a peaceful evening and an early night with Jay go up in smoke.


They don’t “run into” Hank on their days off so much as plan regular outings with him. Erin likes to spend time with him off the job and once Jay and Hank get past the stilted conversations due to a rocky beginning and a sometimes tense relationship since, they get along well. Erin sits back a lot while they discuss shared interests—house maintenance, interestingly enough, is a popular topic—and just listens because despite everything she’s lost to get to this point, she still feels peace, with her hand held between both of Jay’s in his lap while Hank watches on in approval before questioning what their plans are, because Justin is coming with his wife and kid. They talk about a barbecue and Erin and Jay’s new apartment and the world feels a little more right.

Down 2.4 pounds this week!

I’m so proud of my hard work! I was active and ate well all last weekend, so I think that’s what really made the difference. Consistency is the key! Another week like this and I’ll basically be at my next goal weight! I have another 20-30 pounds to go total, but I think mixing things up with my new found enjoyment of running should hopefully help prevent a plateau in the near future as I get closer to a healthy weight!

HW: 225 lbs.

CW: 177.6 lbs.

Total loss this week: 2.4 lbs.

Total lost overall: 47.4 lbs.

Goal weight 1: 210 lbs (Goal met on October 31, 2014)

Goal weight 2: 205 lbs. (Goal met on November 14, 2014)

Goal weight 3: 200 lbs. (Goal met on January 25th, 2015)

Goal weight 4: 195 lbs. (Goal met on March 11, 2015)

Goal weight 5: 190 lbs. (Goal met on July 17th, 2015)

Goal weight 6: 185 lbs. (Goal met on August 20, 2015)

Goal weight 7: 180 lbs. (Goal met on September 18, 2015)

Goal weight 8: 175 lbs. (2.6 lbs. away)

Goal weight 9: 170 lbs. (7.6 lbs away)

Goal weight 10: 165 lbs. (12.6 lbs. away)

Goal weight 11: 160 lbs. (17.6 lbs. away)

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I'm leaving in vaca this weekend & won't see my bf for a month,today was the last day of school and we wanted to get a little nasty before I go.So we found an empty classroom, the windows had paper on them so it was perfect.we went behind an empty teacher desk,he pulled down my pants,bent me over and just fucked the shit out of me.It felt so good, and I was just so wet. When the announcements come on i moaned so loud.When he was done fucking me, he came all on my ass then we went in for round 2.

My Thoughts on Episode 4

A few days ago I wrote out a post regarding Episode 4, but I never posted it in fear that I would get peoples’ hopes up, but now I feel like this post needs to be made based on new evidence found out about episode 4 and the following episode. 

We’ve recently discovered that Episode 4 will be called Here’s Not Here and it will be a 90 minute long episode. And if that’s not getting you the least bit excited just know that it is said that Episode 5 will be called Now

I want to start with my most recent thoughts regarding Episode 4:

So there have been many theories regarding time in relation to Beth and TWD, but what I want to focus on most is the D.S. al Coda, which you can read about in @littledietz’s post here [x] or learn about it in this video [x]. I realize there are a ton of posts regarding the D.S. al Coda, but I’m using Littledietz’s and the video as reference for this. 

For those of you who are unaware of what D.S. al Coda means, this is a simplified definition: In a piece of music you go through the song until you see a D.S. al Coda, and then you go back to the beginning of the song and replay it until you reach a Coda. After reaching that Coda you will change or have a different ending from the original. 

Anyway, as many have predicted the D.S al Coda began in sometime in Season 5, but for this post I’m going to suggest that it began in 501.

Warning: Below contains spoilers for the newest Season, so if you haven’t watched it then read this anyway because this is important. Sorry not sorry

Also, what I’m about to purpose is pure speculation, so it could not be true, but later in this post I will give you some solid evidence for other things. 

For those of you who were watching Episode 2 JSS last night you probably noticed that Carol set a timer back for her casserole cooking in the oven. At first I didn’t think much of this, but as the episode progressed it all started to fall into place. The D.S. al Coda has gone back to the beginning. Carol turned the timer back, therefore turning the TWD back to the beginning of the “music piece.” 

The Similarities Between 501 (the beginning of the D.S. al Coda) and 602 (Where the Coda was reset, therefore going back to the beginning) which shows why the music piece has been reset and is replaying over again until the “Coda.”

- 501 began with TF in the Train Car. 602 begins with some of TF in Alexandria

- In 501 Carol hears the gunshots coming from Terminus and leaves Judith with Tyreese. In 602 Carol sees the woman be slashed/hears the screams, etc and leaves Judith with Carl. 

- In 501 Carol puts on a costume in order to fit in with the walkers and kills the Termites. In 602 Carol puts on a costume in order to fit in with the Wolves and precedes to kill them.

- The people taken in by the termites (501) were being cut up much like the people in Alexandria due to the wolves.  

- In 501 there is an explosion causing Terminus to catch on fire. Also, this explosion attracts tons of walkers. In 602 there is the loud horn and fire which attracts the walkers. 

- Tyreese beats up Martin, but he doesn’t kill him. Morgan beats up the wolf (Benedict), but he doesn’t kill him. (this is obviously going to cause more problems later on, wtf Morgan  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

- We see Morgan for the first time since Season 3 in 501, but it’s obvious that he is there time after TF starting the difference in time, in 602 Carol sets back the timer which turns back time to the beginning of Season 5, 

- We  Alexandria promoting real estate signs in 602 just like we saw the Terminus signs in 501 and even before then. 

- TF were in train car A (501) and when Carol is sitting on the porch after the Alexandria massacre next to her is a large red A (602)

- The Termites often said “either you’re the butcher or the cattle” claiming that they were forced to do what they did. the Wolves said that they didn’t chose to be how they are. 

There are so many more relations I could make, but those are the ones that stick out most for me. Anyway, what I am saying is that 602 is the beginning of 501 over again. If this theory is correct below is roughly what should happen within the next few episodes. 

603 Thank You - (I have a feeling this will be a combination of 502 and 503) Rick and the others that were handling the quarry problem are in the woods fleeing from the tons of walkers or trying to figure out what to do with them. They will possibly stumble across someone new (most likely won’t happen though). They find a Church or something relating to a church/christ. Daryl will likely go off on his own (like he did when following the car that took Beth except Carol won’t be there, which will likely result in him being kidnapped like the previews) and he will find a mysterious/unseen person (like he found Noah) There may also be a hooded figure, batteries, crosses, and maybe even wine, but these things are a stretch.   *spoilers* Also, Nicholas will die much like Bob did.

604 Here’s Not Here (90 minutes long) - (Will likely be like 504, an episode involving one or two main characters.) This is likely have quite a bit about Morgan, but I do not think the entire episode will be about him considering it’s 90 minutes. It will likely explain how Morgan came to be and will explain what happened in those scenes after episodes in Season 5 (finding the map, and going to TF locations) He will probably be at a very low point and about to do something wreckless when he discovers someone that’ll change his mind, and which with all things considered it should be Beth Greene. (much like how Beth was going to kill Edward’s but didn’t when Carol arrived to Grady) This episode will likely reveal the mysterious person Daryl finds as Beth Greene (or someone to that effect), but this could be in the next episode as well. 

605 Now - (Probably related to 505) Maggie will be on a mission in a dark tunnel with Aaron (we’ve established this by the trailer and pictures.) A large horde will likely be seen. The mystery behind the 17 days and Beth will be revealed (as to how she survived, etc.) and Maggie may find out about Beth being alive. 

Like I’ve said, everything above is all serious speculation based on a number of things and it could easily not work out this way, but if anyone has any thoughts please feel free to say something.

Now I’m going to give facts as why Beth Green could be seen in Episode 4 or 5. 

The lack of information regarding Episode 4 - The spoiling sites know little to nothing regarding Episode 4 and there are no promo pictures for this episode (yet they already have some for 5.) Now, if this episode is supposed to be 90 mins long, you’re going to tell me that you missed filming for a 90 minute episode? As far as I know they only have 3 pictures regarding the filming of this episode and apparently it was filmed after the mid season finale in a wooded secluded area by a river. (and the pictures were not that amazing) If Episode 4 is truly supposed to be about Morgan then why are the people of TWD being so secretive? We all now that Morgan is back so there is no point in trying to try to hide him. Also, if what they said is true then why did they wait to film it until after the mid season finale? The only logical reason I can think is that they had to move around dates in order to accommodate an actor’s schedule. I mean, anyone can see that the way this episode is being carried across (super secretive, no promo pictures, etc) is very odd. 

The obvious relation between Beth and the Episode 4 - no comment. 

Filming - This episode was said to be filmed after they filmed the MSF. The reason why this is significant is that when (or very close to when) they were filming the MSF and afterwards that was when Emily was latergramming on YahooTV and her role Nora. Many people speculated that she would be in the MSF because of this, but there’s a possibility she could be in four too. 

Emily canceling her appearance at WSC Atlanta - (the post I got this from can be found here [x]) Episode 4 will be released on Nov 1. which is the weekend of the WSC Atlanta. Emily recently cancelled her appearance there with no real explanation. Last year, Slabtown (504) was released on Nov. 2 and Emily cancelled going to WSC Ohio that weekend so she could be in LA for the Talking Dead. While there’s no proof of this being the reason why yet, it’s just very suspicious that the same thing that happened last year is starting to happen this year. 

A Director from Lost is Directing Episode 4  - ( @bethgreeneishopeunseen has already made a brilliant post about Lost and TWD parallels and I would highly suggest reading it here [x]) Anyway, for anyone who has seen lost they can say that Lost definitely has a lot to deal with fake deaths, mysteries, and flashbacks. We’re had people on the Talking Dead from Lost and Gimple has plenty of relations with the show, so to me having someone from lost direct this mysterious episode has some serious red flags. It could be just because of the Morgan flashbacks but considering everything that happened on Lost it’s just hard for me to believe that that’s the only reason. 

So yeah. That’s what I think about Episode 4/5. I apologize if it’s confusing, it’s just so much information to try and sort. I’d love to discuss this with anyone if they want so don’t be scared to leave feedback or questions. 

I’d just like to remind everyone not to get their hopes up too high as we have no idea what’ll happen. 

* Updated to fix episode titles & to add another reason.