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Easter Dragons

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Rating: G

Fandom: Voltron Legendary Defender

Characters:  Lance (Voltron), Hunk (Voltron), Pidge / Katie Holt, Shiro (Voltron), Allura (Voltron), Coran (Voltron)

Word Count: 1385

Summary: A little Lace-centric fic for Easter inspired by this post

It was Easter.

Lance knew it was. Pidge had been able to make them a calendar after they’d finally got the hang of the Altean time measurements and had converted them to Earth time measurements. And, quite frankly, it sucked knowing how much time he had been away from home. He hated the thought of his family looking at their calendars too, thinking about how long it had been since he’d disappeared. The Garrison had probably told them that he had died-just like they’d done when Shiro and the Holts had gone missing.

Easter had always been a fun activity in their family. It wasn’t one of those few holidays where all the family, including his cousins, joined in but it was a fun family bonding time anyway. His parents would set up the Easter eggs early morning before anyone woke and they would all join in on the search. Even his sister, Marisol, would come home from university to go on the Easter egg hunt. They would all paint the eggs beforehand and, no matter who found it, everyone would get to eat their own ones unless they swapped. It was lots of fun and they would watch Easter-themed movies in the afternoon. Easter wasn’t a Cuban tradition but it was an American one and it was a holiday they all enjoyed.

But Lance couldn’t enjoy it with them this year.

Nobody on the ship, other than him, celebrated Easter. Well, technically, Hunk did but he was busy. The last planet they had stopped on, they had discovered this new type of mineral while Lance had found some weird egg-shaped, fuzzy things and Pidge and Hunk were experimenting on it to see if it could be used a power source for any future bots they built. They’d been at it for two consecutive days now and, knowing them, they’d be at it for a few days more. That left him alone with his wish to do something to celebrate Easter. Lance found himself wandering to the kitchen, in hope that Hunk had left out some of his new recipes, when he could try out but when he saw a basket of eggs lying on the counter. He suddenly remembered that he could alway improvise, a small smile crept over Lance’s face. It was something small but better than nothing.

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Headcanons of Bucky and Sam's blossoming friendship and mutual confusion over Ant Man and Spider Man!!!


  • “Can you move your seat up?”
  • “No”
  • At first, Bucky and Sam will glare at each other occasionally behind Steve’s back, but after a while, it ends up being an inside joke
  • Mutual confusion when it comes to the Bug Besties (A.K.A. Scott and Peter)
  • “What the hell is that?”
  • “Everyone has a gimmick these days”
  • Peter being a little shit and discussing the mechanisms used to properly animate Bucky’s metal arm (”Like, the rotating cuff is up here, and obviously this has been connected to your nerves, which allow for the nervous system to send the signals and-”)
  • Watching Peter gush over Captain America during dinner and Bucky is all “I know, right? Like, this one time-”
  • Sam helping Peter with his heightened senses because his Spidey-Sense is still uncontrollable and Sam has a license in therapy
  • Scott being able to shrink to catch a ride on Sam’s wing-pack when they’re out on missions (sometimes he’ll chill inside Bucky’s arm, fix any wires that are out of place)
  • “You couldn’t have done that earlier?”
  • “I hate you”
  • Bucky and Sam slowly coming to respect one another as Steve’s friends
  • Bucky shielding Sam with his metal arm when his wing-pack gets destroyed in battle
  • Sam making sure Bucky gets enough sleep (nightmares for war veterans are no laughing matter)
  • Sam and Bucky watching as Steve gets cornered by Peter and Scot with a boat-load of questions, like seriously, they’re worse than Coulson and Peter is just a kid, so that’s expected, but Scott? Come on, man!
  • Asking “Who are you again?” every time they see Scott just to annoy him
  • Bucky sitting up and watching Star Wars with Peter because ever since he mentioned it during the battle at the airport, he’s been curious as to what exactly Star Wars is (being an assassin in cryo doesn’t give you much time for movies)
  • Sam painting a little bird over the red star on Bucky’s arm while he’s asleep
  • Bucky retaliating by replacing all of Sam’s cereal with birdseed
  • Bucky recognizing when Peter is having problems due to his powers and the sensory overload it provides and singing lullabies in Russian to calm him down
  • “What’s up Tic-Tac?”
  • Bucky helping Peter with his history papers because “You’re writing a paper about World War Two? Let me just say that Hitler was an ass. And I kicked his.”
  • Bucky and Sam showing up at Peter’s school because he came to Avengers Tower with bruises from being shoved into lockers and let me just say people never looked at Peter the same way again when they found out he’s friends with the fucking Winter Soldier and The Falcon like holy shit
  • Sam showing up at Scott’s house to help celebrate Cassie’s birthday and give her rides with his wing-pack because Cassie is adorable and she loves birds
  • Bucky and Sam watching as Scott demonstrates his suits powers during a fight and Scott’s like “If I tear myself in half, don’t come back for me” to which Bucky deadpans, “We weren’t planning on it.” and Sam just cracks up and almost hist a building because it’s so funny he doesn’t pay attention to where he’s flying
  • Bucky and Sam still not really understanding why Scott is even here but it’s funny to watch Steve get nervous around such a big fan so they keep him around. That and his daughter is absolutely adorable
  • “NO”
  • Trying to figure out how exactly the webbing Peter uses works because Sam finds out that yes, that stuff does come out of him when there’s an unfortunate incident involving Bucky, a car, and we’ll leave it at that
  • Both men wondering how a seventeen year old brat could even lift a car that big and throw it at them
  • “I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a fight, kid, but there’s usually not this much talking involved.”
  • Sam and Bucky making bug jokes around Peter and Scott
  • Sam helping Peter train for the mile run in gym class because we all know how much it sucks and Peter isn’t exactly the strongest-looking kid on the planet
  • Bucky and Sam making faces behind Steve’s back whenever he kisses Sharon, only to fake innocence when he turns around and trying not to laugh
  • Sam and Bucky wondering where Tony even found out about Peter, making fun of his homemade costume when they see the videos of him on YouTube
  • Sam and Bucky getting overprotective of their Spidey-Son when they see the videos of him getting bullied on YouTube (”Sam, what’s a swirly?” *watches video of Peter getting his head shoved into the toilet by a kid obviously bigger than him* “That is a swirly.”)
  • Bucky answering any question he can Peter and Scott have about Captain America, Sam putting in little things as well (”Is it true that he can lift a thousand pounds?” “No, but it is true that he cries at night while watching reruns of The Bachelor”)
  • Bucky will stay by Sam when going for a run with Steve because damn it, Bucky’s too old for this and Sam has had enough of Steve’s shit for one day
  • Sam helping Bucky with physical therapy when his metal arm gets broken and he needs to sit out for a while from saving the world
  • “NO”
Damian's Prank and Tim's Revenge

Two wishes in one for dickgraysoff, Damian switching Tim’s sunscreen with mayonnaise, and Tim creating a fake animal on wikipedia. 

He was going to kill him. 

Tim pushes the large doors to the entrance open and storms in. He goes past the library, passing a very surprised Barbara and Stephanie, who drops her book and proceeds to burst out laughing. He enters the kitchen and passes Jason who had snuck in to steal some of Alfred’s famous stew. Jason chokes on the stew before letting out a very obnoxious laugh and yells out “Wow, going over board with the whole red thing, don’t ya think?” as Tim grits his teeth and rushes out the door. He passes the study, ignoring Cassandra and Alfred who both watch him path by in silence, eyebrows raised in confusion. 

He goes down the strays hidden behind the old grandfather clock two at a time, his fists clenched as he tries to keep his breathing normal. The temperature drops as he enters the Bat Cave, walking quickly past Dick who is so surprised that the training robot he was fighting against actually get’s a good hit in. Finally Tim spots the little devil child himself, sitting in Bruce’s chair and searching up something on the Bat computer, it looked like a list of interesting animals and Tim makes a note to himself to remember that for later. 

“You rotten, scheming, short, rude-“ Tim starts but Damian cuts him off, whirling around in the chair with a amused eyebrow raised.

“Hello Drake. Gotten a little too much sun have we?”

Tim let’s out a strangled breath, it was taking all his willpower not to lunge right at the short child and strangle him. “I can’t believe you would do something so petty!”

Damian gives him a blank look. “I have no idea what you’re referring to. Oh, and next time you attend a school trip to the beach I recommend bringing sunscreen.”

“I did plan to bring sunscreen.” Tim’s voice is higher than he wished. “But you switched it with mayonnaise.” 

The only thing that betrayed Damian’s emotions was the slightly twitch of his lips and his mocking tone. “What a ludicrous accusation, Drake. Besides the fact I don’t need to use salad dressing to defeat you, obviously you, the ‘great’ detective Tim Drake, would be able to tell the difference between suncreen and mayonnaise.” 

Tim twitches, his whole body coiled with anger. That was the worst part, the absolute worst part. He hadn’t. He would have. He should have. But damn it all he had been distracted. Distracted by a girl. He would never admit it but he a slight, slight, crush on a girl in his class called Nicole. They had been friendly all year and surprisingly she had offered to rub the sunscreen on him, since, she said, it was always hard to reach your back and such. 

Damn it. What with him trying not to act like a idiot, being distracted by her hands on his back, he hadn’t even notice that what she was rubbing on him was not sunscreen. And neither did she….until he exited the water looking like a lobster. 

“Drake? Drake? Helloooo?” Damian calls, snapping Drake out of his seething. 

“Y-you-you…” Tim growls, taking a step forward.

Damian raises an eyebrow and jumped out of his chair. “If you wish to battle I will gladly participate.”

Tim opens his mouth, but the sound of a engine cuts him off. Batman was back. Not wanting his mentor to see him fighting over something so petty Tim grits his teeth and hunches his shoulders as Damian’s smug grin grows.

“This isn’t over.” Tim vows, before curtly turning on his heel and walking back up the steps. 

He was going to get his revenge.

But first he needed to find something to help with this burn…


It was perfect. He had worked all day and night, hours and hours hunched over books and his laptop looking up exotic animals and their best attributes that would appeal to Damian. The wings of a dragon, the agility and grace of a tiger, the mane of a albino lion, the sharp eyes of an eagle, and so on, until the most incredible, beautiful,perfect, species was created. The Pratsoon. 

He typed the last word on wikipedia, he had included everything, dates of sighting, where it was spotted most, places of origin, it’s prey, and so on. If anyone truly believed in this beast then they would have thought of themselves blessed if they ever had the chance to spot it. And that’s just what he wanted. It was the perfect revenge.

Tim’s grin grows as he strafes at the screen. When Damian would find it, and with all the exotic animal hunting he had been doing on the web he would find it, he would be so enchanted he would fall head over heels to try to catch it. That was Damian’s fatal flaw, his love of animals. That and the fact that he was still actually quite gullible about things on the internet, and believed most of it to be true, which was very foolish and Tim was going to use to his complete advantage. 

He starts chuckling, and soon his laughter turns to outright, loud, evil sounding cackling.


Tim stops laughing, slams his laptop shut, and whirls around in his chair.

“Hey.” Dick waves from where he was poking his head in through the crack in the door. “You, um, okay?”

“Yes.” Tim nods, making sure his expression revealed nothing. 

“…Okay…” Dick gives him a look that clearly shows he thought his brother had finally gone insane, before ducking back out into the hallway and closes the door.

Tim turns back to his laptop, opens it, adds the finishing touches, a few pictures here, a few facts there, and then clicked the finished button. his creation was complete. Now all he had to do was lay the bait and wait. 


Finally after days of waiting Tim finally found a golden opportunity.

“How could they treat animals so horribly? They deserve to be thrown in a pot of boiling oil.” Robin grumbles as they tie up the uncurious animal traffickers they had just captured. Batman was preoccupied with interrogating one of the men, now was Red Robin’s chance.

“Yeah.” He agrees. “And the animals weren’t even worth all that much. I mean, if you’re going to go hunting for animals you should aim for the best, like the Pratsoon.”

Robin turns, confusions and suspicious on his face. “A Pratsoon?”

Red Robin gasps, secretly enjoying this very much. “You mean you don’t know?”

“Don’t know what?” Robin growls.

Red Robin has to hold back his grin. “A Pratsoon is one of the most extraordinary animals that roam the earth, surly you, such a lover of exotic animals, would know this.”

“Of course I did.” Robin lies, crossing his arms. “It just…slipped my mind.”

Red Robin nods, but inside he was practically tap dancing. 


Tim was sure be now that Damian had looked up the Pratsoon and read the wikipedia article, the only reason he hadn’t said a word about it was because the last time he tried to catch some strange creature Dick had started yelling about how they were’t a zoo. A little ironic with all the titles of bats and birds and whatnot being thrown around. But Tim knew he had read it because he was spending more time on the computer than normal, and he had even caught him looking on a map of the places where he had wrote the Pratsoon had been spotted. 

“Thinking of going to New Zealand?” Tim had asked innocently, observing him analyzing the map.

Damian sniffs, trying to look uninterested. “Just trying to wizen my horizons, something you might con side doing Drake.”

The next part of the plan was almost ready to begin, he just needed to get a certain someone involved and his revenge would be complete.


“This is going to be hilarious!” Stephanie cries as she and Tim try to wrestle down a rooster and a emu. Tim agrees, it definitely would be awesome. 

It had been easy getting Stephanie to agree to the plan. He had had her at “prank” and “crazy animals”.  Now the two were trying to grab some feathers from the emu to glue on to the rooster, both animals were protesting. It had been easy to buy a few fake props, beaks, claws, wings, the usual from a few good halloween stores, it had also been easy to slip into the zoo and steal the rooster and emu. But this was proving to be a challenge.

Tim spits out a few feathers that had flown into his mouth as he tried to keep the rooster still. “Grab the stupid emu- ow! This rooster just bit me!”


Huffing and puffing the two bring their wonderfully strange looking creation into the courtyard of the mansion. The rooster was covered in different colored feather, and was wearing fake clawed feet, wings, horns, and other strange objects, and it was not happy about it. But that was alright, afterwards Tim would clean it all of, it deserved that much.

“Okay, he’s over by the trees practicing some moves.” Stephanie says when she comes back from scouting. Their were scratches covering her entire face and her hair was a rats nest from the fight with the emu and the chicken, but she was too excited to care. Tim felt pretty giddy himself. 

“Alright. On the count of three.”

Stephanie nods and they both grin as they begin counting together.


The wind rushes through the trees and if you strained your ears you could hear Damian yelling as he attacked at a poor defenseless bush.


The rooster caws, flapping a win in annoyance but Tim doesn’t let go.


Stephanie and Tim lock eyes and Tim whirls aroud, throwing the rooster into the air. “GO!”

Startled the rooster caws again and takes of around the mansion in Damian’s direction. 

And then startling the silence of the late evening is utter and complete pandemonium. 


Bruce rushes out of the house when he hears the screams. Arms raised he’s prepared for a fight, but what he see sis nothing he could have prepared for. 

Damian is practically screaming his head off as he races after a…a rooster? What the hell was on it? “Catch it! Catch it!”

Bewildered Bruce looks around the courtyard where the other had joined him. Cassandra was staring in complete confusion, Alfred has his arms crosses and was looking disapprovingly at the mess of fake claws and wings lying torn on the used to be clean yard, Barbara loomed like she didn’t know what to think, Jason (wait, what was he doing here?) was lying on the ground nearly dying with laughter, both Dick and Stephanie were running around the lawn trying to help Damian catch the monstrous. 

“How did it get in?!” Dick asks, making a dive but the rooster dodges, leaps onto his head, and takes off.

Instead of answering Stephanie let’s out a startled laugh slash scream as Damian flips over her and tries in vain to grab at the rooster. What was he yelling? Get the Pratsoon? What the hell was a Pratsoon?

And in the corner of the yard, leaning against a tree clutching at his hurting stomach from laughing so hard, was a evilly grinning Tim who had a phone raised and was recording the whole thing.

Bruce observs the chaotic scene before sighing and raising a hand to his forehead, already feeling a major headache coming on, and slowly walking back into the house. Heading towards the kitchen to look for some much needed advil.