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pleasing first-rate talented aesthetic you know I’m telling the truth. fight me. : Aneurin Barnard


shout out to 4c hair

shout out to hair like clouds

shout out to fairy knots and zig-zaggy curls

shout out to big afros and twas

shout out to intricate protective styles and simple ones

shout out to twists outs and braid outs

shout out to hair that is falsely labeled “bad” or “unruly”

shout out to hair that, with the right love and care will grow and grow and grow


Babybatch 💗😍

***These pictures aren’t mine… found them via a google search… some wallpaper website. The photographer’s name wasn’t listed. If anyone knows who originally took these, I’ll gladly give credit to him/her.***

Watched the latest Boruto episode and holy shit, my queen and her princess absolutely snatched my whole wig like omg

(Pictures aren’t mine, I found them on google via the search ‘Sarada and Sakura cute’. I tried to find a source, but it just took me to Pinterest, sorry)

hey uk guys, as the threat level has just been increased after the horrible events of the last day i just want to remind everyone to stay safe. make sure you’re in constant contact with friends and family if you’re out in public, plan for things not going well ie. make sure your phone is charged, if not make sure you have enough money to use a pay phone, and that you always have some water on you. be aware of your surroundings at all times, try to stick in groups, and look out for each other. at times like this we really need to pull together.

there’s lots of hotlines and links you can find if you have any information or need any advice. not sure of some of them but they can all easily be found via twitter or google.

finally, stay safe, but don’t let the fear ruin you. please remember to show nothing but respect for those that are heavily affected by the events yesterday, and try to say thank you to any of the emergency services or general helpers that provided aid from night if you cross their paths.


A brilliant person inspired me to order Chinese last night, and my fortune cookie told me to “pay attention to yellow” today, that it would be important. My “this-is-your-brain-on-hockey” mind’s first “yellow” thought was “Sid’s Crocs”! At which point this post became necessary!

P.S. I don’t even pretend that any of these pics are mine. I found them all via Google Images.

What on earth possessed me to decide it was a good idea to start shipping on the Walking Dead again?? This was the outcome the last time I did:

AND I’M STILL. NOT. OVER. IT. I never will be. I miss Lori every single time I watch a new episode.

Literally am I out of my mind? Sigh. (not my gifs but I found them via google so I don’t know who made them originally, sorry). I used to think I was too emotionally dead already to be any more devastated from anything on this show (except for Judith, I need her to stay alive!) But now…

Damn you Daryl Dixon & Beth Greene. The tiny pieces left of my heart are not prepared to be crushed again. 

10 Reasons Why Holly Golightly Would Be a Terrific Best Friend (And 5 Reasons She'd Be a Terrible Best Friend)

1. She has an amazing wardrobe and would probably lend you clothes easily.

2. She would buy you small gifts to show that she’s thinking about you.

3. She knows how to have fun and is the life of every party.

4. She’ll serenade you from the fire escape.

5. She has a huge heart, and loves and trusts fiercely. Once you’re in, you’re in.

6. Holly’s met and dated just about every type of guy. Her relationship advice would be amazing.

7. She’s not a prude and is always up for a fun time.

8. Somehow she owns a tiara.

9. She can knit and speak Portuguese after only a few months of lessons.

10. She has great taste in jewellery.

And five reasons why she’d be a terrible best friend:

1. She threw Cat out in the rain and then drove off. She eventually had a change of heart, but come on. Who abandons a cat?

2. She will never remember her keys, so it’s up to you to be the responsible one.

3. You’ll have to feed her because all she has in her fridge is milk and ballet slippers.

4. She will water your plants with bourbon. So don’t leave her in charge of watering them when you go on vacation. 

5. She knows how to shoplift a fishbowl – with a fish in it – out of a five and ten. Shopping with her could be dangerous.


*All images were found via Google Images and Pinterest. I don’t own them, sadly. 

I love this kiss.  The tension Oliver carries melts away, his shoulders relaxing as he bends to kiss Felicity. I adore how Felicity just melts into their kiss; her body folding into his as she rises to meet him halfway. How they meet in the middle, and exchange the sweetest of kisses.  A simple kiss, a hello, an “I love you,” a soft greeting in welcome.  I lose myself in this moment between them; this moment of homecoming.

(Gifs not mine, found via Google.)

A little reminder to people who like to say "Belle never calls out Rumple on his shit"

Umm… Seriously, guys??

Do you remember Belle’s 2nd (!) scene on the show?

This is in the 8th minute of Skin Deep. The very first day Belle met Rumple, and one of their first scenes is about Belle freaking out because Rumple promised her a room but locked her in a dungeon instead. (Though I don’t really know what she was expecting from the Dark One. Yeah, SD Belle was bit naive.) This little scene shows us that from day 1 Belle is not really fond of Rumple’s little habit of toying with words. 

But that’s not the only thing she has problems with when it comes to her man, and she never has problem with giving Rumple a piece of her mind:

From situations where Rumple has some really idiotic lines, like “I didn’t think you’ll miss your family so much”…

…to really serious topics, like tortureing and killing a man:

And of course when he throws her out:

Actuallly this is one the most accurate summaries in two sentences on “what’s the problem with Rumplestiltskin’s personality”. The other one is the “You toy with words. Like you do people." 

Which brings us to their time in Storybrooke:

Actually, I was looking for the ”He attacked me. It most definitely is my concern.“ line, but I couldn’t find a gif with that. 

Edit: Well, this is said to Neal, not to Rumple, but I realized it would be good to put here Belle’s  opinion on the curse too:

I dare you, please tell me again how she never calls out Rumple on what he does?

Soooo… can some people stop talking about how Belle has a double standard because she only called out Regina and Hook on their shit?? (And if you’re wondering why Belle only talked with them about what they did only in S3B, I think it’s quite simple: she told them: in both case that was the fiirst time she stayed alone with them and had to actually work with them, not just tolerate them in the group. Also someone -sorry, I don’t remember who- wrote a very good meta about how Belle only called Regina and Hook out when Rumple was nowhere around -you know, S3B-, because she knows how Rumple would react and she is not going to use him to get revange. That’s just not in her character. Thank God. But this was just a side note.)

What I wanted to say with this post: Belle always  calls Rumple out. From the first moments of their relationship. 

And before anyone starts to scream about how she "brushed off” what Rumple did ti Milah: please go and read this essay, written by the lovley screwballninja here:

I don’t think I could say anything more about that, she summarized that question perfectly, I think. 

All in all: Rellay guys, it’s okay to hate Belle. It’s okay to hate Rumple. It’s okay to hate Rumbelle. But it’s definetley not okay to state false facts. Not cool, guys. That won’t make your argument stronger, it’ll only make you look silly. 

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