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I hope you'll be able to help me out on this, but if not its perfectly fine! I was petting my cat (hes an American short hair) and I noticed he has a star design in his eyes. He has brown/orange eyes, but he has 2 little blue "spikes" on each side of his pupils, as well as on the top and bottom of his pupils. It makes his eyes look like the north star. Is it just a version of heterochromia or is it something else? I haven't found anything like it, so I don't know what it is. Have a nice day!

that sounds like sectoral heterochromia, where the iris is split between two different colours (image source). if you’re willing, I’d love to see a photo!



I have been meaning to do this post for an awfully long time, and have had numerous messages asking me about how I revise, so it is about time I got down to it. I think the main reason why I haven’t done this post until now is because I myself have actually also been figuring out exactly how to revise. Last year, I feel that I didn’t really nail a set revision technique, and although I did fine with my prelims, I didn’t feel like I was prepared at all, and vowed to find a revision technique to make me feel satisfied this year.

I’ve found that using different methods for different papers is currently working for me, so I will try to give you an overview of what I am currently doing. I’m not saying that these methods are going to be 100% successful for myself or for anyone else, but if you are interested in what I am doing right now, then read on. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m currently splitting 3 of my 4 papers into a revision technique with 3 stages: 
STAGE 1: collating quotes on post-it notes, collating notes from previous lectures, essays and supervisions; defining topics or ‘themes’ to gather them into. 
STAGE 2: creating a series of colourful mind-maps on these topics, using my quotes on post-it notes to stick on the paper in relevant places/move about the page. On the paper, I will arrange my notes and thoughts into logical trains of thought which flow into a mini ‘argument’ that includes these quotes. I will then do the same kind of mindmaps on past paper questions, creating mini essay plans that include my portable quotes.
STAGE 3: PAST PAPER TIMED ESSAYS. There’s no real explanation needed here, only that I will probably first allow myself to look at my texts/notes during a timed essay, before then removing them from my sight/grasp at the final hurdle.   
I hope these stages make sense to people, and I will try to post pictures on here as I go. As you can see from the top image, I am currently only at Stage 1, but I will move to Stage 2 next week. 

In my Medieval Paper, we have to complete translations, so, additional to the above method, I have written out the passages we need to work on for translation (see the image with my two copies of ‘Sir Gawain’). Here, I have found that translating gradually with the help of both the Middle English version & the translated version has helped. I haven’t looked at the translated version yet, and have instead written out the Middle English in black pen, before going over the text, referring to the Middle English glossary, picking out any words I found difficult individually before writing them in light green alongside the Middle English. I will next go over the translated version I own, and come to a conclusive translation in dark green at the bottom of each page. 

For my fourth and final paper, Practical Criticism, I have found that the use of flashcards is probably the most helpful for all the critical terms that we need to know (see third image). After creating a set of flashcards and learning the terms, I will go through my past notes on different critical/theoretical schools of thought, creating more colourful mindmaps on each set topic. And then again, its PAST PAPER time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

That’s it! I hope it makes sense. I am awful at knowing how to revise, possibly the worst person to ask if I’m honest, as nobody really tells you how to revise at university, which can mean that you waste time flailing around (that’s what I did last year). So now, I’ve just thought of various ways to change-up my revision technique and make it really dynamic. We’ll see if it works in the long-run, but it is working at the minute!  

This term, there are also revision lectures, classes and supervisions on in the English department; I have attended these so far, and I have felt that they have  really helped me to identify what I need to get done in my own revision time, so I will definitely carry on attending. Ultimately, so far this term, I have been keeping myself busy with revision, and I am really starting to feel like I am making progress. I’m actually quite enjoying it, so hopefully this feeling will last. 


I drew the lineart of this for @i-smell-brie-im-coming-in ‘s les mis art collab (the original coloured version can be found here, colours by @mostardx)

Because I needed help getting over a minor art block of how I wanted the vibe of the drawing to be I turned to one of my favourite artists (it’s Klimt, no-one is surprised) and used The Kiss as inspiration. So when I went back I liked how it looked with the painting underneath and that’s how this version came to be, voilà


Genuine question: does anyone know why the UK and US versions of Sarah’s books are *slightly* different, but not much, unlike say the Dutch covers? I mean, the versions I have (UK) are so similar to US, but with less ‘stuff’ on them, or, in the case of all ToG books, no coloured backgrounds, just white.

It’s never bothered me really, in fact as a graphic designer I often prefer a less detailed, cleaner image (and Feyre’s tiny little hand on MAF cover just makes me chuckle 😄). However, with the unveiling of the ACOWAR covers, I found myself a little disappointed to miss out on the mountains of the Night Court, which sit behind Feyre on the US edition, whilst the UK one is plain.

Am I the only one who’s curious as to why?

Grimoire Prompt Eight - Find a Witchy Poem and Make an Entry

Welcome to Grimoire Prompt Number Eight!

For me the written word has always had an immense power, which is one of the reasons I write my own poetry. I also love reading poetry by other authors, and not many things can give me such goosebumps as a really evocative poem. 

I also love how some poetry can call up a really magic imagery, and so this entry is about finding a witchy poem that you like, and then illustrate it in a manner you see fit and include it in your grimoire!

Poems can be used as prayers, or even included in rituals to create atmosphere and/or honour the gods. 

Now, the poem that you choose has to be witchy for you, so whatever that is, as long as you feel it is suitable, is perfect! 

I chose one by the mother of modern witchcraft, Doreen Valiente, who has written some absolutely stunning poems. 

I decided to illustrate the poem I found with a graphite sketch on some coffee coloured paper, and glue it into my grimoire. =)

Here is the text in a digital version: 

She passes through the village street
As evening shadowsfall.
The full moon climbs the winter sky,
the trees are bare and tall.

What is the secret that they share,
shadow and moon and tree,
And little laughing breeze that makes
the dead leaves dance with glee?

The know their kin. The owl cries
his greeting out to her.
Now the last house and garden’s past,
The Down’s ridge rises bare.

A climbing moonlit path she sees,
That was a trodden road
Ere conquering Rome or Norman proud
o’er Downland ever strode.

It leads to where, beneath the turf,
the outlines she can trace
of barrow and of sacred ring
that mark the Old Gods’ place.

The moon rides high. The years roll back
are with her garments shed.
Naked she dances out the ring
first wrought by hands long dead.

The blood leaps wild within her veins,
as swifter spins the dance.
Her wide eyes fixed upon the moon,
Her senses rapt in trance.

And though no feet of flesh and blood
walked with her to that ground,
she knows she does not dance alone
That magic circle’s round.

-Doreen Valiente

I keep getting goosebumps reading it! 

I’d love to see your results, so please share! Post the results, and show me how it goes! I’ll track the tag ‘scandi-priestess’ to keep an eye out!


I will just based this theory on the released concept photos and album.

 1. The individual concept photos for the pink/right version. (Without confetti)

Originally posted by toxicbangtan

 Did you notice anything ? 

 Rap monster/ Namjoon is the only one smiling. Same goes to the group photo for the right ver. 

 2. The concept photos for the right ver also includes the confetti version for individual members in which every single members are smiling. 

Originally posted by toxicbangtan

 Explanation: The members are enjoying their ‘most beautiful moment in life’ where they have glory and success in which the confetti signifies that. 

 Yet, in the group photo they are all not smiling except well namjoon. And if you notice the confetti are all over the floor and not dropping anymore.

 why ? Because their ‘most beautiful moment in life’ have ended this is further emphasised by the rusty pipes and surroundings. And now .

 Why is namjoon smiling ? Since namjoon is the narrator to their mvs and stories.

 1. Because he is the one that can speak english and leader.

 2. Because just maybe he knows that this is the RIGHT way they are going. ( remember? This is the concept photo for the Right version) 

 So now you must be wondering. What is this ‘right’ way ? 

Namjoon probably knows that their youth /most beautiful moment in life is not going to last. It’s going to end. This is what life is about. You can never stay young forever and happy forever. So. The right way is to enter into the adult world and face all evils of the society (read on my wings theory if you want to know more) 

 3. The concept photos for the left version of BTS. The group photo at the bustop have every single member smiling.

Why? There is a bustop sign which some armys figured out to be linked to a story book of OWL SERVICE which is about people living in a loop. And about reborn and reincarnation. So by taking bus 59 they are able to keep living the happiest moment of their lives in their youth which is signified by the route map found in their concept photos showing the various eras BTS had. 

 Then. Some armys found and article to link to bus 59 about seriously injuring 7 people when it tried to avoid a vehicle. Just maybe it hints at the fact that keep living life in a loop and not wanting to move forward is a wrong/left decision. 

 The signboard also states ‘operates between 59th cicero & 60th stoney island’ and to get from cicero to stoney island you can choose between a pink line or blue line similar to the album colours ? Or maybe just the korean version of demian book colours. 

 4. The album cover is just an empty bustop and empty rusty pipes as background and the leaked back of the album photo is in black and white. Could it be that the members chose the wrong and left version and died in the process and reborn again in a never ending loop of the very used word ’nirvana’: a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth.  Therefore they do not exist anymore.  If they die and reborn, their success and memories of the right or pink version would be erased therefore having a blank background and in the left or blue version they are never physically there since they pass away leaving an empty bustop.

To put it simply, the boys had their fair share of fun and games in their youth and abundance of pain and sufferings of the youth which made up their “most beautiful moment in life. However, in wings they showed the temptation of the evil of the world when they entered adulthood( read up on my previous theories on wings) and in You never walk alone, they are desperately hoping to reminiscence about their youth and had to make decision to either move forward or stay in the past but i think the most emphasis is on the fact that they will be together forever, because after all it it call you never walk alone.

However! This is just my theory based on concept photos only. Once the mv and album are release i will have a full detailed theory on it linking it with wings too. Just too little details to work with. So in the meantime find out more about my wings theory. 

 I know there are many more to discover from the concept photos with the link between members and popsicles and all. This theory here just explains the main concept of the story. But i will go indepth into the individual characters and link between members soon. 

 Update too: sorry for putting 2 ongoing fanfictions on hold for a week. My school just started and i am soo done with the new people there. ): but i will update soon. With more theories and stories!


I can’t wait for the live action remake of The little Mermaid with over-saturated blue colours mixed with orange/red highlights and lots of particles floating in the cg water to bank on the 3D theater experience to charge you extra for your movie ticket starring whatever teenaged pop-star is most popular right now and black white oatmeal boy as Prince Eric and a fully CG Ursula with high dark contrasts colours and a dress that looks like the pink dress but with more pearls and needless jewels glued to it to make it needlessly intricate. and the trailer that’s initially not gonna show anything but the dark ocean and brief flashes of what may be a mermaid without fully showing it along with an instrumental version of “Part of your world” and the text that pops up saying “Before Aladdin found his lamp. Before Beauty tamed the Beast, there was a little mermaid who dreamed of something more. Now get ready for the story you love like you’ve never seen it before. Part of your world 2026.”

Extra points for including said teenage actress breathlessly saying a single line from the original movie offscreen to give it ~*meaning*~ like “I want to be…” or something like that.

Also terrifying CG Flounder.

It’s gonna be greeeeaaaaaaaat.


On 11th of April 1951 The Stone of Scone, the stone upon which Scottish monarchs were traditionally crowned, is found on the site of the altar of Arbroath Abbey. 

You’ve seen the film and no doubt many of you know the story so here’s something a wee bit different

James Wishart,seen in two of the pics, was the then Keeper of Arbroath Abbey, and was there in 1951 when the students who stole the Stone of Destiny left it in the ruins of the Abbey.

There had been a huge police search for the miscreants. James, though, was no grass. He said the three men who returned the Stone were “young well set-up lads” but apart from that could give no description. Nor did he note the make or registration of their car. Well done James 😉

Many believe it was not the original stone that was returned or that now sits in Edinburgh Castle, indeed some say that it wasn’t even the original stone that Longshanks stole back in 1296. 

In 2008 a similar looking stone, see the colour pic, was spotted on Gumtree for sale, the seller said his version has had pride of place in his garden and claimed to have found it five years previously in a “secret” cave at cliffs near Montrose, it had a price tag of £1,000 and he could deliver the stone “anywhere in Angus" 

Also in 2008 the children of a stonemason who repaired the Stone of Destiny which was broken during the 1950 liberation say there father made two elaborate replicas of the stone, breaking both and repairing them again with three bolts so it would be impossible to tell them from the original. They say it was the replica their father gave back to the students who went on to leave this at Arbroath Abbey.


Hi guys I’m very happy to announce I set up my page on patreon! Supporting me will give you access to full sketchbook pages, including the full versions of the previews above, as well as alternate colours, my process work, alternate outfits on OC drawings and more! If there’s something else you’d like to see, like full size versions of artworks, please let me know!

I struggle to find work thanks to living in a city where it’s hard to get a job, and also because of disabilities. When I do work as an intern for a graphic design company, its very inconsistent and doesn’t last for a long time. I’m also not guaranteed to be supported by my family, I unfortunately found out last summer when my parents refused to give me money. Supporting me on patreon will help me build a stable income, no matter how small! Thank you for considering making a pledge to me <3


Here it is, folks! The long awaited (because I take forever with these things), highly requested, and hopefully anticipated editing tutorial for photoshoot/portrait style imagery taken in (the) Sims 4 Create-A-Sim. Before you begin here are some handy tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a screenshot program - such as Fraps or Gadwin - rather than the in-game camera to take your screenshots.
  • Save your screenshots as png.s.
  • Always edit your image before resizing.
  • Colour palettes are a great source for choosing the background colour! You can find some right here on bepixeled

Please note:

  • This tutorial is meant for The Sims 4 (a TS3 version can be found here) and is for Photoshop only
  • Sims pictured in this photoset are by Ella / ddeathflower and Nick / nixels, the screenshots themselves also by the latter; the sim in the actual tutorial was made by me / eversims

Now that all that’s out of the way, let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) – CLICK HERE  to begin.


Lockwood and Co.: The Hollow Boy

A massive outbreak of supernatural Visitors baffles Scotland Yard and causes protests throughout London. There are reports of many new hauntings, including a house where bloody footprints are appearing, and a department store full of strange sounds and shadowy figures. But ghosts seem to be the least of Lockwood & Co.’s concerns when an assassin attacks during a carnival in the centre of the city….