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…i couldn’t resist making this haha

Made these based off of some clips from @bext-k‘s roles in The Killing and House of Lies! (Also the extra clip from the beginning was a video I found from here.)

it makes me so mad that the shitty parts of the internet prey on awkward outcast children (boys), often with no real understanding of what they’re talking about, to drag them in and mold them into shitty, bigoted human beings. like we have a student who’s fourteen? fifteen? and he makes terrible, offensive jokes and memes that he flat-out does not understand and is just mimicking because he found them on the internet. he barely has a concept that gay people exist (and I know this through conversations with him), he didn’t know that “no homo” was a joke about gay people, and he recently asked annie if the holocaust really happened. not because he’s a denier or anything, but just because that’s where his level of conceptualization is at. I’m worried that he’s gonna get pulled into alt-right shit (which is especially going to hurt him because he’s autistic and not white) because he doesn’t understand what any of it means and thinks it’s just funny internet stuff. 

it makes me scared and angry. I understand that he’s causing damage to people around him, but he’s also being preyed on. as an adult, that’s a perspective that I am able to have. and as an adult, I know that he is literally a child. I hate it. 

“I came to America when I was six years old. Mom said she brought us here so that we’d have opportunities in life. She said that back in the Bahamas, it’s only the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots.’ She wanted us to have more choices. But I don’t think she fully understood how things work here. She was a news reporter back in the Bahamas. But the only job she could get here was taking care of oldpeople. My dad could only work construction. We moved to four different states just so they could find work. They always told me, ‘Just study hard in school and everything will work out fine.’ So that was my plan. I got all A’s up until the 11th grade– except for one B in math. My goal was to get top twenty in my class, then go to college, then get a degree, and then get a job. I realized the truth my senior year. My guidance counselor told me I couldn’t get a loan. I couldn’t get financial aid. Even if I could find a way to pay for school, I probably couldn’t get a job. I felt so mad at everyone. There were some kids who completely slacked off in school, but even they were going to college. I started having panic attacks. My dad told me not to worry. He called me a ‘doubting Peter.’ He invited all his friends over to a fish fry to help raise money. And he did get $3,000. But that wasn’t enough. So I searched really hard on the Internet and found the scholarship. My mom was so excited when I got it. They’re paying for me to go to Queens College. Now my mom’s really scared again because DACA got revoked. She’s crying all the time at work. I try to tell her that no matter what happens, we’re not going to die. We just might have to start over.”


Yall its a live podcast on yt of chill beats to do Hw to. Feels like I finally found gold on the internet 



I didn’t see these anywhere, so I decided to scan the things for which I specifically bought the special edition strategy guide.

Not as many sketches and preliminary ideas as I was hoping for, but it’s much better than nothing!

The opposite pages are the HQ busts of the guys that can be found all over the internets, so I refrained.

Yuri!!! On Stage Event Report!

So today (4/29/2017) I went to the Yuri on Ice Yuri on Stage event. To clarify though, I was not at the actual Tokyo event, rather a live viewing at a local movie theater. Which of course does alter the experience but it’s the next best thing. At first I thought the theater was only doing the afternoon session, but very last minute I ended up being able to attend both!

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I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day while I have a moment of free time so enjoy these Stranger Things valentines and feel free to use them :)

(Btw, I did NOT make these, I just found them on the internet)

Credit: unknown (I just found these on the internet but if you know who made any of these let me know so I can give them credit)