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Chloe Headcanons

Some During/Post-Redemption thoughts with the implications of superhero shenanigans: 

  • Chloe only uses her ‘mean girl’ voice when she encounters another mean human being.
    • During Lycee she once saw Rose being yelled at by a customer at her part-time flower shop job. She didn’t hesitate to step in and put that customer in their place. 
  • She hates getting praise for doing the right thing. 
    • One time during Lycee she found a crowd gathering around an upset Alya. After dispersing the crowd Marinette tried to thank her, but she merely responded with: “What are you talking about? I was just wanted to get the perfect angle for this instagram picture of my nails.” 
  • Unless she’s Bee. 
    • “Oh you’re most welcome random citizen who is most certainly not my best friend!” - Actual quote after narrowly saving Sabrina from a nasty fall. 
  • Chloe over-compensates for her past actions. 
    • At first she tried to buy everyone she had wronged a large expensive gift as a way of apologizing. It shocks her when Alix throws away a $200 pair of skates without batting an eyelash.
      • What really gets her, though, is when Rose politely refuses to accept the gift. When Chloe asks her why, she takes her aside and explains why gifts wont guarantee forgiveness. 
  • Eventually Chloe gets better at showing everyone how sorry she is and most of them forgive her on some level.
    • During the last month of Lycee Chloe invites all of girls from her college homeroom for a sleepover. At first it only seems that a few people are going to show up, but eventually everyone comes around. All is not forgotten, though, as seen through some of the dares that Alix throws her way… but they’re all getting there. 
      • And of course Chloe never lets Alix live down the only dare that she has ever turned down. It becomes legendary, but what happens at a sleepover stays at a sleepover so none of the guys ever find out. Though Kim is still perplexed as to what it was. 
  • Halfway through Lycee she discovers who Ladybug is on accident.
    • It absolutely wrecks her to know that she used to terrorize Ladybug.
      • She won’t admit to Marinette that she knows until they’re almost out of Lycee because she fears the day when she realizes that her beloved teammate is actually her used-to-be bully. 
    • She starts to “passively” help Marinette.
      • Tardy excuses, notes for missed classes that they share (and a few times mysteriously for ones they don’t), ordering extravagant orders from the shop and leaving overly generous tips…There was even one time when Marinette ‘randomly’ received an invitation to an high profile event to give her the opportunity to network. 
    • There are a few times when she slips off her haughty act and intervenes in earnest. 
      • At the beginning of their final year Ladybug is brought under the media’s critical eye following a battle turned sour. A non-miraculous wielding enemy showed up on Paris’ doorstep and her Miraculous cure was unable to fix the damage. No one was killed, thankfully, but many blame her. 
        • One day, all of the guilt becomes too much for Marinette to handle and she breaks down in the middle of class without provocation. Chloe, being one of the few who know the whole story, whisks Marinette to the bathroom and stations Sabrina in the hallway to stop everyone from entering. 
        • Once there, Chloe helps Marinette put herself back together enough to make it home. She then escorts her home and doesn’t leave her side until the next day. 
          • Chloe never explicitly states that she knows or who she is, but it doesn’t take much for Marinette to put the pieces together. 
  • Chloe and Sabrina remain best friends throughout it all. Though, as the years go on, their circle widens considerably. 
    • This isn’t to say that they don’t go through some of their own rough patches… They just learn how to handle them better as the years go by. 
    • Oddly enough Nino is the first person to enter their circle. He and Sabrina start hanging out when their “totally not a superhero” best friends go off to save the world. They, of course, don’t tell anyone that they know… but they totally know and do what they can as civilians to help their buds… and also to give their friends heart attacks.
      • Also Nino is low-key trying to be wingman to Sabrina, but Chloe is just a bit too dense to figure it out.  

740 Buttonwood Street

Hey guys I haven't uploaded a house for a while, even though I have built a lot of them. I thought I would upload a nice little house I built while I was in Denver with my boyfriends. 

Lemon Realty has found you another forever home. This small but cozy home is is a 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom home perfect for a small family or even a single sim. The house has a large living/dinning area with an open floor plan. The backyard has a nice deck and concert yard for low maintenance. The asking price for this newly renovated home is  $54415

CC LIST Included in Download 

Packs Used: City Living|Parenthood|Backyard Stuff|Vintage Glamour|Get TO Work|Romantic Garden|Movie Hangout|Perfect Patio|Spa Day|Fitness Stuff|Get Together|Outdoor Retreat| Dine Out


I knew I felt something more than the friendship we cultivated when I found myself hoping I could change your mind. You never said you were loyal and you never acted like you were, and I tried to fool myself into thinking that was a part of you I could accept. But when I couldn’t stop thinking about your hands on me, when my chest tightened like breath before a first kiss when I heard your sudden laugh that sounded almost too sweet to fit you, when I didn’t care who the hell responded to my texts when if it wasn’t you, when I heard your voice in songs about loving someone who was out of reach, I knew something had happened I couldn’t exactly reconcile. Something I didn’t exactly want to. I would’ve never thought you’d be a constant presence in my lungs when I first met you, never imagined I’d want to breathe in the scent of you more than I would my own home. You are everything I want disguised in everything I never saw coming. If you would give me the chance, I’d drop everyone else I act like I care about to distract myself from the fact that I want you. I want your corny jokes, your subtle arrogance, the way you I catch you looking at me when you don’t think I see you. I want you to tell me all of the shit you’ve never felt comfortable telling anyone else, and I want the chance to give you the world even if you may fill up the majority of mine. And hell, maybe I am possessive and feel too strongly too quickly. Maybe I dive in without looking at how deep the water really is and maybe I make desperate decisions in pursuit of the warmth of your gaze. Maybe I romanticize your brutal honesty and am hoping for something you can’t give me but there are no lies on my tongue when I tell you I don’t want you to want anyone else. You are as sudden as a summer storm and as mysterious as the shadows that come afterwards, but you need to only say the word and I’ll get myself drenched in order to stand in the rain with you.
—  ap (8.17.17) there’s something reckless about you and I have a habit of taking chances

Found this while scrolling through my Instagram feed! I thought this was so wonderful! It’s never too late, guys! 😊😊😊

—————- Ah this is so great to see, thank you for sending this through! - Alex
I’m not going in there - Imagine

So this is actually the second request that I got, but don’t worry anon who sent me the first, I figured that one would fit in well with the aftermath of this one so it will be coming soon!

But to the anon who requested this imagine I hope you enjoy!


“I really think this is the one for you Fionn” I laugh, holding up a luminous orange t-shirt for him to see as he stuck his head above the opposite railing.

“Ok I’m sorry, who thought that colour was a good idea?!” he exclaimed, shuffling between two racks of shirts to stand beside me. I shrugged and looked up to place the shirt back where I’d found it, only to spot a man across the store wearing the exact shirt I was holding. I snorted and pointed at him.

“Him apparently” I giggled and Fionn spluttered beside me, ducking away again to look at some shirts hanging on the wall. I sighed and placed the shirt back before moving to stand beside him.

“I hate this, I hate shopping, I hate crowds,” he groaned as two young girls pushed between us, giggling and gossiping with armfuls of bags, “I just hate people” he huffed. I smiled and shot him a quick sideways glance.

“Isn’t that the truth” I teased, earning a quick elbow in my side.

“Shut up Y/N, can we just find something for Harry’s birthday so we can leave? I’m hungry and I know there is a place in here that does amazing chicken wraps” he rambled, sifting through the shirts on the rack before huffing and moving on to the next one.

“Come on, I don’t think we are going to find anything in here, let’s look somewhere else” I sighed, grabbing his arm and weaving out of the shop, muttering a quick ‘sorry’ to everyone we bumped in to in our haste.

“Y/N, let’s be honest, we aren’t going to find anything at all for Harry. Nothing we can afford anyway” he said as we emerged from the crowd and back on to the top floor of the shopping centre. So far Fionn and I had been here for 3 hours, rummaged around at least 7 shops and leaving each one empty handed. After all, what do you buy someone who has everything? I sighed and steered myself towards a vacant bench, letting my body fall on to the unforgiving wood and placing my head in my hands. Fionn took a seat beside me and huffed.

“This is impossible” I groaned. “We’ve been here for hours and found nothing. What are we going to do? This is the first time I’ll be spending his birthday with him since we became official and I can’t even find him a present! What kind of shitty girlfriend am I?!” I cried. Running my fingers through my hair, tugging firmly at the roots.  

“We suck at this” he said. I couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

“What shops haven’t we tried yet?” I asked, glancing at the rows of store in front of us, most of which I knew would have things in them that Harry would love, but I was also well aware that I wouldn’t be able to afford any of it.

“I mean there’s The Perfume Shop, maybe I could buy him some cologne or something?” Fionn suggested. I nodded with a small shrug. Fionn took that as approval and hauled me to my feet before leading me across the floor. For the next 20 minutes I hovered by the door, watching with a small smile as Fionn grew more and more flustered, sniffing several samples before huffing and asking for my help, stating that they all smelled the same. I laughed and joined him at the counter, plucking a box off the shelf and handing it to him.

“This is the one he always wears” I said. He took the box and glared at me.

“So you knew which one he would like and you still let me spend half an hour sniffing these damn things?” he snapped. I laughed and shrugged.

“It’s funny when you get all flustered” I chuckled with a small smile. He huffed and handed the box to the cashier before paying.

“Hate you” he mumbled as he took back the bag and thanked the woman.

“No you don’t” I sing-songed as we left, turning right and wandering further into the maze of stores, Fionn mumbled beneath his breath each time someone bumped into him. With each passing moment I was becoming more and more frustrated. Store after store ran beside us both, but still I saw nothing that was suitable. Fionn sensed my agitation and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“Y/N, calm down, we’ll find something” he said softly, squeezing my shoulder lightly as we walked, turning yet another corner. Ahead loomed perhaps the most promising store yet, and as we approached, I knew it was my best shot.

“I’ve got an idea!” I squealed, slipping from beneath Fionn’s arm and dashing towards the store. Fionn took one glance at the sign and shook his head firmly.

“No. No way. I’m not going in there” he said firmly, stopping dead in his tracks and folding his arms across his chest. I stopped and whirled to face him.

“Come on Fionn please, this will work! And it’s the only place I’ve seen” I whined, bouncing up and down on the balls of my feet as he remained firmly planted to the stop.

“No, Y/N, I’m not going in there with you” he said. I stepped towards him and grabbed his upper arms.

“Fionn please! You can help, you’re a boy, you know what boy’s like. We won’t be long I promise” I begged.

“Y/N, I’m not going in to Ann Summers with you while you look for lingerie to wear for one of my best friends. It’s weird and I’m not doing it” he said and I groaned.

“Please please please! For me?” I asked, fluttering my eye lashes in a hope to win him over. He maintained his resolve for a few more minutes, watching my face carefully while I bounced up and down in front of him, squeezing his upper arms and biting my lip as we partook in what turned out to be a battle of wills. Eventually he caved, his shoulders sagged and his arms fell limp at his side.

“Fine” he sighed and I squealed with joy, “15 minutes, and no more. Otherwise I’ll walk out” he said firmly and I agreed, dragging his reluctant body into the store. He looked like a fish out of water, his eyes were wide and his face was pale.

“How can there be so many?” he asked as we shuffled along the wall of bras and underwear. He furrowed his brows and looked at several sets.

“‘Plunging’, ‘push-up’, no, this is too much” he stuttered and turned to head for the door.

“No!” I cried, grasping his arm once more and pulling him back towards me. “No wait, I’ve found two I like, just help me pick and then you can leave” I begged as he stumbled beside me.

“Y/N, I can’t do this, I’m way out of my depth here” he rushed, his cheeks were flushed pink with embarrassment.

“Just look, please Fionn” I pleaded. He sighed but mumbled a quiet ‘fine’ as I help up the two I had chosen. One was a matching pair of lace panties and bra, the thin, light blue fabric decorated with delicate roses across the cup of the bra and on the hip of the panties. The second set was also lace but was a bright, seductive red. It was simple and relatively plain, but I knew it would look wonderful.

Fionn’s face flushed a bright scarlet as he glanced between the two, making an effort not to let his gaze linger too long.

“That one” he said, pointing quickly to the blue set before turning and practically running from the shop. I beamed at his back as it disappeared. Setting the red pair back on the rack I hurried to the counter and paid for the set before dashing after Fionn, only to find him flushed and jittery outside the store.

“Can we go now” he begged, his eyes looking everywhere but my face. I laughed at him and linked my arm with his own.

“Sure” I giggled. He huffed as we made our way to the exit.

“I’m never going shopping with you again” he mumbled.                


In other news I am going to start posting my fic on Tumblr as well as Wattpad. I am going to try and post twice a week so keep and eye out for the first update coming soon!

- Steph

training session - steve rogers nsfw

Requested by: @wildefire

Your persistent nightmares of Steve dying in your arms resulted in yet another sleepless night, so you found yourself in the training room, throwing away punches at a random punching bag.
Frustration for your feelings towards the super soldier filled your veins, your arms swinging faster and your fists hitting harder.
Nobody in the tower knew of your attraction towards Steve except Wanda as she accidentally stumbled across your thoughts one day as the team was watching Steve give us all a pep talk but she never said anything.
“You cant sleep either?” A familiar voice sounded from behind you and you turned around to see Steve and you nodded, “you want to spar?”
You shrugged your shoulders and followed him onto the mat and got into a ready stance. The both of you went at it for awhile until you found your legs wrapped around his neck, your back on the ground and his face hovering over you, dangerously close to your already wet core, your clit begging to be touched after watching his muscles flex.
“Don’t you just look gorgeous like this,” Steve suddenly said and your eyes widened.
You shrugged, “I think I could look better.”
“Oh yeah?” The super soldier challenged and waves of heat pulsated through your throbbing pussy as his face lowered, “let’s find out.”
You loosened your legs from around his neck as he climbed upwards until he reached your eye level, “poor darling don’t you know you should never let your focus be deterred by distractions?”
You nearly choked on words as your anger rose, a bright blush coated your cheeks as your embarrassment struck you.
“But don’t worry,” he whispered when he leaned down and his lips ghosted the shell of your ear, “I’ll let you off the hook this time.”
He picked your body up like it was a feather carrying you over to one of the lifting benches, sitting down and placing you on your feet in front of him.
“You okay?” Steve noticed your confusion, “is there anything wrong?”
“M'okay,” you answered with a soft nod, “I’m fine. You?”
When he nodded, you regained your confidence and stiffened your back, “kiss me Steve.”
He was surprised at your sudden attitude change but still leaned forwards, capturing your face in his flesh hand and wrapping an arm around you, pulling you onto his lap as his soft lips met yours.
The steamy session only lasted a good thirty seconds until you could feel his prominent hard on against your inner thigh, your hips grinding down on his and his arm grew tighter around you.
Steve’s hand dropped from your face and grabbed the bottom of your shirt, pulling it up over your head and his lips leaving yours, dancing down the side of your neck and his teeth nipping at your collarbone.
You whimpered as you felt his fingers rubbing your clothed clit, begging for more and he responded by tugging at your leggings.
He stood you up and pulled them down, planting kisses on your thighs and hips as he looked up with his teeth hooked in the waistband of your panties asking for permission.
You nodded and he pulled them down, quickly pulling you back into his lap and one hand worked on you again as his other hand held your hips in place as you were squirming.
You tugged at his shirt and he pulled it off quickly, burrowing his face in your neck as the sensation of his fingertips rubbed you into seeing stars.
“Steve,” you whimpered softly, “please.”
“Please what?” you felt his lips work against the delicate skin of your neck intensify, “tell me what you want”
“More please,” you cried out while tugging at his hair, “ want you Captain please.”
Steve managed to shimmy out of his pants and boxers under you and you grinded down, desperate for any sort of attention.
“Cap,” you whined and he shushed you by giving your ass a nice slap.
His hands gripped at your hips as he lowered you down onto him and you sank all the way down, feeling him inside you entirely and you both let out the lowest moans.
“Jesus Princess,” Steve growled before snapping his hips up against yours to relieve the friction between the two of you, “you’re so tight.”
He continued the slow rutting of his hips almost to tease you, the actions driving you insane causing you to take control.
Your hands found their way to his shoulders as you gripped them harshly, using it for balance as you rocked your hips back and forth quickly, chasing your own pleasure.
Soon you felt one of his hands grab your hips, the other snaking between the two of you and beginning to rub harsh circles on your clit.
“Cap'n,” you whined as his mouth danced across the soft flesh of your neck, “I can’t hold much longer.”
“You feel so good around my cock Babydoll,” Steve began thrusting his hips upwards into yours again, but much rougher to chase the both of your releases, a cry leaving your throat, “hold it darling, I know you can.”
You could feel his thighs shaking under your own wobbly legs, tears running down your cheeks as the intense pleasure was almost painful, your muscles clamping around his twitching cock inside you.
“Go.” Steve whispered and your world came crashing down as you came around him, his thrusts continuing for another 30 seconds as he held you down harshly, bruises destined to seen tomorrow.
You could feel him paint the insides of your walls as he released in you, chanting your name softly as he rode through his own high, feeling his hot exhales against your sensitive neck was almost enough to send another wave of arousal through your shaking body.
Steve pulled you off of him and could see the mixture of your releases dripping down your thigh and he used his shirt to wipe you down.
Your eyes were drooping as the previous actions took all the energy out of you, Steve noticing and standing up.
“Let’s go to bed okay,” he kissed your forehead and picked you up, holding you bridal style and carrying you into the elevator, “F.R.I.D.A.Y. bring me to my room.”
The last thing you felt was being laid down on a soft, plush bed and a set of heavy arms draping around you, quiet exhales in your ear lulling you to sleep.

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5 Tips For Young Black Women To Survive & Thrive In College.

Hey, guys I thought i’d share this video with you guys that I found on some healthy tips to help women of all ages and colors survive in college. For those who are starting college or are coming back it can be extremly stressful. Such as worrying about your grades, friends, major and the pressure of finishing school on time. I want you guys to know that you can accomplish anything that you can put your mind to. Just, remember why you started college in the first place and who you really want to be.

Youtuber: TastePink

anonymous asked:

Do you mind me asking how old you were when you met A? I saw you'd never dated anyone before and neither have I although I have no idea how old you are and whether it's nearly as embarrassing as me!

I was 24! I thought it was horribly embarrassing at the time, but honestly, it’s far more common than we think. The media pushes images of everyone starting to date in their early/mid-teens and those of us who make it to our 20s without having dated anyone feel awful, but there are so many more of us than we know. I always thought I’d be mortified, but then I found out A hadn’t dated anyone either and we were in the same boat. 

Don’t lose hope! 

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Have you thought about becoming self employed?

Many times, but there are as many cons attached to being self-employed as there are pros. Yes you have more control of your projects and schedule but you have to deal with irregular/non-guaranteed pay and having to be on  the client’s case about payment. For me (at this moment and it could change if I found the right partner or client) the pros are not enough to pursue that option.

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The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty-Nine

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

“Odin’s beard.” Thor stared open-mouthed as Alexia worked the different elements together seamlessly.

“You sound somewhat surprised,” Loki commented, coming up beside his adoptive brother to watch her.

“I never thought…”

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“Where did you get this thing, anyways?” Levi asked.

Weston shrugged, “Eh, I don’t know. Found it in a dumpster… wrapped in a white sheet, tied up with rope, with pentagrams all over the sheet and-”

Wes stopped, and looked up, to see Thalia’s eyes almost popping out of her head and Levi grimacing. He started laughing.

“Got you losers. Nah, they had ‘em at the toy store believe it or not…”

Violet raised an eyebrow at him, “Thought you say it wasn’t a game?”

“It’s not! I mean, technically it was in the game section, but I promise you!!! This shit works!!!” 

“Yeah, okay Weston.”


i made an evak video a few weeks ago but never thought to post it here cus i barely use tumblr anymore but someone suggested it in the comments so i thought? why not? so yes. here it is, ladies and gents. 
this was very much inspired by “to the bone” by cabret on ao3 (it’s not a video for the fic but i reread it recently and it gave me feelings i need to put out. that’s where the title and description are from btw).
hope you like it?
if you have any questions about the song or etc i’m @belikouv on twitter!

edit: found out this has actually been posted before (and thank you!) but here you go again.

Infinity & beyond.

In your arms, I found my world.

In those tears, I found my pain.

In your eyes, I found my heart.

In your absence, I found my start.

Who says you were poison for me?

In waking you up, I found the groggy voice I loved,

Who says you killed the joy in my eyes?

You were the fire in my blood.

You were the train of thoughts in my veins.

Who says we were unfit?

Who says we were poles apart?

In you, I found someone who pushed me to a new far.

On nights, we laid down crying our hearts out.

On nights, we fought each other’s demons out.

On days, we made each other laugh and shout.

On days, we held each other’s hand and showed about.

Who says we weren’t the best of both worlds?

Who says we held each other back?

We cursed, we made puns worse than the worst.

When others looked at us in pity for our humor,

We cracked jokes bad enough to give anyone a tumor.

Who says I don’t care for you anymore?

Who says I found new people?

I still somehow find pieces of you in me.

On nights when you made me believe in a force higher that holds the world together,

On days, when you pulled those cheeks red,

On calls, when I wouldn’t say ‘I love you’,

On texts, talking about how we miss having thumb fights.

We were alright, we were.

But it’s alright.

Some days, sometimes, we find our pieces and we hold them tight.

Some days, sometimes, we lose ourselves and in darkness, we fight.

But I’m glad I exist,

In a time where you do too.

In your kindness, I found my heart,

In your humbleness, I stumbled upon my joy.

In you ruffling my hair, I found love.

And no matter where I go, who I be, i’ll always carry you with me.

Infinity & beyond.

Big, Bad, Beautiful (Carlos De Vil x reader)

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Warnings: none, all safe here kiddos ;-P

A/N: I’m thinking about doing a part two where you actually turn into a wolf and Carlos sees. What do ya think?

Summary: Ben has brought more VK’s to Auradon and you so happen to be invited. Thing is, with you being the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf, Carlos is scared yet intrigued by you. 

You were seriously beginning to believe King Ben was the most naive person of all. 

The thought had popped into your head when you overheard some people in the streets mentioning how Ben planned to bring a new batch of Isle kids to Auradon. Again. You didn’t understand why he thought that was a good idea considering the original VK’s had been pretty problematic, from what you’d heard. Now, that was when you had only heard about his plans. When you found out who was going, the notion was confirmed. 

Because he wanted to invite you. 

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Based on Ramses tweet he at least found some humor in it. However, I was cringing, but also smiling throughout the whole segment because I love that they showed a gay moment. Like, BBUS if you can dedicate a whole moment to show that your gay HG can be attracted to other people you should have more than 1 gay HG next season. Just thought, cause they seem to have no problem playing with the idea in today's episode.

Yeah, it was just ??? how they started the segment off with “Ramses didn’t find love” 

Like where was he supposed to find it? Put more gay people in the house and maybe you’ll have an actual gay showmance rather than some guy having to crush on his straight housemates. 

Effort and Understatements (2/3)

“Magnus?” Alec called from the bedroom door. He stepped out half clothed and barefoot to find Magnus sitting frozen still in the darkness, wrapped in one of the sheets they had thrown off of them during the night, “Magnus, are you ok?”

Magnus blinked and shook himself out of his own head, drawing his eyes slowly away from the safe and thoughts of the one item it stored that he was too afraid to touch…. but found that he wanted to. This wasn’t the first sleepless night he’d had, but it was the first time that Alec had caught him out. He was thankful for that, as any other night and Alec would have found him scouring every spell book he had for any way to channel his immortality into something he could use, something he actually wanted…. a lifetime, just one, with Alexander. He had hints of promise in some of the rarest texts but his search was mostly fruitless, and he daren’t ask other Warlocks for help. The idea that the High Warlock of Brooklyn would give up immortality… for a Shadowhunter no less, would likely not be taken well. He couldn’t risk disquiet between their people for so selfish a reason.

It also didn’t help that every time he closed his eyes he relived the moment that he had turned Alec down, the image of Alec’s broken heart burning deeper into his soul. Despite Alec’s assertions that everything would be fine, the first few weeks after had been tinged with an uneasy nervousness and Magnus still couldn’t shake the fear that he had made Alec feel like he wasn’t enough…. that he was undeserving of the one thing he wanted. Magnus’ didn’t fear much, but the thought that Alec may leave him one day for someone who could give what he had refused haunted his dreams. Would Alexander find someone new and leave Magnus all alone with only memories of love to taunt him.

“Hey, What’s wrong?” Alec whispered, settling down on his knees in front of Magnus’ chair. Magnus looked away, that painful memory searing every deeper at the sight of Alec before him like that.

“I’m fine……Let’s go back to bed.”

They walked hand in hand back to the bedroom and Alec surveyed Magnus cautiously. He wasn’t fine, but Alec knew not to push tonight. They both knew by now what I’m fine really meant.

“I know you care and I’ll tell you when I’m ready.”

“Well, I’ll say one thing for the Seelie Queen,” Magnus quipped overly-cheerful as they walked into Alec’s office, “she’s never dull.”

“Ok, Magnus, that’s it, I can’t do this anymore,” Alec said running a hand through his hair exasperated, “Oh god….. no…. that’s not what I meant,” he rambled as Magnus’ panic stricken face filled his vision. He had just balled up every one of Magnus’ fears and thrown them right in his face.

Alec rounded the desk, taking Magnus hands in his as Magnus sank into the chair, “That’s not what I meant,” Alec repeated slowly, stroking his thumb over Magnus’ hand. “Something’s wrong Magnus, and I just meant that I can’t pretend not to notice anymore.”

Magnus sighed deeply, both in relief and nervousness, there was no point in saying he was fine now, Alec could always see right through him. Racking his brain for any way of explaining what was going on in there, he just blurted out the first insane thing his mind fixated on.

“Alexander, will you marry me? He surprised them both by the words. He had been toying with the idea of asking, afraid that Alec would leave him before he could find a solution to his immortality if he didn’t, but never actually pictured himself saying the words out loud, and certainly not while he was a nervous wreck in Alec’s office of all places.

Alec stood up slowly, rubbing a hand over the back of his neck. He wanted nothing more than to say yes but he knew he couldn’t.

“No Magnus" he said sadly, a small shake of his head.

  “I thought this is what you wanted?” Magnus walked toward him, ringing his hands nervously.

“I do,” Alec said, rolling his eyes at himself as the irony of those words hit him too late, “but not like this.” He leaned back against his desk, pulling Magnus flush to him, hands resting on each other’s hips. “ I don’t want to be married to you knowing that the only reason you asked is you were afraid I would leave if you didn’t.”

“That’s not…..”

“I know you Magnus,” Alec cut off the lie kindly, “you’ve been worrying about me feeling unwanted ….. haven’t you?”

Alec hadn’t known that was the concern at the time but now it all made sense. Magnus knew that Alec had harboured that insecurity for a long time when they were first together. He hadn’t understood how someone like Magnus could choose him when he could have the world. He wished he’d done enough to show Magnus that he hadn’t worried about that in a long time.

“No,” Magnus said sheepishly, a crinkle in his brow that almost had Alec smiling despite the atmosphere, “but it’s not the only reason I asked.”

“Maybe not,” Alec wrapped his arms higher around Magnus’ waist, “but as long as the thought of it keeps you up at night, then I can’t say yes.”

Magnus opened his mouth to speak and Alec smirked kindly, “don’t try to tell me that it has t been. You might have come back to bed most nights before I woke up but I can feel when you’re not there.”

  Leaning in and hugging Magnus’ shoulders he whispered into his ear, “and don’t think I don’t know why you’ve been trying to bore a hole into the safe with your glare either.” Alec hadn’t opened the safe hut it didn’t take a genius to figure out what was in there.

“I didn’t look at it,” Magnus said quickly, drawing his eyes level with Alec’s. It was important to Magnus that Alec knew that.

  “It’s yours Magnus, if you want it, it’ll be there waiting for you…. but if you don’t, that’s ok too.” Alec said, knowing Magnus would understand the double meaning. Alec wouldn’t ask again but the door was still open, it was Magnus’ choice and Alec would be there whichever one he made.

“You will never know how much I love you,Alexander.” He said placing a kiss to his lips falling deeper with every second.

“If it’s anything like how I love you, then I have a pretty good idea.” Magnus smiled into Alec’s lips, he didn’t know when or how but he knew in that moment that he would ask Alec that most important question again.

Time •Part 8• (Jim Kirk x Reader)

Jim laid in bed, eyes wide open as he stared at the ceiling. His mind was clouded with exhaustion, but he couldn’t tear his thoughts away from your familiar Y/E/C eyes. Your name bounced around in his head, frustrating him to no end. 

He had remained fairly quiet during lunch when you and Uhura had joined him and Diana. Your wit and snarky comments intrigued him, and he found himself desperately wanting to know about every single part of you. Your smile caught him off guard as he worked on the bridge later that day. He had barely even acknowledged you, but the moment his brilliant blue eyes met yours, you sent him a radiant smile and a wink as you adjusted your red shirt; he visibly swooned at your cheeky nature. 

Despite only knowing you for a few hours, Jim felt as if he had known you for many years. As if you were the one that he had woken up to every morning. As if you were the one that he quietly whispered words of pure adoration to as he laid beside you in bed. 

He didn’t understand why he had heard that you were far from likeable when he had found you to be the opposite. Perhaps it was the sarcasm that dripped from your voice at certain times. Perhaps it was the way that you rolled your eyes when someone said something that was utterly ridiculous or just plain idiotic. He didn’t mind any of those things, though. In fact, he already knew that you were going to be a big part of his life on the Enterprise. 

“Stop obsessing,” Jim groaned as he pulled his sheets over his head and turned to his side. You weren’t beside him, and that was how he knew that you were most certainly not and would never be his. 

With a deflated sigh, Jim crawled out of bed and threw on a black, long sleeved  Starfleet shirt and sweatpants. He was quick to snatch a blanket and head to the observation deck that he knew would be empty at such a time. That is, he thought it would be empty. 

“Captain,” a voice greeted him as he stepped into the observation deck. He startled slightly, heart racing as his eyes landed on your body that was sitting in a chair by one of the large windows. 

“I didn’t know that anyone would be here,” he stated with a small smile as his eyes met yours. A sense of familiarity coursed through him and he found himself walking closer. Perhaps, he thought, there had been a time that he had run into you in years past. It was the only logical explanation for why he felt the way he did.

“Well, here I am,” you began as he sat in one of the chairs beside you. Your eyes drifted away from him and you found yourself looking out at the stars; it reminded you of home. “What’s on your mind, Captain?”

“Call me Jim,” he told you.

“Alright, Jim,” you said, testing his name out. “What’s on your mind?”

“Just another sleepless night, Lieutenant.”

“Call me Y/N,” you murmured, copying his words. “And not to butt my nose into your business, but I have a feeling that being brought back to life can do that to you.”

“Ah, you know about that?”

“Everyone knows about that. It’s common knowledge on every ship to know that the Captain of the Enterprise came back to life.”

“Common knowledge, huh?”

“Most definitely.”

Silence filled the air after that, but it wasn’t awkward and full of tension. In fact, Jim found himself enjoying looking at the stars with you by his side, and he couldn’t figure out why.

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*Roman searched the house for any sign of his father figure. His stomach twisted at the thought of the question he wanted to ask him. What if he thought it was weird? What if Patton helped and Verge still said no?! the thoughts hung in his mind as he found is "Dad"* "Ah!! Patton, there you are! I've been looking for you!" (My account is talkintoons-drgloom)

Patton looks up at him, and smiles. “Oh, hey there, Roman! Whatcha up to?” He had a half-eaten cookie in his hand.