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rylie flavoured prolly

i actually

have a relevant sims 2 screenshot of this 

somewhere on the internet

hold up

found it

je su s ok let’s go

just eating breakfast with my half-naked employer like i always do

so funny and clever

omg i gotta share a few more of these tho //tosses under cut//

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[MV] 이달의 소녀/김립 (LOOΠΔ/Kim Lip) “Eclipse”

I think I may have found my next new girl group to obsess over. *heads to the internet to find out everything about  LOOΠΔ *

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could you write a fluffy samsteve fic please? ^_^ it can be about whatever you want

Sure thing! I love these super boyfriends!

(note: past onesided stucky is sort of mentioned)

@everyone else: feel free to send me writing requests!


 Being a full time superhero seemed glamorous and exciting, but nobody really talked about how exhausting it could be.

 Not just physically. Yes, there were pulled muscles and bruised ribs. Steve was almost used to having scabbed-over knuckles and several sprawling, black-and-blue bruises on his chest and arms or face. The physical pain wasn’t too hard to deal with.

What Steve found to be more draining than punching baddies or sparring with his fellow Avengers was the publicity. No matter where he went, there were people gawking at him, asking for his autograph, snapping pictures (or dragging him over to take selfies with him). And for how useful Steve found the internet to be, it made his stomach churn to think about all the articles and photographs about him laid out for everyone to see (not to mention the fanfiction, which Nat had made him aware of and immediately ruined for him by reading out a painfully long fic about him and Tony having sex on top of the old Avengers tower. Which Tony found hilarious, but Steve decidedly did not).

 He hated knowing that his life was like an open book for the world to read. And that people were filling it in in the few private places he had left by doing things like speculating about whether or not he was having promiscuous sex with one or more of his co-workers.

 It was for these reasons that Steve cherished quiet mornings at home, when the sun was just beginning to peek out over the D.C. skyline and his wonderful boyfriend stirred awake beside him.

Boyfriend. Steve couldn’t help but smile, as he always did when he remembered that Sam Wilson was dating him. He glanced over at Sam now, still dozing, his face buried into his pillow and his mouth agape, snoring softly. Steve liked to tease him about it, to which Sam always responded with a reminder that Steve tosses and turns a ridiculous amount, to which Steve responded by insisting that it was Sam’s fault, for keeping him awake and restless with his snoring, to which Sam responded by shutting him up with a thorough kiss.

(Steve still got goosebumps and weak knees when Sam kissed him. It was so thrilling- so relieving- to be able to be with him like this. It was such a far cry from life Before, when he’d wondered if he was sick for thinking Bucky had pretty eyes, and shoved all the goosebumps and butterflies that boys gave him far, far away and deep, deep down and pretended they weren’t there).

Steve allowed himself to get lost in these blissful thoughts as he watched Sam sleep. He admired his boyfriend’s smooth, soft skin, the way his face relaxed and smoothed out in sleep, the way his dark eyelashes brushed against his high cheekbones. He was so beautiful, so beautiful and Steve felt like the breathe was being crushed out of him just at the thought that this man that he loved so much loved him too.

Suddenly, Sam grumbled, his shining eyes fluttering open. He yawned, smacking his lips, and smiled lazily at Steve when he caught him staring. Steve thought his heart would burst from his rib cage one of these days if Sam kept smiling at him like that.

 “You like what you see, Captain?” He said teasingly, his voice low and scratchy from sleep.

 “Of course I do.” Steve responded quietly, his own voice rough from lack of use. He cleared his throat, shifting a bit so he was propped up on his elbow, his face elevated above Sam so that he was looking down on him. “You are by far the most breathtaking man I’ve ever seen.”

Sam’s smile widened at that, and he turned his head to bury his face back into his pillow.

“You always have to one up me by reciting some poetic shit when I try to be suave.” He said in a muffled voice, and Steve laughed.

He leaned down and pressed a fleeting kiss to Sam’s shoulder, his own pulse leaping- every kiss and touch he shared with Sam felt like an act of bravery, and maybe they were.

All he knew was that his bones ached less and his breaths came easier when Sam was at his side, sleeping, fighting, laughing, running. The pain of existing was assuaged by the light of Sam’s eyes and the stride of his step as he walked alongside Steve, and Steve supposed that putting up with the intrusive press and crushing pressure of the public was worth it if he could hold Sam in his arms every night, and wake up beside him at dawn.

it makes me so mad that the shitty parts of the internet prey on awkward outcast children (boys), often with no real understanding of what they’re talking about, to drag them in and mold them into shitty, bigoted human beings. like we have a student who’s fourteen? fifteen? and he makes terrible, offensive jokes and memes that he flat-out does not understand and is just mimicking because he found them on the internet. he barely has a concept that gay people exist (and I know this through conversations with him), he didn’t know that “no homo” was a joke about gay people, and he recently asked annie if the holocaust really happened. not because he’s a denier or anything, but just because that’s where his level of conceptualization is at. I’m worried that he’s gonna get pulled into alt-right shit (which is especially going to hurt him because he’s autistic and not white) because he doesn’t understand what any of it means and thinks it’s just funny internet stuff. 

it makes me scared and angry. I understand that he’s causing damage to people around him, but he’s also being preyed on. as an adult, that’s a perspective that I am able to have. and as an adult, I know that he is literally a child. I hate it. 

Yuri!!! On Stage Event Report!

So today (4/29/2017) I went to the Yuri on Ice Yuri on Stage event. To clarify though, I was not at the actual Tokyo event, rather a live viewing at a local movie theater. Which of course does alter the experience but it’s the next best thing. At first I thought the theater was only doing the afternoon session, but very last minute I ended up being able to attend both!

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