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Locker Room Showers

I was working out at my local gym which is notorious for cruising.

During my work out I was seeing who was around on scruff and lucky me found a sexy beefy gym guy. I started chatting only to find out he was finishing up and heading to the showers.
I was quick to follow.

I walked into the locker room and there were 3 other guys getting naked and heading to the showers.
I quickly got down to my jocks and wrapped my towel around my massive boner that was growing in my pants.

Got to the showers and I can already hear one guy getting his cock sucked.

I hopped in the shower across from the action and left my door open so everyone could see me jerk my dick.

The two boys in the shower across opened their shower door!
I saw two of the biggest cocks throbbing and getting worked on!

I hopped over to join!

I was on my knees sucking these two big dicks while other guys in cubicles around were watching.

One of them started soaping my ass! I knew my hole was about to get a pounding.

They both had their turn pounding my hole, hard!

One of the guys got on his knees and then begged for our cum in which we blew our loads all over his face.

The two boys fucking me left but I stayed on to see who else was around an horny.

Later that week I was back - I saw one of the guys who pounded me working behind the counter at the gym!

Turns out he was the owner! My gym membership has been free ever since!

©@AihsenatElocin  My friends are enablers so here’s the other pic from last night. Jared was a sweetie for grabbing me and bending down to my 5'0 level.

©becksbruton  “How do you make it selfie?” Direct quote from this awesome human I met last night. .

©torihavey Found one of my favorite guys last night on 6th st! I totally fan girl-ed as he was about to go into a bar.. Sorry for being so embarrassing but thank you for letting me take a picture with you❤😂


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Hey guys! I was wondering if independence by phanfi-c got deleted or moved??

phanfi-c has unfortunately deleted; however, I do remember them posting that they would continue to write phanfic and post to their ao3, as well as leave the fics they did write up on ao3! I just can’t seem to remember what their ao3 account was, does anyone know?

- Eliza

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Ok but mc in her cat form groming seayoung in his werewolf form and vice versus is so cute to me and mc wearing a collar when she goes out wandering as a cat just to be safe -saeyoung stop worring jesus-

Hi guys! Found 2 unanswered asks under some of my replies…..I missed them! So, I’m starting today’s asks with them….so sorry Anons! I have some interesting and fun asks today, but I’ll try not to spam too much…heh…and Mint Eye Part 4 will be up today as well….

This they do! MC mostly on Saeyoung’s face, and he just lays there with a stupid dog grin on his face, his eyes closed, ears twitching in pleasure. Saeyoung grooming MC doesn’t take long! LOL he loves it but gets too into it, so MC has to limit him or she’ll end up a sopping mess with her fur sticking up all over the place. 

MC let Saeyoung put a collar on her once and all three of them oohed and ahhed, taking a ton of pictures. Yoosung was the worst. I think he might have filled his phone’s memory, she was so cute. They even sent some to Jumin, which he keeps on his phone as well. (Jumin gifted her a diamond collar which she actually loves, but is too afraid to wear out!) She let Saeyoung put it on her and take a picture, but only one, and he is not allowed to share it, although she let Jumin have it as well after making him promise to never show it to anyone! Yoosung would have died!

Saeyoung does want to put a tracking chip on a collar and have MC wear it when she is out on her own. She refuses, she doesn’t like the way it feels and makes her feel as if she’s a pet, that someone OWNS her. Nope! He is still working on coming up with something he can use without her knowing, although, even if he comes up with something, he won’t use it without her permission. Damn that love and respect!!


A compilation of all Sanvers + Alex coming to terms with her sexuality scenes from Supergirl 2x03 to 2x08.

Just a little something I made to tide us over the Supergirl hiatus, enjoy!

This guy. Makes me laugh. Thanks.


If you ever need motivation, just remember...

John Adams was manic depressive. 

John Adams was emotionally in stable. 

John Adams had anxiety. 

Thomas Jefferson had social anxiety. 

Thomas Jefferson had depression. 

Thomas Jefferson was scared of public speaking.

James Madison was insecure.  

James Madison had a voice impairment. 

James Madison was a hypochondriac. 

James Madison had hysteria and gave himself seizures

James Madison had depression

James Madison wished for an early death

Alexander Hamilton might of been bipolar.  

Alexander Hamilton had hypomania

1. You look at a map of a city you’ve never been to.
You see patterns and street names and they tell you nothing. The map remains dead, the city unknown.
2. You go to the city you’ve never been to.
It becomes a city you know.
3. You look at a map of a city you’ve been to, but have left behind. As you look at the map, you remember.
You are looking at nostalgia. You walk through street names and remember the taste of cake in the café whose name you forgot, but you remember its yellow walls and comfy chairs. A square is no longer four lines on a map, but an open space with people and statues and laughter and a fountain in the center. The monotonous, two-dimensional blue that indicates an ocean turns into postcard memories, so many shades of blue and green and the smell of salt and fish. The famous building with the famous name that everyone knows is now a personal experience, it is yours and yours alone in a way that will never make it anyone else’s. A billion feet have walked these (now familiar) paths and two of them were yours. You can trace the steps you have taken and you remember feelings and colours and strangers who offered you a smile. There is the hostel you slept in, there is the river you crossed so many times, there is the corner where you listened to the most amazing street musician. You fondly whisper street names that you had trouble pronouncing when you first spoke them, clumsily. You connect dots, and they turn to images in your head.
The map is alive, the city an old friend.
4. The map you look at is always the same; the perception is different. It is you who has changed.
—  p.s. // every time i look at a map I have a feeling that is hard to put into words