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so when it came time for all us ten year old boys to have a dick measuring contest we’d do it by way of bakugan, obviously, it being 2009ish, and there was always the one spoiled kid who’d pull this shit out of his backpack

strap that onto his wrist like it was a fuckin rolex and bust out his unbeatable deck full of cards that he got shipped in from china off eBay while the rest of us had to fucking check toyz R us every friday after school but they were always out of stock waiting for a new shipment except the shipments came in on saturday night when i had KARATE PRACTICE and my parents wouldnt take me after dinner so i had to wait until sunday morning and by then they were all gone but fucking NOAH still wanted to show off well fuck you NOAH! I have thousands of people on here who will listen to me trash talk you and where are you?! What are you doing?! You’re fucking nothing! You’re worthless NOAH

Anyway while i was googling that, i found this picture:

So we all remember this scene yes?

So I was listening to my psychology lecture today (and it turns out that YOUR PUPILS ARE ACTUALLY JUST HOLES IN YOUR EYES), anyway and it turns out that the inside of your eyeball is this fluid, jelly-like stuff but otherwise its pretty hollow (except for some wirey nervy stuff) soooooo

Inuyasha’s Eye (I guess his human one to be exact):

I came up with this. Because the legendary Inu no Taisho is a goddamn science nerd in his free time, he somehow managed to insert a lil pearl in his baby son’s eye (somehow without Izayoi noticing, I imagine) before many of the nerves in there are formed and therefore …

That is why Inuyasha went momentarily blind in one eye when Sesshomaru removed the pearl with his lightning-fast fingers, because his nerves probably grew around the pearl when as he got older.

I dunno, it just interested me and its all speculation really, not facts.

But also while I was googling images for this I found this amazing piece of trash:

and that made my rainy, cold day 10x happier (plus I got a starbucks coffee)

I dunno guys. Maybe I should make an InuyashaScienceBlog

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✨The Patricks being sweaty all over. Ragepat is activated. Hips dont lie. Team Theorist dancing to gangnam style. Matthew praising Stephanie by the end. 10/10 quality stream would watch all over again

9.5/10 birthday stream, perfect except for lack of birthday hats.

.I was trying to convert a friend to Voltron and talking about Allura I just remember that scene

and I can’t stop myself. Go girl! You are great!

(Ps: the gif is not mine, I’d found it on google and while being a tumblr post when I try to go to the page it says “no post found”. I looked in the tag allura but nothing. If someone know who is the original source feel free to tell me so I can put a link.)

Exo as Secondary Spongebob Characters

Xiumin - The health inspector

Suho - Squilliam Fancyson

Lay - Mermaid Man

Baekhyun - Squeaky Boots

Chen - Scooter

Chanyeol - Squidward Tortellini

D.O.  - The Hash-Slinging Slasher

Kai - Bubble Buddy

Sehun - Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

(All gifs and images found on Google)

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Hello friends and welcome to another edition of Wacky WWII Hijinks! Get hype, today we’re gonna learn about rad spy shit

okay, first some background: the OSS, or Office of Strategic Services, was an American intelligence agency during WWII that was in charge of clandestine shit like espionage, propaganda, and counter-intelligence. It was run by a dude called “Wild Bill” Donovan, because that’s the kind of name people had back then somehow

More background: the SOE, or Special Operations Executive, was a British organization in charge of espionage, sabotage, and assisting local resistance groups in Europe. It didn’t have a director with a weird nickname, but it was sometimes called the Baker Street Irregulars, which honestly I think is even better

as you can imagine, these two organizations came up with a lot of weird shit to help their agents infiltrate into occupied Europe, so let’s get to it already dang

  • Rodent bombs

this one comes to us courtesy of the SOE and were intended for use in boiler rooms, because the british figured that anyone finding a gross dead rat while stoking a boiler would probably just chuck the corpse into the fire and be done with it. Except this time the boiler would explode.

Rat asses, as you can see from the pencil fuse in the image, could also be rigged for timed explosions instead, for those occasions when you’re on a tight schedule about raining down petrified rat entrails in your enemy’s basement

unfortunately (???), the RATS, EXPLOSIVE, never saw actual combat use, as the first box the SOE dropped into Europe was intercepted by the Nazis, who probably had a read good “what the FUCK” moment when they opened it

  • Coal bombs

along similar lines but far less fucking weird were coal bombs, which were essentially the same thing as the rat bombs but with hollowed out coal instead. Both the SOE and OSS actually used these ones

  • Poop bombs (lol)

they then went a bizarre step further and developed mule dung bombs for use in Africa- “specially sculpted” replicas of mule poop that were packed with explosives. These weren’t meant to be chucked into boilers, but rather left around for enemy forces to drive over. Here is an actual American soldier talking about collecting mule shit for war purposes, from O'Donnell’s book Operatives, Spies, and Saboteurs

Mule turds were to be found in great abundance…we added a few samples of local mule dung, and this was carefully packed and sent to London. We took care to explain that the full, rich horse dung of the British countryside would not do in Morocco; it was the more watery, smaller mule type that would pass there without suspicion. Also, it was important to have it a deep sepia color, sometimes with greenish shades, the product of straw and grass, not of oats and hay. In due course of time the British London office made up explosive turds from these samples, and we used them to good effect later in Tunisia.

You do you, mule-poop-connoisseur-OSS-agent.

  • Bat bombs

this is not an actual picture of a bat bomb, but I found it while googling for images to use and I love it okay thanks

anyway are you sensing a theme here?

This one was, surprisingly, not the product of OSS or SOE, but of an American dentist named Lytle S Adams. Everyone needs a hobby I guess.

The idea behind bat bombs was that you take a bunch of bats (specifically Mexican free-tailed bats), tie some little bombs to them, and stuff them into a plane. Then the plane flies over Japan (because Japan has a lot of wooden buildings and therefore is particularly susceptible to incendiary use), and drops the bats. The bats fall down to building-level, then start flying around looking for somewhere to hide because they are having a seriously bad bat day. In theory, the bats would fly up into the eaves and roofs of the buildings, at which point the timers on their little bombs would go off, sending both bats and buildings up in flames.

This idea actually, somehow, made it into the testing phase, but was never used because honestly what the fuck

  • Aunt Jemima

guess what it’s another bomb! In this case, a plastic explosive that looked like flour (hence the name) and could even be baked into something resembling food products, although just a tad more poisonous than most food you find outside of school cafeterias. Aunt Jemima was easy to smuggle through enemy lines due to its innocuous appearance, and the OSS sent a bunch of it to Chinese resistance fighters against the Japanese

  • Silk printing

“wait what?”, I’m sure you’re saying. “finally something that doesn’t explode and it’s…just a totally normal thing?”

yeah. Here’s the thing: if you sent an agent or resistance fighter into occupied territory, there was a pretty good chance they were gonna get frisked at some point, because that was a pretty routine occurrence in places like occupied France. If said agent/resistance member were carrying, say, a map showing escape routes or a code sheet for them to use to send information, and they got searched, either that paper is gonna be found with their other papers or, if hidden on their person, make a pretty distinct crinkling noise when the Gestapo agent gets friendly with that area. Plus, you know, paper doesn’t do great when wet

the solution to this was printing stuff on silk, like this:

this is Leo Marks, the creator of the silk code keys and one time pads that SOE used for their agents, holding a one time code pad that has been printed on silk

these silk documents could be sewn into an agent’s clothing while still being totally undetectable to a pat-down, or even hidden somewhere like rolled up in a thin tube and then stuck inside a shoelace. If you went a step further and printed the document using invisible ink, agents could carry maps around in plain view as handkerchiefs or have their codebook printed directly onto their underwear, because hey why not

I know it sounds boring after all this exploding wildlife, but silk-printed documents were hugely important to covert operations during WWII

  • things that should not be guns but are, in fact, guns

tbh I’m just gonna let the pictures speak for themselves on this one

apparently there was an umbrella one too but I couldn’t find a picture of that one

  • suitcase radio

if you’re dropping people into enemy territory to gather intelligence, you need some way to communicate with them. This was a problem, since cell phones hadn’t been invented yet and radios at the time were like, fucking huge, which is not great when you’re trying to hide them from the Gestapo

SOE got around this problem by creating the suitcase radio, which is exactly what it sounds like- a big old radio disguised as a suitcase. Obviously they weren’t gonna stand up to any examination more rigorous than “yes that is suitcase shaped”, but it allowed agents to at least walk around in public with it without attracting too much attention

  • Joan-Eleanor system

keeping with the “problems with radios” theme, we have the OSS’ Joan-Eleanor system. See, normal radio frequencies were monitored by both sides in the war, which was Not Great. It meant both that radio transmissions could be intercepted by the enemy (and subsequently decoded, like Germany’s Enigma messages), and also that you could use radio direction finders to pinpoint the location of a broadcasting radio. Every time a covert agent turned on their radio to report something, they ran the risk of being located and hella murdered

the Joan-Eleanor (or J-E) system, in contrast, was a Very High Frequency (VHF) system. VHF bands couldn’t be easily monitored, unlike the frequency bands used by other radios.

Why? I actually have no idea. Listen I just read things and ramble about them on the internet, I don’t know jack shit about radios

anyway, as a result the system was hard to detect but very short range, so it worked by giving the agent on the ground a hand-held transmitter (the Joan), that talked to a bigger transceiver (the Eleanor) that was in a plane. At prearranged times the plane would fly over wherever the agent was and they could have an undetectable chat

  • compass buttons

it’s a compass! It’s a button! It’s a compass hidden inside a button!

  • The BBC

okay this one isn’t technically equipment, but it’s cool and was used by spies so you can deal with it

it turns out that during the war pretty much everyone listened to the BBC, even at risk of arrest in occupied territories. The SOE used this to their advantage by working with the BBC to broadcast seemingly meaningless words or phrases at certain times, which were actually pre-arranged coded messages  or orders to agents or resistance members

if an agent had to win over the resistance’s trust or prove they were actually spies and not just random dudes, they could ask the person whose trust they were trying to win to provide them with a personal word or phrase. Then the agent could radio the SOE, give them the word/phrase and ask it to be broadcast at a certain time, which the other person would hear, and bam best friends

  • invisible ink

is there anything more quintessentially spy? agents were often supplied with a little vial of invisible ink before being dropped into occupied territory, for communications outside radio broadcasts. the ink could be developed (made visible) by means of chemicals or exposure to ultraviolet light (some invisible inks are developed by heat, but the SOE at least avoided those because of the worryingly high risk of accidental exposure. “whoops I sat to close to the fire and now everyone can see I actually drew little devil horns on this poster of Hitler you gave me”)

REAL COOL FACT: Josephine Baker, the famous Black singer, was actually a spy for the French Resistance during the war, and smuggled information during her concert tours of Europe by writing it in invisible ink on her sheet music! wow!

okay I’m gonna stop now because I keep thinking of more shit to add and if I do this will literally never end (sorry). For further reading I recommend the O'Donnell book mentioned above and Leo Marks’ Between Silk and Cyanide. Also apparently H. Keith Melton’s OSS Special Weapons & Equipment is really good, but I haven’t read it personally (though I totally stole the pictures of the OSS guns from there, hooray the internet)


so i found this picture in google while searching for something Umakoshi related

and i see a crossover with Marika, Doremi,  Tsubomi and.. who the heck?

turns out it’s a show called Oideyo! Henamon Sekai Kasumin or just Kasumin

it has a really prominent presence of Umakoshi, like REALLY obvious, just look at these 

it has HECKING 3 SEASONS but i can’t find raws anywhere?? only 9 episodes are subbed and it’s REALLY hard to find any info in english

cryptid anime

Sexually teasing Hvitserk would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Dropping something while you eat next to him, only to slightly pull up your skirt to get his complete attention

-Pressing your lips to his and pulling away quickly, smirking and telling him that where you’ll be waiting for him

-Overpraising him whenever you’d see him train as he’d simply get cocky and riled up from all your compliments to him

-Taking his drink from his hand and taking a sip out of it as he’d hold you during a feast, only to let your gaze linger over at his eyes and lips

-Walking pass him and looking at him from head to waist and back to his eyes with a smirk

-Giving him praises over the way he pleasures you in bed and leaving scratch marks as proof to him

-Asking him to follow you for something important, only to lead him to the hot springs by slowly undressing yourself along the way

-Straddling his hips during a feast and just playfully starting to make out with him

-Braiding your hair in the morning but giving him a pleading look that hints at him that you want more

-Walking over to him as he trains and taking his sword away just to impress him with your skills and truly turning him on

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From an interview with Leonardo Faccio in 2009

[…] Before getting into the van to get here, the maître from the restaurant [La Pampa] tells me something. One night Messi drove his Audi Q7, the car all Barça players get every season, and stopped by the restaurant to have dinner with a girl. They ordered asado de tira and chorizo. For dessert, they had dulce de leche ice-cream. It was a romantic dinner with candle lights. He introduced the girl as his girlfriend.


Leo starts to get tired of me asking so much about his holidays. He touches his leg, actually it’s his phone inside his pocket, and he glances at the trees around the Ciudad Deportiva. His eyes come and go as if he were chasing a ball in a golf field. Then I mention the news from a local newspaper and suddenly the headline gets him back to Earth. It’s about his girlfriend. It was a Mardi Gras day in Sitges, a little town in the south of Barcelona with caribbean vibes, gay tourists and a fantastic film festival. The sun seemed to shine as if it were spring. In the picture, Messi, who lives a few kilometers away from there, was holding hands with a girl who barely reached over his shoulders. The text below the picture said one name: Antonella Roccuzzo. A tiny girl with a flashy last name. 

What about your girlfriend? —I ask him—. Is it true?

Yeah, we know each other since we were kids —he says as if he were unwrapping a caramel—. She’s the cousin of my best friend.

Messi has friends.

His best friend is Lucas Scaglia. 

“The cousin of my best friend”. It sounds like the title of an Italian movie.

Serie B.

One day Scaglia tells me the story by phone.

At the youth academy of Newell’s Old Boys in Rosario, the boys were kamikazes who played for Messi. Lucas Scaglia was the kamikaze number 5. Messi was a very shy but amazing goal-scorer. When they met, they were just starting elementary school. Sometimes Messi stayed the night at Scaglia’s place.

Messi plays down the melodrama.

But you saw her at his house? —I ask him.

He gets close to me as if he were to tell me how to make more points in the PlayStation. But actually he tells me:

We played together since we were little. And it ended up in a relationship.

The Messis have their origins in Recanati, the hometown of poet Leopardi. In the landscape of his childhood, inside the big immigrant groups in Rosario, the Italians are by far the largest families. The Flea’s Mother is Celia Cuccittini. His cousins are Biancucchis. His best friend is Scaglia. His girlfriend is Roccuzzo. The Scaglias and the Roccuzzos are cousins. Their parents managed a supermarket and shared a two storey house. Messi visited Scaglia at the house. The future girlfriend lived in the first floor.

But did she ever reject you?—I ask.

The pictures that manage to capture Messi’s shaken face after a powerful shot are very tricky. Same with the cameras that follow him every moment he controls the ball with his feet. Unlike other footballers who usually howl after scoring a goal, Messi is the only big star capable of inspiring tenderness with his celebrations, like when he gets to take the ball home, tucked under his arm with the same happy expression as a kid with a stuffed animal won a a local fair. On the pitch, the pibe loses all the shame: he cries, he walks around with his shirt outside his shorts, he sticks his tongue out, he pulls a hundred different faces. He could have pulled a bad face at me for daring to ask if his girl had ever rejected him. But Messi answers with a knowing smile. It’s the face of someone willing to play.

Since we met, we liked each other.

The Flea flashes a one sided smile. 

After that I spent some time without seeing my friend, and without seeing her. But a couple of years later I saw her again and it all started there.


And what are you gonna do? —I ask Messi— Will you get married?

The breeze moves the trees in the summer at Ciudad Deportiva.

We are fine like this —Messi answers without even stopping to think.

He immediately explains:

I haven’t thought about that yet. Right now I don’t feel prepared and I don’t want to. There are still many things on my mind before getting married. 

For the first time Messi talks out loud about the future. His words flow as if they were sliding down a sledge. It’s the tone between shy and cautious he uses in front of the cameras when he talks about the upcoming tournaments that he hopes to win, just that, this time, he’s talking about his girlfriend and an uncertain wedding. His private life is an intriguing story, a well known tale for the sports press. But reality interrupts the love story from being told when a hand appears behind his head. It’s a hand with one, two, three raised fingers. It’s the hand of the press chief of the club letting me know that the time is running out. In minutes Messi will get lost again inside his incubator made of concrete and crystal.


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So... I found this image in google images by chance, while looking for Pollo Malo/ Pollo Maligno. Ok, it's just a picture of a normal basilisk/cockatrice, but then we have a little weasel (?) with herbs growing in it's fur, attacking it with angriness. What is this thing? I cant found it in any site. Would you, perhaps, know something about it?

What you found was Wenceslas Hollar’s depiction of an encounter between a basilisk and a weasel. The herb the weasel is using is the rue, of which I’ve said in my Basilisk entry,

The only plant immune to the withering gaze of the basilisk is rue, which is consumed by weasels to protect themselves from their enemies. Remedies for basilisk envenomation will always contain rue.

But the weasel literally wreathing itself in the stuff is a nice touch. Like fighting vampires with multiple garlands of garlic around your neck? Read more about the basilisk here:

A chicken

This is pretty much the first ever screenshot of Mira holding something. I thought I’d share it since, as I stated in previous post, Mira is now 2 years old.

My first year of playing Guild Wars 2 was great. Learning the mechanics, exploring the world for the first time, doing the dungeons with friends (and failing horribly)… everything was really exciting. But it was the second year that was the most important to me - the year when I created this blog. It all started as an inside joke with my friends. Whenever we found a pickable object, Mira would pick it up and I’d make another screenshot for the “Mira holding things” photo session.

And it would stay an inside joke if it wasn’t for the @thecharmingcharr ‘s blog. I actually found it randomly while looking for funny GW2-related images on Google. When I found the blog I spent more than a hour browsing through it, giggling and generally having great time. So seeing Tumblr’s Guild Wars 2 community being as active as it is, it was an obvious choice when it came to choosing a place for my silly screenshots few months later.

So thank you, @thecharmingcharr for helping me find my place on the interwebs!

I don’t think I’d be the same person as I am today if not for this blog. It helped me to find friends, increase my creativity and finally made me accept myself.

Thank you ArenaNet for creating this wonderful game and thank you Tumblr for having such a great community.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!