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The Journal

I found this journal among some things in granddad’s attic. As far as I can tell it belonged to some old relative of ours but I’m not sure what I make of it? Maybe one of you guys can give me some help here. Maybe this is some sort of fiction the guy wrote while bored, I can’t imagine running a farm was that entertaining. But at the same time, I really don’t know. Some of the book’s illegible but I’ve inscribed what I can down below.

_ _ _

June 12

Another storm tonight. Real bad one too. Think lightning touched down a few times in the pasture. I’m gonna have to go out tomorrow to make sure nothing’s damaged. Today was good though. Productive. Think Rose is going to have that calf soon- she’s getting bigger by the day.

Alva’s talking about going to Sara’s grave again. I don’t know if me or the boys will have time. She might have to walk there herself. And I wouldn’t say it to her but I miss Sara too. Almost too much. It’s better I stay home.

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So we have all of these Victuuri domestic head canons, but what about College era Phichuuri?????

- Phichit and Yuuri, thanks to their backgrounds are actually semi-clean people. Liking for things to have their place. 

- though sometimes those American things creep in, so they have to straighten up before or after practice. Not to mention make sure they ace all their tests because reasons. (I am going off Death Note on this one, Light’s mom was more interested in his grades than himself as a person.) 

- Yuuri made friends with the owners of another ice rink besides Celestino and they gave him some keys; he and Pichit skate there whenever Celestino is busy with his other skaters. 

- Phichit is Instagram King, and all the pics Viktor found later are mostly on Phichit’s account. 

- Yuuri never dated anyone. Phichit tried but he was too busy skating most of the time to do anything serious. 

- the girls went crazy over them. 

- and were entirely ignored for guys. Though Yuuri may have entertained one gal like for one evening but that didn’t turn out too well. 

- They both learnt to drive. 

- Yuuri was glad to leave Detroit for home in the end. Even if the last year of college was him just taking a long dive for the ground, figuratively. 

- Phichit tried to help his friend. 

- Phichit also thinks Yuuri’s super-obvious-yes-it-is-Yuuri crush on Viktor is the cutest thing ever. 

University Study Tips

I’ve been studying at uni for about a month and a half now and have found a good rhythm for myself so I thought I’d share some of them

  • handwrite your notes: it’s really tempting to type because you can get more information down faster, but personally I find that the information sticks way better if I handwrite everything.
  • rewrite your notes: I have one notebook for all my lecture/seminar notes. The notes in this book are a complete mess, but when I get back from my lectures I copy out the notes neatly and colour code them in another notebook. The repetition makes the information stick even better and also means I’ve had time to digest the lecture and come up with my own interpretation/analysis.
  • go to the library: personally I find it really hard to work in my room, but when I’m in the library I easily get through all my work, look at the clock and suddenly realise that it’s four hours later. Find the space that does this to you whether it’s the library, a coffee shop or study dates with a friend.
  • get ahead: it’s beyond tempting to wait until the last minute to do your reading for a seminar or an essay but start as soon as you can. Time honestly flies by at uni and early on I had times when I thought I had ages to do my reading and then suddenly realised that my seminar was the next morning and I had three or four texts to read. For essays the earlier you start the better; I started the reading for my first essay a couple weeks ago (about a month before it’s due), which means that I’ve got more time to refine my argument and fill any gaps in my reading.
  • pull your weight: there’s nothing more annoying than having a group project and having that one kid who does no work. Everyone in your group is probably in the same boat as you workload-wise, and you don’t want to end up with that reputation. If for some reason you really can’t get the work done be upfront and honest with your group, but don’t make a habit of doing that.
  • get enough sleep: I’ll admit to failing at this a lot, but I feel miles better and way more productive when I actually get to sleep at a decent time.
  • have fun: make sure you still go to socials and go out with your friends. Sometimes it feels like you’re drowning in work, and I’ve found that it’s easier to tackle it once I’ve unwound for a night.
  • treat uni as a nine to five job: this was the advice my mum gave me before I left, and it really is good advice. Not only is it good practice for when you end up in the real world (eek) but it also means fewer late nights and less stress. I don’t manage this every single day, but I do most of the time. If you can commit to this schedule at least three days a week your work will seem a lot less daunting.

She talked about stars, moon and skies. But no one wanted to listen because all they wanted to hear was how much money her pocket can hold.

She wrote a poem, but all they said was, “It’s too deep.”. Nothing more, nothing less.

She sang her favorite song because she wanted them to understand the lyrics.
But all they cared was how her voice became flat on some notes.

She told them that she found sunsets and sunrises both magnificent. But all they noticed was that she didn’t wear any make up, and they said that made her so plain and simple. They made it sound like a sin.

She showed them all the wonderful stolen shots she have taken.
But all they did was ignored it and then asked for another photo, because this time they will strike a pose, so that the world will see how “happy” they are.

Eventually, she stopped reaching out.
She did her favorite things secretly, that no one knows her personally, should see.
But they kept on wondering why she chose to distance herself from them, who obviously didn’t really appreciate and understand her.

—  The other side of the story.


Playing with new brushes settings I found. I wanted to make a short comic out of it because I’m crazy and everything I make has to had a narrative for some reason but I decided against it this time. Basically it was supposed to feature Eggsy and Roxy practicing tango for one reason or another and being complete shit at it, both blaming the other for their lack of skills. Harry is not impressed. This results in Eggsy bringing Harry to the dance floor to show Roxy what he can do with the right partner. They dance, they are great and all that and after that Eggsy looks at Roxy with his best ‘I told you so’ face. Then she flips him off like a best friend would.

Harry is still not impressed.

So yeah it was dumb. Anyway Hartwin dancing tango together gives me life.

“It’s sort of a feeling of power on stage. It’s really the ability to make people smile, or just to turn them one way or another for that duration of time, and for it to have some effect later on. I don’t really think it’s power… it’s the goodness.” - Robert Plant

“Drumming was the only thing I was ever good at.” - John Bonham

“Organ was always my first love, but for session playing I found it much easier to carry a bass to work than an organ.” - John Paul Jones

“I always believed in the music we did and that’s why it was uncompromising.” - Jimmy Page

Daily Drabble ·1

Based on the au: “Person B knowing they’re undoubtedly about to die within the next few seconds, likely from the gaping wound they’re bleeding out from. Instead of calling for help, they phone Person A and carry on a casual conversation as if nothing is wrong, making sure to mention how much they love them before their time runs out.” By: otpdisaster



“Hey, Hinata.” 

“Hey! Kageyama, I thought you’d be stuck in class for another hour, ‘sup?” Kageyama took note on how his boyfriend’s voice sounded happier when he found out who was calling, also how he kept calling the dorm ‘home’ even if it was far from one.

“Nah, the professor bailed, I called to let you know.” 

“Great! What d’ya want for dinner tonight? We have that cold pasta from two days ago, also some pizza but I don’t think that’s good anymore, uh…” A sharp pain came from the raven’s left side, forcing him to press a hand against the wound. 

He didn’t have much time. 

“I’m getting pork buns from the shop, how many do you want? Don’t hold back, this time I’m not giving you any of mine, idiot.”

“Stupid, Kageyama! Six. Can you get some milk as well? We haven’t had any for like yeeeeeeaaaars!” 

“It’s just been a week, moron.”

“Felt like years, anyway!”


The line went quiet for a few moments, and the sane side of his brain kept begging for him to get help, anything; yet, he decided against it.

“…It might take me a while to get there Sho, get some sleep, you need it. I’ll wake you up when I get home, alright?” Now he was saying it too, home, but it was a home, it would be as long as Hinata lived there with him. 

 “I-I love you, you know that right?”

A laugh could be heard on the other line. “Sure I do! What’s with you, To? You don’t usually say these kind of stuff!” Another chuckle. Damn, he’d really miss that sound. 

“Nothing. Just listen okay, we should stay together after this.”

“I’m not breaking up when you get home, Bakageyama!” Another chuckle, and a few background noises. Hinata was probably heating up some food. He didn’t have the heart to tell him it wouldn’t be necessary to reheat his share.

“I mean like, after college… we should stay together, we’d get a house, maybe a ring, would you mind?”

“Not in the slightest.” The redhead’s smile could be felt through his voice, it wasn’t an excited kind of happy but a calmer kind of happy, a rather heart-warming kind of happy.

“Good… good. See you later tonight then.”

“’Kay! Don’t forget the milk!”

“I won’t.”

“Love ya!”

“Yeah, you too.”

The line went dead.

The cold taking over his body was, now, undeniable. 

Blood covered the alleyway. A foreign, red stained knife abandoned on the sidewalk.

Ambulances could be heard far in the background. 

But it was fine now. He was fine now. They were fine now, they always were. 

I’m going to put it another way, more succinctly:

This is a big, active, loyal, enduring fandom that is fairly BURSTING and bubbling over with love and enthusiasm and excitement, and is looking for somewhere, ANYWHERE, to put it. When it was rebuffed in one place, we found another place.

If the people who make this TV show have any sense, ANY SENSE, AT ALL – ANY GODDAMN SENSE – AT – ALL – they will give us something to love the next time. Some humanity. Some beauty. Some emotional resonance. Some sophisticated storytelling. Some respect for what has come before. Some payoff. Some intimacy. Some joy. Some real, non-fleeting gratification. 

We will love it. We will love it so hard. We WANT to love it, SO MUCH. 

milcahwaygalaxy  asked:

For Saito-san. Is there a reason why you love tofu? And if you don't mind another question, what are your favorite tofu dishes?

Saito blinks a few times. “Not that I have any qualms about discussing the merits of tofu as an ingredient or a meal, but I have already answered one of those questions,” he responds calmly. “As for which varieties are my favorites, I couldn’t begin to narrow down the selection. I appreciate all styles of tofu equally, without exception. It’s true that some dishes take more or less effort to make,” he adds thoughtfully, settling smoothly into seiza, “but beauty can be found in both simplicity and complexity. There is no way I can be so bold as to claim that either outweighs the other.”

anonymous asked:

Have you ever felt like you don't fit in with the LGBT community, despite being part of it? It could just be my anxiety making it difficult for me to talk to people on any decent level, but I always feel out of place in one way or another. Even at clexacon (which yes was great) I found myself avoiding things I might have liked to avoid large crowds, and felt very awkward, like I didn't belong there. I probably spent more time away from the con than at it.

I am so sorry to hear that you felt out of place and missed some things at ClexaCon because of it. I wished you felt more comfortable.

Did I have moments at ClexaCon where I was by myself and felt awkward? For sure. But I think the difference between ClexaCon and normal everyday life, is that each time I felt that way, I was pretty quickly shown that everybody at the con was there to be supportive of each other. I vividly remember feeling awkward and alone a handful of times at the con, and each time it didn’t last very long because someone around me would strike up a conversation about something. It really was a place where you could speak your thoughts freely, out loud, and someone would reply. 

Do I get social anxiety? Yes. In the way where I used to collect talking points in my head before meeting people because that was the only way I knew how to carry on a conversation. I still tend to do that from time to time, but over the years, and definitely in the past year, I’ve learnt to just be myself. Less guarded, more open. And instead of thinking ‘should I say this? what will that make them think about me?’ I just say it, and if they judge me for it that’s their problem not mine.

The more honest I am with the people around me, the easier I’ve found it to be myself in social situations. I’m never afraid of ‘revealing’ things about myself now – because this is who I am.

So yes. For the longest time I felt like I wasn’t a part of the LGBT community, until I came out last year. It completely opened up my life in a way that I didn’t think was possible for me. I think I’ll always be a little awkward and strange, but instead of trying to hide that, I’m trying to embrace it.

If I’ve learnt anything over the past year, it’s that I took a chance on scrubbing out the line between my ‘online’ self and my ‘real life’ self, and it lead to one of the best experiences of my life. It’s a process, sure. But I can vouch for this community, I’ve personally been welcomed by it in a way that has made me feel like I finally belonged. You just have to take a chance.

Destroy the idea that a strong female character has to be emotionless, a physically strong fighter, and someone who never loses. Strong female characters are not called strong because they win every fight and have a cold heart. They are called strong because they have various strengths that may or may not have to do with physicality that make them who they are. They have struggles they have to go through. They can be sad, happy, angry, etc. One can be a very feminine high school student living out her day. Another can be a strong knight. One is into fashion, another can be into sports. One can wish to find love, another is content on her own. One can be shy another can be very outgoing. Some are shy in regards to sexual topics, others are not. In regards to love, love can be found with a man, other times it can be found with a woman.Female characters are not just the manifestation of masculine ideals in order to be deemed strong. Strong is not about physical strength or emotional detachment. It is not about rejecting “feminity” because in society,traits associated with females are deemed weak. So please, destroy that idea. 

The Flash writers in 2A: 

*introduces Patty* 

*Patty starts pinning for Barry within one episode* 

 Barry: she’s not Iris. *P/B go on their first date + have their first kiss, 3 episodes after the episode they met in*

*makes Linda Park appear to be Iris’ FRIEND , A FRIEND THAT ISN’T BARRY cuz he too busy with his new gf duh only to have her shipped off after 1-2 episodes?*

*makes Barry ignore and be an ass to Iris who is going through some tough shit*

*makes Barry not talk to Iris for multiple episodes*

*makes Caitlin pine over a new dude* when she deserves an actual story line  MORE FREAKING BACKGROUND STORY, not another LI

*not much focus on Cisco Ramon and Vibe except for LOT stuff and occasional metahuman vibes * duh promo for other shows but not our own

*takes away screen time from Iris West (the freaking main lady of the show)

*gives practically no scenes between westallen when they are like literally one of the most important dynamics of the show since the damn 1st episode of season 1, because they want to sell P/B*

*says Iris is grieving Eddie’s death but only shows one scene where she is left alone to cry on a staircase, not even for her dead bf but because she found out about her mom’s + younger brother’s existence*


2A was a mess most of it, don’t deny it.


BRAIGS CASUAL WEAR. So once upon a time I once doodled something akin to ‘casual’ wear. Now, here we are with what Braig usually may be found sporting when he isn’t on duty at the castle. 

It’s stylised in a similar fashion to outfits he’s worn in the past ( so when he was a teenager , young teen and even child. Since in my eyes this is sorta how some KH outfits work. ) For one reason or another, some uneven sort of look seems to creep into what he may wear casually. While secondarily usually hell wear something with purple in some manner.

The Burning Times Debunk Masterpost

Another wave of a-historical posts about the so-called “witch hunts” have been making their rounds on feminist tumblr so it seems like its time for another round of fact checking. To anyone with additional information, please feel free to add on. All of the information that I have found can be easily located on Wikipedia with a number of sources provided on those pages. I made casual note of some of the authors within my text but this is in no way a properly cited piece of research.

The phrase “the burning times” in reference to the more famous period of “witch hunts” was popularized by the 1990 documentary of the same name. This documentary is fraught with historical inaccuracies created in the interest of bolstering alternative spiritualities. These include a number of small errors that should hint at larger problems, like putting historical figures in incorrect locations. It is my thought that to this day, The Burning Times is usually the root of these inaccurate beliefs about this particular part of history. I will try to debunk some of these misconceptions below:

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For a little while, Nico thought their fighting would stop after the first few days. That it had only been a matter of getting off on the wrong foot. However, things only seemed to get worse. After their particular nasty fight their first whole day there, things hadn’t turned any better. They fought every time they were placed in the same area, cruel words and comments slipping past their lips. And to make everything worse, everyone now also knew Nico didn’t want to be there. Carter had found out during their ugly fight, and of course he’d ended up telling someone else, who’d ended up telling another one and so fort. So everywhere he turned he received doubting and some straight out mean looks. Because why would he want to leave a place that was safe, had food and actual beds, and a whole community? The only person who didn’t judge him was Will, so naturally the two of them had grown somewhat closer. Still, he was a closed off person, so they could still barely call themselves friends. 

A few days turned into a week, and Nico’s frustration with the blonde grew. What made everything worse was how she only seemed to grow even closer to Carter, and how he had to hear all about their little days and adventures later at night seeing as he’d been ‘lucky’ enough to share a cabin with the guy. Nico didn’t even know why it bothered him so much — the two of them being close and screwing around, but it did. Megan was always all nice and funny and playful until he came along, immediately changing into bitch mode. It frustrated him to no end. His frustration and irritation was increasing as he spotted the two of them coming straight for him. Nico had been put on kitchen duty today, but since they had to feed almost a hundred people, he clearly couldn’t do it all alone. Of course he’d managed to get stuck with Megan and Carter. Even before they’d reached him a scowl had settled across his features. 

Where did the money go? An NPR and Propublica investigation has raised troubling questions about what happened to the hundreds of millions of dollars raised by the American Red Cross for earthquake relief in Haiti.

Goats and Soda posed a few questions to NPR correspondent Laura Sullivan about her work on this investigation:

What made you decide to look into the American Red Cross’s earthquake recovery spending in Haiti?

I spent a lot of time last fall with Justin Elliott and Jesse Eisinger from ProPublica looking at some of the problems the American Red Cross ran into in their disaster response to Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Isaac and found the charity had put this inordinate focus on public relations that really hurt their effort to provide disaster relief. We found in one case the Red Cross diverted 40 percent of its emergency vehicles to press conferences and in another case drove empty trucks around to make it appear as though services were being delivered. After those stories, we started to hear from people about things that went down in Haiti. At the same time we started noticing that the numbers they were giving the public about how they spent donors’ money didn’t make sense. Since then the Red Cross has changed the language it uses around those figures. So with that in mind, we really started looking at the spending the Red Cross did in Haiti.

Behind The Story: What Made NPR Look Into Red Cross Efforts In Haiti?

Photo: After the quake of 2010, a man stands on a rooftop yelling out for any sign of his missing relatives in a Port au Prince neighborhood. Photo credit: David Gilkey/NPR