found out that they changed their tumblr name recently

About “921006″ (Jung Da Eun)

Lots of people in the past month have been telling me about this Jung Da Eun girl on tumblr (, a Korean tomboy model who’s lesbian and who claims, among other things about LOTS OF IDOLS, that Krystal and Amber are/were in a relationship, stuff about Krystal dating around and even stuff about Sulli/f(x) relationship. If you go on her blog you’ll find a lot more about exo kai being a violent asshole, snsd yuri being bi, sistar having bad attitudes and other stuff about literally everyone, I just wrote about f(x) more because being an f(x) fan that’s what caught my attention at first.

Just looking at her replies and how she just writes stuff about everyone it should be obvious she’s a fake account, right? But apparently people keep sending her questions about how’s x personality and are x and y really dating and is x gay/lesbian? and they actually believe and spread her answers! I really, really can’t stand people like her, so I decided to look into her blog a bit more. 

The first thing I saw, scrolling through the “krystal” tag, is this post (screencap in case it gets deleted)

Her theme doesn’t show tags but as I said I found it by looking oh her “Krystal” tag, obviously trying to imply her “adorable boo” here with “””her””” is Krystal. Now, I’m a pretty hardcore f(an), but I don’t think you need to know much about Krystal to see that the girl in the photo is NOT her lmao. Not to mention that if it really was Krystal I’m sure the picture would have been reposted everywhere by f(x)/Krystal fans so it doesn’t make sense that no one knows about it.

I tried a reverse google image search of some of “””her””” pictures and, other than random chinese websites that I can’t understand, one of the results that came out the most was an instagram account, the name was cvors but it was recently changed to 100x6 (you can google cvors to see that lots of her pictures will come out anyway because that was her old account name)

Searching for one picture though, this very interesting result came out. 

Basically, twitter user ssak0901 found out about this 921006 tumblr account, messaged cvors’ instagram asking her about it and what did the real Daeun say? That that’s not her tumblr. lol

To have even more proof, I searched more about this girl on tumblr and I found minxvevo’s blog. She has a couple of posts about her being a catfish as well that you can find here

They’re basically about how they found 921006′s old twitter account (now deleted), where it was stated very clearly that she was just a roleplay account (she probably forgot to delete it lmao) and how the pictures she sent from snapchat were literally just her taking pictures at her PC screen lmao.

I wrote wayy too much but yeah please report/block her and spread this as much as possible so that people will not fall for her lies anymore


Recently I have found out about a Swedish metal band named Lapis Lazuli, and I just felt obligated to draw this. 

Why does Tumblr change colors of a file so much (as in a third photo), that I have no other choice but to post the screenshots of a work? 

Well, the last variation looks good as well, but still…

callout post for hirukou/magehenrys

tw for pedophilia, ableism, misgendering, and abuse. please reblog this so everyone knows how legitimately horrible tatianna is. ive compiled multiple testimonials and will add more when imgur starts working.

their urls are as follows : hirukou is their main, kuricia is their art blog, and on twitter their handles are @magehenrys / @loliizumi (lol)

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